36 Week Scan Pics

photo 3 (10)

Not sure what we’re looking at here, can’t quite work it out!  Possibly a hand.


photo 2 (10)


But I’m sure this is a face of baby with his eyes closed, and possibly a hand by his nose, or a big nose!!  It all looks very squishy to me in there!  Come on out baby!!

photo 1 (11)

And the Consultant Said….

I think I must have been anxious about yesterdays appointments because having been, and having got the bathroom actually underway I slept so much better last night.

My Mum came with me to the scan as Steve was busy with a network meeting (priorities are different you see) and all was fine.  We couldn’t really see a lot as baby was so big and I got a couple of picture that look like nothing but you could see the heart beat and baby sucking his thumb!!

She measured his head and tummy and said he was a chubby baby and how she could tell that he was 7lbs 6oz I don’t know.  That seems ready to come out to me!!  Another four weeks of cooking means he may well hit the 9lbs mark!!  But modern technology is probably better than I’m giving it credit for and this bump does feel bigger than when I was having Joel.

Then it was onto the consultant appointment.  Knowing all was well with baby head down was encouraging, but I still was worried about being sent for induction if I went overdue.  Steve was meant to meet me at 2pm but didn’t leave his meeting until 2 so was late and missed the appointment.  I was upset as it was important to me, but in the end the appointment wasn’t too bad and I was ok on my own (my mum had gone to visit my great aunt who is in a respite home for a couple of weeks after having had a fall.  She has leukaemia and is slowly fading so I couldn’t keep my mum from that).

Pretty much the consultant was remarkably accommodating.  She has booked me in for a meeting if I go to 40+1 (one day overdue) and we can discuss options then.  She said she would test the cervix and if unfavourable we’d discuss c-section and induction.  Well, I’m not having any inducing this time.  No siree.  She also said sometimes ladies can be 2-3cm dilated by that point on a second baby and not know it.  I wish I could have faith in my body that it may do that this time but with everything not working and being consistently unfavourable last time I don’t know how things will be different.

My mother in law has a date in mind that she is praying for.   She wouldn’t tell me when but it’s earlier than my due date.  We’re getting snow and ice from the 19th January so lets have bets on me having to go to hospital in a snow storm and then being housebound by ice for the next month!!  Glad I have a little supply of snow suits and warm clothes for the little fellow!

So all in all the scan and appointment were both good, with good outcomes and I am back to waiting to see when this baby deigns to make an appearance.   My next midwife visit will be next week and she’ll come to the house to go over my birth plan.  I wonder if baby will be here by then or not?!  He certainly feels as though he is ready to pop out any day judging by his constant attempts to escape through my tummy button.

36 Week Scan Booked!!!

I’m quite excited now as I’ve finally managed to get through to the scan and diagnostics department at hospital and have booked in for my 36 week scan before my consultant appointment.

Having not seen baby since 20 weeks it’ll be interesting to see how big he’s got now.  I know photos don’t really come out well at this point due to baby being bigger but at least we’ll see what’s going on in there a bit more.

I had a midwife appointment yesterday as my actual date fell on Christmas Day!!  She says I’m textbook, and measuring perfectly.   Baby is head down with a very firm bottom sticking on my left side and legs kicking me on my right side.

So my next appointment will be 36 weeks and the midwife will come to my house at 37 weeks to discuss birth plans!

I’m not sure there’s any point in a birth plan this time round.  With Joel I spent time writing it all out, printing it, even laminating it!!  The moment I went overdue and was signed up for an induction it went out of the window!!!

The only thing I’ve said I’ll put on it this time is to check with me before allowing visitors in hospital.   With Joel a friend happened to be in the hospital that first morning and just came in which took me by surprise.  And she brought her husband too which was a bit awkward since I wasn’t dressed, I hadn’t slept and was still paralysed waist down!!

Also one day when I was in (I had three nights in due to the emergency c-section) my father in law was very pleased to sneak all his family (Steves brothers) past the reception desk to bring them all in together.  I only felt up to having two visitors at a time so was not best happy to have them all staring at me and squabbling and being loud.   This time I want to have it restricted and I want peace and quiet!!  That will include when we’re home so I’ll make sure everyone knows to come and visit at different times and not for too long until we’re settled.

