My Baby Is One Year Old!

I cannot believe how fast this past year has gone.

Josiah is so wonderful, and is now a whole one year old!


It seems that he loves presents!  This was a chair he received from Granny and Grandpa!

10422026_10153209630048974_8332007935365933945_n 10488025_10153209630478974_3874647922348256840_n

He actually had three cakes, one for nursery on the birthday, one at teatime on his birthday at home, and this one yesterday at his little family party at home.  It all went very nicely too, and he loved seeing everyone!

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We had funny glasses to wear, and Josiah having been poorly for the previous week had slept a lot for the past couple of days but woke up on Saturday happy and ready to eat again!  I almost ready to cancel the party on friday after another trip to the doctors but am glad I didn’t.  The inside of the cake was layered chocolate and yellow cake, but I dropped a yellow layer straight from the oven and incinerated the replacement (left it cooking whilst we took Joel to his swimming class, just completely forgot about it!!) so gave up on it in the end!  It still tasted nice at any rate!


This was a birthday poster I had made for Josiah.  He didn’t get the big party with eight baby friends in a hall like Joel did!  He did go to Baby Sensory classes for two terms though which cost about the same as one party so I feel they’re equal in that regard, but this was a nice little thing to have as a memento of him turning one.  I might get Joel one for turning four and then when they come to share a room I may hang them on the wall!

Joel and Josiah

So time is just passing.  Joel is three and a half.  He can write his name and recognise words now.  He is a chatty little man who comes out with some priceless comments.  He is exasperating.  He knows he can wind us up with constant silly questions but he also has some excellent questions to offer us too.  He loves playing eye spy, and this cracks us up.  He says ‘I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with tree’ and then we have to decide which tree he saw!!  When we have a go and use a letter though he pretty much always gets it right.  He loves playing games.  He has some memory cards and is much better than Steve or I at it.  He is doing so well at pre-school.  He loves his family and goes around saying ‘Siah, Izzy, mummy and Daddy and Joel’!!  He loved going on holiday last week so much.

IMG_6812 IMG_6811 IMG_6810 IMG_6809

Josiah is 9 months old tomorrow.  He is still feeding from me and not showing any signs of wanting to stop, although he is eating three good meals a day, snacks and drinking water from a cup.  He is a cheeky chappy, very smiley, and loves his brother so much.  He still only has his four teeth, and isn’t crawling but he is very efficient at rolling about to get where he wants to go.  He wants what Joel has, or things like tv remotes, and iphones.  He is loud.  He calls Mama in the night when he wants me.  I don’t know if he knows he is saying Mama or just making sounds but it works.  I’m getting up at least twice a night with him still.  I can’t do controlled crying.  If he’s that upset I go to him.  Goodness knows how I’ll be when I go back to work next month.  I’m tired most of the time at the moment.  But I know it is a phase and it will pass.  He did sleep though one night before our holiday so I know it will happen again.  He is having a day a week at my parents now to get used to being away from me, and taster sessions at nursery.  He cried a lot for his first session and then was better for his second.  I must book him again for some more this month.  I know he’ll be ok, but he is a lot more clingy than Joel was.

They are both so wonderful and I love them so much!  And how cute are they in their matching onesies!!!

The Most Tired I Have Ever Been…..

Josiah has been a bit poorly.  It’s his first ever lurgy bug and could explain why he’s been so unsettled at night, that plus teething, plus weaning.  It’s a tough time for him.  And me.

We had our weekend with the in-laws last weekend.  As much as we enjoy a weekend in Devon I do not enjoy the packing of stuff, the long car journey and the constant traffic jams around Birmingham and Bristol.  Going down took an extra two hours than normal.  Coming back was wretched.  Josiah cried from Exeter to Gloucester.  We stopped three times.  He was not hungry, his nappy was fine, he was objecting loudly to being trapped in his car seat and by Gloucester he had a raging temperature.  I dosed him with Calpol and Steve walked him round the new services station at J11 on the M5.  By the time he was back in the car he was sound asleep within minutes and the final hour of the journey was peaceful and we transferred both boys over to their beds.  I was up then three times in the night with Josiah and at 6am with Joel, whilst Steve headed off at 4.30am to film all day in Oxford.

We are one tired and grouchy family this week.

