10 Reasons Why Three is More Terrible Than Two….


And it’s all very true as well, at least for Joel who isn’t even three yet!  Just under a month to go!

1. At two, they can barely talk. At three, they never shut the hell up.

Joel is a happy little chatter, and I guess he talks with his toys a lot rather than asking me ‘why’ at the moment, although hearing ‘I need a poo’ can send me running into the lounge to see that it’s Thomas the train talking to James about his bowel movements, and not Joel needing the loo after all!!

2. At two, they cry. At three, they throw temper tantrums so epic, you become convinced that they are possessed by the devil.

We’ve been lucky so far.  We had a terrible tantrum at Thomas Land after the soft play time finished and Joel had to leave.  Steve tried putting Joel’s wellies on his feet and the result was the biggest tantrum we’ve had yet!  a- he didn’t want to leave, and b- he wanted to put his own wellies on!!

3. At two, they’re happy to eat anything you present to them. At three, they eat only three foods (usually consisting of a starch and processed cheese.)

Joel is beginning to ask for chicken and chips a lot.  A result of Steve and his McDonalds habit?  Well, I’m just glad that any chicken will do, although he’s still funny about potato and has to be very hungry and distracted to eat it but rice and pasta is still in favour.

4. At two, baths are a ten minute event, the result of which is a clean child. At three, baths take over an hour, and result in a drenched bathroom, sopping wet mommy and 16 used towels.

This is so true!  We can always tempt him upstairs with a bath but he will not get out until he is ready!!  And he has to have ALL his bath toys and he likes to lie down for ‘swimming’.  He managed to poo in the bath last night for the first time ever and was so upset.  He’s never done that before and I think he’s getting to the stage of being so into his play that he ignores the toilet signs.  Steve had to sort it as I was feeding Josiah!!

5. At two, they wear diapers that can be changed on your watch. At three, they’re potty trained and the world revolves around their bladders and bowels.

Hmm, as above!  And forever asking if he needs a wee or a poo.  Our next task is getting him to the toilet rather than the potty.  He’ll go to the toilet at home and Grandmas, but still is going on the potty at nursery at the moment.  Oh, and trialling pull ups at night to get him out of nappies all together.

6. At two, they are distracted by a box of raisins at the grocery store. At three, they want to dictate your entire food list.

For chicken, chips, ham and peas.  Oh, and yoghurt.  Which has to be Thomas yoghurt now since Steve was taken in by a special offer a month ago!

7. At two, they let you dress them, looking innocent and adorable. At three, they insist on picking out their clothes, looking like pint sized versions of mental institution inhabitants.

Joel went through a little phase of deciding not to wear what I was pulling out for him but that seems to have gone for the time being.  I hope it doesn’t come back as it makes mornings a lot more stressy than they need to be.   Although we are currently going through a dressing himself phase and he can do his pants and trousers so far, although trousers sometimes end up on backwards which is ok I guess!

8. At two, they don’t like to get dirty. At three, they thrive on it.

Again, Joel is a bit different here.   He does not like mess.   He has refused chocolate as it would mean getting melty mess on his fingers.  He prefers a bowl with a spoon to eat it!!  He will come for a wipe to clean his fingers, washes his hands before meals and after the toilet, and doesn’t like being sticky.   Steve and I tell him that its ok for him to get messy but it’s one his quirks.

9. At two, you can do things for them, saving infinite amounts of time. At three, they must do everything by themselves, taking FOREVER.

This one hits home.   Joel is Mr Independent and has been for a while.  I choose my battles at the moment.  Sometimes its quicker to let him do it himself although I could do it faster as if I try to help he stops, tantrums and starts again which takes longer in the long run.  Saying that, if we let him have a go and he realises he needs help, he asks for it and is good about it as well.  He has learnt he can’t yet climb into his car seat himself, but he can climb into his dining chair seat.  He can’t quite cut all his food, but he can cut soft things.  And like I’ve mentioned, he is learning to dress himself and although he can’t zip up his coat, he can unzip it and take it off for hanging up himself!