I have to think about getting Joel used to a baby brother as well, and want him to have some time just the four of us to get used to our new family before everyone else comes to meet him.   A bit of a babymoon I guess!

It’s all starting to feel more real now!!

A Fabulous Scan!!!

I had been so very excited about my 20 week scan.

So of course Joel decided to wake up at 1am and be restless and want Mummy cuddles for three hours the night before.  I feel almost silly for thinking otherwise!  Any day I’m looking forward to seems to involve a lot of wakeful hours the night before!!  I did get an extra hour in bed this morning though to try and compensate though.

Anyway, I was a bit cheeky and told Steve that the appointment was at 11am rather than 11.30 to make sure he was at the hospital on time.  As we were there early I went along and handed my notes over, and to my surprise was seen immediately!!  No waiting for us today!

And it got better from there.  As they weren’t busy, the midwife took ages over us.  She talked us through the whole baby and we saw everything.  From the head and brain, the face and eyes, ears and lips, bones, spine, legs, hands and feet.  It was so clear and she took her time too so we could take it all in.  With Joel’s 20 week scan it was all a bit rushed and we weren’t sure what we were looking at as it was all very blurry.

What was weird was seeing this very lively baby pushing, twisting, turning, and pretty much pounding my insides!  Steve asked how I couldn’t feel the legs pushing into me, but the midwife commented that I have an anterior placenta, which means the placenta has grown across the front of my uterus rather than at the back which is more normal.  It’s not a bad thing, it just means that baby is more cushioned so could explain why I wasn’t feeling much movement until this week (and now I’m feeling lots, but more around the sides than the middle).  It can also mean a c-section is more risky due to having to cut the placenta but I guess that will be a discussion with the midwife next time.

After we were done we went out for a lunch date as Steve is heading off to Scotland for 4 days next week.  It was nice to have a little mini date in the week.  And then I headed back to collect Joel who had been at Grandma’s, and we headed straight to Mothercare!!  Where I bought baby some new vests, babygrows and a going home outfit.

I really liked the simple neutral colours in their new range, so opted for unisex!!


How cute is that!!  It’s a long sleeved vest with a cute velour trouser suit to go over it and a matching hat.  They did have a lovely beige cardigan but at £16 I felt that was a big steep so Mum has said she can knit on for me to match!!  Yay Grandma!!


In 20 weeks or so, i should be bringing a new baby home in these clothes.  I can’t actually imagine it just yet, but I’m sure as time gets closer I will be getting more impatient to meet baby.  One thing is for sure already, as placid as Joel was in the womb, this one is a live wire, and is a complete opposite of Joel already!  It will be very interesting to see how different they are!  But I’m sure they’ll be great friends and Joel will be a great big brother to his LITTLE BROTHER!!!!  Yep, we’re having another boy and we’re so happy!!  🙂

Bouncing Bean…

So I had my 12 week scan today and I was put at 14 weeks!!  I knew I was about 13+5 so a couple of days extra isn’t too bad!  I just keep getting put earlier and earlier!  I’m still going to add two weeks on though as I can’t imagine this one coming early at all!!

The bean was jumping away so much it was difficult for the nurse to get a picture!  It was very lively and awake, quite different from the sleeping baby with a thumb in his mouth that was Joel!!


Here’s the scan pic today.



And a not very sure about the photo Joel!  He has such a sweet smile when he wants to give one, but today was not that occasion!



We shall announce it this week, once family have been told first!!  🙂


Another Scan….

And things are fine.  I can’t find the words to express how relieved I am.  We saw a 10 week and 2 day old baby, wriggling and kicking around looking very healthy.  I think I can finally start to think and plan for a new baby arriving in February.

We have a wedding in two weeks, and having borrowed three dresses from my sister to save buying one (we have no spare money at the moment!) all of them show off a little bump.  I think we may have to announce it, or wait and see who is blunt enough to ask whether I’m just fat or pregnant!!  With it being so soon from the miscarriage maybe people won’t ask.  I’d be 12 weeks for the wedding, but wouldn’t have had the scan until 13 weeks to be on the safe side.  I may have to tell work next week though, as it will be too hard to hide and they will likely ask.

The house is moving along slowly.  The plaster cost an extra £70 to what we expected but hey ho.  He did a good job, and we need to paint the ceilings white this weekend, pull up the carpets, and possibly (depending on heat and exhaustion) remove the wallpaper from our bedroom.  It’s hard to be motivated when it’s so hot you just want to live in a fridge.

