13 Weeks

At least I hope so. I still can’t shake off the negativity that something has gone wrong again, but I guess thats to be expected after last time.
I’ve had no signs that anything bad has happened, and I’m getting a bit of a bump going on so I am presuming it’s good news. Less than a week till the scan though. And two more days of baggy tops at work!! I am looking fat in them, so I can’t wait for Tuesday when I can wear a more fitted look and show off the bump to announce it!!

How far along: 13 Weeks.

Total Weight Gained: Not sure. Due to not actually owning scales I’ve not weighed myself for a week. I don’t really want to either.

Maternity Clothes: Nope. Just baggy tops and bigger trousers for work although I am in maternity pyjamas for bed time and loving my maternity pillow!!

Stretch Marks: No new ones yet, just the old ones looking saggy faced

Sleep: It’s not been too bad. I’m waking up around 2am for a toilet trip, and then at 6am which is more to do with Joel being up at 6am for the past week or so. Although today he slept in till 7.30am! Bliss!! I even got a cup of tea in bed today!

Best Moment of the Week: Having my Mum give us a homemade chicken and ham pie for tea yesterday so I didn’t have to cook. If I cook, I can’t eat the meal whereas if its provided I seem to be ok!

Movement: Not a bean yet. I could really do with feeling something soon, just for reassurance.

Gender: I don’t know. I have no hunches or feelings at all. i’d love a girl but I’d love a boy as much. A boy would mean we didn’t have to buy much. A girl would get a lot of hand me downs from her cousin. I just don’t think I could be a team yellow person!

Belly Button: Still in!

Milestones: I seem to have made it past my first trimester so woo hoo. I just need the picture to prove it. Then I may allow myself to feel a bit more excited, as though I may actually have another baby come February!

Weekend Wedding

So I finished work last Thursday and was excited to have a very nice weekend ahead with a lovely wedding to go to and a night in a posh hotel in Newbury!!

Friday was a great day.  My old school chum came to visit in the morning and my friend and her daughter came for a play date in the afternoon which made Joel’s day!  “Come on Trudy, come on” he cried, taking her hand and pulling her to his toy room and showing her the garden.  It was very sweet.

Then for some unfathomable reason he woke up at 1.30am and was awake for 4 hours.  The night before the wedding I was looking forward to.  Meaning I would be tired for it all 😦  By about 5am he was getting sleepy and I climbed back into bed for another couple of hours sleep but had to get up, shower, wash and style hair, apply makeup, pack car, walk dog, pack picnic lunch and set off by 9am.  It was hectic.

We made good time driving down though and arrived at the hotel for 11.45.  We couldn’t check in as our rooms weren’t ready but they let us sit down and eat our sandwiches, and Joel ate well, (egg rolls, sausage rolls, grapes and a chocolate cake!)!

We then had to change in the ladies powder room (see, I said it was posh!!) and all I had to do really was pull a dress on (Amy’s lovely French Connection maxi) and reapply lipstick.  Oh, and put my contact lenses in!!  No glasses for me at a wedding!!

Steve’s family arrived as well, and we set off down the high street to the church.  It was a lovely big, ornate Church of England church in the middle of the town.  Probably the sort which cost a lot to book!  Having never had to pay for our church service as we were members it seems odd having to hire it, but it was lovely.  And so full of people.  It was a big wedding.  We had 140 guests to ours, but I reckon they had about 160!! 

It was a nice service, with a good talk, and some modern hymns.   The bridesmaids were all stunning in their coral dresses, and the bride was gorgeous and tiny in her fishtail, diamante gown and veil.  After the service they served drinks and cakes in the church hall whilst the bells rang out and we nibbled and drank before going back to the hotel to check in properly.

Then it was a 30 minute drive to the reception venue which was a lovely place.   A residential place for kids, there was a nice private wedding barn with garden and rooms, a lavender walk and the drinks reception offered pimms and elderflower cordial (just what we had at our wedding as well!!)

After photographs, which were taken on steps in front of the old manor we mingled with our drinks (and yes, I was a little big naughty and had one glass of Pimms) and canapes.  I love a canape!!  Then it was time to sit down (the wedding planner was trying to keep everything on schedule) and we were ushered through to the barn.  There were 16 tables of folk all quite close together, so I was glad to be sat by the open door and in a through breeze.

No one had commented on my thickened middle, as a lot of the bloating which was there two weeks ago has gone down a bit, although to me it was obvious.  One of Steve’s cousins’ wives gave me a double take and a bit of a tummy stare but didn’t say anything.  Maybe the Pimms in my hand made her think otherwise?!!!  So I’m still safe to announce it in the manner and timing I want to after my next scan on 5th August.

And the starters were great.  I had opted for salmon mousse which was so delicious, and Steve had melon with parma ham.  However, there was a spare plate of ham and melon on our table which I was allowed to eat as the orderer was arriving late!  So I got two starters and they were both lovely!!

Steve and I both chose the lamb which was a bit heavy for such a hot day and we wished we’d gone for the chicken option, but all was redeemed with puddings as I had the nicest raspberry eton mess in the entire world ever and Steve was happy with his cheesecake and blueberry coulis!!

