Feeling Pregnant

I’ve not really got a lot to add today.

Except that I am feeling very pregnant today.  People keep commenting that I look big.  I know they don’t mean ‘me’ overall, it’s the bump on my front, but it is large.  And a little cumbersome.  Turning over in the night is not simple.  And Steve has taken to calling me his ‘pregnant whale’ which he assures me is affectionate but I wish he’d just call me something I’d find unoffensive.

I feel stretched, and swollen and generally bulky.  It’s odd.  Apparently, women miss their bump when it’s gone.  I’m not sure I will.  I’ll be glad to have my baby but I’m just not used to feeling so chunky!!

 This is quite a chunky looking picture.  Please ignore the double chin. 
The bump is large compared with others at 21 weeks.
 This one is slightly better with the chin held up but seriously, maternity bras are not flattering!!

And looking down at my bump on my lap.  Not seeing external movement yet but it’s very early days for that.  I’m sure that if Steve were to be around at the right moment he’d feel a kick but he’s not yet sat with his hands on my tummy for long enough to feel it as yet!!

The 20 Week Scan Pictures

Here are the three new scan pictures, if you can tell what the gender is from these, let me know as I’m still in the dark looking at them!!!  At least you can tell he’s a baby!!  – Babycentre says that baby is 27 cm long now.  That seems huge!! 

I couldn’t sleep last night for kicking and prodding on the inside.  It feels most strange, and keeps surprising me!!

The Pram Is Home…..

Well, not our home but the parents home.  It’s wonderful.

We had a great play with, sorting out how the carry cot converts into the buggy, with a little headscratching we got it sussed.

It was a bargain at £197 down from £400 (or even £320 on their site currently) and with it being from the Mamas and Papas factory shop, Mum and Dad bought us the car seat and a permanent base so it just clicks in and out as well.

We are very pleased with it indeed.  Only 19 weeks until he’s with us and being strolled around in it!!

I’ve got a feeling Mum will be looking at it every day whilst it’s staying in at their house!!

Oh, and Mum also gave me her first knit!  An adorable cream little cardigan and matching hat in a gift bag with a blue miffy rabbit!!  I reckon she got a blue and a pink and will pass the pink on another day.  It’s so soft and adorable!!

The Big Cake Reveal…

Well, I’ve thought for ages I wanted to do the American thing of a ‘reveal’ which is one of the reasons for keeping the scan results a secret, so I have time to make the cakes!  It just seemed more exciting than saying ‘it’s a boy’!

I love baking and had a plan in mind to create a fairy cake with the relevant colour combined with a tasty chocolate sponge, so off I went to the supermarket to get all ingredients required.  (I’m going to demonstrate as we go through the post!!  Here’s everything ready to go!!  (Note blue colouring at the front!!)

I use a typical sponge recipe –

8oz butter/margerine
8oz caster sugar   cream these two together with an electric whisk.

Then beat in 4 eggs, one at a time.

Then whisk in 8oz sieved self raising flour.  I then removed a portion to turn blue, and added a drop of milk and about 3 tbsp cocoa to finish the remainder of the batter.

I then put a spoon of chocolate batter in the base of each muffin case (I used muffin cups and tray to get a deeper cake) and sort of made a bit of a well so that hopefully the chocolate would encase the blue colour and keep it from giving the game away!

Then I added my blue colouring to the spare batter, and this is where it went a bit pear shaped!  I used lots of blue but it looked really pale.  I thought pale was better than none so added the blue batter to the dips in the chocolate batter.

I then covered the blue with a chocolate topping.  You can see how pale the blue is here.  I blame the Asda natural food colourings.  Some e-numbers would surely have worked better!!!

Anyway, into the oven they went, and although a couple had a bit of an explosion, they weren’t too bad size wise:

The ones in white cases are just chocolate batter which was spare, and on the whole, they don’t look too bad at this point, although I’m sure you can see, the exploded bits are not blue enough!  Could they look blue on the inside wondered to myself?

Erm, no.  They just look like a marbled fairy cake!  What to do, what to do?   Thinking on my feet I decided that if I made some blue butter icing, I could do butterfly cakes instead, cut the tops out, add the blue inside and cover in chocolate butter icing.  So that’s what I did.  And the wretched food colouring was still pale, but I went with it, and….

The photo doesn’t show the actual colour, they are looking more blue than the sponge was and I’m hoping people can tell it’s not pink!!  I then covered the whole tops with chocolate buttercream and topped them off with a cadbury’s button.

So there we have it, chocolate and blue reveal cakes a la moi.  Lets see what folk make of them!!

21 Weeks – and the announcement……..

How far along: 21 Weeks.

Total Weight Gained:  Probably some or a lot by now.  Nothing terrible though.  I don’t think I look huge, although that’s not really a good answer is it?!

