6 Weeks Off…….

For teachers!  And no playgroups or things to occupy us.  Not that I’m resentful against teachers at all!!  I know teachers deserve all the holidays they get, but they do leave a big gap to fill!!!   Joel has got to the stage where he really needs the extra stimulation.  It reassures me that pre-school will be good for him.  His last days at nursery are this week.  He has Wednesday and Thursday morning left.  He keeps saying he’s not sad and he wants to go to school!  On Thursday we are going to visit Steve’s grandparents in Kent for a couple of nights as they’ve not yet met Josiah so we’ll drop Joel off for the morning and take him away from everything he knows and loves.  I wonder whether I’ll be emotional.  Josiah will be starting after Christmas.  I guess it’s just growing up.

IMG_4237 IMG_4234 IMG_4232

IMG_4229 IMG_4226 IMG_4219

Joel was a very cute boy this morning.  I passed him a t-shirt to put on and he said ‘oh, thanks Mummy.  Is this a new one?  It’s lovely’ and it made me laugh!!

Then we walked to the shops to go to the post office and we saw a new Thomas magazine, so we bought it and once home and Josiah was asleep we sat down to work through it with lots of counting, drawing numbers and sticking.  It’s a nice way of having some quality time with him.

Josiah now has two teeth.  We’ve had a couple of upset nights, mainly due to the nasty nappies he’s been producing every couple of hours, but they are through and they are little pearls!!  He’s trying hard to sit up, but throws himself forward too much.  He is such a happy baby and whereas Joel was always placid and good, if Josiah is happy he’s extremely happy.  If he’s grumpy he’s extremely grumpy and lets us know about it!  He takes things to the extreme!!  Walking back from the post office this morning he was just shouting, he loves the sound of his own voice and a fellow walking behind us commented on how loud he was!  I think this is a sign of things to come!!  🙂

IMG_4425 IMG_4424 IMG_4421 IMG_4420 IMG_4419


We are heading off on a holiday with my in-laws to a caravan in Wales next week so that will be a nice change, and we have a day out planned for my sister’s 10th wedding anniversary first at Portmerion where we’re having a sort of wedding breakfast meal!  I’ve bought a new dress which should be boob accessible and hope it’ll be ok.  Breast feeding is still going well.  Josiah doesn’t seem to want to start on solids yet.  We’ve tried a few different purees, and he just rejects them all apart from babyrice with expressed milk.  I think we’ll keep on with that for now, then we can have a go at baby led weaning in case its the mush and spoon he’s anti.  Although it is nice that I feel needed by him.  Joel began weaning, loved it and soon didn’t want breast milk either, so I’m hoping to go past 8 months with Josiah.

As we didn’t have any holiday plans just the four of us this year (at least none that worked out) we’ve booked a cheap break at Centreparcs for November.  I can’t believe how expensive the place is, but by going the week after half term the cost goes from £1000 for 4 nights to £350.  Plus we’re looking at an abroad holiday next year for us.  I quite fancy Greece.

So that’s a bit about where we’re at!  This blogging lark and entertaining two children of different ages is really taking its toll!




Worst Mummy Moment…

On Thursday I went to collect Joel from nursery and as we were walking out another Mum passed me and asked after Josiah.  In the few seconds it took me to say ‘fine thanks’ and keep going, Joel had run down the path and round the corner.  I shouted him to come back to me, and he paused at the end of the path, laughed and took off running towards the very busy main road right behind the nursery.

I dashed along the path pushing joss in the pram, and Joel was heading for the road.   I shouted at him to stop and he laughed and ignored me.  I yelled, then I shrieked and then I screamed.  I was completely helpless to stop him from going into the road.

He did stop of his own accord but right on the edge.  I hate to think what the drivers thought seeing a little boy hurtling along towards the cars.  Had he tripped he would have fallen into the road.

I got to him, grabbed him to me and shouted.  He just looked really puzzled and a bit worried.  I burst into tears and hugged him whilst shouting, just trying to make him understand he would get hurt and that he had to listen to Mummy when she said to stop running.