Anyway, Josiah didn’t seem to be getting better so on Tuesday morning after another bad night where I struggled with his temperature I took him to the Dr’s.  She said he was getting a chest infection and prescribed antibiotics.  The next day he was almost worse and now he had an upset tummy.  After three cot sheet changes due to explosive diarrhoea nappies and his temperature shooting up again I panicked and rushed him back to the doctors.  We saw a different one who said it wasn’t a chest infection so to stop the medicine as it was upsetting him, to keep on with the calpol and as it was just viral, it should peter out in a few days.

That night I settled him and popped next door to drink wine with my neighbour.  She has two boys of similar ages and is having a tough time with their youngest being seriously poorly so whatever I’m going through its ten times worse for her.  When I went home at 10pm I found my youngest sitting next to Daddy, looking seriously awake and waving the remote control around.  He had no temperature and was suddenly feeling much better and wanted to make up for the extra sleepy times he’d had over the past four days.

So we sat up till midnight playing with all his toys.  And he was sitting!!  Although the remote control seems to be his new favourite.  And he always manages to mute the tv somehow.

Since being on maternity I have worked my way through Buffy the Vampire Slayer series 1-7, and The American Office series 1-9 so I feel a bit sad they have ended now.  Steve still wants me to watch Breaking Bad but he’s watched it all three times and watches me watching things which is ever so annoying.  I’ve watched a few episodes of Arrow which I like.  But I guess I have achieved my tv watching goal!  With Joel I watched all of Desperate Housewives.

Anyway, I have now got to do the school run.  Steve is asleep in bed, as is Josiah so I may leave them too it and just walk Joel round.  Life feels like a mad rush at the moment.  I’m hoping it will settle down very soon.

Josiah and Food

It’s taken a while but I think we are getting back on the weaning track with Josiah.

I took him to get weighed on Tuesday and he has dropped on his centile chart again.  One of the HV’s made me feel a bit upset about it, but she was a visiting one, and my normal HV was lovely and said it wasn’t too bad.  He’s cutting a top tooth at the moment so that could have hindered things. and he’s been rolling around like a trooper so burning more energy now. 

Anyway, it’s taken a while and he still won’t eat puree, or breakfast mush.  I try to offer weetabix and he’ll take about 3 spoons then clam up.  He won’t hold cooked vegetables or fruits, but will hold dry finger foods like breads and baby snacks.  However, he will eat mashed ‘proper’ food.  It takes a bit of distraction but I feel I’m getting food into him now.  It’s not really baby led weaning any more as I am feeding him but we have skipped the puree stage.

Today I cooked some ‘eggy crumpets’ (like the bread but with crumpets obviously and fried until cooked through!) and he ate a few chunks of that, then some grapes (peeled and halved) and a couple of slices of nectarines and that was lunch.  I’d put a fruity beef casserole in my slow cooker this morning and made mashed potatoes with cheesy swede puree and we had that for dinner and he ate a good few spoons of mash with beef gravy (baby stock cubes) and swede.  I was really pleased.

He seems to be feeding less from me which I guess is a good sign he’s getting enough from his food now.  But he is still wanting his nighttime feeds and I’m sure I’ll miss our quiet feeding cuddle times when they’re gone so although I’m tired beyond belief at the moment I shall try to enjoy them whilst they are still wanted.

Here is Josiah munching and being messy with blueberry drop scones 🙂  There are lots of ways of hiding fruit and veg into what he will eat 🙂

IMG_5391 IMG_5392 

Weaning Time….

Joel was a dream to wean.  He just opened his mouth and beamed at me pretty much as to whatever went into it!  He cleared bowls of pureed vegetables, fruits and happily moved on to lumps and finger foods.

I naively assumed the same would happen for Josiah!  It hasn’t!




Toast and plums

Toast and plums

photo 1 (36)

I carefully prepared some different purees and in his first week at 23 weeks he had roasted butternut squash, pear, apple, carrots, baby rice but each one seemed to go in ok at first then get rejected with lots of crying until he could latch on for my milk and glare at me with his perfectly formed eyebrows.

He seemed to like the flavour but bnot the mush or spoon.

So after seeing the HV last week (he weighed in at 24 weeks 17lbs and 14oz) she suggested starting some vegetable and fruit fingers for baby led weaning.  So I dutifully steamed broccoli, peppers, sweet potato and green beans.  And he loved picking it up, putting it in his mouth and nomming it.  But again, once it got time for him to swallow he got stressed and upset.  This part is taking its time and not coming very naturally.  He can do it.  But it’s taking its time.

