Here We Go……

It’s finally happened. ¬†After months of feeling very pleased with myself for keeping healthy I have come down with not only the sniffles, but a nasty cough and a cold ūüė¶ ¬†I’m feeling a bit rough today and have to go into work if only to sort some free equipment for Church which the Faculty are gifting us as it’s not going to be used elsewhere!!!

Anyway, it’s been a funny few days with Joel out of nappies and in his big boy pants. ¬†We had a couple of days at home with lots of wees in pottys success, and then on Tuesday he went to Grandma’s and wee’d in her potty too, so success. ¬†Then they took him Nottingham to play with cousin Martha where he pooed his pants (to be expected I guess) and had an accident during lunchtime as my parents didn’t notice he was squirming and holding himself ūüė¶ ¬†That one was a shame as he could have made it but he was too shy to say at a strange house. ¬†Plus he seemed to be a bit not himself by the afternoon and was coming down with something so had a dose of calpol before bed.

Anyway, I chatted to his nursery key person and she said to send him in pants to nursery yesterday which I did and I showed him the kiddie toilets and the potty which he could use, we sang our wee wee in the potty song and he seemed a bit unsure but I thought we’d see how things went.

Meanwhile, I was feeling a sore throat coming on, I was sneezing for England, and starting to feel a bit grotty in my head.  As was Steve.

So yesterday at 3.30pm I rang the nursery to see how he was getting on as you don’t always get enough time to talk when picking up, and was astounded that she said he had held his wee all day long. ¬†Since dropping him off at 8.20 he had not wee’d. ¬†Not even during his nap when they’d put a nappy on him. ¬†That was no wee in over 7 hours. ¬†She said it showed impressive bladder control but wasn’t what they wanted either!!! ¬†He’d also not been feeling too well, so had used his two Calpol doses up which had helped.

I decided to finish work a bit early to take him home and when I got there they were having a wedding party tea as one of the ladies was getting married so they were all dressed up. ¬†Joel looked at me and grinned, and shouted ‘hello Mummy! ¬†I did a big wee!! ¬†Look, we’re having a party’!! ¬†I asked if he’d made it to a potty, and the answer was no, but at least he had done a wee even if it was in his pants!!

The other issue we’ve had this week is that the dog has not been well. ¬†Whether she had eaten something horrid on Sunday afternoon once Steve and his Mum decided to let her loose on the canal side I don’t know, could it have been from canal water? ¬†I do think of canals as rather dirty and unhygienic. ¬†Anyway, Monday evening she began with a bad upset stomach. ¬†And hadn’t asked to go outside. ¬†She just slunk into the dining room (thank goodness the carpet will going very soon) and made a big mess which Steve had to sort out. ¬†And again that night. ¬†And the next day. ¬†So I was a bit worried as to what I’d find on getting in with Joel in pants and it all got crazy. ¬†Izzy was missing to start with. ¬†On getting home that distracted me enough to not sit Joel on the potty as I was ringing Steve and my parents to see whether they’d got her. ¬†The answer was no. ¬†Joel then went to play and did a huge wee and poo in his pants. ¬†Drat. ¬† Izzy was located shut upstairs, as Steve had obviously not noticed her follow him up after walking her and then shut the gates keeping her where she is not meant to go. ¬†She slept on our bed (urgh) and then had an accident in the back room which demonstrated to me that she had another stomach infection.


Woof, sorry Mum!!

I rang my Dad to come and sit with Joel for 30 minutes and took Izzy to the vet who confirmed it. ¬†One ¬£50 vets bill later, she’s on anti-biotics, got some nasty coal stuff to settle her tummy, needed an injection and I have to cook her plain white rice, boiled chicken and scrambled egg!! ¬†She is never being allowed off the lead unsupervised again!! ¬†It’s just not worth it. ¬†And certainly not in her best interests.

So I had a messy Joel to clean up, and a gross dog mess to sort out, a vets to visit all whilst starting to feel really ill.  Not a good day.

