New Phases

All of a sudden Joel has a fascination with nee-naws.  I’m not sure where it came from, or precisely when, but if a police car or ambulance went by whilst we were out, or he heard a siren he’d get really excited and start shouting ‘nee-naw, nee-na’ and once it had gone by look all sad and say ‘more nee-naw mama’.

This confused his grandparents who thought he was upset over losing ‘noo-nie’ (his blankie) as his vocabulary at the moment does all sound very similar!

He also loves to look at planes in the sky and shouts ‘pane, pane’ when he sees something up there.  He’s really into his Brio set at the moment and shouts ‘train, train, more train’ when building the track, and ‘choo choo’ when he’s pushing the engines around it.

And his other new thing is dinosaurs.  Well, I say new.  Steve showed him a cartoon dinosaur film and he was so engrossed he didn’t look away from the tv for an hour.  (yes, I felt that was quite a long time but he was fascinated) and again, he kept shouting ‘more more’ when you couldn’t see a dinosaur on the screen.

He is doing pretty well with his words, and we always know what he means.  He still goes off gabbling and says things like ‘goobly, googly, goggity goo’ and looks at us as though we’re meant to have understood the important point he’s obviously just made, but he seems to have a basic vocabulary which is working for him at the moment.

He amazed us yesterday after church.  We’d stayed for lunch and bearing in mind he’s been pretty poorly, and we’ve been trying to get him to eat as he was before (he’s still not got his little pot belly  back yet) and he lost a bit of weight over the past couple of weeks.  Well, we were given savoury mince, mashed potatoes, peas and sweetcorn.  Very tasty and welcome, although I did grimace a little inside at the thought of Joel attempting to throw the mash on the floor.  How wrong I was.  He was genuinely excited at the prospect of having peas!  And as long as there was a pea on every forkful, he ate it!  He cleared his entire plate in minutes and asked for more!  So he had another plate and cleared that one as well!  I’ve not doubt if we were at home he wouldn’t have done it.  Maybe it was because we were sat round a table with other folks, but Steve and I were so delighted to see him eating so well after so long.  He had a jammy crumpet for afternoon tea, and then a plate of cheesy beans on toast for tea, a pear and a piece of chocolate cake for pudding!  I think I can see his tummy coming back to him now!

And The Dr Said…..

It was worth going back to see the doctor yesterday.  I feel I’ve seen far more of the doctors this winter than ever before and there’s hardly been a week when I’ve not had to take myself or Joel.

But I was glad I went.  My sinis infection has cleared up, but it’s left my upper head very mucky.  And my deaf ear isn’t another infection, it’s glue ear.  Something the dr told me is quite common in toddlers!!  Great.  I get kiddie illnesses now too.

And my chest is very wheezy due to my asthma and I’ve had to go onto proper steroid inhalers.  My little blue puffers aren’t cutting the mustard anymore.  I blame the cold weather.  My asthma isn’t something that affects me during warmer months at all, and since I only developed it after getting a serious chest infection in my twenties, I have to say I don’t really count it as proper asthma.  Maybe I should.

It’s why I get so many chest infections, sinus things, respiratory things.

So anyway, I’m not on steroid nose sprays to try and clear the glue ear and my sinuses of muck, and steroid inhalers to help the horrid crackling I get when breathing which induces days of dry coughing.

Joel seems back to normal as well now which is good.  We’re on the same inhalers, but mine is a stronger dose.  Oh, and I have a ventilation tube for it as well now so we can sit and puff our steroids together!!

I am so fed up of this cold weather now it’s ridiculous.  A bit of warm sunshine would just help me out such a lot at the moment!

One Quiet Week

It’s been a bit of a boring week to be honest.

With no Joel around, I’ve had three days on my own and i’ve been lethargic and lazy.  I have done a few laundry loads admittedly, but other than that, I’ve dozed and sat around and have not been out anywhere.  I did get the E111 insurance cards ordered for us all to go abroad with.  The only thing remaining is the last payment for the apartment and packing!!

Joel loved going to nursery this week, I think he missed it.  Steve dropped him off and collected him, and said that he went running in shouting Trudy’s name and going to say hello to all his little friends! He did seem to get tired from it though, and has gone to bed before 7pm both nights.  He’s been eating quite well again as well which is reassuring as he lost his little pot belly over the past couple of weeks!

My sinusitis feels as though it’s on its way out, but my right eardrum is feeling hot and bulging again like it did before!!  So I’m wondering whether my infection has just moved location.  Either way, I may well be back at the Dr’s tomorrow as I need to be fit and well again.  I’ve got too much on for this lethargy to be dragging on any longer.

Maybe I’ll try to get out to the park with Joel tomorrow.   Some fresh air would be nice and might perk me up.

Return of the Robot Ear

I am not really feeling much better yet.  I am still coughing a lot, snuffling a lot and now I have my robot ear thing back which means my ear drum is feeling affected by infection so I’m really hoping the antibiotics I’ve got will sort that out for me as well as I can’t cope with another week of deafness and weird robot noises when Joel talks to me.