For some silly reason I walked a mile in the searing heat today to collect post from our old house and had to just pop to the local co-op to stand by the fridges before heading home.  Then I had to lie down for a while feeling funny and wishing I hadn’t been so daft.  I think I’m still stressing over my weight and thinking of walking before driving.

I shall scan my scan pics in when back at work anyway, and show you.  She gave me five, and it’s amazing how much it’s grown since being just a kidney bean 3 weeks ago.  I must have been 7 weeks then, as they thought this would be 9 weeks.  I get another scan on the 5th August though.   I’m so pleased they’re looking after me so well.

Feeling Smug

Hello Blogland!

It’s been a while.  To be honest, I’ve been going through that crazy shattering tired spell you get in the first trimester, and feeling so nauseous blogging has been the last thing on my mind this past week.  I’ve been resting, watching season 2 of Smash and Hart of Dixie, drinking fizzy water and elderflower and trying to work out what I fancy eating (nothing actually 😦 everything is bleurgh at the moment).

And why do I feel smug?  Because Steve has been in a mood this evening due to the fact he couldn’t find a computer game he’d bought at the weekend and he wanted to play it.  I helped look, until he shouted at me for losing it (for which there is no evidence whatsoever), and he went off without it.  I then checked the blue recycle bin outside which he’d just filled up and there it was, caught up in some letters and newspapers.  So thus the smugness.  He had thrown it away himself.  HA!!

Anyway, I get an evening to myself which is good as I’m suffering another TMI early pregnancy symptom.  The good old windypops and although I’m normally pretty discreet, Steve took too much delight in embarrassing me over dinner telling me all about what I was doing last night in my sleep.  I mean, surely that doesn’t count?  If I’m asleep?

Joel has gone to bed well this evening which is the first evening in a long time where I’ve not had to sit on the foot of his bed and avoid eye contact.  Last night he woke twice and wouldn’t settle the second time, so ended up in our bed, then woke up when Steve went to his breakfast meeting so we’ve all been up since 5.45.  That could have something to do with Joel being more tired tonight I guess!  Anyway, I don’t know if he’s still settling into a new house, new bedroom, big boy bed or what, but he really doesn’t like going to sleep on his own at the moment.

He’s so lovely though, despite the naughtiness which is emerging.  He knows when he’s doing something he shouldn’t.  He gets a look in his eye, and a ‘naughty’ face on.  I say no, and he tries to do it three times before I stop him.  I haven’t smacked him, and I don’t want to resort to it, but I’m at a bit of a loss how to discipline him any other way.  We have tried the naughty step, and that only works if we confiscate his noonie as well, but he was beginning to put himself on the step which was undermining our authority.

But on the whole, he’s a happy chappy who is confident, enjoys life and is getting very good at talking.

And the house.  Well, we bought carpets for the lounge and master bedroom.  They’re due to be fitted on Tuesday, which unfortunately is the same day our plasterer wants to come back to do the ceilings, so I’m trying to reschedule.  I think I’ve persuaded Steve that we should go with a bathroom quote we had for £2495 and maybe book them for next month.  And once the ceilings are plastered and painted white, I will use lining paper in the dining room and get that one sorted.

I think I’ve been feeling unsettled myself as I still don’t feel that it’s my home.  I miss my old house and the fact I had all my things about.  Most of my stuff is still in storage as we’ve not unpacked anything really.  I need some shelves and a coffee table in the lounge to put my pictures on.  I can’t wait to get a new floor for the hall.  I know it won’t likely all be done by Christmas, but if the dining room and our bedroom can be sorted that would be something.  And we’ll need the back bedroom to be a nursery by February if all goes well.  It’ll be nice to have the cot set up again, and my rocking chair, and changing unit.

There’s just such a lot to sort in the meantime.  And money is an issue now.  But we knew it would be, so one room at a time was the mantra.

We’re going away tomorrow for a few days in Devon at Steve’s parents, so I’m hoping the nausea will calm down.  I can’t remember feeling this rough with Joel so am wondering whether it could be a girl?  And we head back on Monday, to my midwife appointment (again) and another scan on the Friday.  Trying not to think about it  too much.

And that is sort of where I am at the moment.