Blanched Nipple

After feeding on my right breast sometimes I’m aware that he’s not latching on totally properly, but the past couple of days he’s left my nipple white on the ends!!  Having had his tongue tie sorted out, I know he has to learn how to latch properly, but having had a baby who’s done it his way since the beginning, I don’t know how to teach him the right way!!  I can take him off and try to attach him the right way, but his mouth seems to slip and then it’s doing the same thing again!

Back to breastfeeding club I think for advice!!  I wonder if they’re meeting on Thursday or if half term means they have the week off?  We can walk along to find out!  I’m walking quite a bit this week with the pram.  It gets me out and about and he has a sleep or enjoys looking at the world around him.  And the trousers I bought last week fasten up now!  Hurrah!!

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

My little dark baby who arrived on the 20th April isn’t the same anymore!!  Nearly 6 weeks on he’s quite, quite changed!!

His hair has been falling out a lot these past couple of weeks, and I’m now wondering whether he’s going a bit blonde?!!

He had olive skin and dark spikes of hair!!
Here’s a better pic of the hair and there was lots of it!

Then it seemed to go fairer…
And now there’s not a lot there at all!!

So we’re waiting with eager anticipation to see what happens with it next!  With a dark daddy and a blonde mummy anything could happen!!  His eyes are still blue, and have gone paler around the irises so he may be taking after my genes which would counteract Steve’s argument that dark genes are dominant!!

Moby Time

He’s really taken to his Moby sling.  Yesterday we had a house viewing and I was able to pop him in it and do a bit of tidying whilst he slept.  I have to have it on ready though as putting him down to tie it around me to then pop him back can disturb him but on the whole, it’s doing quite nicely!

This is me wearing ‘him’ at my parents on Thursday.  How cosy does he look?!

Sleeping Joel

He sleeps a lot!  He’s great at night, I just pop him in his basket now and he sends himself to sleep without cuddles or rocking (and at 5 weeks that’s impressive methinks) but in the day, he just wants to lie in your arms and will wake up on being laid down anywhere!!

Still, holding a sleeping baby is no hardship really, housework will wait!!


Since his tongue tie operation, we’ve been seeing a lot more of it!!

 This is Grandma bathing him.  He loves his baths and screams when we take him out, but for some reason, he doesn’t seem to like me bathing him.  I really should have another go and not let him dictate who does what, but he really does cry!!  Maybe he’s distracted at the thought of feeding?  He does enjoy a warm wallow and we’ve now introduced some mild baby bubbles which have been fine so far!

Here’s looking at you Grandma!!