I had a nice day on my own with Joel at my parents.  I dozed and sat on the sofa most of the day watching Netflix.  I still feel rubbish though.  Maybe tomorrow I won’t get out of bed.  Well, except to get Joel, up, dressed and organised for nursery of course.  Couldn’t leave that to Steve now could we?!

Another Infection….

I was wrong!!

I saw the Doctor, he signed me off for the week, and said I had ‘acute rhinosinusitis’ and I’m on strong antibiotics.  Joel has some steroid tablets to help his wheezy chest again and I came out from the appointment with about 6 prescriptions and my sick note.

I emailed Kath at work to say I was off poorly and she’s just said to get well and not worry about work.  I can’t help worrying about work, but at least now I won’t have to have an interview with my manager who wanted to give me a warning.  It’s her leaving meal on Friday as well but I doubt I’ll be able to go now.  She wouldn’t agree with going out when signed off, even if I were feeling better by then.

I’m feeling a bit strange today.  My nose and sinuses are full of infection and my head is very woolley.  I think I’ll go for a bath at some point as I don’t know if I could stand in a shower due to the dizziness.

I just have to be well for this weekend and my niece’s first birthday, then a wedding the next weekend down in Kent.  Life is too busy for all this illness and I’ve had more than my fair share of lurgies this winter.  Not to mention thinking about starting to pack boxes and sort through all our clutter to organise a house move.  We have to repaint this house after moving out, but we also want to paint the new house before moving in, so I think there will be a couple of weeks where we stop at my parents and put our things into storage to get this done.  It’s such a big task, and I’m so tired today I can’t even think about it.  I’ve enjoyed making a new house board on my pinterest account though!!

Joel has gone to his grandparents for the day so I’m home alone to rest and relax.  It’s nice so far!  It’ll be the first time he’s gone to playgroup in ages too as he missed all of last week.  Steve has walked him and Izzy along, although I had to get up with Joel this morning, dress him and get everything ready for Steve to take.  Last time I was ill, Joel ended up with no coat or shoes because Daddy didn’t have a clue!  Poor thing (Joel I mean, not Steve).

Sicketty Sick

Well, I think that I’ve caught Joel’s lurgies.  If they were catching.  If they weren’t then I’ve just been unfortunate and run down.  I’m coughing a lot, and been bunged all night long.  It’s more than a cold, whatever Steve reckons.

I shall try to get a doctor’s appointment this morning for me, and Joel.  I want to make sure he has the all clear, and discuss what happened and if it were preventable.  I then want some strong anti-biotics, a doctor’s sick note signing me off for a week (or even backdated to last Thursday) and a day on my own to nap and recuperate.

I’m not sure that I”m going to get any of it to be honest.  I’m worried that I’ve had the worst of the bug, and my Dr never signs me off except that once when I got Hand Foot and Mouth and was contagious.  And I’ll not likely get a day to myself although hopefully a nap isn’t off the cards if I can sleep when Joel does.

I’ve not slept all night so am feeling a bit shakey from it this morning.  I coughed and wheezed till about midnight.  Then I may have dozed a little till 3am, but since then I’ve been awake feeling anxious about work and I just couldn’t sleep.  In that infuriating manner when the world is quiet and dark, the baby is fast asleep all night long, and the only hindrance is in my own brain.

And I feel wretched for it this morning.

Midnight Feast

Well, it’s 5am and Joel woke up at 4.30 and was chatty and happy!

I decided to take him downstairs and we put cloud babies on and he ate a little bit of toast, three strawberries and a couple of bites of banana.  It’s a start to getting him back to normal I guess.

It’s just nice to see him looking more like himself again, even if it is crazy early.

Ironically, Steve went to sleep next to him in the spare bed in order to ‘take care of him if he awoke’ (and because I’m so bunged in my head I was wheezing and whistling and apparently making a massive amount of noise!) but even at that close proximity  he doesn’t wake.  And it’s up to me to look after him when he calls ‘Mama’ in his cute little voice.  I have got ever so run down this week.  And after the bladder infection I had two weeks ago, the antibiotics seemed to give me a bit of thrush (lovely I know) and now I have a streaming cold and temperature but I’m taking as much paracetamol as I’m allowed.  I don’t feel so terrible right now.  I’ll have to go back to bed later, but Steve has said he’ll take Joel out for a walk and fresh air to give me a break today.

Yesterday Joel was pretty floppy again, and only ate a few cheerios for breakfast, and a strawberry and an egg for tea.  he flopped about most of the day but had a nice little play once Steve got home.  We took a little stroll with Joel in his buggy to the local shops to buy treats to tempt him with, chocolate cornflake cakes, tinned ravioli, you know, all the good stuff!!  I’m just trying to offer him all the things he normally loves to see if he will try and eat a bit more.

And he was doing so well with his words, but with being so poorly, he’s given up on talking for the time being.  When he wants something, as his thumb is in his mouth permanently, he sort of makes a grasping movement with his fingers, and points and says ‘uh’ in the general direction of what it is he wants.  It’s really hard to know what he’s asking for and he’s been getting frustrated as we don’t know what he’s after.    The sooner he’s better, the better!!

Right, time for me to nibble on a chocolate cornflake cake.  Can you tell I’ve sort of forgotten about dieting these past two weeks?!