10. At two, manipulation is the last thing on their minds. At three, they own you. And they know it.

Yep, agree with this one too!  Joel certainly tries a lot more on at home for me than he would at say, nursery!  Although Grandma is getting taken for a bit of a ride as well but she doesn’t seem to mind!  Last week we popped to Mothercare and the next thing I knew Joel had a giant dinosaur toy and a chocolate lolly!  I guess that’s what Grandma’s are for!!  Insert Joel’s face below….!

download (1)

And it makes life a little bit harder for sure, but the little cuddles, and hand holding makes it worth it.  Here’s a sweet picture below….

10157263_10152388859453974_962297594_n 1911886_10152388499198974_853966782_n


Here is Joel chatting with his brother after his day at nursery.  He is a good boy really!  And Josiah with a few more smiles on his playmat yesterday.  Toddlers certainly make babies seem easy, that’s for sure!!  Despite the sleep deprivation from night feeds.  Josiah is having another growth spurt I think, and has fed every two hours at night again the past two nights, rather than the 4-5 hours I’d got used to.

Plus, according to Wonder Weeks he is having his second ‘leap’ this week and is a bit more clingy and wanting more comfort sucking and cuddles.  So it’s probably ironic that we’re going to Exeter to see Steve’s parents this weekend and we’re all tired, grumpy and full of colds!  Hey ho…..



Joel’s Best Day Ever!!! (So far…..)!

At Drayton Manor as it’s out of season they were opening Thomas Land for March weekends with half price entry.  I’ve heard it can take a good day to get round just the Thomas Land rides so we decided rather on the spur of the moment for us to take Joel and Joss on Saturday rather than in season when we can’t get on any adult rides.  We booked our tickets online that morning, to collect at the gate, made a picnic and packed Joss’s nappy bag and headed off.

Joel was very excited at the prospect of ‘Thomas Land’ and it only took under an hour to drive there.

Once there we followed the crowds (it seemed really busy considering it was out of season but then I guess we weren’t the only folks trying to get round for half price!!) and Joel was enraptured!  All the rides were based on a Thomas character and he ran around saying hello to them all at the Tidmouth Sheds!!

photo 2 (30)photo 2 (34)photo 1 (36)

It was really very cold so I bought him a Thomas hat and scarf to keep him warm.  I was not expecting such a chill wind factor poor fellow as we’d had such a mild March so far.   There were lots of women who also had been confounded by the weather and were wearing vests and flip flops!! I also worried about Josiah being cold in his pram but he was well wrapped up in there.  He went on the Winston Whistle Stop Tour (which had the largest queue being the first ride you get to), then we went to ‘Knapford Station’ where you could queue to ride either Thomas or Percy, (well, they pull the coaches) and Joel was adamant only Thomas would do.  We were nearing the front of the queue and were destined for Thomas when Joel decided he needed a wee!  Steve grabbed him and dashed to the toilet when the train pulled in!  I ended up hanging back to wait and Steve got back just in time for us to get the last buggy space and carriage!   His little face when he saw Thomas coming up to him, and then Percy was just amazing, he was so happy!

photo 3 (34)photo 5 (23)

photo 3 (29) photo 4 (22) photo 5 (18)

The train took us to the other end of the park and on getting Josiah out of the pram he of course wanted a feed so I tried my best to be modest on a child’s train ride!!

photo 1 (30) photo 5 (16)

Joel loved the Spencer’s play area and dino trail, and the sun shone for us, albeit for a short while.  Then we caught Thomas’s train again back to the main park.

photo 2 (29) photo 5 (17) photo 1 (29)

After a few more rides we had a horrific and freezing cold rain shower so ran into the largest Thomas shop in the UK.  All parents had the same idea and then all seemed to wish that they hadn’t!  Joel thought it was great and kept grabbing boxes of trackmaster and other things all over the £70 mark!!  And like the other parents Steve had to carry Joel out under his arm crying ‘But I want that one!!’  (At the moment we have the Brio Thomas, Percy, James, Edward, Gordon, and Henry.  Not to mention Annie and Clarabel.   But he still wants Emily, Toby, Spencer and Hiro, or so he told Grandma the other day!!