Thank goodness that Thursday is my Friday and I can stay in tomorrow to rest up.  Well, at least as much as one can rest with a toddler in pants!!

26 Weeks

Where has the last week gone? ¬†Suddenly we’re past the Tuesday I try to do these posts and on the countdown to Christmas! ¬†I have 8 weeks left at work too! ¬†Eeep!!!

How far along:  26 Weeks :)

Total Weight Gained: ¬†I am standing in a river in Egypt and it’s called De Nile!!! ¬†Hee heee!!

Maternity Clothes: ¬†Are franklyl getting boring now. ¬†I really dislike having such a limited wardrobe but there’s no point in buying lots of new things for such a short period of time ūüė¶ ¬†I may buy something for Christmas to feel special but at present it’s one pair of jeans, one pair of leggings, one pair of jeggings and about 3 jumpers. ¬†Sigh.

Stretch Marks:  Still waiting for new ones to pop.

Sleep: ¬†Not good this week. ¬†Turning over is causing a bit of pelvic pain. ¬†I’ve been awake since 4am today and am feeling sleepy now at 6.30am but there’s no point going back to bed. ¬†I’m just going to have to keep going and try not to fall asleep at my desk. ¬†Feeling a bit of a sore throat coming on too so will have to try and not come down with anything in time for my week off next week ūüė¶

Best Moment of the Week:¬†¬† I’m not sure. ¬†It’s gone so fast I can’t remember what we’ve done! ¬†We had a nice albeit chilly time on the canal boat with Steve’s family on Sunday afternoon. ¬†We attended a lovely dedication service on Sunday morning for a friend from Church’s baby. ¬†Baby wise I’d have to say getting a bit bag of Joel’s baby things back from my sister to go through and sort and my Moby wrap is returned!!!

Movement: ¬†Yes, lots and lots. ¬†The funny interior feelings are stronger every week. ¬†Not too uncomfortable at the moment except when they go down into my nether regions!! ¬†(Steve laughs at that term but I’m trying to be polite!!) ¬†

Food Cravings: ¬†I am still drinking a lot of milk but that’s about it. ¬†Finding a mars bar useful about 3pm when at work but I guess that’s just to boost my energy until dinner time. ¬†Not healthy at all is it ūüė¶

Gender:  He’s a baby boy!!

Belly Button:  Is rather out and flat now.  I seem to have suddenly protruded a lot.

What I miss: ¬†Good sleep. ¬†I’m getting very tired now from waking a lot. ¬†Turning over is becoming so much of an effort. ¬†And I can’t have any normal cold remedies for the way I’m feeling at the moment. ¬†Just hot water with lemon and honey squeezed in with a paracetamol which doesn’t really cut it. ¬†I’m also very very achey now in my pelvis with pains when walking or sitting too long. ¬†With Joel I saw a Dr and he prescribed me paracetamol to help with the pain as all my joints are softening ūüė¶ ¬†I may have to mention it soon. ¬†I’m not sure how much longer I can take it to be honest. ¬†It’s getting uncomfortable. ¬†I’m also getting a weird sciatic pain in my right buttock which can make me unsteady on my feet when it catches me out.

What I’m looking forward to:  Having next week off to get decorating.  Getting the dining room sorted, the nursery and hopefully stripping the pink paper out of our bedroom too.  Possibly a tall order with an imminent cold on the horizon.

Milestones: ¬†I’m nearly at the end of what is the 2nd Trimester. ¬†12 weeks for the first, 14 weeks for the second and they say the end of the 27th week takes you into the 3rd Trimester. ¬†People have said I’m looking well but to be honest I feel the ‘pregnancy glow’ is a complete myth. ¬†

Bump Pic: ¬†Maybe soon!! ¬†I’ll show you a cute pic of Joel on the boat though instead!!


Dining Room

Its been a while since I posted any photos of work we’ve been doing on the house. ¬†Mainly because we’ve not done a great deal!! ¬†As previously mentioned we hit a hindrance in the gas pipe sticking out of the old fireplace and have had to wait for a gas man to come out and sort a job for us.

