Taking After Daddy

Normally, in a morning we are woken by a shouting Joel who wants to get out of his cot, and be taken downstairs to play thank you very much.

The moment we pick him he shouts and points towards the door as though we were his slave carrying him just for his fun!

However, this morning, he turned into a Mr Lazy bones and lay in his cot just singing to himself and looking comfy and when I asked him if he wanted to get up, he shook his head, rolled over, and carried on sucking his thumb and stroking his blankie!

I thought, ‘ok then’ so went and got dressed without any distractions which was nice and then went back into Joel’s room.  ‘Are we ready to get up now’? I asked.  Again, the answer was a shake of the head, and when I said, ‘well, we’ve got places to be so up we get’ and I reached in to get him, he rolled away from me and giggled!

Finally, I got him up by taking blankie and pretending to cuddle it, so he stood up, laughing and tried to get it back so I grabbed him and we got him dressed and nappy changed for nursery!

Then this morning, he toddled into the baby room on his own, straight over to the breakfast table, sat down and was tucking into a yoghurt before I’d even handed his diary over!  Then he waved me ‘bye bye’ and was quite happy, which is a much nicer way to leave him at nursery than crying and clinging to my knees. 

Horsey, Horsey

Joel has decided that sometimes, during the night he might wake up.  And since he’s normally had a good sleep until this point he doesn’t want to go back to sleep straight away.  And he might just sit and yell in his cot until Mummy or Daddy stagger along to see what the matter is and pretend to want a cuddle, to be taken into their bed in the hope he’ll settle down to sleep again.

but no.

What tends to happen is Mummy just gets comfortable, and Joel will sit up, climb onto her tummy facing her knees and try to bounce and ride her like a pony.

Daddy finds it all very amusing becuase he’s not being jumped on.  I guess his tummy isn’t as bouncy and squishy as Mummy’s.

Then after having had enough, Mummy will take baby and deposit him back in the cot with his lullaby music playing.  He’ll have a little yell but once thumb is in and blankie sucked it’s back to the world of nod again.

I just wish I could get back to sleep as readily as he does!!

Bank Holiday and Other Stuff

I’m really missing my laptop and I’m not updating this as often as I should.

Joel is a little comedian at the moment.  He has real comic timing and loves to tease us with his cheeky smile!  He finds it hilarious to feed us his food and sometimes offers it and then whips it away and eats himself whilst laughing at us!

He’s getting good at communicating with us.  He nods yes and no when asked a question and seems to have a good understanding of what we say.

His eating had been a little bit picky but he’s got better recently.  He seems to love green French beans, quiche and corn on the cob this week!  I made roasted corn and having cut it from the cob for Joel’s plate, he saw me eating it and wanted to try it that way and liked it!

His walking is brilliant now.  He has no trouble with corners or bending down to pick things up.  It’s as though he waited until he could do it properly rather than have an inbetween stage!

The other good news is that work have agreed I can go part time from October.  I’ll be working three days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and the Faculty Management Team have approved it too.  It just has to go to executive first for the final decision.  I can’t see it being turned down though.  I can’t wait.

I was ill again last week with another lurgy which means I’ve had too many sick days this year already and I’ve only been back at work for 5 months.  Hopefully being part time will be less stressful.  Joel will be going to nursery on a Wednesday and Thursday and my parents on a Tuesday.  I then will have him on a Monday and a Friday.  It’s exciting to think we can plan some activities.  We had a card through the door advertising Tumbletots and Steve thinks I should take him there!  I’d like to take him to Waterbabies to learn to swim but it’s expensive.  We’ll have to look into it.

We’ve been down to Exeter for the Bank Holiday and we had a nice time.  On Saturday I had the day to myself and went to a hairdressers for a major cut, and got some shopping done for work clothes as I don’t have many clothes for work in winter.  It was nice to have some me time, knowing Steve’s parents were happy to be entertaining Joel!  In the evening, Steve and I went out for dinner with Steve’s brother and sister-in-law.

On the Sunday we went out on their boat at Teignmouth which was fun but scary as it’s a power boat thing, and you sit on the edge and bump across the sea.  How I didn’t fall in I don’t know.  Joel loved sitting on the beach and digging whilst watching all the kids and folk in the sea.

We also discussed Christmas plans as I’d like to be at home for Christmas day so had thought if we went down before and drove home on christmas Eve it would mean we get Christmas week in Stafford which is easier for us and we get to go to our Church.  It seems early to be thinking about it, but it’s September soon!!

So Joel is 16 months old now and a proper little toddler.  He’s brilliant and we love him so much!!  It’s amazing to see what will happen next!  he’s learning so much all the time.


He loved doing his sponsored toddle!  And everyone was very impressed with his outfit which was only an old vest with cheap fabric pains and a bit of gauze for a cape!  The kiddies raised over £100 just from meeting people out and about round the Uni!
 He is my little super hero!! 


I’ve not blogged for a wee while, mainly because last week Steve left the back door open, during the night some ne’er-do-well, came in and walked out again with my laptop and an old mobile phone.

It’s very freaky to think you’ve had an intruder.  Especially with us all asleep and none the wiser.

We were very lucky though, he/she only took my not very expensive laptop and most of my photos on it are backed up, and my old blackberry which was a bit battered.  It could have been a lot worse.

Friday night we had forensics around but they couldn’t find any prints, and two officers came around to take our statement.

We certainly have become rather complacent at home.  And Steve never locks the back door so he’s had a rude awakening as to what that can do.  And hopefully, he’s learnt his lesson.

The Big Toddle

With a superhero theme!  I bought some cheap fabric paint and designed him a logo…

So is it a bird…..

Is it a plane……

No, it’s Super Joel!!!

I don’t think he’ll want to wear a mask but I’ll sew a little cape onto it tomorrow night once its dried!