Anyway, we were there for about 5 hours and after going on lots of rides and seeing it all we decided to head home as we were pretty frozen and tired out.  There were rides we didn’t get on so it would be worth going back, maybe next year if they do the same deal again.  And Joel was a really happy boy for the day out and it was a lovely family day for us all which we don’t do all that often 🙂

6 Weeks

Ok, so my little big baby Josiah is 6 weeks old now.  He really is a lovely baby.  He’s cuddly, cute and has fitted into life very well.  I’m gearing up for the next growth spurt which is meant to happen at 6 weeks apparently.   It may have started as he’s gone from going to bed at 7pm, feeding at 10pm, sleeping through till 2am and having a feed and nappy change, then sleeping till 7am  (yep, 5 hours so what is classed as ‘going through’ by Dr’s) to waking every 2-3 hours again for a feed.   Just as my body gets used to the extra couple of hours!!  It’s hard all the adjusting.

My boobs are finding it hard as well.   One day they are fed on a lot and feel very empty, and the next they’re ready for a feed whereas he isn’t interested.  And if I were to express it would just create too much milk.   I’m sure things weren’t quite like this with Joel.   I know when I got mastitis I had to express a lot, but I seem to have a lot more milk this time.  The other night Steve, Joss and I were sat in bed watching ‘The American Office’ (Steve has watched them all before, but I’ve not seen them) and Joss was feeding, came off quickly to sneeze and a projectile spurt of milk kept coming out of my right nipple into his face.  I quickly clamped a muslin over it and Joss got back to work but I never actually spurted milk like that.   I’ve noticed on getting out of the shower, if I’m not quick enough to get a bra on, and nursing pads, I’m dripping milk all down myself and have to get back in the shower.   I even managed to get milk in my laptop the other day.  Don’t tell Steve!  He loves his applemacs.

Anyway, I’m hoping that the supply will settle down soon.   I’m getting through nursing pads like there’s no tomorrow and they don’t stay where they’re meant to, and seem to turn inside out all the time leaving the sticky attached to me, rather than my bra.  I could do with another bra as well as I’m having to wash them so often for when I forget to put the pads in, like this morning!!  It was only after answering the door I realised that when Joss had fed off my right breast, my left breast had been leaking at the same time!

photo 4 (21) photo 5 (15) photo 1 (27)


This is the best way to spend a morning.  Feeding, cuddling and re-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I managed to catch a little Joss yawn, and milky happy smile 🙂   Steve thinks that two is enough but I have to say I love the baby stage so much, I can’t quite imagine this being it for us already.   I’ve said we’ll have to talk about it in a year or so.  I love the close baby cuddles, helping them to grow through my own milk and doing all the goo-goo-gi-choo stuff!  Only for my own mind, I seem to prefer my own babies to everyone elses but I think that’s normal!!  Plus, I would love to have a little girl as well, not that a third boy would be a problem for me at all either.  The only issue is persuading Steve that it would be a good idea.  He is adament we’re done now.  😦  That’s way too practical for me!!

photo 3 (28) photo 2 (28)


Here Josiah is having some tummy time.  He’s not terribly impressed by it.  He is a very strong baby and frequently headbutts me, punches me and flings himself about in the direction of nipples if he feels he should have extra milk!!  But how cute is he?!!!

photo 1 (28)photo 5 (14)

photo 4 (20)photo 3 (26)photo 2 (26)


Some more of his funny faces, both awake and asleep!  He’s starting to lose his hair round the sides of his head where he rubs it and turns his head in his sleep.  He’s going to be a little mohican soon!!

photo 1 (31)photo 2 (32)


Joel seems to be adapting well to having him around now.  The other day my Dad was holding Josiah and said to Joel, ‘can we keep him here?’ and Joel was very disgruntled that Grandad wanted to take our Joss away and told him firmly ‘no Grandad, Joss comes with us, he’s my brother’!!!  He likes having his little brother at home now.

