35 Weeks

How far along:  35 weeks with a big and heavy bump that just feels so full of squirmy baby….

Total Weight Gained:  I’ve not weighed myself again recently.  But I am struggling to walk distances.  There is a lot of weight in my pelvis and things are starting to feel the pressure down there.

Maternity Clothes:   To be honest, some bits are starting to feel tight 😦   I have one pair of jeans that fits, leggings which go over the bump are quite comfy and a couple of wooly jumpers.

Stretch Marks:  Still there across the top of my tummy.  I guess it had to happen.   My tummy is also itching as the skin is stretching.  Also, probably a bit TMI but my boobs are looking quite different too, and I am getting some crusty colostrum starting to collect in my nipples.  I didn’t leak at all for Joel and don’t seem to be leaking liquid this time either.

Sleep:   Sleep is awkward at the moment.  To think there could be 5 more weeks, (possibly 7 eek) of this is a bit glum.  My hips have also started being very painful so sleep isn’t the most easy.  Daytime naps are helping ease my tiredness levels and Steve has gone back to the spare bed so I have the big bed to myself with lots of pillows which helps.

Best Moment of the Week:   I’m not really sure.   It’s been a busy week.  Christmas was lovely.  Joel has been so very good.

Movement:  It’s been really crazy.   I just feel like this baby is huge and pushing out against me all the time.  I feel as though he can be pushing right down below which makes a lot of pressure in that area, whilst juggling something up in my ribs and pushing his bottom out in the middle.  It’s really weird feeling and very uncomfortable.  I can imagine him bursting out alien style at any moment.

Food Cravings:   Nothing weird.  It’s nice to eat chocolate at the moment and not feel guilty.   I went out for lunch with Steve today for New Years Eve as I’m not going to be up later, and had a lovely rack of ribs and chips which means I’m too full for much!  But I’ve had some grapefruit and Christmas cake with a cup of tea.  I can’t decide if I’m hungry or whether I have room for some tea.  When my tummy rumbles now it feels as though my stomach is a lot higher up than it ought to be!!

Gender:  He’s a little man!

Belly Button:  All flat and inside out!

What I miss:  Being able to sit without the extra weight on my legs!!  Turning over at night without needing to heave myself about.  Not burping all the time.  My pre-baby figure which I did not appreciate at the time!  I should have worn more bikinis!!!

What I’m looking forward to:  The consultant appointment next week.  Having a scan.  Deciding on a course of action to get this baby out!

Milestones:  Hospital bags are all packed and ready.  Clothes are all washed and put away, not that I have got a lot this time.   I shall get the buggy sorted into the pram soon.   Oh, and the bathroom is starting next week.  Not so much baby related, but important all the same!  Full term in two weeks.  No work next week – hurray!!!

Bump Pic:

34 Weeks + 4 Days

I’ve realised that I didn’t do my weekly update with the busyness of Christmas Eve and all that.

So here it is, half a week late:

How far along:  34 Weeks and getting bigger still …

Total Weight Gained:  I stood on my Mum’s scales and felt very heavy.  I think I must have put on nearly two stones now.  

Maternity Clothes:   I’ve had to give up on my dressing gown which doesn’t quite go around my middle and use Steve’s.  It’s still pretty cosy but I’m not sure you get maternity dressing gowns and there wouldn’t be any point to them anyway.  I’m missing out on all the January sales though.  no point buying maternity wear and don’t know what will fit or suit after the birth.  Gripe gripe gripe!!  

Stretch Marks:  Suddenly they have appeared 😦  They’re not terrible but they are reddy/purple and taking over my tummy again.  I thought I may have got away with it this time, but it was not to be.  I guess this final push of baby putting on fat has taken my stomach again beyond any point it originally thought possible.

