40 Weeks – Argh!!!!

How far along:  40 weeks today.

Total Weight Gained:  Just call me heavy!!

Maternity Clothes:   Yep.   I actually went through my wardrobe on a rampage of tidying and sorted out a load of maternity stuff to sell on Ebay and cleared out things I’ve not worn this time round for charity and have got looser non maternity clothes all lined up for after baby is born.  Last time I got very despondent about losing the baby weight and got rid of far too much, thinking I’d never fit them again, and then once I got back in my size 12 jeans regretted it.  It’s hard really with all the clothes storage needed!  I have work clothes that I’ve had to put away.  A winter wardrobe and a summer wardrobe of normal clothes.  And throw a maternity wardrobe to cover 9 months into the mix, that’s a lot of clothes to keep order of.  Plus, my sister is an extreme shopper of clothes and china, and she has passed on a huge bag of lovely tops which I will be able to try on soon I hope!  Lots of designer and Oasis stuff which will be nice for the spring.  They are a 16 which is bigger than I’d like, but that could work for me to start with, lets be honest here!!

Stretch Marks:   Lots of them.  Only on the tummy this time, my hips and boobs seem to have avoided them.

Sleep:    I am not able to sleep well at all at the moment.  Last night I woke pretty much every hour.  My hips are really hurting.  And I don’t mean aching, I mean seriously hurting.  If hurting hips were a labour sign, then I’d be in labour.  But it’s not, and I’m not!!!  I’m having to take paracetamol regularly again at the moment and rest.  Maybe I did too much tidying yesterday.  Worth it though as our bedroom is lovely for a short while!!  Apart from down by Steve’s side of the bed and the heap of clothes that apparently is ‘his system’.  Humpf.

Best Moment of the Week:   Feeling ready for baby to arrive I think.  I have had a real nesting urge this week and have been cleaning and tidying obsessively.  I just can’t leave anything.  And Steve, considering he goes on about being tidy and having a home for everything is not as pleased as he should be, because he is expected to keep things clean and tidy too, and he is actually dragging his heels a bit here!!  I made him clean the bath after he turned the water a strange shade of brown the other night.  Why is it only men who seem to leave that nasty grim rim of dirt around a bath?  Are they just generally dirtier than us ladies?   I left him cleaning sponges and bath spray which he did use.  I just wish he would clean the sink after shaving.  It’s always full of his stubble and hair 😦    I’ve just gone in the shed and decided to build the changing table which we had downstairs as a nappy base for when Joel was born.  I’ve scrubbed it all over with a mild bleach solution to make sure it’s all ok, and needed a little rest so am online for half an hour!  I will tackle the building of it shortly.   I got some pretty baskets to put on it to keep all the bits in place so that is helping my need to feel organised as well!

Movement:  I’m still getting movements and kicks but certainly not as much as last week.  I have my appointment tomorrow with the consultant, and I am having enough to reassure me things are ok in there.  My movement is slow like a hippo now.  I’m so achy just the short walk to my parents causes pain.  I must look a right sight wincing as I waddle along!!

Food Cravings:   Apples this week.  I bought some lovely British grown Braeburns and they’re perfect.  Huge, crispy and juicy.   I may take a couple into hospital with me.  If I ever feel off food, some slices of apple really seem to help me feel like eating again.   Plus the lovely sweet and salty popcorn is still on the go.  I have a bag in the pantry and will have to open that this afternoon I think.

Gender:  He’s a little man!

Belly Button:  Completely flat out.  Steve is fascinated with it.  I hate it being touched anyway under normal circumstances, it feels weird to me, and whenever he goes to hold the bump or pat it, whether deliberately or not, he ends up prodding there and getting me cross.

What I miss:  So much.   I can say for certain I’m not missing work at all!  Steve hates that I’m sat at home with nothing to do.   Ha!  Nothing to do.  He really does not get that resting is a thing!  I’ve given up on learning to crochet.  I need my Aunt to show me how to make a granny square.  I think some one to one training would be easier than trying to work out what a book says about wool going above, below and back round!!  So my new hobby will be jigsaws this week to entertain me.  Steve approves of that, so I may sit down with a puzzle this afternoon.

