Joel and Josiah

So time is just passing.  Joel is three and a half.  He can write his name and recognise words now.  He is a chatty little man who comes out with some priceless comments.  He is exasperating.  He knows he can wind us up with constant silly questions but he also has some excellent questions to offer us too.  He loves playing eye spy, and this cracks us up.  He says ‘I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with tree’ and then we have to decide which tree he saw!!  When we have a go and use a letter though he pretty much always gets it right.  He loves playing games.  He has some memory cards and is much better than Steve or I at it.  He is doing so well at pre-school.  He loves his family and goes around saying ‘Siah, Izzy, mummy and Daddy and Joel’!!  He loved going on holiday last week so much.

IMG_6812 IMG_6811 IMG_6810 IMG_6809

Josiah is 9 months old tomorrow.  He is still feeding from me and not showing any signs of wanting to stop, although he is eating three good meals a day, snacks and drinking water from a cup.  He is a cheeky chappy, very smiley, and loves his brother so much.  He still only has his four teeth, and isn’t crawling but he is very efficient at rolling about to get where he wants to go.  He wants what Joel has, or things like tv remotes, and iphones.  He is loud.  He calls Mama in the night when he wants me.  I don’t know if he knows he is saying Mama or just making sounds but it works.  I’m getting up at least twice a night with him still.  I can’t do controlled crying.  If he’s that upset I go to him.  Goodness knows how I’ll be when I go back to work next month.  I’m tired most of the time at the moment.  But I know it is a phase and it will pass.  He did sleep though one night before our holiday so I know it will happen again.  He is having a day a week at my parents now to get used to being away from me, and taster sessions at nursery.  He cried a lot for his first session and then was better for his second.  I must book him again for some more this month.  I know he’ll be ok, but he is a lot more clingy than Joel was.

They are both so wonderful and I love them so much!  And how cute are they in their matching onesies!!!

First Week of Pre-School

Joel has had his first week of pre-school now that the new term has begun.

I have had to start setting an alarm!  We have to drop him off at school at 8.50 every morning and collect him at 11.50.  By the time he’s there and I’m home again, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of time before I’m going to collect him again.  I am trying to be organised now, laying out clothes the night before, using my slow cooker every morning so I don’t have to think about dinner when we’re all tired and fed up.

He has been crazy tired this past week.  He even had to nap on Wednesday and last night fell asleep at 5.30 having not eaten any dinner.  It’s less time, but I guess being in a group of his own age where they are kept busy has taken its toll.  He got up at 3am and climbed into our bed.  Steve shifted onto my side so I left them to it and got into the spare bed in Josiah’s room and he came in with me for a feed.  Then at some point decided sleeping next to me was too squishy and headbutted me until I returned him to his cot.  So I went and got into Joel’s bed which was really comfy.  On waking to Josiah’s cry at 6.40 I fed him and discovered that Joel had wet our bed, having been asleep since 5.30.  It didn’t even occur to us to lift him at 10 or anything sensible like that.  At least it was on Steve’s side!!

Anyway, back to school – one of their first activities was painting a self portrait of their face.  Joel came home to tell me he’d been painting and that his eyes were greeny brown!  The teacher ‘Tina’ told me that they do the same activity at the end of the year and it’s amazing to see the differences!!

The other stress of my newly structured day is the pressure of the mums at the gate.  And I know this sounds silly and I shouldn’t be bothered but they all look so young and fresh!  I stagger up pushing my buggy and feel as though I look awful.  One of the mums has a 4 week old baby and is trimmer than I’ve ever been in my life.  At the moment Josiah is teething and with starting school Joel has been very unsettled and the consequence has been that I am up 4-5 times a night and am walking about in a daze at the moment.

Every morning Joel is so happy to be awake and looking forward to ‘school time’ and with having every afternoon to fill I’m taking him out to fill the time, the local wildlife centre, the park, I pack sandwiches and off we head, but I’m not getting much cleaning done or house sorting!

I do love this time of year though.  I wonder whether my Mum felt like this with three of us to sort out once term began. 

