A Lovely Day!!

I wasn’t sure what I’d be doing with my boys this weekend.  It’s meant to rain and rain and Steve is filming wedding after wedding on a Saturday at the moment and I know he worries about money, but I can’t help but feel that he’s missing out on the boys and not really giving me a break at all to help out at a weekend 😦

Anyway, yesterday was Friday and my parents were childminding Martha for the day and offered to take Joel with them saying they’d be back after tea.   Plus, it makes their day a bit more easy as Joel and Martha just entertain each other and play nicely together.

Which meant I had an extra day of just Joss and me!

Our fellow sorting our garden came in the morning and when he’s here I have to stay in the house to supply coffee and biscuits and help with any queries.  I’ve been feeling a bit house bound this past week so when the rain came and he decided to head home I was a bit relieved as it meant I could do as I pleased for a day!

Having fed Josiah I popped him in the car and we headed to town.  Steve wanted me to pay some cash into the bank for him, and I hadn’t exchanged my birthday present from Steve yet (he got me a charm which I already had!!) and I had an M&S voucher from my Aunt I’d not spent yet.

So having queued in the bank for ages I was footloose and fancy free and went to the jewellers.  I exchanged my charm for a Thomas Sabo necklace and charm carrier and got a cute little charm in the sale so I was very chuffed!!I think my bracelet is full enough now, I don’t want it to be a massive bulky thing so have told Steve we need a new plan for presents as he liked knowing he could buy a charm!!  He’s not great at thinking what I’d like (although I have an extensive Amazon wishlist!!)  Anyway, I love my new necklace and the fact I can change the charms over, and can wear it for Josiah’s dedication on Sunday 🙂

Then I went to M&S.  I’ve had this voucher for over a month and didn’t know what to buy with it.  There was nothing really I wanted from our town’s store as it’s all rather aimed at older folk clothes wise.  But my sister had suggested I get some nice food with it and I liked that idea!  Steve was working late yesterday and Joel was sorted so I went and chose a Dine in for £10 offer and picked food I knew I’d like but Steve wouldn’t really!!  I got a Moussaka, little roast potatoes and a delicious blackcurrant and vanilla pudding!  I picked up a free bottle of pink fizz and used the remainder of the voucher on walnut whips and a nice tin of shortbread!!  I was very pleased and looking forward to dinner 🙂   And not to mention that the cashier asked me for ID because of the wine!  I laughed, thinking she was joking, as I don’t carry ID being 35 years old!!  After a lot of blagging and persuading I was allowed to purchase it!!

And having learnt via the great blog ‘A Thrifty Mrs’ that I could find nail varnish bargains in Poundland, I got two Sally Hansen colours which will be perfect for Josiah’s dedication and match my dress as my nails are pathetically weak and require extra strength!!  Yay!!

Then on coming home I popped to Asda for some meals this week and the traffic was building up.  We have a lot of crazy roadworks going on all at the same time so driving anywhere is a pain at the moment.  The road back to my house was queuing very slowly all the way into town as far as our road so I was extra happy to have missed all that by going out early rather than later.

In the afternoon Joss and I took Izzy out for a walk as the sun shone for a brief while and I sat down to enjoy my M&S meal (leaving Steve a plate although he wasn’t enamoured!!).

And to top it all off I’d entered a raffle earlier in the week and got a message last night to say I’d won a new Pacapod changing bag!  How great was that?!

Mum and Dad had got stuck in Nottingham later than planned so didn’t get back until 9pm!  Joel was fast asleep in the car and transferred to bed fine.  And he woke up at 8am this morning and did a huge wee in the toilet and hasn’t wet the bed once since going into pants!  Maybe I’m counting my chickens but I think that’s pretty great of him!!!  That’s a whole week being dry at night at the age of three.  Knowing it took Steve and his brothers years (!) I’m rather pleased that a bit of encouragement and training has worked as well as it seems to have done.

Now, what to do today whilst Steve is at his wedding and the weather is bad?!

Maternity Clothes

I am attempting  this on the iPad so please excuse the errors.  I am not good without a proper keypad.

Anyway, we are visiting Steve’s parents this weekend.   Joel has been pretty good.  We will be heading home after lunch to be there by dinner time.

Exeter is a lovely city.  Not too big but with a nice range of shops which are always worth a visit.  Maternity clothes at home are a bit of a rare commodity and must be ordered online which makes good sizing tricky so I wanted to pop into H&M to see what they had to offer.  I was in luck!  I got a striped t-shirt, a teal knitted top, a grey cardigan and a blue striped jumper as the colder weather is starting to creep in!  “seasons of mists and  mellow fruitfulness” and all that!  I love autumn with the colours and the misty starts, and the chill in the air 🙂

hmprod (1) hmprod


Two of my new purchases…..  Although I am not as slim and trim as the invisible models above!!!

you know it’s the autumn when Last Night of the Proms is on!   I always love watching this British tradition of music lovers bopping to the same pieces of music year in year out.  it’s one of our peculiarities which defines our Britishness! not to mention the first episode of Strictly Come Dancing.   I may detest the X-factor, hate celebrity in the Jungle, have no time for reality tv in general, but there’s something about the sequins and dresses that makes me tune into SCD every year!