It’s not hard entertaining a baby when all they want is cuddles, milk and sleep, but now Josiah is getting more awake time so we’re having nappy off time, lots of kicking, playmat time, tummy time and waving rattles in his face!!  he still prefers milk and cuddles though.


photo 2 (33) photo 3 (33) photo 1 (35)


Double bath time!  This is the first time we put Joss and Joel in the bath together but Joel was very good and didn’t splash him and even wanted to be the one to wash him.  Joss wasn’t terribly impressed and didn’t stay in for too long but Joel thought it was brilliant!  I think once Joss is a bit older they will have lots of fun together 🙂  The HV has said not to bath him too much, he seems to be prone to dry skin, like Joel was although not quite as bad as Joel’s excema.


photo 2 (27)photo 3 (27)

Joel suddenly seems to big and grown up now he’s not the baby anymore.  I carried him through from our bed one night to his own room and he was all long legs and body!!  And so heavy.  He is now mad on Thomas the tank engine.  We took him to Thomas Land on Saturday as they had half price entry to just Thomas Land at Drayton Manor, and we didn’t see the point in waiting to pay more when we wouldn’t get to go on any adult rides anyway!  I’ll do a Thomas Land post separately, but it was a great day and I was worried about us doing a day trip with Joss just being 5 weeks old but it was all ok!

photo 3 (31) photo 4 (25)  photo 5 (19)


This weekend Martha my niece turned two so yesterday we went over Nottingham to have a little party.  Joel was very excited as he is very aware about birthdays now, and on being told that he wouldn’t be getting any presents himself cheered up enough to wish Martha a happy birthday and to give her our presents.   She had this marble run which Joel really enjoyed so that would be good for his birthday too.   We have however already bought him the climbing frame and don’t really want to spend any more money, (and can’t really spend any more money).

Plans are in motion for Joel’s birthday, being the Easter weekend we are just having our families round on the Saturday for lunch and playing in the garden on the new climbing frame which should have been built by this point by Grandpa and Daddy all being well!!  He has asked for a Thomas cake so I’m enjoying looking on pinterest for ideas.  The idea is to do it all as cheap as possible so I’m going to make some bits to make it more ‘Thomassy’ without the extortionate price tag that Thomas seems to generate!  All we need is for a sunny day!  Fingers crossed!!

Chunk Monk

Well the health visitor has just left having weighed Josiah in at 12lbs 8oz today!

That’s another 1lb in two weeks so not too bad going.  He’s still on the 98th percentile but all seems fine and she was very happy with him.  He gets another check on the 3rd April then we have to go along for his 8 week jabs  and check at the surgery 😦

I guess the boobie milk is working for us again which I’m so glad about.  I think I’d be devastated if I had to give it up.

Of course the monkey was fussy and unsettled for the duration of her visit!  He’s normally so placid and quiet you forget he’s there, but today he cried, fussed, wee’d all over the mat and clothes (at least it was the changing mat) and it was because he’d just woken up from his nap when she arrived when he normally wants boobie straight away, but we quickly weighed him so he could feed whilst she wrote his book up, but that change of order was too much for him and upset him for the whole hour!!

And what does a baby do after the indignity of being stripped, weighed and dandied about for an hour?

Why, fall asleep again of course!!!

photo 3 (25) photo 2 (25) photo 1 (25)

Quick Catch Up!

There’s no denying it.  Life has got way more busy.  But today is a Thursday so Joel is happy at nursery and Joss is asleep and the health visitor is due in an hour to weigh and check on Joss so I’m sitting with a cup of tea, a HUGE box of Guylian chocolates courtesy of my Aunt and a quiet moment to update this a bit!!