Anyway, here’s some pics of what it was, and where we’re at currently:

new house 19

This is what we had for the back room when we moved in.  We did not like the fitted cupboards, carpets, fireplace or hearth.  It must have been used as a bit of a sitting room as there were two arm chairs facing the fire.  And a lot of stuff left in the cupboards that took a lot of clearing.  It backs onto the little sunroom/conservatory that has become a little playroom for Joel.

new house 20


It’s hard now to remember it looking like this, as it was quite a dark room. ¬†We got rid of the heavy curtains and on a visit Steve’s Dad and Mum got rid of the wallpaper to reveal yellow walls!!!


We used a steamer which was brilliant.  Never having used one before this house project I would never look back.  I know it has risks for old plaster as the steam can get through cracks and blow a plaster wall out, but that was a risk I was willing to take here since we had so many walls to remove paper from.


We then got the gas man in to remove the fireplace and back boiler that was behind it but as yet the annoying gas pipe remained hidden under the concrete hearthplate.




So for a very long time the room has stood like this. ¬†We’ve eaten in it, and its lovely to sit around the table as a family for meals (except breakfast as Steve either isn’t up or is already out of the house) and it made a big difference once my Dad hung lining paper round and we painted it a neutral colour. ¬†The new plastered ceiling and coving really looks lovely too.

IMG_1967  IMG_1966

And here’s the hearth removed with the sticky out gas pipe. ¬†Just hidden away in concrete! ¬†Honestly, who would leave it like that I wonder?




With our new and pretty cheap light fittings from B&Q (we just got the same for the two reception rooms) it is beginning to come together. ¬†The next move is to float concrete in the gaps left in the hearth area to level it out with the remaining floorboards. ¬†We got a piece of marbled ply wood from a skip next door (with their permission) and that will get cut down to size and inserted into my fire surround (a ¬£10 Ebay bargain almost offset by the hassle of collection!!) but then all that will remain is ripping up the carpet and laying laminate wooden flooring. ¬†When this will happen is beyond me now as money is tight and Christmas is coming. ¬†The mission is to get some presents for family and folk this month after pay day and see what’s left for house stuff. ¬†We’re not going to go overboard this year, as we simply can’t, especially with the bathroom booked in for complete re-doing next month. ¬†We’ve said that folk can have a share in the bathroom and have a nice shower when they visit for Christmas!!


Oh, and this is the door as when we moved in there were no doors at all downstairs (for some reason!!) and we found three matching ones in Homebase for ¬£10 each in the clearance section which would have been well over ¬£100 for glazed and we have a window door going into the dining room and lounge, and a solid wood door going into the kitchen now. ¬† Whether I’ll ever be able to source 4 solid wood doors for upstairs that match will remain to be seen but we did what we had to at the time and if upstairs and downstairs don’t match, I don’t think it’ll be the end of the world!

Also, you can see just about the new duck egg curtains on a new (and in the sale) shabby chic curtain pole.

the next photos of this room will hopefully be nearer completion with the fire surround even if the floors are still the floral carpet!!!

Busy Bees

Work went well this week. ¬†The pressure of double workload has ended due to a colleague returning from her maternity leave and frankly, it’s like a weight has been lifted. ¬† I felt organised and capable for the first time in months!! ¬†It was great ūüôā ¬†Of course, I’ll be going on maternity leave myself so it is sort of leaving them in the lurch again as with the current situation we are not able to replace anyone. ¬†But that’s not our fault, we’re just having to get on wtih things.

On Friday we had a visit from the heating engineer after about 3 months of waiting to remove the stupidly placed gas pipe in the dining room. ¬†This has held up us completing the room, so it’s great we should still be on target for Christmas. ¬†He had to hack through concrete, and replace a pipe from the meter which goes up the side of the chimney breast so the whole room had to be cleared of furniture and carpet so it was a little job but with a big lot of work required to get it done!!!