What I’m looking forward to:  I am looking forward to meeting this baby, but I am also aware that it will change everything and the longer he is inside then life carries on as normal (well, as normal as 9 months pregnant allows of course) and the thought of a new baby unsettling everything is a bit scary now.  I know we’ll adapt but I do worry how Joel will cope and respond.  Will sleep deprivation make me a crazy woman?  Will Steve be of any use of a morning?  to be fair, he’s been getting up with Joel at 7am the past couple of mornings so I can sleep in after bad nights, but all he does is lie on the sofa and put the TV on for Joel.  He doesn’t get him dressed, let the dog out and get ready to take him to nursery or my parents!!  I’m grateful for the extra sleep and Joel is being good about waking Daddy rather than Mummy (hee hee!!) but he has got to actually sort things as well!  This morning I got up after 8, sorted Joel, took him to Mum and Dads with the dog and got back home to find he’d gone back to bed at 9am!!!  And I’d made the bed too.   I don’t think that’s normal?!

Milestones:  40 weeks!!  Due date.  Baby is cooked.  I’m really hoping there isn’t a 41 week post.  I get to have my stretch and sweep tomorrow.  I’m aware they will push me to go naturally and of course I think I want that.  But how long will I have to wait?  Will my body actually work this time?  Will baby start to make his own way out?  I really don’t want to be induced again.  I don’t want an emergency c-section.  I just wish I knew when things would start!!

Bump Pic:  

39 Weeks

How far along:  39 weeks today.

Total Weight Gained: I’ve not stood on scales again this week.  I’m past the point of caring!!!  And eating too many doughnuts for the news to be good!

Maternity Clothes:   are just getting too small!  I keep finding that my tummy is hanging out of the bottom of jumpers and they aren’t quite covering me properly!!!  And the most annoying thing is that I have to wash everything after wearing it once as when I’m eating I just can’t seem to not spill food down my front!  I’m worse than Joel.   If I had any sense I’d tie a tea towel around my neck but with not being able to sit as close to the table, or bend at all, there’s more spillage time getting food from my plate to my mouth!!!

Stretch Marks:  Still a giant shiny planet of a tummy.  I feel as though the stomach has dropped now though.  There’s more gap between boobs and bump this week although I am getting lots of high rib kicks still so maybe baby is long and stretching out.

Sleep:    Still not great.   By 4-5am I’m just so achey I struggle to sleep.  My ribs and pelvis are painful.  Daytime naps are helping me through.  I shall have a quiet day tomorrow!!

Best Moment of the Week:   I am feeling very sad for saying this but on getting all Joel’s old baby toys out which had been at my sisters they all smelt really fusty as she’d left them in a bag under the stairs and they’d got really dusty.   I stuffed them all in a pillow case and ran them through the washing machine hoping that any jingly bells and rattley things would still jingle and rattle on the other side and they’ve all come out beautifully!!  They’re just all lined up on the clothes airers drying at the moment and have kept their colour and all smell lovely and fresh.   So that has pleased me a lot!!  I know they wouldn’t cost a lot to replace and babies don’t need a lot of toys anyway, but I’d have been a bit gutted had they had to all go.

Movement:  I was a bit worried over the weekend when I didn’t feel as though I was getting normal levels of movement.  I was on the verge of ringing delivery to ask to be checked but did get some little movements which reassured me.  On Friday I had a bath and felt as though baby had changed sides to the right side so put the difference down to that.  And today I have been positively pulverised again with lots of pressure, stretching and tightenings so things are as normal again for this baby.  I’m sure Joel wasn’t this wriggly!!  And I’m booked in to the midwife again tomorrow.  After not going on Weds for a 38 week appointment I was stressing I should have gone to be on the safe side so am having a 39 week appointment instead!!  I guess I won’t see her next week anyway as if baby isn’t here we will be at the consultants office instead.

Food Cravings:   ARgh, I’ve eaten way too many doughnuts this week.  My mum kept buying them.  And popcorn!  I mean that’s almost healthy isn’t it?  I got a big bag of sweet and salty and scoffed it in one sitting when Steve went out on Saturday as I didn’t want to have to share it!  He’s terrible as he goes on about how he hate popcorn, but whenever I have it, he wants to try it, then decides he was right all along and doesn’t like it.  So I resent him that one piece as it could have gone to me who appreciates it!!

