Waiting for ‘that time’.

It’s been well over a month and after my ‘withdrawal’ period since ceasing the pill, I’ve not yet had a true period.

When I spoke to my Doctor that I intended to come off the pill waaay back in April his response was that I could get pregnant as soon as I’d had a real period, he just omitted to tell me that I may have to wait months for this period to arrive.

I’ve gone through all of June without one, and I’ve had sore breasts, stomach cramps and some awful hormonal mood swings but still nothing. I did wonder if I was pregnant already so took a test (always wanted to try one of those) but it was negative. Still fun though. I wonder if I’ll get to a point where it isn’t.

On the spot front, things aren’t too bad at the moment. My skin on my face feels more greasy but I’m Clinique 123ing every day and maybe that’s helping matters. My back still looks clear from what I can tell anyhow.

Since I’ve been waiting, I’ve been googling it, and I’m not the only one to miss periods. It seems it’s normal, and recommended to wait about 6 months and then go to the doctors to get checked out.

I’ve never really wanted a period to come so much in my life!