Joel and I left him to it and went to my parents for lunch and did a bit of food shopping for the weekend as Steve’s parents were visiting before going on a canal boat holiday for the week around our town!! ¬†We will be popping out for an afternoon on the boat today after Church. ¬†They did stop by yesterday for lunch on their way by but it was far more stressful than it should have been due to Steve. ¬† He got it into his head that he’d lost a camera footage card from our Scotland trip with interviews he’d not yet backed up. ¬†This was about 1hr before his parents arrived and I’d had a leisurely morning, sorting lunch, making a salad, baking a cake, tidying up, I washed all the cushion covers from the sofa, vaccumed, cleaned, dusted (maybe nesting is beginning!!) and then suddenly, our nice calm morning became horrendous. ¬†When stressed, Steve is worse than a bear with a sore head. ¬†The last time we could remember this card was when it was lying around the lounge and I commented ¬†unless it was put away, it would get lost. ¬† I know, and now I have every right to say those 4 little words and say smug, but at the time I bit my lip, let Steve rant and rave, tried to patient and helpful. ¬†I lost my resolve when he decided to check his office at work, reversed out of the drive and scraped the car on the drive. ¬†He abanded it on the pavement and came into tell me that I’d parked badly!! ¬†I responded to shout back that he was being unreasonable, I had parked it fine, he just couldn’t reverse (quite true) and didn’t use his wing mirrors (again true) and he stomped off saying he’d be a while. ¬†I wish he had been, he came back in 5 minutes!

His parents and brother arrived and the hunt continued but as they had to board their boat at 3, his Dad didn’t want to hang around today so I got them all sat down for lunch as Steve continued to stomp around. ¬†He eventually gave up and sat with us to eat the tiniest morsel and then sat defeated on the sofa whilst Granny played with Joel before having to go. ¬†Minutes before they departed he entered sounding and looking sheepish saying that the card was in his case all along and he’d just missed it before. ¬†He apologised profusely and I think we were just all relieved that the afternoon wouldn’t be so stressful as well. ¬†Honestly. ¬† MEN!!!

Joel was tired at this point and we sat down to watch a Disney film just the three of us. ¬†Steve spent the whole afternoon trying to make up for being an idiot, so offered cups of tea, foot rubs, and was generally nice which was nice. ¬† My pelvis and hips have begun aching quite a bit now. ¬†I think because I’d been so busy and not sitting enough that hasn’t helped. ¬† ¬†So we decided to worsen things and take Joel to the town park to play and he wanted his bike so off we went in the car and then walked. ¬†We walked quite a way and it wasn’t long before the sciatica hit. ¬†I get a very sharp sudden twingy pain which makes me catch my breath and takes me off guard, and it’s in my right buttock!!! ¬†Pretty much I wasn’t able to keep up with Steve and Joel so had to hobble back to the car like a rotund crazy lady clutching her buttock.

Steve treated us to a chinese take away which was very welcome, probably not the most sensible since we have very little money left this month but we should cope till payday on Wednesday!!

And today the hour has gone back, so we’re up a bit early on new time, and a bit later on old time so hopefully, Joel will adjust soon if we keep him up later this evening without too much issue.

And that is our weekend so far. ¬†And I still have an achey pelvis, ¬†I may have to sit down to play the keyboard at church this morning. ¬†The thought of standing is a bit beyond anything today ¬†ūüė¶

25 Weeks

How far along:  25 Weeks :)

Total Weight Gained: ¬†I have a vague idea and it’s not good. ¬†I am really heavy at the moment. ¬†Like waaaay heavy ūüė¶

Maternity Clothes: ¬†I wish I had a maternity waterproof coat!! ¬†My coat is wool and warm, but it’s raining such a lot at the moment and my waterproof is so tight over my bump!!

Stretch Marks:  I think i have one, not really stretched as yet, but sat there ready to go over the next few weeks.

Sleep: ¬†Baby is so very active at night it’s tiring! ¬†But with Steve having early network meetings he has slept in the spare bed the past couple of nights so as not to disturb me which has helped!!