Gender:  He’s a little man!

Belly Button:  What belly button?!  It’s like its on the dark side of the moon at the moment.

What I miss:  Sleep.  Not aching.   Being able to bend.   I had to get Steve to moisturise my legs and feet the other night.  He hates touching creams so looked at my legs as though they were made of rotten fish or something.  He didn’t even use two hands to do a nice massage, just poked me gingerly with one hand whilst grimacing.  Tch.

What I’m looking forward to:  Erm, I don’t think I can actually say I’m looking forward to labour.  I’ve been ignoring it but with one week to go, the realisation that it’s looming is suddenly keeping me awake at night.  Watching One Born Every Minute doesn’t help.   I don’t want to embarrass myself and be the wailing woman who loses control but I don’t know how I’ll be at all, since my last experience was pretty awful anyway!!  I don’t think I wailed.  I think I just zoned out and concentrated on the gas and air to make the time pass for 6 hours.  But yes, getting the baby out is the main priority now.  Finally meeting the little boxer who has been pulverising me from the inside for so long.

Milestones:  One week to go is a bit of a milestone.  The fact that my next blog post could be a birth announcement is rather exciting.  I’m pretty much ready.  The house is ready (except the one room I wanted to get done and hasn’t is our bedroom so that’s a shame) but the nursery is all done and everything is clean and washed and I’ve enjoyed sorting it all out.  The pram and car seat are ready and waiting.  Even Steve is saying he’s getting excited!  I guess he’s that bit older now and all his networking folk keep emailing him asking how things are.  Last time he seemed to stay in denial until the emergency c-section!  I’ve told him no games or laptops in the hospital this time.  He has to focus on helping me and do whatever I say.   And I will have his phone confiscated if needs be.  I can imagine tweeting out to his groups and I do not want that at all.   I don’t even want to announce if I’m going into hospital as it could always be a false alarm.  I just want to announce when baby is here, what his name is and a few details.   I think that’s much nicer.   I just wish we knew what his name was.   We’ve got a short list again, but are deliberating.   My Great Aunty Joan is currently in a respite home with leukaemia and getting weaker every day.   She’d love to know his name before she passes away but she’s holding on till the 12th February apparently (as that is when she was diagnosed with having 3 months to live and she wants to make it a full 12 months as that’s the way she is!!!) and James was her father’s (and my Grandad’s) name so I think that will be a middle name and will please her.  The other names are posing a problem as Steve doesn’t like my thoughts and although I don’t dislike his, he only seems to like names starting with ‘J’ which I wonder will be too similar to Joel.  And with James as a middle name that will be a ‘JJ’ which isn’t terrible, it just seems like we only like one letter of the alphabet!!  Had this one been a girl she’d have had Joan as a middle name, and indeed if we ever do have a girl, Joan will be a name for her.  And it’s another ‘J’ name!  We’re so stuck on ‘J’!!

Bump Pic:  


38 Weeks

How far along:  38 weeks today.

Total Weight Gained: I seem to have evened out and haven’t put anymore weight on over the past few weeks.  I’m still staying around the same dreaded number but with knowing baby is at least 7lbs 6ozs and due to put 1.2lb a week on, I may get another couple before too much longer I guess.

Maternity Clothes:   And not a lot else!  And even those are getting tight.  I’ve had to give up on my maternity jeggings as they were under bump and too uncomfortable to wear now as they dig into my under ledge!!!  My one pair of maternity pj’s are under bump too and feeling tight which is a shame.   I can still get into a couple of nighties but they’re short sleeved and we’re having a chilly week with lots of morning frost here in the UK so I’d prefer some long sleeved nighties!

Stretch Marks:  Totally.   I have been got good and proper.  I have a giant shiny planet sitting on my middle.

Sleep:    Bit of a mixed bag.   I slept ok last night.  I was up at 4am the previous night.  I guess it just depends.  But if I feel tired in the day I can nap at Mums.  And I did yesterday, I just seem to doze off on the sofa at any moment, even with background noise!!!

