Uh Oh……

I was due for my flu jab alongside my 25 week midwife appointment yesterday before travelling down to Devon to stay with hubby’s family for New Year, but on Tuesday i started feeling a bit poorly.

It’s amazing how quickly it came on really, I was fine in the morning and within two hours I was hot and sniffly.

After a bad night’s sleep I felt worse Wednesday morning so the nurse wouldn’t give me the jab, saying if my body is already fighting a bug, adding a second bug can cause complications, which I guess has logic behind it, but then I felt bad for not getting it earlier.

Anyhow, the midwife part went fine, I got my MAT1B form to give to work for maternity leave, and my HIP grant form (I make it by 4 days) for £190 – technically for fruit and vegetables apparently, but I imagine it may go towards nappies/nursery/antenatal classes.  It was nice hearing the heart beat again, it’s good and strong and he was dancing around in there!!

Then we trundled off down south.  I felt awful, tried to sleep but Hubby apparently needs stimulating and argumentative conversation whilst driving which hindered my rest somewhat, and he needed to be shown when cars were pulling out in front of him as he’d have just driven into them.  (His motorway driving leaves a lot to be desired, pretty much he sits in the middle lane going at 65mph and wondering why other drivers undertake him but enjoying ranting about them).

Getting to Exeter was a relief as Hubby wouldn’t stop for me a second time and my back was killing me, my temperature was up and I felt nauseous, two hours sitting is too long for me, and I was in tears with feeling chronic, so on getting to Pinhoe he pulled over for two minutes so I could stretch and get some fresh air.  I know he just wanted to get to his parents but I couldn’t bear sitting there any longer, so uncomfortable.

I’m beginning to realise that men have no idea what pregnancy puts a woman’s body through and they aren’t necessarily prepared to try and understand it’s not all easy!

But Wendy was welcoming with a duvet to lie on the sofa with and hot honey and lemon and after a couple of paracetamol I felt a bit better and had a nap whilst they took Izzy out which refreshed me.  We had dinner and played a game afterwards but I was done in and retired to bed and fell fast asleep until Hubby woke me up to tell me he was going to N and L’s flat.  He really didn’t need to wake me to tell me, I doubt I’d have missed him.

Anyway, this morning I’m feeling more human BUT….. I seem to have got the lurgy on my chest now.  I’ve had a weak chest for a few years, and coughing is painful, I can feel it dragging in my lungs so I’m upping my steroid inhaler dose morning and night and drinking hot drinks but I really hope it’s not exacerbated as I can’t be doing with another chest infection, they’re so debilitating.  I shall see how I go today and decide whether it’s worth going to an emergency doctor whilst down here.  I’ve learned from experience not to ignore it, I was signed off for two weeks from work last time!!

Baby is fine though and kicking and dancing again this morning.  Hopefully, he’ll be fine and get a good immune system himself from these bugs.

Islands In The Stream

Today has been most productive and relaxing.  A bit of a juxtaposition possibly, but accurate!!

Having got up about 10.00am after a night of painful indigestion we walked Izzy over to the retail park to get paint for the nursery.  Yep, today is the day of tackling the spare room!!

We set off with a mild day, and then soon got rain, sleet, snow and hail, which made me wish we’d driven, (even though it was a short distance adn the walk made me feel better) but Izzy really appreciated it.

On getting home we had toasted bagels for lunch and began the clearing and rehoming of items.  Most of the bits in that room are now baby orientated anyhow as I’ve got rid of most rubbish and things ok for charity bags so it didn’t take too long.

The desk has now joined Hubby’s ever growing office space with yet another computer.  We had a mild disagreement about the fact he wanted a computer in the lounge and I resented the intrusion of ‘work life’ into our ‘home life’, not that Steve has much distinction in this area anyhow as yet.

The shelves which he was using by the front door for his DV tapes etc…. have been cleared and will be painted white to go in the nursery and have toys and books on.  One set may end up in our bedroom with books on.  I have a lot of books and he has a lot of DVD’s.

I then had a nap for about an hour.  I think I was just catching up with the lack of sleep from last night’s tummy pains.

Then I began the painting.  I’ve not got very far as I got a really bad headache, possibly a combination of the lights, smells, heat (our house is too warm with the heating on sometimes) so I sort of had done around the bottom of two walls but we need to get some filler and remove some holes left from a mirror.

I’m quietly confident that we’ll have it done by the time I go back to work on Tuesday.  Well, the painting side of things!  Ooh, and Sarah is giving us a cot tomorrow so that will go in there too.

I’ve also ordered the curtains and a few matching decorative items which will be in the store to collect next week.  I can’t wait to have it all put together and then get the rest of the furniture.  It’s going to be such a gorgeous room, and I love the paint colour already.