On telling Steve later, it seems that he and Joel always run to and from nursery so he probably thought I ought to be playing as well, but i was in a right state, I couldn’t stop shaking and was very tearful all evening.

Since then, Joel has been very good and walking by the pram, asking if he can run and stopping when I tell him to, and telling me that he has stopped as well.

These 2-3 years are going to be challenging, I can tell 😦  If I can’t even manage to control Joel with a shout when out I will have to keep him tethered with a wrist strap which we do have, but he hates having on.  He’s like a little dog who wants his freedom to run around which I wouldn’t mind as long as I could trust him to behave.  Next time I collect from nursery I will ensure he’s wearing it, whether he cries and drags along or not.

Good Morning

photo 1 (7)

It’s a lovely morning here with a beautiful sunrise.  This is looking out of our side window over the woods with next door at the forefront.  It’s got colder suddenly at night but when the sun’s out it makes a difference.

I’ve not been sleeping so well at night again.  I think I might be excited about Christmas!!  And baby was swimming about last night and actually pushing along the inside of my tummy which was very weird.  It made me think of shark fins for some reason.   In my groggy 4am state I don’t feel that I’m properly appreciating all this movement.  Joel was coughing a lot so I kept getting up try and prop him up on his pillow to help and dot karvol around his duvet.

Yesterday was Joel’s nursery Christmas fayre so we three went along to spend some pennies.  We bought Steve a Christmas present of mini speakers which he said he wanted from a stall and some cakes, sweets, Joel said hello to Father Christmas, went on the Lucky Dip, made a tree decoration and generally ran around and caused chaos with all the other kiddies.  It looked like fun if you were two!!!  His friend Trudy was glad to see him as well and those two seemed to end up everywhere they shouldn’t!!  Pickles the pair of them although I do feel that Joel is a bit of a naughty ring leader and leads others into doing naughty things!



photo 2 (6)

This is our tree this morning.  I’ve put the lights on a timer so they are on when we come down in the morning.  Joel loves it and thinks its the prettiest tree ever!  It’s a 5ft one I’ve had for 10 years and it’s starting to show its age.    We’ve collected different decorations over the past few years so it’s not a ‘designer’ tree by any sense of the word but I think it’s all the more charming for it!

We’ve put our presents around it, (and hidden a lot under the table too) which he’s not really showing any interest in yet.  I finished all my wrapping last night thank goodness and just have cards to write now.  I find it easier to spread everything out on the floor and do it that way but it’s certainly getting harder with a bump in the way and my pelvis feels as though it’s actually falling apart now.   The only issue was that the Wow Playmat I’d ordered from Amazon turned out to be the wrong thing!  I hadn’t opened it, as it’s quite big and bulky but I should have checked I know.  I had ordered it two days before the extended Christmas return period so was a bit stuck with a giant (what I assume was) plastic sticker sheet!  It was meant to be a fleecy carpet rug.  Panicking I rang Amazon directly who were very helpful, refunded me the cost of that and are sending a courier tomorrow to collect it.  I’ve since ordered a new one which should be correct and also arrive tomorrow.  Could have been disastrous.

photo 3 (6)


This is my lovely fireplace.  I love my Willowtree nativity scene.   We bought the garland to sit on it this year and it’s always nice to get Joel’s first Christmas pic out again!    And my scented candles and tealight burners.  We don’t light those when Joel’s around though.  He already seems to have a fascination with fire!!    I just need to work out where to put a nail to hang Joel’s stocking ready for Christmas Eve!!

