Back At Work

Can you tell?  It’s been a very long while since I posted again hasn’t it.

I’m just finishing my third week today.  And life is busy busy busy.

My week currently looks like this:

Sunday – Church, lunch, family outing like a walk or something, Joel loves scooting about on his balance bike!  Tea, baths and bed for boys, Moo prep sorted (playlists and props) bed.

Monday – Up and at em, Joel to school, me to Moo, Josiah to my Mums.  Collect Joel from school, to my mum’s for lunch, then home for the afternoon.  Cook a couple of dinners to keep in fridge.  Make lunch, lay out clothes for next day.  Bed.

Tuesday – Up and at em, Joel to school, Josiah to nursery, me to work.  Lunch.  Parents collect Joel.  Home from work collecting Josiah on the way and then Joel.  Home to heat up dinner.  Bed.

Wednesday – Up and feeling tired!  Joel to school, Josiah to mums, me to work. Lunch. Parents collect Joel. Home from work collect both boys.  Dinner and bed.

Thursday – Up and miss alarm.  Joel to school, Josiah to nursery. Me to work. Lunch. Joel goes to nursery for the afternoon. I collect him and go home.  Dinner. Bed.

Friday – Pyjama day!  We relax!  Until I remember Joel still has school then panic and we all go out to get him there.  Then Josiah and I build towers, and he crawls to knock them over and we practise waving in the mirror and standing him up against the sofa.  Cup of tea later and its time to get Joel.  And it tends to rain at this time!  Then we have a quiet afternoon, maybe watch a film and have a bike ride (aka dog walk) and take away for tea as I can’t be bothered to cook any more.

Saturday – Family Day!  Except when Steve arranges to film a wedding, or go fishing in the Irish sea for the day!

On my first day back the Uni sent out an email offering managed severance.  I’m seriously considering taking it.  I know when the campus closes I am not going to be commuting there and back.  I feel I have another option now with my Moo Music business.  I’m not losing money.  I actually have made a tiny amount this term.  Paltry but getting better and it’s exciting.  I feel I have other things I’d rather be doing now.  Plus home life is wrecked as tidying is not getting done, laundry is taking over the house and it’s stressful trying to tell Steve 14 times that he has to pull his socks up more now.  He wanders about in a Steve world, where lights turn themselves off, curtains are opened by a magical fairy, the heating doesn’t need switching off because its free, his pants and socks pick themselves up off the floor and food miraculously appears in the fridge and on his plate.  At least it seems thats how things are for him!  I’m getting to a point of feeling that I don’t have time for work if he isn’t going to help out more.

On a child front Joel has loved his first term at school.  We had a wonderful rendition of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ at the start of December with Joel as the mouse!  He’s been singing his songs all month and has made friends with one very special friend called Olly which is very cute.  He still comes out with such funny kidisms and I wish I could memorise them all but it’s an ‘in the moment’ moment!!

Josiah has settled at nursery remarkably quickly as well, I’m almost huffy about it if I’m honest!  He loves the girls in the baby room, and has started waving ‘bye bye’ and ‘hello’.  He is extremely mobile now too, and commando crawls for all he’s worth trying to get to where he shouldn’t be.  When I’m in the kitchen he is sat at the stair gate trying to break through and then turns and slithers to the front door and back!  He is a loud and shouty boy who loves watching his big brother and having a look at whatever he is doing!  I’m starting to hear ‘No Siah’ a lot coming from Joel!  (he calls him Siah and forgets the Jo part!!)

Joel is the perfect age for Christmas this year.  Every morning he looks for snow!  and we’ve been doing the elf on the shelf thing.  I’m having such a lot of fun with it too.  Joel really believes that Buttons McJingles is moving about and bringing him presents and having cheeky fun.  We’ve done a different thing each night and I’m almost sad he’ll be going back to the north pole on Christmas Eve.  Joel has loved having him.  Last night Buttons got the Ipad and took Elfie Selfies and Joel thought it was so funny he’d made it into the Ipad wallpaper!  We save the messy ones for the weekend when I have time to tidy up!  He’ll be messy in spaghetti tomorrow morning!

This year We are having a Christmas meal with my parents on Christmas Eve, then going to our Church service, home to our own beds and opening presents and stockings in the morning before going down to Exeter to have a late lunch with Steve’s family.  My parents are going to my sister in Nottingham on Christmas Day then my other sister in Wales on Boxing Day so they’re happy with that and we will be home on the 27th.  No idea what to do on New Years Eve yet.  It’s hard with two small children and I’m so tired still!  Josiah still wakes for a breast feed at least once a night, (although saying that it was after 6am this morning and he went through from 10pm so I think we’re turning a corner!).  He has 6 teeth now, the 6th came through after two awful nights.  I just wish I could have a memo or something saying ‘this is why your baby is screaming at you’ as in hindsight I’d have given him calpol.  Mind you, he hates calpol and would have refused it and spat it all over me.  Sticky stuff too!  😦

Anyway, that is a brief summary of where we’re at for this month!  I’m looking forward to having a break over Christmas, that is why I came back to work at this time of year, to get it over and done with.  And if I don’t get round to posting again soon, then I wish you all a very merry Christmas, and a peaceful New Year 🙂