It’s been ages again.  Life is so busy its hard to keep track.

We have had a week away on holiday to South Wales with Steve’s parents.  Joel loved the seaside and long days on the beach with picnics, paddling and sandcastle building.  I was glad we didn’t attempt to camp under canvas as hurricane Bertha made her presence known at the start of the week so the weather wasn’t that great.  We were in a caravan which was a squash for the four of us plus dog.  We enjoyed taking Joel out on day trips and showing him different places.  He saw his first real lions which was lovely, he was so excited!!

What else?  Weaning continues to be stressful for Josiah.  He really likes having a taste and seems so interested but doesn’t seem to want to eat food yet.  I am not too worried.  These days babies on milk are fine till they’re 1 and I’ve read that most babies go through a 9 month period where suddenly they begin eating with gusto.  Just because Joel was a good eater and tried everything does not mean Josiah will be the same.  He loves bread, and drop scones and *ahem* cake.  I guess it’s a dry texture that he prefers.  Plus he is still very much a boobie boy.  He is not into dropping milk feeds at all now.  

Which brings me to back to work.  I have decided to go back a bit earlier than the twelve months, so at the start of November when I will take one month’s leave before going back properly at the start of december.  I figured I didn’t want to have it hanging over Christmas, and the no money part at Christmas wouldn’t be fun either.  Plus I get to go back and work for a couple of weeks before having Christmas week off and more holiday to look forward to.

Joel is starting his pre-school five mornings a week in September and will be home with me every afternoon until December when he’ll go to my parents two afternoons a week and the nursery one afternoon a week.  Mainly due to the fact Josiah couldn’t have Wednesdays at nursery so my parents will have him that day through December and he’ll be at nursery Tuesday and Thursdays until after Christmas when he’ll go to Wednesday and Thursdays and Joel will have those afternoons at nursery and both will be at my parents on a Tuesday!!  The logistics of two children in different places is a bit overwhelming and I’m still not sure how I’m going to sort it all but time will tell.  At least I have a while to practise before its a case of Joel to school, Josiah to nursery and me to work!!!

We are still working at the house.  The garden is looking fab with newly laid turf in the back garden.  I’ve been tidying up a bit and it looks like a fun child friendly garden now.  The front is all paved so we can fit two cars on the drive and I spent this afternoon with my Mum digging up the old bushes which have gone a bit wild and large.  We are going to plant some sparse low maintenance plants and put bark around them.  Simples!  I fancy a chamelia for summer, hydrangea for autumn, holly for winter and a cherry blossom tree for the spring.  Something so that we have colour throughout the year.

Here are some current pictures of life!

Joel loves his magazines.  We buy him the Thomas one fortnightly.  We enjoy counting, sticking and writing together.

IMG_4469 IMG_4468



 Here is Joel helping offer Josiah some toast!  I have to keep an eye of them as he would offer Josiah anything, but on the whole he is very good with his baby brother.  We had one incident where Steve was ‘watching’ them and I heard screams and ran in to find that Joel had smothered Josiah with a pillow and he couldn’t breathe and was very upset.  I was glad Steve was there to handle it to be honest as I was fuming, but Joel had been playing peekaboo, just not realised Joss couldn’t breathe and he was so upset too.  He sobbed ‘I’ll never do that again, I’m sorry Mummy’ and it was heartbreaking and Josiah was beaming away at him again very quickly.  Steve learnt to keep a better eye on things as well.


They love each other!!

IMG_5083 IMG_5080 IMG_5078


Ice creams on a day out and Josiah was very put out to not be included so helped himself to Grandmas!!!



Weaning Time….

Joel was a dream to wean.  He just opened his mouth and beamed at me pretty much as to whatever went into it!  He cleared bowls of pureed vegetables, fruits and happily moved on to lumps and finger foods.

I naively assumed the same would happen for Josiah!  It hasn’t!




Toast and plums

Toast and plums

photo 1 (36)

I carefully prepared some different purees and in his first week at 23 weeks he had roasted butternut squash, pear, apple, carrots, baby rice but each one seemed to go in ok at first then get rejected with lots of crying until he could latch on for my milk and glare at me with his perfectly formed eyebrows.

He seemed to like the flavour but bnot the mush or spoon.

So after seeing the HV last week (he weighed in at 24 weeks 17lbs and 14oz) she suggested starting some vegetable and fruit fingers for baby led weaning.  So I dutifully steamed broccoli, peppers, sweet potato and green beans.  And he loved picking it up, putting it in his mouth and nomming it.  But again, once it got time for him to swallow he got stressed and upset.  This part is taking its time and not coming very naturally.  He can do it.  But it’s taking its time.

He seems to enjoy sitting on my knee and eating whatever I’m nibbling on.  He loved sharing my plum and nectarine today.  I gave him a slice of nectarine and he nommed it, and some was going in, and I assume going down as he didn’t spit it out.  He’s had cucumber, bread sticks, rice cakes and some baby corn rings.  But he still prefers mummy milk.  I will be trying him with pasta next week and other soft food like that.  And maybe some proper food on a spoon again with lumps since he rejected the puree’d version!!

But here’s some pics of him enjoying the new tastes before he gets to the stressy bit…

Cucumber stick

Cucumber stick



Rice cake

Rice cake

So I’m perservering with it all, and hoping that he gets the hang of swallowing soon.  He gags a lot but that’s normal.  He had a little choke last week but was sick and fine afterwards.  It’s all so stressful watching him like a hawk in case he gets into difficulty.  Breast fed babies are meant to take to it better as they use the same muscles for feeding whereas bottle fed babies don’t.  So he should be ok.  Maybe I’m expecting too much of him.  I really hope it clicks soon and we can enjoy meals.  I know he’s still not quite six months so it’s more about exploring tastes and textures at the moment.  Time will tell!!  He’s certainly not dropping any milk feeds yet!!!