Last Night Of The Proms 2012

I actually have sung in the Albert Hall one two occasions! Once with my junior choir, and once with my youth choir.   Both were amazing experiences, with lots of jolly pomp and circumstance songs and British flags waving abundantly.

Right, it’s time to get ready for church, then I’ll be packing our bags and probably doing the 3 hour drive home too today.  Steve has to head to Oxford early tomorrow morning.  And it’s back to normality with toddler group, laundry and trying to get hold of the boiler man to move a gas pipe we’ve exposed in our dining room!

What joys!

House Progress

After nearly being gazummped on Wednesday we’ve since met our mortgage broker (one of Steve’s networking folk) and she’s sorted us a mortgage which isn’t too expensive.  We’ve both been surprised by the monthly repayments as they’r far more affordable than we’d expected!  So that form has gone off, and with it being the company who’d offered us a mortgage in principle things should go smoothly there.  And the sold sign is up and on rightmove!


We’ve had our solicitor’s contracts through so I’m taking those in myself today with our passports as ID.  And let the searches begin!!

Steve is now talking about the 1st May as a potential move in date.  Typical.  We go on holiday on the 13th!  Maybe that’s a good thing.  It’ll be nice to have a stress free week once everything has gone through I guess.  I probably won’t want to go as I’ll want to be getting on with decorating but we’ll see!

My sisters have half term at the end of May so they’ve said they’ll come for a weekend to help and we can put the boys to work in the garden.

Excited is not the word!….

Work Worry

It’s been a nice few days away from work.

Although last night I couldn’t sleep. And Joel did. All night till 7am which is brilliant. I however, worried about work which was silly as I ended up being fine today. It’s just a busy time of work and I was stressing things would be bad. But they’re fine and I’m wishing I’d not woken at 1, 2.30 and 5.30 and got up at 6.30.

On Friday I lost another 1lb. Seriously, I must be the slowest dieter in the world ever. I’m anticipating a gain this week though. I’ve eaten a ruck of pancakes in preperation for Shrove Tuesday. I like mine with lemon and sugar, or orange and sugar. I tried a nutella one, but it was too sweet. I sometimes like syrup. Steve likes maple syrup and lemon together. Strange boy.

Saturday we lazed about until I was climbing the walls and we went for lunch at the Darlaston Inn in Stone where Joel played afterwards in the Wacky Warehouse. He loves it and there was only one other girl in the under 5 section and her mum was in there with her too so I wasn’t too anxious. There was an episode of two older kids standing and chucking balls about outside of the nets, but after a swift telling off from me, they retreated back to the boistrous older kids area and left the toddlers in peace.

Sunday we went to church and it was a nice morning. My aunt and uncle were visiting from Blackpool and Joel taught Uncle Peter how to use an Ipad. He was so entertaining and they enjoyed his company. I did skip choir as mum had done a nice lunch and I didn’t want to rush about. It’s bad though as I’ll have to miss this coming Sunday due to a Devon visit for the in-laws.

And yesterday we had to run to town in a mad panic as I remembered at ten past nine, Joel had a doctor appointment at nine twenty five! We just about made it, then had to dash back to toddler group for 10am.

Joel had a nice toddle and play. He made a pancake face, then realised it was all sweet and tasty and would not get down from the table until it was all eaten. After a while I could tell he was struggling. He was like the little monkey caught by greed who can’t work out to let the goodies go to save his hand from the jar.

So I had to step in and hide the remainder of his pancake, to which he expressed his disappointment (‘waaah’) but he was soon distracted and I popped it in the bin. He didn’t need any more sugar thank you very much!!

In the afternoon we took a walk along the river to Sainsburys. It was rather a silly decision, considering the river was flooded, but we made it with a few walks through puddles! We got there and bought a loaf of bread, then walked back again (by this time the cold was biting) and fed all the ducks we saw along the way. Joel shouted ‘Duck’ for every bird but held onto his piece of bread to eat himself!

I went to look at boys clothes and got Joel a t-shirt, and then saw some Peppa Pig pyjamas with George on. Joel was so excited and shouted ‘George, george’ so I got them for one of his birthday presents. I’ve not head him say ‘George’ before!

There were a number of swans on the river as well, which came out of the water and looked menacingly at Joel’s bread, so we kept moving. My mission was to get the moor hens some bread before the greedy ducks and swans got it all.