Sleep:   I have a little routine going on this week.  I go to bed for a nap in the afternoon.  Normally an hour or so.  Then bed is around 9.30pm and I sleep on my left side till 1am.  Then I turn over and sleep on my right side till 3am.  Then I wake up aching and with sore hips, so get up, click everything back into place, waddle to the toilet, go to check on Joel who will inevitably be upside down in bed and on top of his duvet.  I put him back into bed, and then go back to mine, turning my pillow, fluffing my ‘nest pillow’ and go back to my left side till about 6am, then turn onto my right side and wait for Joel to wake up and come in shouting that he’s awake, he’s ready to go downstairs and he would like his cereal now!!

Best Moment of the Week:   I finished work!!  It was actually last week on Thursday which was my last day, but on Monday 14 of us went out for a Christmas meal.  It was very nice, and they’d done a little collection for me.   It won’t quite buy me a new changing bag which is what I wanted, but it will go towards most of it!   I think once Christmas is done I will feel a bit more as though it’s real and I have three weeks of holiday to use up now.  Joel will be at my parents on a Tuesday as normal, and nursery on a Wednesday and Thursday so for three days a week I will have time to myself before baby arrives.

Movement:  It’s slowing down a little.  And not to the point where I can’t feel it.  It’s more that the movements are slower and pushier.  I get full on stretching feelings where he’s doing something down below whilst stretching up under my ribs.   Then because my stomach rests on my lap now, if baby kicks or pushes down from within my ‘ledge’ I can feel it on my legs which is very weird indeed.

Food Cravings:   Still none really.  If I eat one big meal then I’m done for the day.  I seem to have not had such a reflux time of it recently although I did have peculiar sickness on Christmas Eve and Day mornings.  I was fine one minute and eating breakfast, then ‘bleurgh’ sick just once, then fine again afterwards.    I did have a glass of chilled prosecco on Christmas day which was lovely.

Gender:  He’s a little man!

Belly Button:  All flat and inside out!

What I miss:  Sleep.  Not aching.  Christmas pate and brie.  

What I’m looking forward to:  The end!!  Meeting the baby.  Finishing work.  Christmas.  January peace and quiet.  Maybe a cinema matinee.

Milestones:  Work is done and dusted.  I’m officially off now.  

Bump Pic:  Image-1

This is about a 10 week difference?  I can’t quite remember if the blue top was 24 or 26 weeks but it’s not lowered at all, just gone outwards!

photo (9)


This is me all dressed for lunch out on Monday.  A friend has lent me a bundle of maternity dresses (some unworn!!) so may as well make some use of them!!

Bathroom Blitz

Finally we have a start date for our bathroom!  I first got a quote from a builder on the 26th June and after booking them for November, and the being put back and back, my hopes of a new bathroom for Christmas faded.

But, early New Year is better than nothing and I’m excited to have a new room.

However, apparently I may have misread the quote which I thought included a bathroom suite, but on getting an email saying to ensure all bathroom bits were sourced for the 6th January, made Steve read it again to have him decide we needed to buy a bathroom.  Steve has no interest in anything householdy at all.  He doesn’t care about paint colours, wallpapers, tiles, carpets.  He says he’s adapted to how the house is, and wouldn’t mind never redecorating ever and he’s only putting up with me doing it because I’m doing it all!!

Anyway, he suddenly got more interested when he realised it meant it would cost more than he’d anticipated.  He wouldn’t go and look at actual bathrooms and bought a cheap one from Ebay.   I hate buying blind but he was so grumpy about it, it just seemed easier to go with it and say that I’d go out and choose some taps myself which can make a bathroom look a bit more special.   And if it’s nice, the bathroom he ordered is a good deal.  We also ordered a heated towel rail and I ordered some fixtures and fittings like a mirror, shelf, robe hooks etc… from B&Q which weren’t the cheapest but as Steve couldn’t find them cheaper online went and collected them today!!

The only thing we’re not sure about getting is the shower and what sort we need.  There seem to be differences to pipe sizes and with the builders re-routing some pipes currently exposed I think we need to wait for their advice.