Best Moment of the Week:   We had a lovely time taking Joel to see the Blackpool Illuminations.  And on Monday I got his photograph taken and we have some beautiful pictures so that was exciting!

Movement: ¬†Loads. ¬†It’s made me wonder whether there can be too much movement?! ¬†I asked the midwife today about it and she said not, as long as its ‘normal’. ¬†It’s hard to judge what’s normal as I do different things most days. ¬†Yesterday I sat at a desk at work for the day and baby wiggled and jiggled all day long whereas having been stood in a forest and walking about a lot you don’t notice it so much.

Food Cravings: ¬†I could eat a lot of pancakes at the moment but am resisting trying to be good due to afore mentioned weight gain ūüė¶

Gender:  He’s a baby boy!!

Belly Button:  Is rather out and flat now.  I seem to have suddenly protruded a lot.

What I miss: ¬†So we have said au revoir to the wedding ring, turning over in bed easily and seemingly going to the loo in comfort as when sitting down it feels squirmy as though I’m squishing the baby! ¬†ūüė¶

What I‚Äôm looking forward to: ¬†Starting work on the nursery. ¬†Since we’ve moved house, I have a whole other room to sort out and we’re going to remove some fitted wardrobes, get it all painted in a neutral colour, a lady at church is amending the curtains from our old house to fit the larger windows and then we can start putting the furniture together. ¬†Oh, and a scary thought, Christmas is 9 weeks away, which means I have less than that to work!! ¬†Just about 8 weeks to go then I can leave for a year! ¬†Hurray!!

Milestones: ¬†I had my 25 week check up today. ¬†All was perfect with blood pressure, urine and heart rate all looking good. ¬†Although I did forget to ask about my Mat1b form. ¬†I thought it was today I got it, maybe it’s 28 weeks?!

Bump Pic: ¬†I’ll have to add one this week!!

More Convo’s from a 2 Year Old

Joel is entertaining us such a lot at the moment.

This evening he has not gone to bed yet, but is sat playing on Daddy’s phone. ¬†Apparently, he ‘needed’ it. ¬†This is his new word. ¬†We’ve progressed from ‘like’ to ‘need’ and it’s funny. ¬†He is suddenly needing juice please, needing milk please, needing a phone please!! ¬†It makes everything sound so much more urgent. ¬†We have to tell him that a two year old does not ‘need’ a phone.

Whilst in Scotland we had a funny conversation. ¬†It began with me having a mild heart attack as he came up to me eating something in the woods. ¬†I asked what he was eating and he replied ‘Joel berries’. ¬†All manner of terrible things ran through my mind all of which ended up with him needing his stomach pumped, but he showed me the bramble bush he’d found a blackberry on. ¬†The previous weekend with Steve’s parents, his mum had shown Joel how to pick them, so of course he’d remembered and I was so glad that he’d not picked something poisonous. ¬†Anyway, the conversation continued with Joel saying ‘they are juicy Mum’ (I don’t know where he learnt that berries are juicy!)’ and then ‘I need more berries please Mum’!!! ¬†It ended with me trying to get him to understand not to put anything in his mouth without checking with me first.

He also has begun calling me Mum rather than Mummy. ¬†I’m not sure why. ¬†And half the time I’m not sure where he’s learning words from, but he is like a little sponge. ¬†He said that my Chilli Con Carne the other day was ‘spicy’.

This evening he was sat next to Steve saying ‘Am I happy Daddy?’ ¬†and Steve said ‘I think so, are you happy?’ ¬†And he said ‘yes, Joel is happy’!! ¬†Then he checked that Daddy was happy and asked whether Mummy was happy. ¬† ¬†He doesn’t say ‘I’ yet, still calls himself ‘Me’ or ‘Joel’ but it makes his sentences very cute.

I still try to remember cute sentences he says but I guess it’s better to live in the moment rather than see it through a lens so to speak. ¬† It’s always a surprise at the moment what he’s coming out with.