Well, lets start with Joel.  He wasn’t too well on Monday.  I managed to walk to toddlers and back again, but Joel was a bit fractious, kept bursting into tears and then to top it all off seemed to have a bit of a funny tummy so we came home again and had a quiet afternoon with naps all round which was needed.  He was fine the next day though, I don’t know whether he was just really overtired as he’s been getting up in the night again.  A few nights ago he came marching into our room at 5am playing a harmonica!!  That was swiftly confiscated but the next morning he came marching in singing loudly a song about ‘my need to eat chicken’.

It’s not that we don’t appreciate his lyrical ability, but not at that time!  Anyway, after 6 there is no chance of his going back to bed to sleep and he woke Joss up with the noise so I got the better deal of staying in bed to feed and Daddy got to take Joel downstairs to watch The Land Before Time.  His new film of choice.  If I have to watch it one more time I may go crazy!!

We had a lovely report on Joel from nursery yesterday.  They really get the helpful and good Joel as he saves his naughty for Mummy and home!  But they said he was really sociable, is chatty and smily, loves making people laugh, enjoys role play and dinosaurs.  He will ask for help when needed and if questionned, will think and offer an answer.  He is enthusiastic at tidy up time (this one has not come home yet!!) and likes talking about his baby brother and Izzy the dog!

The next thing to work on is transitionning him from potty to toilet.  He’s a bit big now for the potty but with having short legs like me, can’t take himself to our toilet although he could probably manage a tiny loo at nursery.  He seems a bit scared of the toilet at the moment but we’re working on it.

He is being lovely with Joss, although we have had a few ‘attention’ seeking moments from him, one of which involved standing and weeing on the carpet!  We just ignored the behaviour, didn’t react the way he’d hoped and he hasn’t played up again so far.

And Joss is still doing pretty well.  We went through a tiring week last week where he was a bit fussier than normal and waking every 2 hours for a 5 minute feed at night!!!  I was shattered!  But I’ve got the ‘Wonderweeks’ app and his ‘fussiness’ does seem to coincide when this app talks about his brain developing so even if it doesn’t offer practical help, it does give a reason which is helpful and predicts when these ‘leaps’ will be taking place.

He is a good baby and we’ve had the first smiles already!  Right on schedule at 5 weeks, and I got one whilst changing his nappy that morning, and Daddy got some lovely beams that evening whilst he was having awake time.  He is a really strong baby and can hold his head up for ages.  He does not like tummy time on the floor but doesn’t mind lying on our tummies and holding his head up to look around that way.  He really seems to love Joel already and smiles for him, looks for him and calms down if upset and Joel goes to talk to him.

photo 5 (13)photo 4 (19)

He’s not been weighed for two weeks, and I was worrying a lot about green nappies at night, and his very short feeds but having questionned it on a breastfeeding forum, someone just said that he was probably a good feeder who got enough milk in a short time and that meant I was very lucky!  If that’s the case and he really is that good at feeding, then I should stop worrying and trying to find something the matter!  His weigh in today will let me know though.

He had the doctors last week with his lumpy eye and he thought it was a blocked tear duct so gave us some drops.   Nothing seemed to be working for three days, then suddenly it went overnight!  He went to bed with it, and woke up without it so his eyes are back to their normal shape again!  Hurrah!

And here are some pics!  I have to wrap this up as I’m scoffing chocolates like no tomorrow and need to regulate my food a bit more now!  Apparently I’ve got to the end of losing weight quickly and this is the point where I will put too much on if not careful.  I’m going to start my slimming world meals again, (Steve is not as enthusiastic as me, but he ate two whole malt loaves the other day claiming they were snack size, (they weren’t) and has been eating biscuits for breakfast!) and am looking at starting a pilates class once the Dr has signed me as being ok to do so.  I have to wait for the 8 week check as it’s all combined at my surgery.