Our little boy’s room.  I keep standing in there amazed at the fact it’s all coming together finally!

And the reason for the title of the post?

Well, I decided to have a bath to help my head and general weariness, and I’m more of a shower person so don’t bother with the whole run a bath lark that often, but on lying there with all my curves protruding it made me think of the song, and I was singing it to myself laughing at the analogy of the islands rising up out of the bath!!  Well, it’s better than thinking I could be mistaken for Nessie of the loch isn’t it!!  I just can’t believe how protruding my stomach actually is now.  I had better add my Palmers before bed whilst thinking about it.

That’s another matter too – forgetfulness.  I’m terrible at the moment.  I lost the car keys yesterday at my parents, it took me 30 minutes to locate them on my Dad’s boxes of tablets – why I’d have thought that was a good place to leave them I don’t know, but i’m having lots of ‘senior moments’ on a daily basis which is a little worrying!!

Right, sleep time now – bonne nuit mes amies 🙂

25 Weeks

How far along: 25 Weeks.

Total Weight Gained: Am ignoring scales after last week’s scare.  And the fact it’s Christmas and I’ve eaten lots.

Maternity Clothes: Yep, bought three new tops to wear as was bored with old ones (one was in the sale though).

Stretch Marks: Still none as yet.

Sleep: Once I’m asleep I’m ok, but baby is kicking a lot at the moment when I lie down.  And turning over is getting more traumatic every week!!  I can’t believe how early I started moaning about the weight of a bump!!

Best Moment of the Week: Feeling baby dancing Father Abraham on Christmas morning!!

Movement: Lots.  And whereas it felt like feet pokes before it’s now like feet and hands at the same time, thus the Father Abraham action song came to mind that we do in Sunday school with the kids!

Food Cravings: Just liking food in general!

Gender: He’s a baby BOY!!!

Belly Button: Still in but very stretched.  I’ve said this for weeks now, and can’t believe how stretched it is without coming out yet!

What I miss: Actually, nothing.  It’s Christmas and I didn’t miss wine with the meal.  I did think about having one glass, but stuck to Schloer and it was fine to be honest!
What I’m looking forward to: Hearing the heartbeat again on Wednesday and seeing if we can get a guestimate on due size?!

Milestones: 25 weeks, so just two more until the Third Trimester!  Never thought I’d be saying Third Trimester so soon.  The time is flying by.

Merry Christmas!!

God bless us, every one!!

Hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas Day?

Christmas Eve Hubby and I went to bed and baby was kicking up a storm so he kept his hands on my tummy asking how I’d manage to sleep with that before he started snoring!  Men have no idea at all!!

Our Christmas Day was lovely.  Church in the morning, I led worship and we had communion, then home to the parents for roast turkey, with sister A and her hubby K then we watched the Queen’s speech and opened presents, watched a bit of TV, had a rest, had some tea and played games before home to bed.

Most relaxing.

Today we’ve been back to Church (as it’s Sunday!) and am having another roast dinner (pork this time) with my other sister S, her hubby A and T and I and we will see what the day brings.

Izzy has been very good and enjoyed her first wrapped presents, and turkey dinner yesterday.  She’s still loving the snow, more so than us humans now I think!!  It was -11 on the drive to  Church this morning and my guinea-pigs food was all frozen.  They’re ok in their hay though, I check them many times a day and they’re warm and snug in their hutch.

Then a free day tomorrow, a pantomime on Tuesday and travelling to Exeter on Wednesday after the midwife appointment to stay with the in-laws for a few days.  It’s nice not being at work isn’t it!!!

Friday Photos

Happy Christmas Eve!

It’s here and hurray!!!  I’m in work for the morning (Booo!) but we’re not really working.  We’ve not seen anyone today so here’s a few photos:

I subconciously sucked my tummy in (as I used to do in photos) and my bump has gone on this pic!  How weird!  We’re standing in the quad outside our office in the snow, just for the fun of it!

And here the bump is loud is proud and probably emphasised in horizontal stripes!!

One of my cheap and cheerful New Look additions from last week.  I liked the cranberry colours for being Christmassy. 

And yes, I’m one of ‘those’ folk who add photos of food and nice meals, so here’s my prawns.

And roast turkey dinner – the sprouts were particularly tasty!!

And my slightly over exposed yet still utterly delicious pavlova!!

Feeling Festive

Happy Christmas Eve Eve one and all!!

Today was our work Christmas lunch so we finished at 12.00 noon and 12 of us headed out for a lovely lunch at a restaurant I’d never been to before.