The rest of the house will be sorted next year.  What we have remaining is our bedroom, the hall stairs and landing and garden.  And of course the kitchen which needs extending.  My dream plan would to be to knock down the current garage, rebuild it with new foundations and have a new bedroom built on top, and then out at the back to make a dining/living room and larger kitchen which goes into the utility room, with a cloak room and downstairs toilet.

Well, how much that will all cost I don’t know.  That is my 5 year plan.  But our bedroom will be done on the cheap, hall stairs and landing will need new bannisters, and spindles and a decorator as I’m not going up the ladders and Steve is of the opinion that to pay someone rather than do it himself is worthwhile (completely the opposite to his Dad!!) and I need to get someone in to finish our garden which is a big open space still.

We have pre-booked a fabulous looking climbing frame for Joel’s third birthday which family are all contributing to, so I really need the garden levelling by then!!

Time is of the essence so it’s all up to me to get sorted.

Spousal Stress!

Today is the day that Steve’s parents and brother are coming to stay.   I have been trying to tidy the house, get dinner prep sorted, change bed sheets, find air beds and all the paraphernalia that goes with a visit.

And Steve, he decided this morning was the opportune time to mess with his i-pad and change the cracked screen.  I said that the lounge floor was not the best place for him to do this as Joel and Izzy wanted to play and Izzy hadn’t been walked so was a bit playful.

So on the lounge floor he went and proceeded to keep shouting at Joel and Izzy if they came too close to his teeny tiny screws and i-pad components.

Two hours he dedicated to this task despite me running myself ragged trying to sort things everywhere else.  Finally he was done and then he wasn’t happy as he’d not wiped the screen before reattaching it and there was a bit of dust stuck on the inside.  He was very stressed about it, so I said to leave it, take Izzy and Joel out for a walk and some fresh air and carry on later.

So he decided he couldn’t possibly do anything helpful or constructive until this was done, and promptly cracked the new screen and ruined it all anyway.

Two hours of unhelpful i-pad construction wasted.

There really was nothing I could say that would be sympathetic or helpful so I just said nothing.  Thankfully he did then decide to take the dog and Joel out so I could have 10 minutes to sit down, have a cup of tea and tackle the vacuuming.  Whilst feeling a little bit smug if I’m quite honest.

I don’t know why he does this every time his family are due.  You’d think he’d care a little bit about helping me sort things.  But he just thinks I stress too much about making the house presentable and that his family won’t mind so he doesn’t care one bit.  Nor about me trying to do too much.  I’m resting now as my back is seriously hurting, and I still get no offer of taking over the vacuuming as he’s now on his lap top.  He doesn’t think visits constitute any work.

GRRRR!  Rant over!

My Christmas….

I have planned and prepared for this Christmas.  I even wrote lists to the amusement of Steve who couldn’t understand why I’d need a shopping list, a weeks menu, a Christmas day prep list of timings and such and some extra recipes.  I really don’t get how he thinks it all comes together in a random fashion as his mum says she does lists and planning too!!  He really took no notice of anything growing up!!

Christmas Eve was lovely.  I got up and got all my bits and bobs sorted.  I peeled potatoes, defrosted everything I’d bought in advance and frozen, set the table, prepared my bread sauce, chilled the wine, cooked the giblets for gravy stock, and got everything done that I could.

Then Steve was busy sorting church technical stuff for our carol service at church and Joel and I wrapped up and hitched a lift with my parents.  I was due to sing a solo and lead the carols but have been struggling with a cold for days and my asthma isn’t helping matters either!  Joel was very cute at the service in his Christmas onsie pyjamas and kept coming to me at the front and going back to Daddy on the lightpro.  I just about managed my solo although I struggled on the low notes due to a wheezy chest but I got the high notes which was the better way round!!

On returning home Steve and I sat and watched TV together and had our Christmas Day breakfast of muffins with scrambled egg and smoked salmon as we didn’t think we’d have time the next morning!!  That was nice and peaceful.