6 Weeks Off…….

For teachers!  And no playgroups or things to occupy us.  Not that I’m resentful against teachers at all!!  I know teachers deserve all the holidays they get, but they do leave a big gap to fill!!!   Joel has got to the stage where he really needs the extra stimulation.  It reassures me that pre-school will be good for him.  His last days at nursery are this week.  He has Wednesday and Thursday morning left.  He keeps saying he’s not sad and he wants to go to school!  On Thursday we are going to visit Steve’s grandparents in Kent for a couple of nights as they’ve not yet met Josiah so we’ll drop Joel off for the morning and take him away from everything he knows and loves.  I wonder whether I’ll be emotional.  Josiah will be starting after Christmas.  I guess it’s just growing up.

IMG_4237 IMG_4234 IMG_4232

IMG_4229 IMG_4226 IMG_4219

Joel was a very cute boy this morning.  I passed him a t-shirt to put on and he said ‘oh, thanks Mummy.  Is this a new one?  It’s lovely’ and it made me laugh!!

Then we walked to the shops to go to the post office and we saw a new Thomas magazine, so we bought it and once home and Josiah was asleep we sat down to work through it with lots of counting, drawing numbers and sticking.  It’s a nice way of having some quality time with him.

Josiah now has two teeth.  We’ve had a couple of upset nights, mainly due to the nasty nappies he’s been producing every couple of hours, but they are through and they are little pearls!!  He’s trying hard to sit up, but throws himself forward too much.  He is such a happy baby and whereas Joel was always placid and good, if Josiah is happy he’s extremely happy.  If he’s grumpy he’s extremely grumpy and lets us know about it!  He takes things to the extreme!!  Walking back from the post office this morning he was just shouting, he loves the sound of his own voice and a fellow walking behind us commented on how loud he was!  I think this is a sign of things to come!!  🙂

IMG_4425 IMG_4424 IMG_4421 IMG_4420 IMG_4419


We are heading off on a holiday with my in-laws to a caravan in Wales next week so that will be a nice change, and we have a day out planned for my sister’s 10th wedding anniversary first at Portmerion where we’re having a sort of wedding breakfast meal!  I’ve bought a new dress which should be boob accessible and hope it’ll be ok.  Breast feeding is still going well.  Josiah doesn’t seem to want to start on solids yet.  We’ve tried a few different purees, and he just rejects them all apart from babyrice with expressed milk.  I think we’ll keep on with that for now, then we can have a go at baby led weaning in case its the mush and spoon he’s anti.  Although it is nice that I feel needed by him.  Joel began weaning, loved it and soon didn’t want breast milk either, so I’m hoping to go past 8 months with Josiah.

As we didn’t have any holiday plans just the four of us this year (at least none that worked out) we’ve booked a cheap break at Centreparcs for November.  I can’t believe how expensive the place is, but by going the week after half term the cost goes from £1000 for 4 nights to £350.  Plus we’re looking at an abroad holiday next year for us.  I quite fancy Greece.

So that’s a bit about where we’re at!  This blogging lark and entertaining two children of different ages is really taking its toll!




Time Flies…..

It’s been ages since I posted again!  I don’t know where the days are going at the moment.

I’m writing this today feeling rotten with an upset stomach.  I thought Josiah was suffering with it as well until I found that he’s cut his first tooth!  He has one of his bottom front teeth poking through.  He’s not been drooling or anything, but has had a ton of icky nappies this past couple of days.

What else?

We had Josiah’s dedication ceremony two weeks ago and it was lovely.  All our family gathered together and Josiah coped very well during the ceremony, got a bit grizzly afterwards but managed to shake it off until the end.

IMG_3816 IMG_3825 IMG_3828 IMG_3833

We went on the Gruffalo Hunt at the local Forestry woods and it was lovely.  Joel really enjoyed finding the animals and the Gruffalo sculpture was fab.

