5 / 10

*to the tune of One Man Went To mow*

Five Weeks to Go!  Till I’m leaving work….
Five weeks to go!  Till I’m leaving work….

Ten weeks to go!  Till we meet our baby…
Ten weeks to go!  Till we meet our baby…. (provided he arrives on the due date of course!)

And boy oh boy, am I ready already.

My sleep this weekend has not been good people.  I physically hurt all over.  It’s as though my bones just have a constant ache and at night my legs seize up and I have to turn over due to rib pain which I presume is due to baby pressing in places, and baby has been very active these past few nights, kicking away, but down low again so I can’t see my tummy wiggle as much when it’s below the tummy button as I just can’t see down there anymore!!

30 Weeks

How far along: 30 Weeks – (goodness me!)

Total Weight Gained:  Will find out.  I will.  I ought to.

Maternity Clothes:   Yep, lots.  Funny story though about the red and grey jumper I wore before Christmas on my 25 week bump pic, well, not so funny because I liked it, but it ripped at the seams around the neck after I’d only worn it twice.  So I took it back to New Look where they tried to tell me as it was in the sale so they’d only refund me £7 when I paid £18.  So I said that wasn’t acceptable as the product was faulty and they had to either replace it like for like or refund me my money (without a receipt).  And the moment I said ‘rights’ they backed down and gave me £18 in vouchers!  Hurray.  Anyway, I went into get some new t-shirts and there my jumper was, in the faulty section and they were trying to sell it on. 

Stretch Marks: Just the ones under the bump for the time being.

Sleep:  This is getting less and less by night!  Last night I managed a couple of hours before having to turn over due to rib pain, and I just kept waking up and needing the loo.  I don’t feel technically exhausted but I am a bit of a zombie.

Best Moment of the Week:  Getting to 30 weeks I think!  This is quite a turning point!  I’m still getting stuff done in the nursery too.  We’re going to try cloth nappies, so ordered a bundle of TotsBots Bamboozles which arrived this week so I’ve had fun going through those.  I bought a matching Sleepy Owl nappy stacker to keep them in.

Movement:  Some real squirmy nudges have been going on this week.  Long gone are the gentle tickling flutterings!!  My tummy moves a lot and some really catch me by surprise.
Food Cravings:  As you’ll know, I’ve not really thought I’ve had any cravings at all, but last night, I didn’t fancy anything to eat except pancakes with lemon and sugar.  It felt like minus 5 outside and I still nipped round to the shop to get eggs and a lemon to make and eat 6 pancakes.  I guess that could count as a craving!
Gender: He’s a baby BOY!!!

Belly Button:  It looks weird.  It’s like my skin is flat around my tummy button and the top bit is almost overlapping my button because my tummy is hanging due to the weight.  If I lift the bump up it looks more normal!!

What I miss:  Turning over in bed.  It’s becoming such an effort I’m breathless!  Being able to pick things up off the floor.  Being able to walk our exuberant puppy dog.  And this weekend I’m missing Steve as he’s in Scarborough on a Church men’s weekend away.
Milestones: 30 weeks.  10 weeks to go.  This is where apparently you’re feeling ready to meet the baby and the prospect of another 10 weeks is a lot to bear!!  It does feel as though I’ve been pregnant for ages, and that’s with not knowing for the first two months!  Ha ha!!  I’m glad there’s only 5 weeks more of work though!

Questions, questions….

Do babies feel gravity in the womb??  Mine seems to sink onto the side I’m sleeping on, at least that’s what I’m presuming causes my rib pain at night when I’m on my left or right side, but I just don’t know?!

Does indigestion and wind affect the baby?  I sort of imagine that it would tickle him rather, but that could just be strange I guess?!  I had a terrible tummy last night after eating too much chilli con carne from a hot buffet.  My own fault I know but I was hungry and it was tasty.

Will Arnica tablets help my down there bits after the birth for any bruising or swelling, or are they a bit of a placebo??  My Grandma used to have arnica cream for bruises so I know the herb is good on that sort of thing but in tablet form?!

Does it matter that I’ve had any milk leaking yet?  Will this affect my ability to breast feed later on?

My Last Evening At Guides

 Here’s my lovely gift box from the Guides!  It was huge!!  And Jill also got me a lovely charm for my Chamilia bracelet – a star because she said I was star!  Woo!
They’d all signed my card with little message….

 And it was filled with baby goodies!!
 Towels, bibs, socks, hats, wipes, lotions, bath bottles, more wipes, cotton wool, you name it, it was in there!  It was like a treasure trove with the fabulous bath at the bottom.

Who doesn’t love presents, and even presents technically for someone else!  Of the baby variety!!  🙂

TMI – Naked Bump Pic!

If the sight of stretched naked flesh in mini pants offend you, look away now.  It is quite a sight.  I keep looking at it in the mirror now and wondering where my old figure has gone, it is so strange to see this distended stomach, all round and pink looking back at me.
They’re not the greatest pictures admittedly, and I’m trying to hold my chest up out of the way, but it’s nice to keep a record of it.
And no, I’m not doing matching underwear at the moment.  My maternity bras are either black or white two sets and my pants are whatever I pull out of the drawer!  I don’t tend to co-ordinate unless it’s a special occasion!

More Nursery Pics With Cot…

 Here you can see the lovely baby bath Guides bought me as a leaving gift, and all the useful bits they added to the hamper, ready stacked up!  Piles of wipes and baby bath, and lotion and and baby wash 🙂

His first toys!  My Mum bought the Miffy rabbit, and I got the monkey and lion from Mamas and Papas.  I think they’re adorable!!

6 / 11 and 29+2

Oh my.

Six weeks of work left and eleven weeks until my due date.

Unfortunatley, I have a very busy time at work until then, so I will be trying very hard to not get stressed about it.  It doesn’t help I waddle about, need to wee lots and keep forgetting things!!!

After saying on yesterday’s post that I was quite taken aback at the elbow coming out and wanting it to happen again, it happened lots.  He was a very active fellow last night and kept on kicking, wriggling and generally keeping me awake.  And I’ve decided that his back is down my left side, his head and hands are down and tickling my pelvis and his feet are what are jabbing in my right side, a bit like an ‘L’.  Of course that could be wrong, I’d love to know though!!

And it’s been a while since I added one so here’s a bump pic at 29+2!!

 I do think it’s starting to stick out the front a lot more now.

And here is it in my lap.  It’s not heavy on my legs, but when sitting, there’s no gaps!!!
No funny feet sticking out when I took this one, although it does feel flat across the front!!