Plodding On

Well, I’m just waiting for next Thursday now, as I get a 13 weeks scan. I hope everything is still going ok inside. Izzy jumped on me again yesterday, not hard, but she’s just bony. I do try to keep her down, but she sometimes just wants to play. She definitly not as rough with me as with Steve though. She leapt on him from the arm of the sofa, so fast he couldn’t have done anything about it, it was pretty funny. With me, she just poked me to indicate I should throw her ball, so I guess it wasn’t too bad. Plus at the moment, although my tummy is sticking out, the baby’s pretty low and protected in my pelvis. You can’t help but worry though.

Cousin Nicola emailed me to say she’s had a 12 week scan and it’s all looking good. I just hope mine does too next Thursday. Her due dates now been moved to the 9th April too, so there’s a bit of extra pressure that all goes well with me too 😦

I’m in maternity clothes now, jeans are ace, I love them, and I’ve been using bio-oil on my tummy to help with potential stretch marks. I’m also getting back ache every day. Can’t get comfy on my chair at work!

Ante-Natal Classes

I’m all booked in for some classes next year in February and March.

Courtesy of the NHS I get:

2nd February – 6.30pm – Tour of the Maternity suite at the local Hospital

9th February – 2.00pm – A class on labour and delivery at the Children’s Centre

16th February – 2.00pm – A class on parenthood at the Central Clinic

1st March – 11.00am – Breastfeeding class – no men allowed!!

2nd March – 2.00pm – Relaxation in labour techniques

So much to learn in a short space of time.

Nice People

A girl at work brought two huge bags of maternity clothes in for me yesterday to borrow!! It’s so nice of her, and on getting home, I tried on a pair of jeans! And I’m still a size 12! Hurray! I shouldn’t have wasted my money buying 14’s really that fall down really. These fit round my legs and bum, and are a little large round the middle section, but at least I’m in size 12 jeans.

I’m still not sure that I have a baby bump, rather than podge and bloating, but as long as my own jeans don’t do up, I’m happy to get by in maternity ones!

Another girl has also offered me her clothes too and I’ve bought a few items of my own, so hopefully, that’ll do for now.

Hormonal Fatness

I’m having a bad time of it this week! Izzy chewed up my shoes, I’ve been diagnosed with bronchitis (again) and I’m getting really down over having nothing that fits. The size 14 trousers I bought are too big! They fall down and look too baggy all over, which I guess means I’m not fat all over, it is just my stomach.

But then most folk don’t seem to show until about 15-17 weeks, and I’m only 12, so shouldn’t be showing which makes me think it is fat.

Anyway, I spent an hour this morning sobbing that I was fat and had nothing to wear and as a result I was late to work and teary all morning.

Then I had an email from Cousin N asking how I was, which was very nice of her, but made me feel more dreadful as she’s so chirpy about it all saying how well it’s all going, and I’m such a moaner and grumbler and am still waiting for something to click in still!

Oh, and to top it all off, Hubby has now said he won’t make the second scan as he’s away working. And this is the appointment we scheduled around him. I’m cross, but guess there’s no point. I just wish he felt worse about it! At least then I’d feel he was more bothered about missing it!

Well Travelled Foetus

It’s ironic that travelling is what’s making me feel nauseous at the moment and I’ve had to do an awful lot these past few weeks. Down to Devon twice, up to Leeds, to Oman and back! This is a well travelled little foetus. But I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend putting my feet up and doing some housework as that has been sorely neglected and it’s not good enough.

I’ve told folk at work now that I’m expecting, and they’re all majorly chuffed and hold doors open and carry boxes for me! It’s quite nice really. I’m getting lots of advice of folk and some reckon 12 weeks is when you feel better and others say 14 weeks. I have to say, I’m not feeling too bad at the moment in myself, I’ve just got a stinking cold and cough and it’s even come on before Fresher’s week! So goodness knows whether I’ll be immune to more diseases or if my system is compromised by the foetus sucking all my nutrients away from me and leaving me exposed to the perils of students coming together. Urgh.

On a brighter note, Hubby and I have agreed on two girls names we like. Still working on the boys, and I know what I like and he’s said he doesn’t, but I’ll probably get my way. Hmm. Ponder ponder. I think we’ll keep them as a surprise though. Or maybe reveal them once we know the sex of the baby.

11 Weeks Today

I guess the title says it all really!!!

Baby is 11 weeks old today and still a little dot.

Feeling a bit rough with a cough and wheezy chest, probably my bronchitis again knowing me.  We’ve been down in Devon for the wedding of Hubby’s brother N and L and we were staying in FIL and MIL’s caravan which was near the reception venue.  Very cosy, but mighty chilly at nights.

My sister’s blue dress was a tight fit but I would have worn it I think had I not ripped it!  Eek, caught it on a sharp shelf so luckily had the spare turquoise one from last week with me which covers the bump better.  If it is a bump.

Felt most tired by 9.00pm and Hubby dropped me off to get an early night before heading back to perform more best man duties.  Travelling  has made me feel more sick than normal, and being on my feet a lot of the day has really worn me out.  Baby is sapping my energy!!

The First Pictures

Here’s the pictures from our scan today! This one is the clearest and you can see it waving an arm at us. I’m glad it has an arm.

This one’s a bit more blurry…
And this one even more so!
But still, we have dates! I am approximatley 10 weeks and 4 days, and the due date they’ve given me is April 10th 2011. An Easter baby will be lovely, right at the start of Spring. Hubby liked being there, even if he kept looking at all the pictures of breast feeding mothers and admiring the monitor used to show the scan rather than the baby on the scan!It has made it feel more real. And the best bit is I didn’t have to give blood today, I have to go back on the 7th October for another scan and blood tests then. And counting backwards, I reckon conception could have been Hubyb’s birthday and I am looking forward to telling him that! Ha ha!!

Ooh, and even more ironic is the fact cousins S and N have also been for a scan today and their due date is April 11th! They’ve posted it on Facebook already. I’m going to wait for an email to go round the family I think and let friends at work know first.