Hopeful for 2013

So far this year has been great!

I know it’s not been here for long, but for these first 8 days, well, not too shabby world!!

We’ve found a house we’re interested in. There are issues, such as it going into probate due to the current owner dying, leaving it to his partner in the will, but his son contesting it. How long that sort of thing takes to sort out I don’t know. Whether it will be something we can actually buy I don’t know. But I have a good feeling and we’re not in a position to put an offer in yet anyway. We’re hoping to be able to apply for a mortgage at the end of the month, but are prepared to wait for this house. It’s where we want to live and even has a hot tub in the garden!!! We went to have a viewing on friday and both agree we want it! It would be lovely to think we could have a ‘proper’ house this year!

We had a lovely weekend going to my niece’s Christening on Saturday in Nottingham. It was a lovely day and here we are, all scrubbed up together:


It was a lovely service, with a buffet at a function room afterwards. Joel sat on his own at a kiddy table, and ate all the mini sausages for his lunch!


And we have some nice occasions on the horizon as well with a week in Kent at Easter with Steve’s family, our holiday to Menorca in May and a holiday to Wales in July (must book something up soon!!)

Joel turns two in April. I can’t believe he’s such a grown up boy already! We walked to toddler group yesterday. It’s a two minute walk for me, but a 10 minute toddle for him! And to his credit, he walked and held my hand all the way there, and half the way back! He stopped and put his arms up for a carry on the way home and he was tired as it’s a busy morning of playing, painting, snacking and singing! And it was the first Monday he’s not gone round smacking children! Yay! Its funny the things that make you happy!

He’s decided that Blankie is now called Noo Nee, and yesterday came in and said ‘Peppa’ to me, then found channel 5 on the ipad and promptly put Peppa Pig on to watch! I was amazed! He has got into Peppa Pig through Nursery as all kids there seem to love Peppa.

And I’m going out on Friday to see Les Mis with a friend. I can’t wait. I love Hugh Jackman.

And as for BFP’s this month, I’m not holding my breath. I got ill over the imperative week so would not be surprised to see Aunt Flo turn up in the next week. But I still feel positive on that front for this year. Hoping for a house and a baby in 2013!


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