The flowers were stunning, and there were so many wall flowers, table flowers, arrangements everywhere, and the barn was somewhere you could really make your mark and personal taste stand out.

The wedding cake was a towering three tier creation of moulded white chocolate and lemon sponge which was very impressive, and looked like something from the Choccywoccydoodah shop (whether it was I’ll never know!!)

And the speeches were all great too!  Father of the bride, groom and best man.  They were amusing, not too long and really came across well.

I kept thinking that if this were on the programme Four Weddings, I’d be giving it a jolly good score!  And what was nice, was that I didn’t feel my wedding was lacking anything that was there on Saturday either!  I loved my wedding just as it was, except for two things.  My best friend was in Australia and so wasn’t able to be bridesmaid, and I forgot the flower corsages for my brothers in law in all the stress beforehand so they didn’t look part of the wedding party!!  Oh well!!

Joel was the handsomest two year old there in the pageboy outfit which Theo and Isaac wore to my wedding.  It’s so nice it got to be worn again.  Look how handsome and cute he is!  Little poser!! 


The next morning we had a very good breakfast, before heading over to a park for Joel to play football, play on the swings and slides for the morning and by midday you could tell he was getting beyond the point of tiredness.  So it was back to the hotel, piling into our cars and all going our seperate ways.  Before we’d even got to the motorway Joel was fast asleep and I was driving, so got to pull over when I wanted to!! 

And when we got home Mum and Dad had been in sorting out the conservatory with some shelves for Joel’s toys and it looked brilliant.

So a lovely weekend was had in the end!!  And we all went to bed early!!

Starting the Countdown

I checked way back in this blog and saw that I’d begun a countdown post to Joel’s birth from about 11 weeks!! Since I turned 12 weeks yesterday (!) I thought I’d better try and do the same this time round as well. So here we go….

How far along: 12 weeks + 1 day today

Total Weight Gained: It’s not good.  I won’t lie.  I lost over 8lbs and was nearly back at my pre Joel weight when I got pregnant in February and I’ve not really tried to lose it again after it all went back on.  I’ve put on about 4lbs so far although I’ve not been eating too badly and have missed a lot of evening meals through nausea.

Maternity Clothes:  I’m currently not in maternity clothes, although my trousers won’t do up and are being fastened with a hair band and I’m still trying to hide the bump as I’ve not told managers at work yet.  Plus, it’s summer and my maternity wardrobe is more a winter one!!  So I don’t have a lot to wear anyway in this heat.

Stretch Marks:  No new ones yet, just the old ones looking saggy faced 😦

Sleep:  Not great at the moment to be honest.  It’s more the heatwave than anything else.  Although I am feeling anxious about the next scan.

Best Moment of the Week:  Taking an afternoon off work to nap yesterday.  I’m so tired at the moment!  My 3 day week is proving too much for me!

Movement:  None yet.  I felt Joel at 17 weeks so am interested to see whether it’s earlier being my second.

Gender:  No idea yet.  I’ve not been physically sick but I have felt a lot worse nausea wise but reckon that could be because I’m older than last time?!

Belly Button:  Still looking saggy from previous baby.  But still an ‘inny’

Milestones:  12 weeks is a good milestone, although I do wish I could have had a 12 week scan to see that I’ve got there officially.  Mine will be a 13+5 scan.  Sigh.


So last week I was walking along to my parents house on a sunny afternoon when I walked past a garden where folk were out and drinking lager.

I hate lager, can’t stand the stuff normally, but I caught a whiff of it, and immediatly wanted some. I ignored it for a while thinking how silly it was to want to lager when pregnant, and the fact I can’t bear it normally.

But last night, Steve bought me some alcohol free lager, so I sat down with a chilled glass of it and drank the lot! I felt very chavvy!! But much better. And I don’t think I want any more now. Is that how cravings work? I don’t recall really having anything like that with Joel at all. It was most odd!

Waiting Days…..

After the scan a week last Friday I felt reassured and ok having seen the wiggler in action.

However, that was 9 days ago and having had a dream the other night that things went bad again, I am now in a state of anxiety again and stressing. I can’t sleep (because our bed is creaking again, I don’t know what Steve did when he built it again but it didn’t do it after my Dad put it together), Steve snores terribly and Izzy has been sleeping on the top step on the other side of the stair gate and buffing in her sleep and woofing and every single noise I hear wakes me at the moment.

I feel like a zombie. A stressed out, anxious zombie which doesn’t help matters does it.

I can’t work out my dates anyway. From our holiday I reckoned I should be 9 weeks, but if you go back to the ERPC as an LMP date then I should be 12 weeks. The next date of my scan is 5th August when I’ll be nearly 14 weeks! Surely this is too late for the NT scan? I might ring up to enquire this morning. Ideally, I’d love to get a scan this Friday so we can tell people this weekend as we’re at a Steve’s family wedding.