So there we are!!!

photo 3 (24) photo 2 (24)

A family walk up at our castle.  Joel and Daddy entertained the dog and ran around up hills, and I ambled along with Joss in his Moby wrap and fleecy star!!


photo 1 (24) photo 5 (12)

photo 4 (18) photo 3 (23) photo 2 (23) photo 1 (23)

Steve went off for a weekend leaving us, so we took a walk, made and decorated a cake, did lots of drawing and playing, watched Thomas on netfilx (again), planted seeds, and did some painting.  We were busy bees but it made the time go and Daddy came back to take over the next day!  He had a boys weekend filming a horror film with friends and although I was worried I wouldn’t cope, I did, so it was a confidence booster in the end.


photo 4 (17)photo 3 (22) photo 2 (22)


Brotherly love in matching tank tops knitted by Grandma!!

photo 5 (11)photo 1 (22)

One Month Old Already!!!

I can’t believe one month has gone already.


photo 5 (10)

photo 2 (21)



photo 3 (21)photo 1 (17)


His swollen right eye…

photo 5 (8)photo 1 (16)

photo 2 (15)

Things are still going well and Josiah has continued to look chubby and cute, and is sleeping well at night with one to two feeds during the wee small hours depending on when his evening feeds are.  This past week its been two feeds so I’ve been a bit more sleepy than normal this week.  Plus Steve is at his networking breakfast meetings so I’ve been getting up early with Joel as well.  Yawn.

But this morning I walked Joel to nursery and he was a happy chappy running along and stopping to hold my hand when I told him to which is good progress as he has a tendency to run away thinking its really funny.  I had Josiah in a fluffy snow suit and used my Moby wrap to tie him to me and walked him round like that and he snuggled into me and fell asleep.

photo 2 (20)

Then on getting home I had breakfast and did some laundry waiting for him to want his next feed, and when he woke we went upstairs to do his nappy, then I got into bed and fed him laying down which is so comfy and then he drifted off to sleep and I drifted off to nap and the next thing I knew it was after midday!  So he had another feed, had another nappy change (bit of a poo plosion!!) and he lay on his mat kicking about whilst I got some lunch.  He got grumpy so I put him in his chair and then he was grumpy again so I offered him the breast he’d been feeding on before, but he seems to have this thing where he doesn’t want the fuller milk before sleeping, so I offered the other breast and he had a bit of a drink from the more watery milk and zonked off again!  So I transferred him to the pram where he fell asleep again.  Its a hard life being a baby.

We’re off to the doctors in half an hour as I noticed a couple of days ago that his right eye was looking a bit odd, like it was wonky or something.  Then yesterday evening I realised that he had a lump under the corner by his nose which was pushing his lower lid up.   So I’m getting it checked out in case its a blocked tear duct or something that needs treatment.  His second visit in his first month on this planet!!

I was also concerned yesterday as we’d had 24 hours of green poops.  I had forgotten how important poop is to a new born baby.  Anyway, whereas Joel would feed and feed for hours and had mustard yellow poops every time, at night Josiah seems to fath about a bit more and has greenish poops but with ok ones in the day which keeps things ok.  Then we had 24 hours of nasty green, extra runny, frothy and mucasy nappies.  I rang the health visitor for advice and we decided that it wasn’t terrible, I had eaten curry over the weekend which could have caused him issue.  On the Saturday he was a bit fussy on the breast and didn’t feed well so probably had too much foremilk and not enough hind milk.

Anyway, he’s all fine in the nappy department today so I’m not too worried about that.  I must go and get his bag packed and ready.

Mongolian Blue Spot

We had a visit yesterday from our student health visitor.  She is very nice and chatty, seems to know what she’s talking about and weighed Josiah who is now a very healthy and chubby 11lbs 8oz!!  He’s put another 10oz in a week so even though his night time poos are a bit on the green side due to light on off feeding all evening, his daytime poos are still mustard yellow so he’s obviously getting what he needs.