I stuffed Joel’s stocking whilst Steve wrapped his presents in the garage and then we turned in, expecting an early start!!

To be honest, I didn’t sleep well at all.  I was achey from all the standing during the day, the extra effort of the carol service, and excited about the next day.  I woke up at 6am and decided to get a start on dressing the turkey so came downstairs and buttered it, stuffed it with stuffing, added bacon and covered it in foil to put in the oven.  I peeled parsnips and carrots and put the sprouts in a pan.  Then I made a cup of tea and on hearing Joel get up, went back upstairs.  He hadn’t remembered it was Christmas so I showed him where his full stocking was.  Then he sat in bed with me awake and Steve still trying to sleep (apparently in his house Christmas didn’t start till 7.30am but try telling that to a 2 year old) so again he missed Joel opening his stocking for the third year in a row.

It was only on me threatening to open presents without him that got him downstairs in the end and he got his camera out to record Joel opening presents.  He was so sweet and said thank you to each one and opened it carefully, putting his paper aside and enjoying the contents before opening the next one.

We bought him a town playmat for his Wow toys and a rocket, a police plane and a police car.  He seemed to like them.  His favourite had to be the Chuggington trains that Santa brought though!!  Steve seemed to like his satnav holder, mini speakers, chocolates and electronic pen cleaner thingy (he’s hard to buy for!!) and I loved my Thomas Sabo charm of baby blue bootees, a nightie and soap and glory set.

We then went to get up and dressed for Church and Steve was comatose on the sofa so we left him whilst we went to church with the turkey cooking on the condition he get up and walk Izzy whilst we were out.  We got back an hour later to find him still comatose on the sofa.  With my parents imminently arriving, he was sent up to bed and I began to get on with dinner, checking the turkey (which had not really cooked enough, darn oven) and then Joel deciding he needed the potty for everything so I was trying to sort cleaning him, when my parents arrived!!

My Dad then entertained Joel and Mum checked the turkey with me and with Joel seeming tired we decided to try and walk him to get him off to sleep, plus Steve hadn’t taken Izzy out so they went for a good hour.  But he didn’t nap at all, just sucked his thumb so came back tired and a bit grumpy.

We sat down for our starter and Steve rallied round to join us.  Apparently his appetite wasn’t affected.   I don’t think he was ill, I just think he was over tired but he will insist on staying up watching TV late at night!  He called it fatigue though!!  Hmmm.

As things weren’t quite cooked and ready we had a break between the starter and main whilst I let the turkey rest and blasted the potatoes!  I even made my gravy from scratch!!  Things all seemed to come together quite nicely after a little wait and we sat down to what was (if I do say so myself) a very tasty Christmas lunch!  Joel was very funny and insisted on saying grace before every course.  He probably thought due to the waiting in between we were having lots of meals!!

Mum and Dad bought Joel a trampoline for Christmas so once we’d eaten our main course, due to the light fading and urgency of building, Dad and Steve went out to put it together.  Mum did washing up and I got to potter and rest for a little while!!  Then we re-assembled for Christmas pudding once Joel had had a bounce and I made white sauce (sweet with vanilla) for me and my parents and Steve had a pot of brandy butter to himself (with his strange southern ways).

Then we had another break before the fourth course of cheese and biscuits!  I was rather proud of the cheese course with some nice cheeses, grapes, celery, chutney and I made a pot of tea but Dad and Steve had port!!

After tea we cleared up again and went to watch a bit of Christmas TV.  Steve got sulky that we watched Strictly Come Dancing but cheered up when we opened some of Joel’s games.  He had a fun one from Santa where you wear a magnetic bug on your head and collect matching coloured balls, a magnetic fish game and a sort of ‘ker-plunk’ style game involving leaves and honey bees!!