10511270_10152623847003974_7111530884900965587_n 10473211_10152623846993974_4711450814543943097_n 10417660_10152623846988974_2916852346823929616_n

10511270_10152623846998974_6699073703512057522_n 10448805_10152623847523974_5767043858998485990_n


We had a Church weekend away and with Steve working in Birmingham I had to get the train to meet him there.  It was daunting to take two kids on my own, but nice people helped me on and off the train at either end, Josiah fell asleep and Joel had his rein backpack on and didn’t leave my sight.  It was a tad stressful at Newstreet as I couldn’t find where to meet Steve, Josiah had woken up and Joel was dragging his feet.  We got there eventually, after stopping to sort the cars coolant out and it was a sunny weekend.  Joss loved being in a caravan and we had lots of blue skies!!  Steve slept in the room with Joel, Joss was in with me and co-sleeping meant I didn’t get great sleep but it was chilly at night so we kept warm together 🙂

IMG_3962 IMG_3954 IMG_3953 IMG_3949 IMG_3948 IMG_3947

IMG_3946 IMG_3945



Dry Nights

I am so pleased with Joel.  He has been completely dry at night all week.  And this morning, he got up himself and went for a wee by himself.  He suddenly seems to have grown up loads this past month or so.

He’s turning into a proper boys boy.  He’s always loved his trains and cars, but now he’s starting to rough and tumble.  He wants to climb everything from the sides of the sofas to steep banks by paths on our dog walks.  He tumbled down a bank yesterday and didn’t even cry.  I ran to catch him, but he sat up and laughed!!

He has a frog bubble machine that he likes because he thinks it’s like a gun.  I was one of those ‘my son is not having gun toys’ sort of mothers, and my mother in law told me that they’ll make guns out of anything.  And it’s true.  An older boy at Joel’s nursery is allowed to watch Star Wars and Spiderman and things I feel are a bit older than Joel is (or maybe was now) but he loves running around shooting at us, and shouting that we’re dead.

Yep, the dead word.  I didn’t know whether he knew what it meant or was just saying it as that’s what you say when you shoot something.  But we passed a dead cat on our walk to church this morning and he asked whether it was dead.   My instant response was ‘no no, it’s just having a nap’.  Steve thinks we should be truthful and that he can cope with it.  But I’m not sure I’m ready for my big baby boy to be understanding death and what it means 😦  and I have reported it to the council in case it has a chip.

He is so ready to go to pre-school in September.  It’s going to be a logistical pain having two boys in separate nurseries, but it will still make me feel better.  His last day at nursery is the 31st July, and he is having a graduation on the 22nd July!  I’m sure I’ll be emotional.  They love the things he says over there!!  And always have a report of something funny he’s said such as:

‘I can’t quite do that yet.  It’s too tricky’

‘My wee wee came out too fast, and fell down my knees to my toes’

When asked if finished on the toilet, ‘not quite’!!

As much as I want him to grow up, I still want to keep him my baby.

There was a 5 week old baby at church today and I swear that my ovaries flipped out!!  I’m still breast feeding my second but felt this longing for a third.  Whether that’s for just a baby or an actual child remains to be seen.   I really have got to get my sensible head on and think of all pros and cons.  Major cons ;being that Steve says no, two is it.  And as much as I agree, I can’t shake off this feeling that I’m meant to have three.  Can I do all this pregnancy and baby stuff again?  Goodness knows.

Anyway, it’s getting late and I must go to sleep!!

Joel Turned Three :)

Here we all are on Saturday, when we had a little family gathering for Joel’s birthday.  This post has a lot of photos all out of order, so I’ll do my best to remember what happened when!!





Joel and Martha had fun using Theo and Isaac’s old dressing up clothes!!



This climbing frame was the main present which we and his grandparents all contributed towards.  I bought it from an online company which had great reviews and great prices.  This one was £1200 reduced to £450 in a sale.  I pre-ordered it before Christmas and it was delivered last month.  It’s sat as planks of wood in our garage for a month and took Steve’s Dad 3 days to assemble.  We also had to level the section of garden for it to go on, so it was a big Easter project and we couldn’t have done without the help for it, but we look on it as an investment for the future garden playtime of both boys really!



