End of an Era

This is the end of my last week off.

I tend to count Sundays as the beginning of a new week so will make extra effort to enjoy Preaster tomorrow!  (As we’re in Kent for Easter with Steve’s family we’re having a ‘pre-easter’ on Palm Sunday instead) and everyone will be together 🙂  Including baby Martha!

Then I’m off on Monday (who wants to go back to work on a Monday?!  Not me!) and Tuseday, off I go, heigh ho heigh ho.

I’ve got a box of stuff to take in such as a mug, a glass, some hand cream, just the little bits I used to keep in my desk.  Ironically I left with a paper box and my stuff, and I’m going back with a Pampers box!

Toothy Pegs

We’re getting the top two teeth coming through finally!!  Joel seems to be struggling more with these ones and is waking in pain, getting temperatures and being a lot more grizzly than normal.  I don’t blame him to be honest.  But the left one is poking through and the right one is right behind it so not too much longer I hope!

We almost may be walking soon too!  He’s working on cruising one handed and tries to stand unaided for moments as well!  It’s all very exciting progress!

Strollin’, Strolling’, Strollin’

When I walk Joel to nursery they have a buggy storage area but Joel’s giant Rubix buggy takes up all the space as it’s not collapsible.  Plus it takes up the entire boot space in our car if we take it out anywhere.

So I’ve known that a collapsible stroller would be more sensible for going out and about with and having looked online decided that I wanted a Maclaren Techno XT.  I couldn’t find a bad review about it and they’re in the pricier side of strollers but with having been paid, I wanted to splurge on something so I did.

Yesterday I went to Mothercare and got a Techno XT in red.  I had thought about the Crown Blue colour but red is cheerful and gender neutral and in stock!

And it’s very smart looking for now anyway!

We trialled it this morning walking to nursery and Joel seemed very happy in it.  It feels sturdy enough, (not as sturdy as my Rubix of course but not wobbly like other strollers I’ve seen) and we zipped along in it after having fitted the straps to fit Joel.

The test will be fitting the rain cover and him napping in it but so far I’m very happy with it.  Oh, except when I got to nursery I couldn’t work out how to collapse it so left it taking up space anyway!  I’ll have to re-read the instruction manual!!

Mixed Bag

So here we are.

My last week off with Joel.  He’s actually at nursery today but I might collect him a bit earlier than normal.  I’m technically on holiday at the moment having begun work on the 5th March but it’s nice to be paid to be at home!!

I’m not sure how I feel yet about everything.  It’s all very strange to think that on Tuesday I’ll be heading back to the office.  On Tuesday and Wednesday Joel will be going to my parents for the day and on Thursday he’ll be at nursery.  I only have three days to work before the Easter holiday and we’re heading down to Kent for the weekend to see Steve’s family there.

So three days is not too bad is it?  I’m sure I’ll be ok with that.

But then it’s not the going back to work that’s the issue.  It’s the missing Joel and missing his cute face, and funny smiles, his first steps and just having a lovely time with him.  It’ll be someone else having the lovely time with him.  I’ll just have a photo on my desk to see him.

Is it worth it?  I’m not sure.  But I know he’ll be fine.  He seems to really enjoy nursery and he loves my parents and playing at their house.  And he’ll have tea and play time here after work.  And there’s the walk to and from work we’ll have together.

I just wish that things had gone my way and that I’d been allowed to go part time.  August is ages away and I can resubmit another application on the 24th.  But I’m a full time worker until then at least.  I don’t think they could turn me down a second time.  That would be awful 😦

I also hope I don’t get used to the extra money and being back at work.  This month on getting my first pay slip in months I went out and bought a stroller (Maclaren Techno XT!) a new vacuum cleaner (as our old one gave up the ghost and we’ve had it fixed once already for £35 and paying a second time for fixing is silly when a new one is only £70) and I bought Steve a new outfit and myself and Joel a new outfit, and some eye cream.  And that’s it for now!  We’re going to use my wages to start some savings towards the house and for Joel’s future.  It was nice to have a day of spending lots of money though.  It’s been a while since I could.  I’d also like to get a new toilet seat.  Wild aren’t I!!

Anyway, this week is all about Joel and getting the most out of the time we have together and I’m enjoying every day, especially with this sunshine which feels as though it’s been sent to ensure we have a nice time together!  And we have the weekend, and then Monday.  We’ll do something special on Monday like visit a farm and look at baby animals!  And I’ll treasure the memories.

Sunny Garden Day

Our garden at home is a bit rubbish.  We had a nice lawn but our dog killed it with her toxic pee.

However, my parents garden is lovely and perfect (no female dogs there!) and today they put all their Little Tikes garden toys our for Joel to play with and we had lots of fun!  It’s like a baby play park all for him!

Stepping Out

This weekend Joel has begun stepping out using his walker to walk himself in a line!  He can pull himself up to stand behind his walker, and set off, pushing and toddling after it so we’re very excited!!

He looks so cute toddling about and he is obviously so very proud of himself!

This afternoon we were at my parents and they have a turtle walker which we put in the garden and he enjoyed the extra room as our lounge doesn’t allow for a long walk before hitting the furniture!

New Kid On The Block

Welcome to the world Martha Rose…..
Born 23rd March, early in the morning to my sister and her husband…. 8lbs 13 1/2oz…..
Aunty Sarah having a cuddle
Proud Daddy gazing at his daughter…

It’s lovely that Joel will have a new cousin with less than a year between them!!