A Decision Has Been Made….

Now we’re married we’ve decided that I should come off the pill now. I’ve been on it since I was 17 so it’s going to take a little time to get sorted I imagine.

I was on Dianette as I had terrible acne, and although you may not believe it as my skin isn’t too bad anymore, it was all over my back and shoulders and chest. Horrid painful and sore spots that really made me self concious about what I wore and anyone seeing.

So the Doctor prescribed this one which is an anti-acne medication and also works as a contraceptive pill, as I had a boyfriend at the time even though we weren’t sleeping together when I was 17!

Then at Uni, I decided to come off it, but the spots came back, so I went on it again and they cleared up. After becoming a Christian I came off it again, and my periods regulated, but my back was soon plagued. I decided to stick it out and see what happened, but then I was asked to be a bridesmaid for Amy and she wanted us in strapless dresses. I went to try on with her, but my back looked so awful, I was determined to not look so ugly on her wedding day so went back on it again and they cleared up quickly.

So I’m waiting now to see what happens to my skin. Both my sisters had the same problems and this pill worked for them, and Sarah obviously came off it and her skin is fine, and Amy came off it and she has some issues still.

It seems silly to be this old and suffering with acne, but it must be in our genes.

Anyway, I spoke to my doctor about it a couple of months ago, and so after May’s pills are done, that’s it!!

It feels a bit strange to be over 30, married and taking it, and we’d like to start a family at some point soon, so adios contraceptive pill.

And now we wait and see.

This blog will be detailing what happens next………