Best Moment of the Week:   I don’t know.  Not a lot has happened in the past week!  I’ve had no labour signs.  I’m still waiting on the bathroom completion.   I can’t splodge out in my pj’s for a day at home yet.  I guess I’ve enjoyed sorting through baby clothes and blankets and hanging things up in his wardrobe and general nesting pottering about!!  But again, until these builders depart and my house is my own again I don’t think I’ll feel at ease to be honest!!

Movement:  So much movement and wiggling.   My ribs are really  hurting me!  And I’ve been waking at night with the weight of baby lying on my ribs and pelvis.

Food Cravings:   I wouldn’t say cravings at all, but I’ve felt really tired this week and not bothered to cook!  It’s bad to think how much rubbish I’ve eaten this week and I do feel bad for it.  It’s adding to my chins for sure 😦   We had chippy chips on Friday and an Indian take away on Sunday evening.  Last night I made myself eggy bread and bacon with tomatoes for tea (far too much fried stuff) but I’ve had a strange metallic taste in my mouth a bit like from the first trimester when I couldn’t drink cups of tea and it’s affecting what I want to eat.   I keep thinking about getting started back on Slimming World as it’s so easy and works too, but with everything needing making from scratch I just can’t be bothered right now.   And that doesn’t bode well for when I’m even more sleep deprived!!

Gender:  He’s a little man!

Belly Button:  What belly button?!

What I miss:  I still miss feeling like my old self.  Being pregnant, although such a blessing does become a chore.  It’s a lot to put your body through and as much as I’ve always wanted three children I find myself questionning whether I could do this again!!   That said, I’ve been a lot more healthy this time round compared to with Joel and it’s been an easier pregnancy.

What I’m looking forward to:  Getting that first labour sign!  Its starting to sink in that I might actually have to do this the old fashioned way.   I have two weeks left for things to kick off and then what will happen next remains to be seen.   I am scared of labour.  I don’t mind admitting it.   Having had the induction fail with Joel I’ve had a bad experience and felt the worst pains and stress I could ever have imagined and it was so out of my control.  That is why an elective c-section is appealing to me.  I get to stay calm and despite the extra recovery time I can’t help but think it’s worth it.   But would I be missing out if i didn’t at least attempt the natural, primal womanly pushing?!  There’s no reason why it couldn’t happen properly for me this time.   I maybe just need a bit more faith in my own body which I feel let me down last time.

Milestones:  I am booked in to see the midwife again tomorrow for a 38 week appointment.  Last weeks meeting was an extra one due to the consultant seeing me at 36 weeks and with not having any issues I’m wondering whether to cancel it.  I don’t feel as though I need to go in.  I think everything is fine to be honest.    I feel that I’ve seen them a lot the past month.

Bump Pic:  Its crazy, my jumpers don’t even cover me properly underneath now.  There’s a big gap!!  I look like Mr Greedy 😦

photo 2 (15) photo 1 (17)mr-greedy

BING!! The bun is done…. 37 Weeks

I am officially at full term today.  Hello 37 weeks.   It’s like we long to get here, we strive to get here to know that baby is well and grown and ready to pop at any moment through the next five week window but man, it’s uncomfortable, achey and tiresome as well!

I’m so glad to have been able to finish work.   I don’t know how women can work up to their due dates at all.  I am needing a nap in the day to get through.  I find without my support belt baby is just headbutting into my bladder which can be both painful and uncomfortable at the same time.

I had a lot of Braxton Hicks yesterday through the day and evening.  Steve was actually starting to look a bit worried.  He is still telling me to have the baby on a Friday evening so he can be around and go back to work on the Monday without having to change his schedule!  Apparently the worst day for him work wise would be the 24th January.  Ok then.  I’d like to see him try and keep a baby in if it wants to come out!!

Anyway, here’s my countdown as I wait for my Tesco delivery man.  Ive decided going to the supermarket to do a weeks shop and push a big trolley round is not going to happen now for at least a month!  I just can’t do it anymore!!  I can’t even manage to push it round the bends as my pelvis just clicks and hurts too much.

How far along:  37 weeks today.

Total Weight Gained: Ok, honestly, 2 1/2 stones.   I need to lose at least 3 once this baby is born.  that’s my challenge for Christmas 2014.  But Steve is still heavier than me so I feel ok with it.

Maternity Clothes:   And not a lot else!