Maternity Clothes:  I can still get away with some tops and jumpers, but on the whole. yep, the down belows are now maternity, just because the base of the zips in my old trousers sort of dig into the base of my bump which now stands proud quite a bit and was uncomfortable!!!

Stretch Marks: Still none, I’m not putting it down to the Palmers, just my families genes!  The Palmers does help the itching though.  I’m only using it every other day though as it really smells chocolatey!!  And I forget otherwise!  I’ve never been good at daily stuff.

Sleep: Aside from the cold, not too bad.  I’ve not had to get up before 6am for the loo so woo hoo.

Best Moment of the Week:  Seeing our little one on the screen for the last time before meeting them in person.  And yes, keeping the gender a little secret between Hubby and me.  That’s been quite nice really, I’m glad we have.  It’s made it pretty special.

Movement:  Yes, it’s wriggly in there.  I got quite a kick yesterday morning which I’m sure had Hubby had his hand on, he’d have felt.  He’s not felt it yet, he’s always a bit late and then baby stops when his hand is there 😦

Food Cravings:  Not really anything particular.  We had a wonderful Indian meal out to celebrate on Friday and that was lovely.  And I’m still into porridge in a big way.  With lots of sugar, milk and topped with Rice Crispies.

Gender: Ok, the BIG announcement.  Ladies and Gentlemen, we are having…………drum roll……….     a baby BOY!!! 

Hubby is very chuffed as he was expecting a girl, not that he didn’t want a girl, but I guess he’s one of those guys who likes to know he has a son.  He’s already talking about Lilac Films and Son and handing his company over on retirement!  I reminded him a girl could easily run it too.  I have to be honest, I’m very glad we’re having a healthy baby, but I didn’t know what to expect either way, I just knew girls things were prettier, and I always skim over boys clothes in catalogues and look at the pretty frilly dresses and such.  But then I am a girl!!  I’m glad I’ve found out.  And we’ve had the time to absorb it ourselves.

And not that I’m disappointed, that would be most awful of me, I just know that I want a girl too at some point!!  Then I found some adorable boy outfits in the Mama and Papa shop that I may have to buy on Sunday, little shirts and tank tops which Hubby thought were too ‘public school  boy’ but if I’m having a boy, he’s going to be stylish!!  And know to hold a door open for a girl and be nice.  And not too boisterous.

I guess I was more worried about how Hubby would be with a boy than anything else, as he’s terrible for teasing me and winding me up about how he’ll show him films before he’s of age, and get him to do naughty things, the way he used to.  I don’t see that boys are inherently naughty, as he seems to think.  It’ll be down to me to teach both of them at the same time!!  Father and Son.  It’s so strange to think there’s a boy in there.  With a tiny winky.  (sorry, I’m not very good at the proper words!)

Oh, and we’d settled on a girl’s name, but not a boys name so we’re now back to the drawing board and commencing heated discussions.  Hubby still won’t accept what I want, and I guess as the father he has a say, so I’m having to put that one aside for now.  I think once we’ve decided, it’ll make things more real as well.  We can introduce him.  Or keep that a secret too.  Something tells me it won’t be decided until we meet him for real.  I’m so pleased though, Hubby is so happy.  He’s planning to teach him to love Thomas the Tank Engine and trains and sports.  I said he’ll have to learn a musical instrument too and maybe take up dance.  Hubby said no to that one!!!

Belly Button: Not too much change from last week.

What I miss:  I’m not sure this week.  Aside from Christmas drinks, I guess slim ankles!!!  My socks are digging in and after a day of work, my ankles have swollen 😦  At least they’re under trousers so don’t look too puffy.  And I’m going to miss looking forward to a next scan.  It’s ages to go now till we see him again, 19 weeks!!

What I’m looking forward to:  I’m still waiting for external kicks, and the next appointment is on the 28th December with the midwife.  We get to sign up for the last lot of health in pregnancy grants which will be a very handy £190.  I’m thinking cloth nappies and nursery stuff.

Milestones: Well, over half way through, and the gender known.  That’s quite a milestone.  I guess that puts me in the fifth month and 19 weeks to go!!

Bit of Shopping

It’s been a relatively lovely day today.

Steve and I (and the sonographer nurse of course) are the only people in the world to know for sure what we’re having, and it’s really nice to know our secret.

We’ve been discussing names and narrowing the ones we like down.  I think we’re almost there.  I won’t say just yet.  All I will say is I’m not allowed my Noah for a boy, although Steve does like my suggestions for a girl, both of them!!

I made my reveal cakes for work and my parents – I’ll be posting about that tomorrow, didn’t quite work to my original plan!  Tasty though regardless, but harder work than I’d anticipated.

