Hello Old Friend….

What a long blog break I’ve had!   Life is just getting in the way, and any chance I get to sit down I tend to think TV or book at the moment as I have very little brain for much else.

Work is a bit rubbish.  We have now all been informed that our jobs are redundant as of 30th August this year.  So I applied for managed severence to be told ‘no – you have to stay’!!  After over three months of waiting to hear.  I feel as thought I have a new plan now, with my Moo Music business, and I would relish the opportunity to really give that a good go as I am getting four established sessions running, with returning mums and children which is so great!!

It’s hard to walk away from a decent job with a good wage and excellent holiday entitlement, but I now feel that I must have disadvantaged myself as who is going to want to hire me now anyway?!!  I really don’t know what to do for the best.  I can always apply again to leave, but having been turned down once I’m not sure if it’s worth it.  It’s just galling having to leave without anything when redundancy has been offered but maybe that’s greedy of me.  It would just help with childcare for a few months whilst I got Moo underway properly.

I’m very glad I have two wonderful boys at home.  I really do love them so much.  They are happy boys and get on really well.  Josiah is now one, and still not walking!  he much prefers to sit, be carried or just point and shout for things to be brought to him.  Joel didn’t walk until 15 months so he’s got one month left if he’s going to catch up.  He seems to be very vocal, and has ‘mama’, ‘dada’, brabra’ and gra gra down!!  We always know exactly what he wants!

Joel is getting on really well at pre-school  and bringing home regular awards for ‘helpful tidying’, ‘recognising letters from the alphabet’, ‘being fab at storytime’ and others!  His confidence has gone up loads and we’ve already had a visit to the reception class which he loved and he can’t wait to go up in September.

The house is still much the same.  We’ve papered the hall, stairs and landing, but not quite got around to painting it yet.  We are still wondering about extensions and sorting the kitchen.

So it’s a brief recap really, but life is just so very busy with so many pressures at the moment!

IMG_9029 IMG_9030 IMG_9014 IMG_9011 IMG_9005 IMG_8997 IMG_8991 IMG_8983 IMG_8975 IMG_8968 IMG_8952 IMG_8939 IMG_8930

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