Anyway, I did have a stress yesterday with the HV commenting that Josiah looked as though he had a blue mark on his head.  I instantly felt guilty as though he’d got a bruise from somewhere.  She assured me that she didn’t think it was a bruise but something called Mongolian Blue Spot which is a birth mark in children which is blue and looks like a bruise common in darker skinned children.  She kept looking at my wedding photos on the wall and I know they think that Steve is from somewhere hot and sunny which isn’t the case at all!!

Anyway, she said that he had to go and see the GP asap because of it and booked me an appointment for the following morning which made me stress that it was a bruise from somewhere and they’d think I’m a bad mother 😦

I couldn’t see anything but blue veins in his head, he’s certainly not got bruised in my care but its feasible Joel or Steve could have done something although I’m careful not to leave them alone at all (Joel that is, not Steve!!!)  And Joss is a strong boy who throws himself about to get nearer the boobs when he can, and as I wear glasses he has bopped himself on them a couple of times already which worries me.  He is practically holding his head already and pushes himself up when on his tummy.

It’s the fact she rang the Dr’s from my house to make an appointment for tomorrow morning, then rang back in the afternoon to say protocol says it has to be checked on the same day!! So I had to go along at 5.45 yesterday evening once OH had collected Joel from nursery, get my Mum to come over to watch him whilst Steve and I went to the Dr’s with Josiah.

And after being made to wait for an hour whist our dinner went cold in the surgery he took 10 seconds to look at Josiahs head and say that it was just veins and he was fine.  I was very fed up.

The other reason for Josiah needing a doctor was the umbilical cord hadn’t dried up yet.  As he was so chunky with his giant cord it had dropped off in three bits and was a bit gammy and jammy underneath so he cauterised it with some silver nitrate stuff.  It all went black looking and should clear up soon.  However this morning it still didn’t look great so I will keep bathing it with sterile water and get it checked again at the next appointment.  The HV is coming out in two weeks time again.

And hopefully we won’t get any more bruise worries.  Or Mongolian Blue Spot!  What an odd phrase for a blue birthmark.  And to think that Steve is Mongolian!!!

Three Weeks….

As we went out for a day to Nottingham yesterday I didn’t get chance to post a blog.  It’s my sisters birthday tomorrow so we went over to give her presents a bit early.  Joel loves playing with his cousin Martha and now she’s talking better the two of them  were really interacting and playing cake shops and trains and chatting together!  It was very cute and lovely.

Anyway, Josiah has hit three weeks, and sure enough he’s still a text book baby.  Meaning he’s hit a three week growth spurt so my predictable and chilled baby is fussy and wants to be held and have boob all day long!  Plus at night he seems to have an issue with passing wind and poop so in the small hours he’s not settling as well and straining and pushing for ages and I’m not sure how to help him.

Joss is proving siblings are not alike, with weeing a fountain without a nappy on (Joel never did!!), and last night we had a projectile vomiting incident which has never happened to me before either!  He is a gannet this one, and will overfeed himself silly, but get very stressed and fussy if not offered boob when its’ wanted, then chucking it all up shortly afterwards.   I actually have baby sick on my shoulder today!!  And I’m tired from two nights of Joss straining and making noises.

At least Joel has gone happily to nursery today so I can chill out.  I tried to go back to bed this morning but Joss said ‘no’ so I’ve been bopping round the kitchen with him in the moby wrap, at least I’ve got the washing up done.  Maybe I’ll have a go at napping this afternoon once my friend Kath has been round shortly.  I could drop off now to be honest, Joss has finally gone to sleep in the pram so it’s typical I can’t nap right now 😦  Yawn…..

Jugging naps, babies and housework is all a bit difficult.

photo 1 (22)

photo 2 (19)

photo 3 (20)

photo 4 (10)

photo 5 (6)

photo 1 (24)

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The Big Blue Rope

Josiah’s umbilical cord when born was massive.  It was long, fat and shiny looking.   As he was taken over for his tests and weigh-in a long length was trailing after him like a snake and Steve and I heard the Doctor’s commenting on how huge it was!!  I guess I never thought there was that much variation in umbilical cord size.

