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Today is the first day of my last week of work.

It has been busy but has gone very quickly as a result.  That means I have four days remaining once I step out to go home!

People have started coming in to say goodbye which is really weird.  I’m going for a long time, but not forever so it’s a strange set of circumstance, plus with not knowing what will happen to our jobs whilst I’m away, whether we’ll move offices, have new collegues……

The actual countdown has now truly begun!  The beginning of the end of an era….

Sofa Saga

It’s been a long time coming, but today I have a new sofa set!

You may be aware from previous posts that I’ve been wishing for a new sofa for many a month, mainly due to the fact that Izzy had destroyed my old one, and Steve kept insisting on trying to fix the broken pieces of foam cushion till one day in a rage, I ripped the remainder apart to stop him from fixing it again when it’s so past it’s best, and last week went and bought a new sofa from Homebase.

Delivery seemed a little steep at £30 so I decided to see if I could look at hiring a van, which was far more expensive so I was on my way to pay for it and book it Saturday afternoon and Steve took umption at the £30 and looking online saw that the sofa was back available online with free delivery.

So off he went to Homebase to argue this point which made me worry that he’d cancel my order to buy it from the website instead to get free delivery, which ordinarily I would agree with, but with being fed up to high heaven with the rotten old one and with the estate agents coming on Monday to take photos and measure up the house to put on the market, I wasn’t prepared to wait any longer!!

Anyway, Amy and I went along to the store to see what was going on, and there he was, chatting to the customer advisor (ironically one of my old guides from when I began looking after the Unit, now all tall and grown up!) and Amy was spying whilst I stressed about whether I’d get my sofa or not.

Extra drama:
I’d fallen over on the steps outside the store because we were rushing, Amy shrieked out ‘Kate’ as I ended up in a push up position, all my weight on my hands that had shot out and protected my bump from the step edges but the shock of falling made me burst into tears at which moment our neighbours from Mynors street with a Dalmatian dog who hates Izzy walked by seeing me in silly shoes and socks looking frazzled and sobbing. Great.  I was a bit of a tired wreck on Saturday to be honest.  I’ve not fallen over in 8 months, a feat I was rather proud of!!

Then Steve came to join us lurking in the paintbrush aisle to say that he’d bought the matching cuddle chair to go with the sofa for me, and got £50 off it and a reduced fee for the delivery. I felt rather ashamed of myself for worrying he was going to cancel everything and make me wait, and was exceptionally nice to him for the rest of the weekend.  It seems he wants me to be happy which was a very nice thing for him to say!  And having had a successful delivery and installment of the sofa’s I am most happy indeed. 

We had fun yesterday hacking the old sofa apart with Dad and Steve jumping on it and Izzy was shut out so as to not get any ideas about to what lengths she could go to with a sofa chair.  She hated the empty lounge last night and kept wandering about looking morose that she had nowhere to sit.  Photos will follow!!

Here’s Dad with his tool kit, it was raining heavily outside so he got a bit soggy fetching things in poor fellow!

Note the little gremlin dog wondering what’s going on and why so much fuss and noise is happening!!

Does she look sorry?  Not sorry enough!!  🙂

Out with the old, and in with the new!!!

Much better :)

And so very much more comfortable!!

So in short I have a spectacularly tidy and clean house, a new sofa suite and we’re trying to sell it.  At least if nothing happens, we’re quite happy where we are, especially if Steve moves into an office as the extra room will help once baby is here.

34 Weeks

How far along: 34 Weeks

Total Weight Gained: *tumbleweed* **again**

Maternity Clothes: Indeed.  Although if I do attempt to wear something non-maternity I look so ridiculous and stretched it’s very funny!!

Stretch Marks: Just the under the bump ones. Still rubbing in lotions and potions twice daily though!  They’re a bit itchy at present now.

Sleep:  I’ve been missing sleep although my after work naps are helping me get through.  I’m wandering around from about 2am  – 4am wide awake and easing my aches and pains most nights!