We had a slight drama in getting there.  We’d booked a taxi from a colleagues house at 12.30pm and with the weather being dreadful and the traffic being equally awful the taxi didn’t show up.  Not to worry though, she lives over the road from my parents and my Mum’s car was free for the afternoon so we piled in and via the backstreets of town, I was able to get us there bang on 1.00pm!  Shame the rest of the party got stuck and we were able to start at 1.30 instead.

And ladies and gentlemen, I had the prawn starter!  Please don’t gasp and judge me.  From what I can tell prawns if cooked and hot are absolutely fine and I had no qualms about the quality of the restaurant.  I would hesitate about cold prawns and other shell fish, but these were fine.  I only had three and they were in filo pastry with a chilli dip and, gosh they were delicious.  (I also intend to have one glass of fizz on Christmas Day as my Doctor says it’ll be more than fine).

I then had the traditional turkey dinner (as we were going to be having pork on Christmas Day but that’s now changed to accommodate great Aunty Joan who is coming too and wants her turkey!) but it was the tastiest Christmas restaurant turkey dinner I think I’ve ever had.

And dessert!  Well, I took a risk here and opted for the raspberry pavolva as it’s my favourite if done right, and by that I mean not a meringue nest, but the lightly marshmallow centered crisp meringue of a proper recipe, and I was not disappointed!  Such a good meal.  Only lacking in tea and coffee afterwards.

Then we headed into town (I had my flat shoes on whereas there were a lot of snow skids in heels from others – seriously, most British folk cannot cope with this weathers!!)  and I got my cup of tea in a cafe whilst the others stuck to wine (during dinner I lime and soda water!!) and the others were all staying out but it was nearly 5.00pm and I was weary from shopping yesterday and just wanted to head home, so I did.  I was a pregnant party pooper!

But on getting home Hubby and I decided to go to the cinema and we saw ‘Little Fockers’ and it was brilliant.  Hubby was shaking with laughter through the whole film as he really thinks my Dad and Jack Byrnes have a lot in common (I’m not sure I’d agree) but it was a brilliant sequel and worth seeing.  We were going to see ‘The Voyage of the Dawn Treader’ but that wasn’t showing unitl 8.45 when I’m needing my bed by 10.00pm!!  Maybe over Christmas when in Exeter…

And now, it’s time for bed.  I’m sleepy, I’ve wrapped up my last presents, and got Hubby’s all sorted.  He has six parcels so I hope he likes them.  He’s just told me he’s gone off list this year which although worrying is I guess endearing – unless it’s because he lost my list again like last year?!

Nighty nighty all, bed and extra pillows are calling……   2 more sleeps!!


Snow Is Falling….. and my 100th post!!

Not a lot has gone on the past couple of days thus the lack of a post yesterday.

Today I caught the bus to work as Hubby was out at a breakfast networking meeting and it was actually quite pleasant trudging along in the diamond glittering snow to the bus stop.  I was 15 minutes early for it (oops) and got cold toes waiting, but I’ve made it to work for what is technically Christmas Eve Eve Eve!!

I’m only here for the morning and will hopefully be meeting my old school chum Emma for lunch but as she’s driving up from Coventry and the Midlands have a current snow blizzard going on we’ll have to see whether or not they make it.

I’m really not dressed for the weather, wearing a dress and leggings and pixie boots so hopefully when mooching around town in the snow will be ok, they’re normally quite good at gritting round the shops!

Then I want to go over to our retail park and get a couple of maternity jumpers as I’m fed up of my two that fit and it’s cold.  And I want a pair of new goey outy flat shoes as I’m not risking heels for our work Christmas lunch tomorrow.

I slept well last night and was up early, but not as early as yesterday which was 4.30 after needing the loo and waking up baby who kicked me for about two hours!!  I woke Hubby up to put his hand there and he was amazed how much I was being kicked and promptly went back to sleep!  It’s ok for the guy isn’t it!

EDIT: A few hours later:

What a lovely day I’ve had!!  I left work bang on time, got a parking space in town with no issues, met Emma and had a delicious lunch at Pastiche – spring rolls, burger with chilli jam and chocolate parfait for dessert, and we had a lovely couple of hours chatting, then mooched around town and got my last presents, for Mum, Amy and Steve, got some wrapping paper, nipped to the market to get ribbon, and then went across town to Queensville and got two maternity jumpers and a top (in the sale!) for Christmas day with a pretty necklace and bangles and a pair of flat shoes to wear tomorrow.

I am most pleased with my day.

I am now sat down with a cup of tea and thinking about going out again to do a bit of a food shop as it’s on my to do list and we do need food.  Hmm.