Oh, and also you remember my messy corner which needed sorting in the dining room?  Well, we took our old freezer to the recycling centre yesterday (it’s been stood in the utility for months getting in the way!!) and noticed that the big charity shop next door was still open so called in to see what they’d got by way of furniture and we found this TV unit which sort of matches my Grandma’s walnut bureau.  It’s not proper wood at all, it’s a veneer, but it was £15 and does the job for now and blends in with our furniture:

photo (8)


So all that is remaining now is to put the wooden floor down.  Steve didn’t like this cabinet to start with.  He has something against old furniture.  I however wouldn’t let him get the silver plywood units that were so popular in the 1990’s as they are hideous!!!  I wanted something that looked classic and blends with the era of the house.  And on getting it home he agreed with me.  I just wish he could accept that if he were left to furnish a house it was be terrible and to go with what I say to start with!  It would save a lot of time and energy.

This store is sort of a recycling centre for second hand furniture and you get some gorgeous antiquey pieces.  I fell in love with a hallway unit with coat hooks, a little drawer suitable for a dogs lead etc… umbrella compartment, it had a mirror and some lovely woodwork but Steve said he didn’t want old things in the house!  Honestly.  I could have replaced the hooks, given it a wax and it was a lot cheaper at £75 than anything I’ve had my eye on.  He just doesn’t see potential in things.  But I’d got my way with the TV unit so left it at that!

Nursery Reveal!!!

I cannot describe how exciting it is to post pictures of our nursery now it’s all done.

Well, except a new carpet of course.  I think that may have to be after Christmas now, but the one in is fine and cleans up well.  It’s just that it’s not our carpet. Maybe I’m being fussy.  My Dad thinks I am!!  I’m not sure he’d have changed anything about this house at all from moving in!!

Anyway, I digress, here are pictures of the before and the after:


new house 13


You may recall it had fitted units and a dresser.  The cupboard on the right hand side has the boiler in, and a handy airing cupboard space so we decided to leave that there for now.  Its just easier but we removed the central dresser and cupboard on the left hand side.  The carpet although not to our personal taste is ok, and a quality one so we’ve left that for now.

photo 1 photo 4


These two pictures are with the cupboards removed and the different paper patterns of yesteryear!!  I steamed the paper off myself (it was good to be able to do something!!) and my Dad has hung lining paper, my Mum has helped paint it.  We opted for two B&Q shades, one taupey colour called Lauren and a neutral cream called Soft Almond.

photo 4 (2)

So here is my nursing chair which was a present from Steve’s parents before Joel was born.  It is so very comfy, especially with the footstool.  I can’t wait to be sitting in it again in the wee small hours with baby!!  The blanket over it was a gift from my Aunty who is a brilliant crochet-er (!)  She did it in purple colours as they were our wedding colours!!

photo 3 (4)

The reason it’s taken a little while to get these pictures up is that I felt this wall was a bit bare, and without wanting to cover it with photo frames, I wanted to see what I thought of wall stickers.  I’d had these from Amazon in my basket for a while, and I have to say, I love them!!  I think they help add a bit of woodland gaiety to the room without being overpowering.  I’ve used them all around rather than focusing on one wall, and they’re just really cute!!

photo 2 (3)

This little fellow is sitting over the light switch!!

photo 1 (4)

This is our spare single bed.  It comes in useful in the nursery if one of us needs to sleep in there and if Steve’s Mum pops along for a night like she did at the weekend.  The pictures and cushion are from the Dunelm Sleepy Owl collection.  I bought the duvet and throw to match the bright colours of their range.  At our old house we had painted the walls a very pale aqua colour, called Paradise, and on moving to this new house, used the same paint colour as the curtains etc.. went in Joel’s new bedroom (which is the box room of the house).   Rather than buy a new nursery set we decided to update Joel’s room to a more boyish one, (he now has friendly dinosaurs!!) but it all matches the aqua colour!  So we opted for a more neutral palette in this room which I think works.

photo 5 (1)

I had to draw the curtains to show them here.  They were bought to fit our old house window which was long and narrow, whereas these are short and wide!  A lovely lady at church took them away and did magic things to them to make them fit perfectly!  They have blackout lining which is brilliant as the sun comes right in through the back windows of a morning!  I love that they are bright and cheery, unisex and match anything due to all the colours in it!!