Best Moment of the Week:  Getting a new sofa.  Sorry it’s not baby related but it’ll mean I can feel more comfortable during my remaining pregnancy!!

Movement:   Lots and lots.  Although on Friday evening I had a bath and didn’t feel any movement which worried me for a while until Steve got home and just put his hands on the bump and baby sprang into activity!!

Gender: He’s a baby BOY!!!

Belly Button:  Still in and out as baby feels he wants it at the moment!

Milestones: One week of work to go so going on maternity leave will be a huge milestone for me!  Not sure how I’ll feel about it at the moment!  Change you know!!

Saturday Night….

What a day!  I did the film interview in Birmingham this morning and we got back at midday when I fell into bed and napped for a couple of hours!!  Then Amy turned up with cleaning equipment and sandwiches for lunch (how lovely!!) and she proceeded to go through the whole house cleaning for me as I’ve not been keeping on top of things terribly well with working and bring tired and all.  The whole house is spotless!!  It’s fabulous.   She’s like a good fairy.  – If you’re reading this Amy, thank you so much again!!

Major Insomnia

I was so tired yesterday, it was the end of a frantically busy week, Friday night and I’d had a nice bath to relax thinking I’d just have the best night sleep and feel great this weekend.


I don’t know what happened!  I just lay in bed until about midnight not able to sleep and have been up about three times, not even for the loo, just to wander about a bit!!  Was I stressing?  Was I anxious?  I’m not sure, I don’t think I feel stressed.  I was wondering how to get my sofa home today but I can have it delivered.  My little sister is popping over which will be nice and I’m heading to Birmingham with Steve first thing to be in an interview for one of his film projects, maybe that’s stressing me as I don’t like being filmed really.  Hmm.

I must have drifted off at some point as I woke up 30 minutes ago but my head feels very woolly today.  I’ll look terrible on the film no doubt, better go and start the make-up process, I have a feeling I’m going to need a lot of something to look halfway decent today!

Too Much

After work today it was beautiful.  The sun was shining, the sky was blue, it was warm and it was a day for fun with the dog!  So off Steve and I went to ‘The Meadows’ which is a nearby stretch of common which runs alongside the River Sow (I think it’s the sow!).  I could have done with a nap really but Izzy’s needs were more pressing.

Izzy hadn’t been out much today due to us both being out at work and busy so was very pleased to have her freedom and as we walked along slowly for me to keep up she ran rings around us and just kept running for the fun of it!  She chased birds and even did a huge belly flop into the river to say hello to some ducks.

But, I’d sort of exhausted myself on the way, and the return journey was really hard.  I had to keep stopping and bending over to hang on Steve’s arms to try and alleviate the ache in my back.  We made it home again but I’ll be in bed soon, and likely paying for the exercise tomorrow!  Izzy thought it was worth it though.  Her doggy smiling face is so happy!!  I can’t wait till we can carry the baby in a sling and take it in turns with the weight rather than it all be on me!!  It’s like when I did my Duke of Edinburgh’s award except the weight is on my front rather than my back!!  I think for my Gold level, the bag was around 3 stones and I imagine that’s about what I’ve put on now.  (Still haven’t checked for sure!)

Tomorrow is the end of my penultimate week.  It’s been horribly busy but I’ve tried to keep calm and just do what I can when I can.  I’ve been working methodologically and got through it.  I’m not behind, and I’ve emptied my desk of personal belongings already, the thought of walking out with a box on my last day is too depressing!  Maternity leave here I come!  Just one more week….

Innie Outey

I don’t know what my tummy button is up to at the moment!  One minute it’s slightly in, then it’s flat, and today eek, it seemed to point out for a while before popping back in!  It felt very weird so I think baby was pushing out from just behind it or something!

And last night, I thought he was going to burst out ‘hulk’ style or something he was pushing away so hard on my left side and pressing his legs out of my right side!

I just can’t get over how strong he feels inside and how frail he’ll seem on the outside!