We’re really pleased with it.  There are two parks nearby, one is across a busy road and more suitable for older kids, and alot of teenagers use it to hang out at, and hte other is on my parents estate and is tiny and not worth the walk there, so now he has a park of his own in the garden.



Martha enjoyed helping him with his presents.  You wouldn’t think she was a whole year younger than Joel would you?!



Then on Joel’s proper birthday we all went to Church as it was Easter Sunday, and went out for a lunch at the local carvery.  Steve’s dad loves the carvery!! Then it was home again for more presents and cake…  We used the bottom cake today and Joel got to blow the candles out again and have Happy Birthday sung which he loved!


IMG_2121 IMG_2126

IMG_2133 IMG_2147 IMG_2146 IMG_2154

He had his presents from us on Sunday as he had to have something to unwrap on the day!  We got him a Megabloks Percy set, a dino game (like hungry hippos which was technically free from Asda at christmas with an offer and we saved it), a Diesel and Diesel 10 train figure for his Brio track and some pyjamas.


What else, oh yes, on the Saturday Steve decided to light the chiminea, so the kids all thought that was brilliant.  Joel had an outfit ready courtesy of his big boy cousins, and I made them do it at the bottom of the garden.  We all still smelt very smoky though!!  It wasn’t so much a fire as a big smoke!!

P1080422 IMG_2101 IMG_2089


Here’s me and Joss.  He had his injections last Tuesday (I’ve missed a weeks’ update so must rectify that soon) and was very grizzly and clingy for the onset of Steve’s parents visit, but soon felt better and was a wonderfully happy boy in time for the weekend.

IMG_1985 P1080401

Whether Joel appreciated the effort which went into his cake or not I’ll never know, but enough people have said they were impressed to please me!!  It took 5 hours, and I really underestimated how tricky fondant icing is!  I don’t know whether I’ll be so ambitious again, but it was fun to create it, and the cake itself stayed tasty inside!

This was Saturday evening after both boys had been bathed to get rid of the smoke smell.  Both were very tired and were asleep for 7.00pm leaving a free evening for Steve and I to watch more of An American Office (as i’ve never seen that series and am really liking it!!)

photo 4 (22) IMG_2098 IMG_2068 IMG_2053

here are some more of my family on the Saturday.  Aunty Amy with Grandad and Martha trying to share her rabbit with Josiah, and my sister Sarah in a rare smiling photo as she doesn’t like pictures and won’t be on them very often!!  They both enjoyed their happy Josiah cuddles.

IMG_2048 IMG_2073 IMG_2028

IMG_2102 IMG_2023 IMG_2017


During the afternoon we had an Easter Egg hunt for the kiddies, and also an ice cream bar.  Well, I had a tub of vanilla, with sauces and sprinkles and cones.  Everyone had one so Joel wanted one, took a lick and gave his to Daddy.  Then he cried as he did want one really, so on having a second ice cream, still didn’t want it so it went to Martha.  He’s a funny three year old!

IMG_2009 IMG_2006 IMG_2003

Here’s Steve and his family who came up to help with the garden project.  They have a new puppy called Oscar who is a bit of a liability when it comes to food, so it does make visits a bit more complicated as our dog doesn’t try and help herself ever, and doors have to be shut, our bin has to be relocated and for a party with a buffet laid out and toddlers eating at dog level, dogs have to be shut away.



Here’s me with my sisters and mum.   They are all much better at posing than I am.  Look at my weird bendy legs.  I need a lesson in looking more svelte!!




Joel is here enjoying his birthday cake with the vanilla layer.

IMG_1984 IMG_1980 IMG_2077 IMG_1974

And some more sheep pictures.  They were a very cute pair!!

All in all, it was a busy weekend but the party itself was very relaxed and just right.  I think too many people would have overwhelmed Joel a bit too much and he knows and loves his cousins so it was perfect.  It was lovely to have both my sisters there as we don’t get together all that often with one from Wales and the other Nottingham and Joel enjoyed having Grandma, Grandad, Granny and Grandpa to spoil him rotten!!