Stretch Marks:  I’ve officially been attacked by the stretch mark monster.  I guess this time it doesn’t make much difference since I’ve not worn a bikini since my honeymoon anyway!!  I just wish I’d worn them more before Joel stretched me beyond repair!!

Sleep:    It’s not been good this week.   And not even baby related!  Steve has been snoring and suffering with flu recovery which makes him horrid to sleep next to.   I think due to all his quatar he’s been having issues with morning breath and one whiff in my face has been able to wake me up from slumber in the wee small hours.   Grr.  He’s normally ok with his oral hygiene so it is just an illness thing and if he knew I think he’d be mortified but yack, its been nasty.   Also Joel has been waking every night around 1am to come in and have a cuddle which although very nice, is a bit of a pain as he doesn’t settle, waits until you’re nearly asleep before saying ‘Mummy, time for you to take me back to Joel’s bed now’ and making me get up into the cold night to tuck him back in.   Some nights he’s done this three times.  Yawn.

Best Moment of the Week:   I’d have to say seeing the 36 week scan.  And realising that I had a picture of baby’s face which was amazing.  I think he looks like Joel did as a newborn!!

Movement:  IArgh!  Ouch and oh my.   Baby keeps getting hiccups which I feel in my bottom and general nether regions.  Very awkward and weird.  He likes kneeing me in the ribs quite high up.   And squirming.  And the hicks have been a very strange experience too.   Not to mention the frequent bladder squeezing.  And headbutting more piles out.  Sorry if you’re eating.  It’s all quite gruesome down there at the moment.

Food Cravings:   I’m just eating lighter meals and smaller portions at the moment.  I have two big tins of grapefruit looking at me suggestively though.

Gender:  He’s a little man!

Belly Button:  All flat and inside out!  I showed my 5 year old nephews and they were a bit freaked out by it all!!  Scarred them for life no doubt!!

What I miss:  Being this close to the end I feel as though I’m forgetting what life was like before being a giant whale like woman.   I know it’s not quite as long as an elephants gestation but it’s nearly an entire year and I am just thinking how nice it would be to have my body back to myself again!!

What I’m looking forward to:  Getting the builders out from doing our bathroom and having the house to myself for hopefully a couple of weeks rest before baby arrives!!  I feel that I’m missing out on crucial nesting time and I just want to be able to sit quietly, rock in the nursing chair, fold baby clothes and wash stuff!!

Milestones:  I guess the next milestone will be getting the baby out.   I am seeing the midwife tomorrow to discuss my birth plan.  Then its a waiting game.  Tick tock little man.

Bump Pic:

photo 2 (14) photo 1 (16)


This is Joel’s little hand feeling my stomach lurch about earlier today!!

photo 2 (10)


36 Weeks

How far along:  36 weeks today.

Total Weight Gained:  I do hate to think.  I’ve already mentioned I had to go up a knicker size!!

Maternity Clothes:   And not a lot else!

Stretch Marks:  Still just the new top of tummy ones.  Although saying that they could be everywhere else but hiding behind my new layers of fat and the bump and I wouldn’t see as I don’t really parade around naked in front of big mirrors!!

Sleep:   I love sleep at the moment.  I’m still feeling a little bleary from having a lunchtime nap on the sofa!  I was having strange dreams about taps and showers as we’re getting the bathroom done this week and I’ve spent a morning trying to find good deals on thermostatic mixer showers.   There are so many it’s unreal and I’ve got very confused with it all.   Probably what sent me off to sleep!

Best Moment of the Week:   I am very glad to not be at work.  The weather this week has been crazy.   It’s all from a storm coming over from the US and battering the UK on the west side.   And although we’re in the middle we are still getting some awfully heavy rain and gales.  It’s quite depressing with grey skies.  I think we had an hour of dry sunshine yesterday so I got Joel out bouncing on his trampoline before we had to come in again.  And my other best moment isn’t really baby related but it’s getting the bathroom started.   I just couldn’t have faced the work taking place any longer than this, and it means one more room is getting done before baby comes.