And in the evening I went to a church ladies meal at a chinese buffet restaurant. Not good for the diet, but I restrained from the deep fat fried nibbly starters, and stuck to grilled meat from the seperate menu, and some boiled rice and steamed chicken and vegetables. Then I blew it all with a bowl of chocolate sauce from teh fountain. Oh well. I could have been worse.

Lets see how many pancakes I can eat tonight. I think 4!!!

Techno Baby…..

I’m on Steve’s I-pad today, still haven’t replaced my laptop yet. This thing is awful to type on. I’m a touch typer and using two fingers feels rather alien to me. I eonder whether I can touch type on e keyboard.  Hmm a little bit.  I miss my lap top.  Joel on the other hand, he loves the iPad.  He knows how to swipe to open it up, then turns the pages to get to his page of apps.  I’ve downloaded him lots of children’s free apps.  At the moment he loves the Fisherprice ones.  They’re also on Steve’s iPhone. He loves talking ginger the cat and he has some singing ones and story ones too.

He is a technically clever baby and can do things on the ipad that Steve wishes he could but doesn’t know how!

He does also enjoy his other toys still though and will play very nicely on his own with his mega bloks, he likes sitting on his v-tech trike, and books are a big favourite at the moment.  When we take him to bed he’ll point to his book shelf and say “burr” which we think must mean b ook, and so we read him a bed tie story.  Sometimes he’ll try to drag. It out, more with Adaddy than Mummy, and daddy has been known to read all the books! Mummy is more strict and will read no more then two before putting Joel in his cot!

With Christmas coming up he’ll be getting a whole lot of new toys so we’re going to need to make some space I guess.That’ll be difficult.  We’ve got him a 2nd hand Brio train track, In the Night Garden books, Two Wow cars,and I was looking at the Aquadoodle sets as I’ve read good reviews of them and heard good things about them.  We’ve asked family for new books to fuel his new love of them, and a toy vacuum cleaner as he loves our real one and the toy ones at toddler group!

I’m about half way rough my Christmas shopping.  Trying to be leaner this year but it’s hard when there’s so many more to buy for!  I can’t wait though.  I’m getting excited already!

Busy Day

I had quite a busy day today and managed to go without a nap (at least until I got home at 5pm that is!!). 

I had to take Izzy on a short walk as I suspected Steve had not done her justice this morning, he opted to stay in bed an extra hour rather than get up and do what he needed to do before going out but I thought it would be a good occasion to try out her halti collar and she was brilliant!  She didn’t try as much to scratch it off and didn’t pull and stayed by my side until I could let her run free which was great.

At 10.00am my Mum collected me and off we went to the Mama and Papa shop to get the parts to fix the car seat to the pram that Mum had ordered ages ago and forgotten about!

Then by 11.00am we were at a garden centre meeting Celia, Frank and Mary and we had scones and tea before heading over to their cousin’s husbands funeral. 

I know it’s weird me tagging along since I didn’t know him, but it’s so I could tie in a visit to Great Aunty Joan after the funeral and I’m good at funerals as these days, hardly anyone knows the hymns sung, so Mum and I sang loudly from the back to help out and it was a nice service.  Afterwards we were all invited back to the funeral parlour for sandwiches and tea which was nice and I chatted to Mum’s cousins and remembered them visiting my Grandmas numerous times when she was alive (their aunty I guess!)

Then it was over the Aunty Joan’s for another cup of tea (my caffeine intake has not been great today) and she was very pleased to see me and the bump and we were home for 5.00pm. 

I rested for a wee while, and then Steve headed off to his Salvation Army youth group and I’m in bed for an early night, still shattered from my busy day.  I can feel that being on my feet so much as probably not helped my hips and joints and will likely suffer a little tomorrow.  And as for the tea drinking all day, man, I’m comfy until I have to move and suddenly, my bladder feels like it might pop as the weight of baby comes down on it so I stagger to the bathroom for not a lot to happen.  Oh well, I think I’m going to have another restless night!  That’ll teach me!

Mini Spree

I had a few vouchers from John Lewis left from our wedding and have been saving them for a bit with the intention of getting a few baby bits.  I needed changing mats, one for the nursery and one for the changing unit which will go downstairs so today off Amy and I went to the Nottingham store.

I got two lovely changing mats with a towel liner, some very soft cuddle towel robes, some posh bib things with milk catching things (these are all sort of things I’d have second thoughts about if I were paying with ‘real’ money of course!) and they had some beautiful little outfits but we decided not to buy those as we don’t know how big baby is going to be and there’s no point buying newborn if he’s got to go straight into 0-3 month size!!

So with the remainder I bought a groovy little Cath Kidston Blackberry case for my phone as my old one has gone walkabout somewhere.

And that was it.  My ‘mini-spree’.