He was a very tired little boy and once in bed fell asleep so we opened Steve’s new game of ‘Articulate’ and introduced my parents to playing that.  It was a lot of fun, and I do enjoy a game at Christmas!!  Then they departed and we retired to bed.  I was very tired, achey and sore and glad to lie down.  I slept pretty well as well with the main day being over.

Today will be a restful day to prepare for Steve’s family arriving tomorrow.  I need to finish my trifle and make some soup, change some beds and find the air beds to inflate.  Izzy will be going to my parents to be out of the way.  She gets too anxious and stressy with a houseful and it’ll make life easier if she stays calm at my Dads.

And that is Christmas 2013.  It’s been hard work being 34 weeks pregnant but Joel has really enjoyed himself and that made it all rather magical!

Merry Christmas!!

We’ve had a lovely day in our new house and Joel has been such a good boy for it!!

I’ve not got time for a big long detailed post, but here’s some pics from my phone which aren’t great, but show what we’ve been up to….

photo 5 (4)


I made mackarel pate as a starter which was good actually since the rest of the lunch took a lot longer than anticipated with my semi useless oven!!


photo 4 (8)


Here we are gathered!!

photo 3 (11)

photo 2 (11)


Christmas morning downstairs and opening presents!

photo 1 (12)

photo 5 (3)


Playing funny toddler games

photo 4 (7)


Steve carving his first turkey!

photo 3 (10)

photo 2 (10)


The festive table, with turkey, braised red cabbage, roasted carrots and parsnips, sprouts, roast potatoes, bread sauce, gravy and cranberry sauce.

photo 1 (11)

photo 5 (2)


Daddy taking lots of photos and film of Joel this morning…

photo 4 (6)

photo 3 (9)

photo 2 (9)


Joels stocking presents in our bed…

photo 1 (10)

photo 4 (5)


Joel’s stocking ready to be delivered…

photo 3 (8)


Christmas Eve, one sleep to go and feeling festive after our carol service

photo 2 (8)


Heading off to Christmas carols at church.  Joel in his pyjamas and santa hat.




photo 1 (9)


And me and Joel heading off.

These are all a bit out of order, but  guess you get the idea!

My funniest bits today involve Joel!  He loved the cracker hats, but being paper he kept ripping them.  He got through his own, then mine, Mum’s, Steve’s and he really wanted Grandad’s too but somehow he kept hold of his own and had it on whilst putting up the trampoline he got from them for Christmas.

He has really enjoyed opening his presents, but also being the elf to hand out presents to others.

He ate chocolate for breakfast, stuffing for lunch and white sauce for tea!


Joel’s new question is ‘why’ to everything.

I remember my little sister asking why to everything but at an older age!  I thought I’d have a few more years before having to think of an answer to every question under the sun.

It began on Tuesday morning.

I dropped Joel round to my parents for breakfast as they have him there for the day.  My Dad was transferring marmalade from a jar to a pot.  It’s fathy, but they like having their marmalade pot with a posh spoon!!

Joel observed for a minute then said ‘Grandad, what are you doing?’  Grandad replied ‘I’m putting marmalade in the pot to keep in the cupboard!’  to which Joel held up his hands in that toddler questioning pose and said ‘but why?!’

We all burst out laughing and Joel loves making us laugh and he chuckled too, saying ‘me funny, Joel so funny’!!  I told everyone at work but I guess you had to be there!

This morning’s conversation when along the lines of:

Joel – ‘Mummy, where’s Daddy?’

Me – ‘He’s asleep in bed’.

Joel – ‘But why?’

Me – ‘I’m not sure.  He doesn’t like to get up unless he has a business meeting and prefers to leave me to get everything sorted of a morning’.

Joel- ‘but why?

Me – I suppose because he’s had two morning meetings he can’t cope with the early starts and needs a lie in today.

Joel – ‘but why’

Me – He’s been working a lot of hours so needs a rest today.  He works so we can have this house and food.

Joel – ‘why?’