Movement:  It’s getting really uncomfortable now.  I would have thought that had Joel been this wriggly I’d be remembering it?!  I really have no recollection of him pushing at my hip joints whilst grappling at my ribs all at the same time.  My down there bits feel bloated and podgy and sometimes I feel as though he’s in there.  Or stamping on my bottom.  Apologies for the graphic details but I’m obviously not someone who thinks this is a pleasant feeling.   Maybe Ridley Scott has something to do with that and before his films all women loved being pummelled to death from the inside.  I don’t know.

Food Cravings:   Last night I hadn’t eaten anything for dinner.  I just drank milk as I felt a bit refluxy but by 8pm Steve was watching Man Vs Food and going on about milkshakes.  Suddenly I really felt that I could have a McDonalds chocolate milkshake and fries.  Steve does not take a lot of persuading to go for junk food and returned with two big mac meals and milkshakes.   He was horrified to watch me take the lid off and dip the chips into the chocolate goo.  And it was delicious.  To be fair, I’ve always enjoyed chips and chocolate milkshake in the past, but don’t often go for the milkshake as it’s too filling but last night it was delicious and I’ve not had a McDonalds for what feels a very long time.  Had he known what I wanted to do, I doubt he’d have gone for me!!!

Gender:  He’s a little man!

Belly Button:  All flat and inside out!

What I miss:  Breathing normally is a thing that I’d welcome back!  I’m so full of baby that everything is compressed and such an effort now.  When my sister had her twins I remember her saying the minute they were lifted out she could breath again.   I don’t remember that feeling with Joel, all that sort of thing goes away in the couple of weeks so write it all down to remember in the future, but again, I know what she means.  I miss being able to sit close to a dinner table and eat a meal without spilling it all down my front!  I miss being able to see something on the floor and pick it up easily, or nudge it right to left with my foot.  I cannot do that at the moment at all without a sharp pelvic pain making me catch my breath.

What I’m looking forward to:  Seeing baby again tomorrow and then having a meeting with the consultant.  It’ll mean an afternoon up at the hospital but it’s a change of scene!

Milestones:  One more week to go until I’m considered full term.  And I sit and wait, and wait and wait.  And worry about every movement, pain, feeling etc….  I’ve been calmer this time I think.  I had at least two visits to the hospital with Joel just to check things over and haven’t felt I needed to this time.

Bump Pic:

35 Weeks

How far along:  35 weeks with a big and heavy bump that just feels so full of squirmy baby….

Total Weight Gained:  I’ve not weighed myself again recently.  But I am struggling to walk distances.  There is a lot of weight in my pelvis and things are starting to feel the pressure down there.

Maternity Clothes:   To be honest, some bits are starting to feel tight 😦   I have one pair of jeans that fits, leggings which go over the bump are quite comfy and a couple of wooly jumpers.

Stretch Marks:  Still there across the top of my tummy.  I guess it had to happen.   My tummy is also itching as the skin is stretching.  Also, probably a bit TMI but my boobs are looking quite different too, and I am getting some crusty colostrum starting to collect in my nipples.  I didn’t leak at all for Joel and don’t seem to be leaking liquid this time either.

Sleep:   Sleep is awkward at the moment.  To think there could be 5 more weeks, (possibly 7 eek) of this is a bit glum.  My hips have also started being very painful so sleep isn’t the most easy.  Daytime naps are helping ease my tiredness levels and Steve has gone back to the spare bed so I have the big bed to myself with lots of pillows which helps.

Best Moment of the Week:   I’m not really sure.   It’s been a busy week.  Christmas was lovely.  Joel has been so very good.

Movement:  It’s been really crazy.   I just feel like this baby is huge and pushing out against me all the time.  I feel as though he can be pushing right down below which makes a lot of pressure in that area, whilst juggling something up in my ribs and pushing his bottom out in the middle.  It’s really weird feeling and very uncomfortable.  I can imagine him bursting out alien style at any moment.

Food Cravings:   Nothing weird.  It’s nice to eat chocolate at the moment and not feel guilty.   I went out for lunch with Steve today for New Years Eve as I’m not going to be up later, and had a lovely rack of ribs and chips which means I’m too full for much!  But I’ve had some grapefruit and Christmas cake with a cup of tea.  I can’t decide if I’m hungry or whether I have room for some tea.  When my tummy rumbles now it feels as though my stomach is a lot higher up than it ought to be!!

Gender:  He’s a little man!

Belly Button:  All flat and inside out!

