My name is Kate and I live rather centrally in the United Kingdom.

I began blogging over 10 years ago for a project whilst taking an evening course at University.  I then began a wedding blog detailing all my thoughts and plans after my Other Half Steve proposed in September 2009.  There’s a link above to that blog on blogspot.

This blog began when we decided to start trying for a baby, after we got married in May 2010.  It began on Blogspot, but has recently moved over to WordPress.  I enjoy trying different themes and adding to it every now and then!

Anyway, by July 2010 I was expecting our first little bundle of joy, although I didn’t know it until August!!

In April 2011, Joel was born. And our lives changed for the better.

So what began as a pregnancy blog, has continued, and I’m recording Joel’s development and progress and other bits and bobs that come our way.

It’s a bit of a personal diary and an look into my life.  I sometimes throw in recipes and family meals, and what we get up to with our Church.  We are a Christian family and are raising Joel to reflect this.  We have mainly happy but some sad times and if what is written here helps or assists in anyway, then that’s alright by us!

Welcome to our world!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, I really enjoyed reading what your blog is about 🙂 I am also attempting to do BEDM (must be mad!)


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