Then it was nearly June….

This is a very quick recap of life as it is rushing by as ever…

Work is pants.  I am in complete limbo, with my voluntary redundancy rejected and we are all being made officially redundant from the 30th August and having to apply for a new job here.  I was hoping to apply for two days but now the rumours are that everything is behind and we are just waiting to hear what will happen.

Moo Music is going well.  I am enjoying it and getting interest from Pre-schools and playgroups to run regular sessions with them and if that builds up then I may just have to leave the University.  I’ve said I’m available from September and that will be my priority although it’ll be hard to leave a well paid admin job.  I’m ready for a change though.  And it’s such fun!

My boys are growing up gorgeously.  Every morning Joel comes in about ten past seven (when his grow clock sun comes out) and climbs into bed with us and when we hear the ‘ma ba da’ from the other room I collect Josiah and we have cuddles.  I love those moments.  They won’t last forever.


Joel is off to school in September.  we got a place at our local primary school and the dramas and grievances from others who haven’t are just awful.  I feel to awkward to say he got a place.  I know it’s a big deal and if we hadn’t I would be appealing too but I wouldn’t be shouting at people who did get places.  That’s just wrong.

We’ve had a lovely holiday in Rhodes and coming back to the chilly UK has made us want to book for next year already!!  The flights were a bit too long for them though.  4 hours was too much so I would say 1-2 hours next time.  That or a caravan in Wales which is actually my preference!!  I love Wales and the beaches are lovely.

I have turned 36 and to celebrate I got my ears pierced a second time!  I know, what a rebel!!  It’s something I’ve wanted for a while and after opening the boys a bank account each (which was very sensible) I went and did something a bit crazy.  I like it though.  I think it looks pretty!

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So that’s a brief bit about where we are!  Oh, and still working on the house and trying to make plans for the kitchen but these things take time and a lot of money.  The garden is looking fab this year, and we now have a piano as Steve  bought me a Yamaha Clavinova for my birthday!  It was a brilliant present and sounds beautiful.  I love playing on it 🙂