One Week On.

It’s been a funny week so far since going to the Doctors.

I’ve been feeling really ill, very nauseous, constantly tired and I came into work yesterday and just couldn’t concentrate on anything so took the afternoon off to go home and nap. And nap I did. Steve put me to bed and I fell asleep for three hours and got up at 3, and he made me toast and then I went back to bed, and got up for pizza, and then went back to bed again and Steve went to the cinema and I didn’t miss him one bit, due to afore mentioned zonkedness.

He came up to bed about 11, and I didn’t think I could sleep any more, but I did! And didn’t wake up at 2 for weeing, so that was a bonus. I feel a lot better today so came into work having bought more food. I’m very hungry a lot, and had breakfast at home, a frusli bar at my desk, I’ve just had a yoghurt and a rich tea biscuit and feel quite full now.

I’ve got a sandwich for lunch, with crisps and apples, I’m trying to be healthy and not balloon up like a bit fat person but it’s hard so far. I really find myself craving bigmacs every day. Although, by the time yesterday Steve offered to go and get me one, I felt sick and wasn’t interested anymore!

The other day was funny, I rang Wendy for a chat and she told me she’d been praying that Steve could even have children as he got mumps when he was 18 and she was worried he was infertile! That was a bonus tease factor, as he hates to think of his mum praying for his ‘bits’!!

She also said there was a ‘Cranston cradle’ that she’ll see if I can borrow, something white and wicker, going back a couple of generations! Hmm. If it means not buying one, maybe it’s a good thing!

Still waiting to hear from the midwife!


Well, not much to report as of yet. Just plodding on, feel queasy, full, doing little burps all the time and very tired. Sleeping through the night seems a thing of the past as I’m getting up to wee around 2am every morning.

Oh, and Hubby has begun his time lapse of my tummy. I feel as though I’ve put weight on there and it’s not as trim as it was, but if we’re going on the 8 weeks scenario, I shouldn’t be showing yet, but maybe it is just fat! Or water retention. Amy thought I had a ‘mass’ there! If all’s going to plan then my uterus is forming and pushing my internal organs upwards which is not a pleasant thought at all.

Just wishing the midwife would call now to acknowledge my existence!

People we’ve told:

My parents
My sisters
Hubby’s parents
Hubby’s brothers and SIL
Hubby’s Kent Grandparents
Carly and Steve
Anna and Rohan
Office chums.

And that’ll do for now until the scan is done.

Telling The Parents

As Steve wasn’t available last night we held off telling his parents so today I got in from work, and we went out for dinner and then called them up.

I think the general consensus is shock. It’s very soon and they feel too young!! I think (and hope) they’re pleased though.

Steve was rather fatuous on the phone to them though, typical Steve. He was nicer on the phone to his grandparents and more respectful. I wish he could be that nice all the time!

It still doesn’t feel real today though. Even though I’ve been nauseous as anything all day, having trouble doing my jeans up and needing to sip ginger. I’m still a bit worried about it all until the scan though. Lets see what happens.

To The Doctors!!

So this morning I took Izzy over to the parents to drop her off for the day as I was busy at work and Hubby was filming until the wee hours and I was hovering around, wondering whether to say something or not. They were both together and I thought it best to say something, so sort of pulled the sticks out of my bag to show them!

They were both terribly thrilled and Mum said she’d take me to the doctors as hubby was busy and I burst into tears feeling all emotional and queasy, (seriously, this queasiness is blah) and I headed off to work. They were actually very supportive and said they’d buy us the buggy and paint the spare room and sort the garden out for us and my sister has said she’ll give us a cot.

I managed to swap my invigilation for a morning one and nipped back at lunchtime to see the dogs who were quite settled and chat to mum who’d made me a sandwich, and at 4pm Mum collected me from work and off to the doctors we went.

I showed him the sticks and he said that was confirmation enough and booked me into meet a midwife. I said I had no idea of any dates at all so he hazarded a guess at eight weeks which would be an April birth although he did say I should get a scan as soon as possible to check.

With having had the negative test at some point late June or early July I’m pretty sure this baby must have been conceived in July, before Oman as I had cramps over there which could mean a May baby. I could be about 6 weeks I guess.

So now I have to wait to hear from the midwife and she’ll come to the home to meet us and talk to us. I’ll need a tidy day for that! We still have to tell F-I-L and M-I-L too. Hubby didn’t want me to do it without him so it’ll be tomorrow, I hope they don’t mind.

I’ve also told my sisters who are both flabbergasted and can’t believe I wasn’t even trying. They’re very excited though. I think I’m holding onto the excitement until the scan as I’m aware of the risks until that point. And Mum and Dad have to keep a secret for four weeks which I’m not sure they can do!!

So there we have it. All systems are go.


I’ve been googling pregnancy symptoms and this far:

tender swollen breasts – check
incessant peeing – check
tired all the time – check
a bit of white discharge – check
mild acne – check
nausea – check
mood swings – check
feeling full and bloated – check

My mind is a bit confused and stressing as I’ve had these symptoms since before Oman. Which means I may have taken a fetal bud to the Middle East. And eaten lots of unsuitable foods, and drunk wine.

And I’ve just read that ginger ale helps the nausea so have sent Steve to Asda to purchase some for me! And ginger nut biscuits.

Still struggling to get the concept of a possible pregnancy. I’m now thinking that maybe the above list is getting a beyond doubt.


I have been feeling a bit rotten, with period pains, nausea, tiredness, and came home today determined on ringing the doctors, regardless of deciding to wait until 1st September. I then just had an inkling and took my spare pregnancy test as I thought it’d be a good idea to tell the doctor I wasn’t pregnant, but to my surprise, a second pink line emerged. A faint one, but certainly there.

Hubby and I then nipped round to the pharmacist and bought a second brand, and I took another test. That too looked positive, a blue cross emerged.

So all my stressing about no period, and it seems that I may not have one for nearly a year! It’s all a bit surreal at the moment. I don’t quite know what to think. It’s sudden, and I wasn’t expecting it but it’s exciting at the same time. It’s almost ironic, I was expecting to wait for months to be able to conceive, and it seems that the first ovulation I had since the pill wearing off, I’ve caught!

I’ve made an appointment at the doctors tomorrow after work, and it’s Dr Ashley Logan who I know through church which I liked, as it’d be nice for a Christian doctor to confirm or refute it.

My life might be changing completely. Again after a big upheaval only four months ago! EEEKKK!

Internet Diagnosis

I’m not helping myself by googling ‘stopped pill, no period’ as there are some awful cases of the pill masking an early menopause, all manner of problems and women who’ve not had a period for 24 months since coming off the pill.

I’m going to give it until the 1st September, if nothing, I’ll do another pregnancy test and then book a doctors appointment.

From what I’ve read I may need a blood test to see if I have any hormones or even if I have any eggs left. Then that’s just the beginning.

Still waiting……

It’s August now. I’ve had pains today, but I’ve had pains before and nothing.

I’ve prayed that my periods come back soon. Even if not to make a baby to at least have the knowledge that it’s possible. To put the control back in my hands rather than resting outside. Although maybe that’s the point God’s trying to make, leave it in his care and the right thing will happen. Cast all my worries onto Him.