He seems to enjoy sitting on my knee and eating whatever I’m nibbling on.  He loved sharing my plum and nectarine today.  I gave him a slice of nectarine and he nommed it, and some was going in, and I assume going down as he didn’t spit it out.  He’s had cucumber, bread sticks, rice cakes and some baby corn rings.  But he still prefers mummy milk.  I will be trying him with pasta next week and other soft food like that.  And maybe some proper food on a spoon again with lumps since he rejected the puree’d version!!

But here’s some pics of him enjoying the new tastes before he gets to the stressy bit…

Cucumber stick

Cucumber stick



Rice cake

Rice cake

So I’m perservering with it all, and hoping that he gets the hang of swallowing soon.  He gags a lot but that’s normal.  He had a little choke last week but was sick and fine afterwards.  It’s all so stressful watching him like a hawk in case he gets into difficulty.  Breast fed babies are meant to take to it better as they use the same muscles for feeding whereas bottle fed babies don’t.  So he should be ok.  Maybe I’m expecting too much of him.  I really hope it clicks soon and we can enjoy meals.  I know he’s still not quite six months so it’s more about exploring tastes and textures at the moment.  Time will tell!!  He’s certainly not dropping any milk feeds yet!!!

6 Weeks Off…….

For teachers!  And no playgroups or things to occupy us.  Not that I’m resentful against teachers at all!!  I know teachers deserve all the holidays they get, but they do leave a big gap to fill!!!   Joel has got to the stage where he really needs the extra stimulation.  It reassures me that pre-school will be good for him.  His last days at nursery are this week.  He has Wednesday and Thursday morning left.  He keeps saying he’s not sad and he wants to go to school!  On Thursday we are going to visit Steve’s grandparents in Kent for a couple of nights as they’ve not yet met Josiah so we’ll drop Joel off for the morning and take him away from everything he knows and loves.  I wonder whether I’ll be emotional.  Josiah will be starting after Christmas.  I guess it’s just growing up.

IMG_4237 IMG_4234 IMG_4232

IMG_4229 IMG_4226 IMG_4219

Joel was a very cute boy this morning.  I passed him a t-shirt to put on and he said ‘oh, thanks Mummy.  Is this a new one?  It’s lovely’ and it made me laugh!!

Then we walked to the shops to go to the post office and we saw a new Thomas magazine, so we bought it and once home and Josiah was asleep we sat down to work through it with lots of counting, drawing numbers and sticking.  It’s a nice way of having some quality time with him.

Josiah now has two teeth.  We’ve had a couple of upset nights, mainly due to the nasty nappies he’s been producing every couple of hours, but they are through and they are little pearls!!  He’s trying hard to sit up, but throws himself forward too much.  He is such a happy baby and whereas Joel was always placid and good, if Josiah is happy he’s extremely happy.  If he’s grumpy he’s extremely grumpy and lets us know about it!  He takes things to the extreme!!  Walking back from the post office this morning he was just shouting, he loves the sound of his own voice and a fellow walking behind us commented on how loud he was!  I think this is a sign of things to come!!  🙂

IMG_4425 IMG_4424 IMG_4421 IMG_4420 IMG_4419


We are heading off on a holiday with my in-laws to a caravan in Wales next week so that will be a nice change, and we have a day out planned for my sister’s 10th wedding anniversary first at Portmerion where we’re having a sort of wedding breakfast meal!  I’ve bought a new dress which should be boob accessible and hope it’ll be ok.  Breast feeding is still going well.  Josiah doesn’t seem to want to start on solids yet.  We’ve tried a few different purees, and he just rejects them all apart from babyrice with expressed milk.  I think we’ll keep on with that for now, then we can have a go at baby led weaning in case its the mush and spoon he’s anti.  Although it is nice that I feel needed by him.  Joel began weaning, loved it and soon didn’t want breast milk either, so I’m hoping to go past 8 months with Josiah.

As we didn’t have any holiday plans just the four of us this year (at least none that worked out) we’ve booked a cheap break at Centreparcs for November.  I can’t believe how expensive the place is, but by going the week after half term the cost goes from £1000 for 4 nights to £350.  Plus we’re looking at an abroad holiday next year for us.  I quite fancy Greece.

So that’s a bit about where we’re at!  This blogging lark and entertaining two children of different ages is really taking its toll!