One Year Later……

Time really has got away with me these past months and I have not even really thought about blogging at all.    What’s happened?  Here’s a little month by month catch up!  My last post talked about our holiday which was May so here’s the rest!!

June – work was getting worse, the moral was terrible and Steve and I agreed that with Joel starting school in September it was a good time to leave and be there for the school run and focus on Moo Music classes.  So I handed my resignation in!  Just like that!

July – I did it.  I walked away from the job I’d done for 14 years. I was sad to leave the people but the job was not what it used to be and I always think being unhappy at work just isn’t worth it.  So I also took Josiah out of nursery for the summer and we had a brilliant time.  I got a pass to local gardens, our local farm and National Trust so we went out most days with simple ham sandwiches, cakes, bottles of squash and fruit and went to parks and just enjoyed our summertime before Joel started school.

August – Steve was busy with work most of the summer and as we’d had a holiday in May we didn’t go away again but we kept busy each day and by the end of August I wished we could have had a week at a beach so looking ahead I booked a cottage in Cornwall for August 2016.  We invited Steve’s parents to join us and can take two dogs and it’s in Perranporth right on the beach.  And being March now it doesn’t seem too far away!!  Oh and the other big August news was I found I was expecting a baby!!  Cranston baby number three was on the way!!  What excellent timing!!

September – Joel had his first day at school and was a superstar.  He loves his teacher, his school and settled in really well.  I loved being able to collect him each day (although my parents continued with their Tuesday and he goes for tea after school that day and they have Josiah too!!)  Josiah went back to nursery two mornings a week on a Wednesday and Thursday as I had accrued a lot of credit from my childcare vouchers.  I also ran four Moo classes a week and enjoyed having time at home to sort things, clean and tidy and prepare meals.  Life suddenly felt happier and then the morning sickness started.  I began feeling extremely nauseous and a bump developed quite quickly!!

October – I can’t remember a great deal of October.  We settled into our new routine of school runs, nursery drop offs, midwife appointments, Moo classes and feeling sick!

November – We had a stress with the hospital screening department calling me to say I was a high risk for this baby having a chromosome disorder.  Due to my age (my due date is actually my 37th birthday) and the fact I had a very high register of HSG in my blood they called us in to tell us the risks.  We had always said we wouldn’t terminate a pregnancy on the basis of Downs Syndrome but there were other far worse conditions we’d never heard of and it was stressful.  We said no to the amnio test and instead opted for the private Harmony blood test.  I drove myself to Shrewsbury for it and they took two big vials of blood which was then posted to London to be screened.  I was screened for the four major chromosome conditions and turned down the extra little screen tests for the others available as I felt I didn’t want to know too much.  Within a week they called me to say it was all fine, and we were expecting a girl!  I nearly fell of my chair as I was so sure it would be a third boy.


December – We had a lovely Christmas.  We were able to announce our pregnancy and told our families we were having a girl.  They were as amazed as me!  We had Christmas day at my parents and then visited Steve’s parents on Boxing Day for two nights.  Then on the 30th we went to Centreparcs for a week away over New Year which was just lovely.  Steve had booked it as a surprise.  He’d been so busy the past few months and he wanted us to have some family time and we made the most of it.  We swam every day, enjoyed a few meals out and Joel got to try archery which he loved.  The weather wasn’t great but that didn’t stop us!

January – I was beginning to feel tired and the strain from this pregnancy so dropped down to three Moo classes a week.  I began to feel a bit frustrated that I wasn’t able to do what I’d intended with my business due to being pregnant as I couldn’t take on extra work I couldn’t commit to.  But then I realised we wanted this third baby and the joy of having a business like Moo is that it will fit around my family first.  I am looking forward to next year and seeing what I can achieve with it.  We had a good 20 week scan with everything looking good, and we met a consultant who has recommended a third section, and that I be sterilised during it.  This is our last baby but it’s still a bit decision and there’s a lot of negativity online about the op.


February – Josiah left his nursery having used up the credit there.  We can’t really afford for him to attend a private nursery anymore so instead we’ve signed him up for a playgroup which is cheaper and we are currently getting him settled into a couple of hours two mornings a week to keep him used to going and playing with others away from me as he can get clingy and prefer to be at home or Grandma’s house.  Joel continues to enjoy school and at half term he was the ‘Star of the Week’ and he was so proud.  They go up on the stage in assembly and receive a shiny pencil and certificate from the headmaster.  After half term he then got on the ‘Pot of Gold’ which is fab, and the next day he was ‘Worker of the Day’ so he managed to get all the class accolades in one go!    Plus not to mention Josiah turned 2 and he had a little party!  Definitely time for another baby then!! =D

And that is a summary of things the past year.  We are muddling along and making the best of each day and I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved. These are two wonderful boys who play nicely and love each other and we can’t wait to meet our little girl in two months!