The moses basket is resting here until baby comes into our room.  And at the foot of the cot you can see my breastfeeding pillow.  It’s a Flopeeze which I used with Joel.  It was helpful, and we used it as a prop for him when learning to sit as well.

photo 4 (3)

On the far right is a changing unit, although without the changer part attached.  When it was taken down at the old house, the brackets went ‘missing’.  It’s currently housing first size nappies, muslins, maternity pads, breast pads and other bits I’ve had to start collecting.  I will have to visit Ikea to see whether I can get the missing brackets as it was very handy!!

photo 3 (5)

And here’s the cot and baby wardrobe.  The wardrobe still has a lot of Joel’s clothes in it.  We are thinking that he could have a chest of drawers in his little room to free up the wardrobe for baby stuff, but we’ll see.  Joel’s room is very tiny, you can just fit a single bed in there, but with baby needing changing units and me wanting nursing chairs etc… it made more sense to use the larger spare room as the nursery.  They may decide to share the larger room when a bit older though, so we’ll see how things go.  Who knows, maybe Steve will say we can have an extension sooner rather than later and I can have my dream kitchen and another bedroom added onto the house!!

photo 2 (4)

Here’s the cot again, the changer unit, and the box beside it is full of baby toys ready to come out at some point.  That’s the good thing about having another boy.  I haven’t needed to buy a lot this time!  You can see a few more wall stickers I’ve put up there, and a little photo frame collection (Sleepy Owl) which has newborn pics of Joel in.

photo 1 (5)


And the moses basket again with some stickers going along the wall behind it.    Things are a little cramped at the moment.  We haven’t decided that the furniture is going to stay where it is at the moment but with recommendations that cots don’t go against external walls we don’t have a lot of options as to where that goes!!  But for now, I’m just loving going in and sitting in my chair and admiring the hard work which has really paid off.  I’m so glad and happy that its all done now 🙂

Bit of Progress….

So with having three Joel free days this week, and the first one involving removal of wardrobe and a bit of wallpaper steaming and a nap, the second day I was energy personified.  Whether the extra sleep helped me through I don’t know but I tidied the house, sorted the kitchen, and completely removed all the wallpaper from the back bedroom!!  The steamer lasts for approximately an hour once filled and in about 4 hours with a little sit down inbetween I managed to get it all done.  I even did the high bits round the ceilings by hanging from the step ladders (very carefully too I might add!!)

I haven’t taken a photo as to be honest it doesn’t look all that different with all the clutter still in the middle but my Dad has said he will come by tomorrow to start putting up the lining paper and I need Steve to paint the ceiling white and gloss the skirting boards before we paint the walls and put a new carpet down.

Oh, and a lovely lady at church has adjusted the nursery curtains as our old window was narrow and long, whereas here they are shorter and wide!!  So the end is in sight.

And the third day I was terribly lazy and relaxed all day long and watched a few episodes of ‘Nashville’ as I’d not seen it before (I liked it!) and walked the dog twice and that was it!  I have to say I felt better the previous day, sometimes being lazy doesn’t help get over tiredness at all!

And although we had a bit of a bad week with potty training last weekend, things are looking up.  He has been telling me today that he needs a wee, and is glad to be in his pants and asked for no nappy.  We’ve had three wee’s on the potty today and are waiting for a poo although he’s been very good at pooping on the potty at nursery the past two days.

I guess we’ll just keep persevering with it and hope it clicks properly soon.   I definitely think the relaxed approach is working for him.

Parents Evening…

We had Joel’s parents evening last night!  I love the fact he’s only just two and we have a parents evening!

Steve was working till 8.30pm so my Mum came by to sit in with Joel so I could pop up.  I’d tried to put him to bed, but had made the mistake of mentioning that Grandma was coming down.  So he wouldn’t go to bed as he wanted to see his Grandma!!  I didn’t mind.  It just meant my Mum had to put him to bed instead!!  He got very hyper once she arrived, and was throwing his big plastic football around, and was able to catch it which we were very impressed with!   We counted 1,2,3 and gently tossed it to him, and he brought his hands together and voila!  Goalie in the making!