Me – because that’s the way our civilisation works.  We used to in the olden days exchange cows for eggs and wheat for fish but we now need money to do things like buy houses and food.  So Mummy works three days to earn money and Daddy works crazy hours to earn money.

Joel – but why?

Me – ‘Because the government say so’.

And at that point I was done.  I had nothing else to say and managed to change the subject.  I can see the ‘why’ question getting tedious soon!!!

36 Week Scan Booked!!!

I’m quite excited now as I’ve finally managed to get through to the scan and diagnostics department at hospital and have booked in for my 36 week scan before my consultant appointment.

Having not seen baby since 20 weeks it’ll be interesting to see how big he’s got now.  I know photos don’t really come out well at this point due to baby being bigger but at least we’ll see what’s going on in there a bit more.

I had a midwife appointment yesterday as my actual date fell on Christmas Day!!  She says I’m textbook, and measuring perfectly.   Baby is head down with a very firm bottom sticking on my left side and legs kicking me on my right side.

So my next appointment will be 36 weeks and the midwife will come to my house at 37 weeks to discuss birth plans!

I’m not sure there’s any point in a birth plan this time round.  With Joel I spent time writing it all out, printing it, even laminating it!!  The moment I went overdue and was signed up for an induction it went out of the window!!!

The only thing I’ve said I’ll put on it this time is to check with me before allowing visitors in hospital.   With Joel a friend happened to be in the hospital that first morning and just came in which took me by surprise.  And she brought her husband too which was a bit awkward since I wasn’t dressed, I hadn’t slept and was still paralysed waist down!!

Also one day when I was in (I had three nights in due to the emergency c-section) my father in law was very pleased to sneak all his family (Steves brothers) past the reception desk to bring them all in together.  I only felt up to having two visitors at a time so was not best happy to have them all staring at me and squabbling and being loud.   This time I want to have it restricted and I want peace and quiet!!  That will include when we’re home so I’ll make sure everyone knows to come and visit at different times and not for too long until we’re settled.

I have to think about getting Joel used to a baby brother as well, and want him to have some time just the four of us to get used to our new family before everyone else comes to meet him.   A bit of a babymoon I guess!

It’s all starting to feel more real now!!

33 Weeks

How far along:  33 Weeks and getting bigger still …

Total Weight Gained:  Still don’t know for sure, must be the weight of an adolescent baby elephant by now…..

Maternity Clothes:   I have one jumper that is long enough to get away with wearing at the moment that is not maternity wear.  Other than that, everything else (bar knickers!) is maternity.  I don’t know how people can say they can get away with not buying maternity!!  They wear their old jeans and just don’t fasten them and wear a baggy top?!  That would not do for me at all.  I can’t get my jeans up never mind done up and my regular tops don’t come down past my protruding naval!!

Stretch Marks:  Still no new ones as yet!  But with 7 weeks to go that means a possible further 7cm growth for my fundal bump measurement.

Sleep:   Not great again.  I keep waking up at 3am and then can’t sleep again till 5am so am oversleeping till gone 7 and having a rushed morning.

Best Moment of the Week:   This is my last week in work!  I know it’s early to be finishing, but I’m tired and looking forward to having a rest.  Plus it’s not technically maternity leave, but annual leave instead!

Movement:  It’s very weird.  I’m getting some very strange pushing feelings which make me feel odd and full up to my throat, and breathless.  Other than that I get hiccups in my down below (which makes me think baby is head down) and I got a foot in my ribs on the right side for a couple of days which was very painful.  And there’s another 7 weeks to go.

Food Cravings:   I am ignoring the healthy eating brigade and eating way too much chocolate at the moment.  I seem to have a sweet tooth.  And I still find eating big meals difficult.  The past few days a bowl of soup or beans on toast has sufficed for tea with a bowl of cereal for supper.

Gender:  He’s a little man!

Belly Button:  All flat and out!