We nipped out shopping at 4pm.  The thought of battling crowds in town on the coldest day of the year yet was not appealing, so we left it till later which worked well.  There was no traffic and the shops we wanted were quiet.  Steve got some new jumpers and a proper coat which he’s been needing for at least the three years I’ve known him, probably longer too!!

Then we stopped by B&Q and picked up a paint tester pot – ‘paradise’.  I’ve always said I’d do the nursery in a neutral colour such as pale turquoise as that would go with pinks, purples, blues and other colours too to be a bright and restful room.  And from the patches I’ve put on all the walls, I like it!

And then we nipped over to Dunelm and bought the Sleepy Owl bumper, newborn sleeping bag and a fleecy blanket!  Just a little purchase to compare the colour to (which I think works well) and suitable for a boy or a girl.

The spare room is getting more empty by the day.  I’m being very harsh and binning lots, sending lots to charity and I’m going to work on the wardrobe this afternoon.  It’s hard, as it has lots of clothes in that I can’t wear at the moment and I don’t know if I’ll ever fit in them again and I’m rather loath to get rid completely but I’m sure with a bit of adjustment I’ll be able to source new homes for some items.   There’s lots of space under our bed and I could put a box under there.  Once that’s empty we’ll take it down and get rid of the wing chair, then it’s just the desk and the single bed.  Then we can clean the carpet and paint the walls and put new baby stuff in!

And I will be posting my Sunday notification with the gender announcement later on tomorrow!  I’ve realised I missed my Friday week 20 picture as I went for the scan and forgot so I’ll have to have a go at taking one today instead.  I think I’ve grown.  I have a right ledge under my tummy now!!

And as the cakes were done and ready my parents came over at 9.30pm on their way back from Wales to have them adn we called Steve’s family to tell them.  We felt we were ready to do so.  Mum got what it meant straight away, Dad needed a little explaining first!!  They’re very pleased though.  I guess they would be either way though!!  It’s still a healthy baby isn’t it!!

Scan Day!

I was rudely awoken this morning at 5am by an odd beeping noise, that for some unfathomable reason didn’t wake Hubby until I woke him too!  We deduced it was coming from a smoke alarm I wasn’t aware that I even had!  Right at the top of the stairs which is a silly place for it to be as it’s practically unreachable.  Hubby stood on a chair in his boxers trying to poke at it, and it stopped beeping so we went back to bed for it to start again 30 minutes later.

Why do these things always go off in the wee small hours?!

So up I got, I can’t bear noise and Hubby just pretends he can’t hear it, rolls over and ‘pretends’ to be asleep.  He really is a Mr-ignore-it-and-it’ll-go-away.  Just like the leaky pipe under the sink, and the perished rubber on the washing machine.  It’s a good job I can ask my Dad for assistance on these things.  But I couldn’t call Dad at nearly 6am in the morning so I found Steve’s sword (yes, he has a sword that’s been used for nothing until this point) and I whacked it until the beep went a little more robotic sounding and it stopped for a bit more until we were up at least.

Anyhow, back to it.  I was up and showered and dressed and back to work this morning.  I still felt a bit woolly in the head and was sneezing and coughing but felt well enough to go in.  At least for the 3 1/2 hours I was due in today.

11.30am we went to the hospital, we walked up as it’s so much quicker than waiting to park and pay, and go there bang on time at 11.50 which meant we didn’t have to wait very long, and in we went.

It was lovely to see the baby again, (I’m going to remain gender neutral here for the time being, although I do know, but Hubby and I wanted to keep it a secret just for a couple of days to get used to it, and try names out and such!) and we saw the little hands and feet, and a face which was cute, the heart was going well, and all seemed in good working order with no reasons to worry!  Not like the horrid dream I had the other night where it was a conjoined twin with a small fetus attached to it’s head.

So after that we headed up to Stoke for the Mamas and Papas factory shop and got ourselves a buggy!  It was a Rubix, and the last one in, half price in the sale, so it was £197 reduced from nearly £400.  Mum and Dad said as it was so cheap, they’d buy us the car seat as well which comes with a base and is what Steve thought would be more practical for the car, so that’s all good too!

It’s the liquorice colour rather than bubblegum as they didn’t have the bubblegum in the shop but it is more gender neutral I think and it’s three in one.  We measured it and it fits and is comfortable to push and I know it’s not the silvercross I’d set my heart on, but that one didn’t do face both ways whereas this one does and I think that’s an important element so Hubby is happy its sorted, and I’m pleased as I think it’s traditional enough but with a modern twist too.

And now I’m thinking that I’ll go to B&Q and Dunelm and buy the paint and some fabrics ready to do the nursery after Christmas (at the Mama and Papas shop, they had half price furniture which even Hubby said we could buy!)

So all is well, and it’s been a lovelyday.

Ooh, and to finish it all off, Hubby bought me the pram charm for my bracelet which was lovely of him.