Anyway, the parents evening.  Everyone arrived at 7.30pm!!  It was drop in from 6.30 but with putting to bed we all timed it terribly!  Each child has a folder in which they record the Early Learning Foundation Stages or something like that.  I just loved going through Joels!  They had a parents evening last which Steve went along to so I missed it (Joel had only been there about 1 1/2 months last year) but I started right at the beginning from the notes made about his trial sessions where he wasn’t confident and needed lots of reassurance to make him feel better to now, when he’s developing close friendships with three other children and seeks them out to join him in activities!  He likes to take time in an afternoon to sit in the quiet zone and read a book, normally the Gruffolo!  He’s a popular boy and all the other children like his company.  He is saying a lot of words and his observation skills are really good.  When we walk along to nursery he points out every car, van, bike and nee-naw!!

He will be moving up to the big room come September with Trudy and Sogol and I can’t believe it’s coming around so fast!

It was nice to chat to his key person at nursery, and she only had nice things to say about him.  There are no worries about his development at all.  He has his 2 year check next Friday.  It was meant to be Wednesday just gone, but being at work I had to reschedule it.  He also has the Paediatrician on Monday about his chest.  The referral has come through very fast.  I got a call on Wednesday to say there had been a cancellation and did Joel want it!  Er, yes please!

So I’m hoping we can get some doggy tests done, although he’s not wheezy at all at the moment!  Typical!


This is Joel’s favourite new word.  He says it as he hits us, as though it adds extra hittiness.  Saying that, the hitting levels have dropped a little, and he is starting to look a bit abashed when he does it.    He really doesn’t like not getting his own way at all.  And if we take something away, or say no, we get a ‘bop’.

He’s going into nursery so beautifully at the moment and the staff have commented on it, and put a sticker on the wall for him!  There is a note there saying ‘this morning Joel had his coat off, took off his shoes and put them in the pot, walked back into the baby room, waved goodbye to Mummy and blew her a kiss before sitting himself down for breakfast’!!!

And in the evening on collection, I can tell him to get his slippers or shoes and he brings them back to me to be put on.  Now, that is good, and I’m proud of him!!

His words are coming on.  He says a very nice ‘yes please’ when offered more of something he likes, like egg, or cheerios!!  Other than that, we still get Muh-Ma, and ‘Zeeeee’ (for Izzy) and what is funny is ‘Teve’ for Steve, although when he looks at photos he calls him Dada now.  But if he calls him from a distance, it’s ‘Teve’ every time.  I guess that’s my fault.  I sometimes forget to call Steve Dada around Joel.

He’s very into his colouring and drawing at the moment.  He loves sticking things on paper if I give him a shape and a glue dot.  Books are a firm favourite as well now.  The bedtime story has become a necessity and he knows what he wants to hear.  We got some from the library and he loves one called ‘Counting Dragons’ and he likes it three times.  He’ll push the book he doesn’t want away and point to that one every evening. 

Slimming has gone well this week.  I hope.  I have a weigh in tomorrow morning so will see whether it’s done anything.  I’ve not really felt hungry so can’t really tell whether I’ve lost anything or not.  I will be surprised if I have.  I did eat a wispa yesterday!  I’m not someone to withold food from myself if I want it that badly to the point of binge eating.  I’m not even sure I quite like the group therapy session after weigh in as I’m not really someone who is that way inclined.  But I guess it’s all good in the end.  And all I want to do is lose a few remaining pounds and feel trimmer in time for Christmas.  I looked fat on our family photo last year and would like to feel pretty on this years.  But as for eating issues, I wouldn’t say I have any and am healthy in my approach to it.

And today is my last day of the week at work.  I’m starting to get into the swing of these three day weeks, and I have to say, I recommend them!! 

And that’s my news for today 🙂