What I miss:  Sleep.  Not aching.

What I’m looking forward to:  The end!!  Meeting the baby.  Finishing work.  Christmas.  January peace and quiet.  Maybe a cinema matinee.

Milestones:  Finishing work!  Hurray!

Bump Pic:  At some point!….

Bump Pic and Party

So here are my bump pics from Tuesday:

photo 2 (7)

Feet, feet, where fore art thou feet?!

photo 1 (8)


And on Tuesday Steve asked me whether he had anything suitable to wear to a black tie event.  Apparently he’d had an invite for us to attend a charity function on Friday night!!  I had to laugh.  This is very Steve, all last minute and not a clue about anything.

So I told him that he did not have anything suitable for black tie.  He obviously thought a regular suit with an actual black tie was all that was required.  I don’t know how he can know so little about these sorts of things!!  So after we went to the funeral on Wednesday we headed into town to try and rent him a suit for Friday to be told these things weren’t kept in stock and needed ordering weeks in advance!  But to rent a suit was about £70 and to buy one in their sale was currently £75.  So we bought him a suit, the dress shirt, a bow tie and a new pair of shoes which are considerably smarter than anything else he has ever owned!!  I guess these sort of invites will continue to come in as he’s mixing in these business circles.

What other ‘Steveisms’ can I regale you with?  We had a little dispute when I enquired where his cufflinks might be.  He said he didn’t need them, that he would just fasten the buttons on the sleeves.  I had to explain that dress shirts do not have buttons and cufflinks are required!  Whilst he was determined to use the buttons, (because of course I was wrong on this matter), I borrowed my Dad’s cuff link collection so that when he realised he did need them I had a pair on hand!!

Of course, it’s not just not knowing what to wear for occasions.  He generally gets confused with vocabulary!  The other day he was talking about a ‘tactile email’ from our minister.  I wasn’t quite sure what he meant, so said tactile meant ‘touchy-feely’ and he said I was wrong.  Of course, as he says I’m wrong he’s pulling out his i-phone to check the dictionary definition and after looking up three accepted that I was right and he had been using the word incorrectly.   Better with me than with a client I guess!!

Then he asked if I could hire a dress.  I told him women’s wear didn’t quite work the same as menswear.  But I did get a lovely black lace maternity dress quite cheaply from New Look.  And it seemed to be the right thing to wear as last night pretty much all the ladies were in black lace dresses and all the men were in black tie and it does help you feel more comfortable in a room full of strangers looking as though you ought to be there!

When we got there we were on the VIP table with our local MP and other representatives from the PR company who had invited us.  They were all friendly and we had some nice conversations whilst having a lovely four course meal!  We had soup to start, then roast turkey, Christmas pudding, a cheeseboard and mince pies!  I was very hungry and ate everything and then felt uncomfortably full once we were home!!  Then the highlight of the evening was watching a soul band perform from the 70’s!!  Their promotional photo on the menu made them look quite young so it was really amusing to see these three old men hobble out and then proceed to sing heartily for 45 minutes!  They were called ‘The Real Thing’ and sang ‘You to me are everything’ which was the only song I knew!!

I found a full length mirror in the ladies so this is me in my dress!

photo 3 (7)

I have legs!  I’m sure this time with Joel I had swollen legs and cankles!!


photo 4 (4)

And here we are at our table:



It was a fun evening and Steve appreciated me making the effort to be there with him.  Although he’s great in a business setting with his networking and selling himself, in a social setting he still gets a bit awkward and seems unsure of himself so that’s where I come in!!  I’m happy to chat to anyone about anything and it was nice to meet some folk from his networking group.

I have to say I’m suffering today though.  Having worn heels for the first time in ages I’m really achy and overtired but it was worth it.  I’m very glad we have a quiet Saturday today.  Joel is playing happily with his lego and we’re going round to my parents to put their tree up after lunch.  Maybe we could fit a quick nap in beforehand too!