We had a visit from our health visitor last week on Thursday to do Josiah’s hearing test (which was fine in both ears yay!!) and I asked her to look at his tummy button.  His cord and plastic thing had fallen off a few days previously (I wished I noted which day it was but it was a lot later than Joel’s who was about day 4-5, and certainly a couple of days past a week for Joss) as it had left a chunk of gnarly looking black skin under it.

She commented that looking at it, she presumed he had a very large umbilical cord which had meant his cord hadn’t dropped off early, and was why he was such a big baby, as he’d been fed very well by my placenta!  Just from looking at a bit of black gnarly skin.  I was impressed!!  Anyway, she said to keep an eye on it, it would likely fall off in a few days but to be careful in case there was red jelly under it!  Gah!!!

Anyway, she was right again, a few days later I was changing Josiah and noticed this black thing had gone, so I had to go fishing inside his vest to find it, and his tummy button is looking a lot more normal now, but a bit bleedy in one bit which I’m bathing, but he’ll have it looked at on Thursday when the HV comes out again.  We’re actually seeing two at the moment as one is a student in training so they’re alternating weeks which I don’t mind at all as it means he gets extra care and attention at the moment.

He was also weighed again after his hearing test and had gone from 10lbs 2 to 10lbs 12oz!!  The HV called me a Jersey Cow as I must have gold top milk.  I guess that was meant as a compliment.  I wonder if it’s because he’s so big that he’s gone from feeding for 20-30 minutes to 10-15 on average.  It was worrying me that he wasn’t feeding enough, but as long as he’s putting weight on I guess he’s just better than he was at pulling the milk out.

Every night he seems to get a green nappy about 11pm but that’s because he has a couple of hours of cluster feeding, on off, and on again over a long period of time before sleeping so he’s not getting enough hind milk, but by morning they’re back to mustard yellow.  The midwife had noticed this as well but said as he was doing so well with his weight gains to keep doing whatever I was doing, so I am.  I am trying to keep him on the same breast for a good hour though to encourage him to get the fattier milk but I think once it becomes a bit of work for him he gets lazy and drifts off to sleep.

I seem to have more milk this time round as well.  I find myself leaking unexpectedly in places like Asda in the day!  And on the bedsheets when I wake up in a morning if he’s 20 minutes past a feed because he’s not yet woken up!  I keep squirting him in the face trying to latch him on and if he’s feeding from the left, getting a damp patch on the right.  I’m washing nighties a lot as the wretched breast pads are never in the right place on my sleep bras!!!  I can’t wait for this supply to settle down as I can’t yet sleep comfortably on my side, it hurts my breasts too much.  I’m still lying flat on my back but with a pillow under my thighs to bring my hips forward as they’re still achy and clicky if not in this position.  I wonder when I’ll feel back to normal?!

I am impressed with my mummy tummy though as it’s nearly gone.  I dont’ know how it’s happened at all.  Obviously there is a c-section overhang and some crepey looking stretch mark skin, and I’m certainly not concave with a six pack by any sense of the word but I’m sure after Joel I looked a lot bigger for a lot longer and it took joining Slimming world to lose some of the weight and tummy.  This time I can fit back in my old leggings and jeans (not pre-pregnancy size but still, jeans!!) and my coat does up so I’m not sure how it’s happened this time.  I must try not to eat too many chocolate buttons this time and sausage rolls.  After Joel I would walk to town a lot for exercise but get hungry and buy a sausage roll and that was not good for me.  Unfortunately, healthy fruit just doesn’t cut it at the moment as I do get hungry with the breast feeding at funny times. But I’m trying to be good and eat home cooked food with fresh vegetables and not have bad puddings, but a yoghurt or fruit instead.  It’s not quite slimming world standards just yet but it’s a good start.