What I miss:  Being able to sit without the extra weight on my legs!!  Turning over at night without needing to heave myself about.  Not burping all the time.  My pre-baby figure which I did not appreciate at the time!  I should have worn more bikinis!!!

What I’m looking forward to:  The consultant appointment next week.  Having a scan.  Deciding on a course of action to get this baby out!

Milestones:  Hospital bags are all packed and ready.  Clothes are all washed and put away, not that I have got a lot this time.   I shall get the buggy sorted into the pram soon.   Oh, and the bathroom is starting next week.  Not so much baby related, but important all the same!  Full term in two weeks.  No work next week – hurray!!!

Bump Pic:

34 Weeks + 4 Days

I’ve realised that I didn’t do my weekly update with the busyness of Christmas Eve and all that.

So here it is, half a week late:

How far along:  34 Weeks and getting bigger still …

Total Weight Gained:  I stood on my Mum’s scales and felt very heavy.  I think I must have put on nearly two stones now.  

Maternity Clothes:   I’ve had to give up on my dressing gown which doesn’t quite go around my middle and use Steve’s.  It’s still pretty cosy but I’m not sure you get maternity dressing gowns and there wouldn’t be any point to them anyway.  I’m missing out on all the January sales though.  no point buying maternity wear and don’t know what will fit or suit after the birth.  Gripe gripe gripe!!  

Stretch Marks:  Suddenly they have appeared 😦  They’re not terrible but they are reddy/purple and taking over my tummy again.  I thought I may have got away with it this time, but it was not to be.  I guess this final push of baby putting on fat has taken my stomach again beyond any point it originally thought possible.

Sleep:   I have a little routine going on this week.  I go to bed for a nap in the afternoon.  Normally an hour or so.  Then bed is around 9.30pm and I sleep on my left side till 1am.  Then I turn over and sleep on my right side till 3am.  Then I wake up aching and with sore hips, so get up, click everything back into place, waddle to the toilet, go to check on Joel who will inevitably be upside down in bed and on top of his duvet.  I put him back into bed, and then go back to mine, turning my pillow, fluffing my ‘nest pillow’ and go back to my left side till about 6am, then turn onto my right side and wait for Joel to wake up and come in shouting that he’s awake, he’s ready to go downstairs and he would like his cereal now!!

Best Moment of the Week:   I finished work!!  It was actually last week on Thursday which was my last day, but on Monday 14 of us went out for a Christmas meal.  It was very nice, and they’d done a little collection for me.   It won’t quite buy me a new changing bag which is what I wanted, but it will go towards most of it!   I think once Christmas is done I will feel a bit more as though it’s real and I have three weeks of holiday to use up now.  Joel will be at my parents on a Tuesday as normal, and nursery on a Wednesday and Thursday so for three days a week I will have time to myself before baby arrives.

Movement:  It’s slowing down a little.  And not to the point where I can’t feel it.  It’s more that the movements are slower and pushier.  I get full on stretching feelings where he’s doing something down below whilst stretching up under my ribs.   Then because my stomach rests on my lap now, if baby kicks or pushes down from within my ‘ledge’ I can feel it on my legs which is very weird indeed.

Food Cravings:   Still none really.  If I eat one big meal then I’m done for the day.  I seem to have not had such a reflux time of it recently although I did have peculiar sickness on Christmas Eve and Day mornings.  I was fine one minute and eating breakfast, then ‘bleurgh’ sick just once, then fine again afterwards.    I did have a glass of chilled prosecco on Christmas day which was lovely.

Gender:  He’s a little man!

Belly Button:  All flat and inside out!

What I miss:  Sleep.  Not aching.  Christmas pate and brie.  

What I’m looking forward to:  The end!!  Meeting the baby.  Finishing work.  Christmas.  January peace and quiet.  Maybe a cinema matinee.

Milestones:  Work is done and dusted.  I’m officially off now.  

Bump Pic:  Image-1

This is about a 10 week difference?  I can’t quite remember if the blue top was 24 or 26 weeks but it’s not lowered at all, just gone outwards!

photo (9)


This is me all dressed for lunch out on Monday.  A friend has lent me a bundle of maternity dresses (some unworn!!) so may as well make some use of them!!