Plus, I want to see that things are still ok. My tummy has gone down a bit, so the bloat has passed on (which happened last time with Joel) so I may be able to disguise the bump if we’re not telling people, and I’m not feeling to bad at the moment, just very tired so with having Joel I’ll be able to excuse myself early and take him to bed!! Perfect!

I just need to know that things are ok again this time. It’s amazing how quickly the reassurance of a scan wears off!

Baa baa bah shee…..

Joel does the cutest rendition of Baa baa black sheep, but he hasn’t quite mastered all the words.

He woke us up this morning, as he was lying in bed singing to himself, and it goes something like this:

Baa baa bah shee
Hae nee woooool
Yes yes
bah full

clap clap clap (he brings in a bit of wind the bobbin up at this point!!)

Trouble is, whenever you spring a camera on him to record the cuteness he stops and glares. He’s obviously private about it all, but he can carry the tune as well!! We will have to try something to record it without him knowing.

Come on…. play ball!

Joel’s words are much clearer now.  Everything we say we can hear him repeat it, to practise syllables and sounds.  His favourite phrase at the moment is ‘come on, play ball!  kick ball, catch ball’ as he takes us by the hand, or drags us by our trousers outside to stand and play with him!

He is loving the summer days and all the outside play time he’s getting.  Although our garden is slightly lacking in activites (we have a wendy house, a slide, a ride on toy and a football) grandma has a trampoline, bats and balls croquet, a rocking horse thing, climbing things and much more besides.  We are still waiting on getting our garden sorted, most likely be autumn time now, and once we have a bit of a patio, a nice lawn and it’s how we want, we will invest in a trampoline for him.  He loves to bounce.

And in the meantime, we will carry on playing ball!  How can you say no to this face?…..


Les Pics….

Having got access to a scanner at work I’ve been able to surrepticiously scan these in!

Baby Bean at 6+4

Baby Bean at 6+4

You can just make out a blurry bean in the right hand side.  It was hard to make anything out, although my Mum reckoned you could see a head and legs!  It is just a blob at this point though.

At 10+2

At 10+2

And here is the wiggler, waving and kicking for the camera…

Baby Bean II 10+2 Baby Bean II 10+2b

A bit more form at 10+2

A bit more form at 10+2

So lets see how he looks in another 3 weeks time!

A Bowl of Wee

With the weather suddenly having turned ridiculously hot and sunny, we’ve been letting Joel wander around as naked as the day he was born, to splash in paddling pools and get mucky!  Yesterday he declared ‘wee wee’ and stood over the pool and weed directly into it!  Interesting, we thought.  He obviously knew he was going to do it and did it somewhere he thought he could.

So we got a washing up bow from the shed and told him to try and wee into that next time.

It didn’t happen.  What did happen was a pile of poop on the lawn which was disgusting as my Dad was trying to clean the grass with babywipes, and keep flies off it and pouring lots of water there.  Joel did not like having his bottom wiped standing up either.

Then later, he did another wee, but in the wendy house, although he did come out to tell me that he had weed in there.

Then, after dinner, we were outside again, and I suggested that he try to do a wee in the bowl.  So he stood there, and I sat there and we waited.  He was concentrating very hard, his little face was trying to work out how to use the muscles, his stomach was pushed out with the effort, and then, he did it!  He weed into the bowl and was so proud of himself!!

He doesn’t seem to like sitting on a potty or toilet yet, but if we can work on wees going into the toilet, that’s something at least.

I wasn’t planning on putting him pants yet, but if he’s ready, I’m willing to give it a go.  Although I’m back to work this week, so two weeks ago would have been better!!!

Another Scan….

And things are fine.  I can’t find the words to express how relieved I am.  We saw a 10 week and 2 day old baby, wriggling and kicking around looking very healthy.  I think I can finally start to think and plan for a new baby arriving in February.

We have a wedding in two weeks, and having borrowed three dresses from my sister to save buying one (we have no spare money at the moment!) all of them show off a little bump.  I think we may have to announce it, or wait and see who is blunt enough to ask whether I’m just fat or pregnant!!  With it being so soon from the miscarriage maybe people won’t ask.  I’d be 12 weeks for the wedding, but wouldn’t have had the scan until 13 weeks to be on the safe side.  I may have to tell work next week though, as it will be too hard to hide and they will likely ask.

The house is moving along slowly.  The plaster cost an extra £70 to what we expected but hey ho.  He did a good job, and we need to paint the ceilings white this weekend, pull up the carpets, and possibly (depending on heat and exhaustion) remove the wallpaper from our bedroom.  It’s hard to be motivated when it’s so hot you just want to live in a fridge.

For some silly reason I walked a mile in the searing heat today to collect post from our old house and had to just pop to the local co-op to stand by the fridges before heading home.  Then I had to lie down for a while feeling funny and wishing I hadn’t been so daft.  I think I’m still stressing over my weight and thinking of walking before driving.

I shall scan my scan pics in when back at work anyway, and show you.  She gave me five, and it’s amazing how much it’s grown since being just a kidney bean 3 weeks ago.  I must have been 7 weeks then, as they thought this would be 9 weeks.  I get another scan on the 5th August though.   I’m so pleased they’re looking after me so well.