Doctor Doctor

I went to the doctor last week with coughing a lot.    She gave me some cough linctus (which is a bit rubbish) and said to go back if I didn’t feel better.  My side began to feel as though it were splitting when I coughed.  Seriously, as thought I’ve been stabbed in my right side and there was a wound tearing open with every cough, or sneeze.

So after having had a rather sleepless night and been woken by splitting and agonising pains again I rang the doctor this morning and got in to see my favourite GP!!  Handily, Steve’s mum was visiting for a night, and we took Joel to his toddler group as normal, but I dashed off for my appointment leaving them to it.  Happily, he signed me off for a week.  I explained I was coughing a lot and thought I had pulled a stomach muscle.  He was sympathetic and listened to my chest saying I was rattling in my lungs which meant an infection.  I guess it was caught early as I don’t feel poorly from it or temperature at all but he gave me some strong antibiotics and told me to keep taking the paracetamols as pain relief.

I then went back to the toddler group where Joel was having a lovely time with his granny which was ace as I got to sit, drink tea and chat.

After a lunch of oatcakes, beans and bacon Joel was a bit floppy and went for a nap whilst Steve’s mum took our dog for a walk.  I could hear Joel coughing up a storm and kept checking on him but he seemed asleep despite the coughing.  After half an hour Steve’s mum returned, I went to see how Joel was and he was awake and looking at me.  I sat him up for a drink of water and whoosh – muscasy vomiting alert.  It just all came up and out.  All his lunch, breakfast, snack, 😦  I managed to catch most of it in his t-shirt and called for help!!  Joel was very upset (understandably) and still couldn’t seem to stop coughing.

I was getting nightmare flashbacks of our dash to hospital with a severe respiratory infection last year so in a panic managed to get him into the doctors at 5pm.   He coughed all afternoon and was very floppy and I got him all wrapped up and in the car.  We battled the rush hour traffic to get there on time to find things were running behind.  Sitting in the waiting room he began to perk up.  I hoped he’d at least cough in the doctor’s office but no.  When we went in he was happy, chatty, alert and pickley.   The doctor greeted him with a big raspberry, and Joel gleefully blew one back at him.  My heart sank and I felt embarrassed and neurotic.  To be fair, the doctor was very understanding and when I explained his previous history said I’d done the right thing, and it was better to be sure with little children.  I left it too late last time and the outcome was totally different.  So I can’ thelp but worry.

So I’ll just keep an eye on him, but at least he’ll be fit for my parents and nursery this week so I still should get my free days.

I’ve also been panicking about my hurting muscles and have even rung the delivery suite for advice!!  I did make the midwife laugh saying that she was perfectly able to tell me I’m crazy, but she recommended I pop along to a drop in midwife morning nearby tomorrow to have things listened to which I may do.  I just feel with the weird tearing feeling that something worse than a pulled muscle has happened.  Baby is still moving happily about, I’ve had no other signs at all, like bleeding or anything else so I’m sure things are all ok but it would nice to get some reassurance.

My 31 week appointment is on the 4th December so not till next week.

It’s so worrying waiting for this baby to come.  I don’t know how ladies in olden days did it to be honest!!

Blood Day :(

I’d almost forgotten that I had to have my bloods checked at my 28 week midwife appointment.

And I’ve had that many procedures this year from the hospital I’ve almost got used to it being done and have been much better than I used to be at having blood taken.

I am not afraid of needles at all, I can cope fine with injections.  I am not wussy about blood, i can deal with it.  I can’t actually explain what it is about having blood taken at all but it freaks me out and gets me stressed and I have a strange emotional reaction involving tears.  At least I used to.  I have been so much better since having canulas and all manner of things earlier this year.

Until this morning that is.

The main part of the appointment was fine.  My urine tested fine, my blood pressure was perfect and the heartbeat was banging away and she measured my bump today which measured fine on their scale for 28 weeks.

Then it was time for the blood tests!  I offered my left arm, looked away as I can’t watch the procedure, straightened my arm, let her tighten the torniquet, and pumped my hand to increase the blood flow.  I did everything I was asked to do.  She found a vein, stabbed at it and then it went!  She tried my right arm, and then my left arm again.  I have said time and time again to various folk that I have difficult veins but not one of them believes me until they’ve tried to get my blood themselves!

So the next phase was calling in a phlobotomist to have a go and she tried four times, twice each arm and was getting cross saying that I seemed to be in shock which made my veins shrink as the needle came near!!

As a last resort I had to lie on the bed and have the blood pressure thing on my arm and tight to push all my veins out.  I’m feeling bleurgh just thinking about it now, but they did get the blood finally.

It was just the same as my 28 week appointment when I was expecting Joel.  Except in the end they did give up and send me to hospital to have it done where it was very quick and painless!!

At least that should be it for now all being well.

Bouncing Bean…

So I had my 12 week scan today and I was put at 14 weeks!!  I knew I was about 13+5 so a couple of days extra isn’t too bad!  I just keep getting put earlier and earlier!  I’m still going to add two weeks on though as I can’t imagine this one coming early at all!!

The bean was jumping away so much it was difficult for the nurse to get a picture!  It was very lively and awake, quite different from the sleeping baby with a thumb in his mouth that was Joel!!


Here’s the scan pic today.



And a not very sure about the photo Joel!  He has such a sweet smile when he wants to give one, but today was not that occasion!



We shall announce it this week, once family have been told first!!  🙂



So last week I was walking along to my parents house on a sunny afternoon when I walked past a garden where folk were out and drinking lager.

I hate lager, can’t stand the stuff normally, but I caught a whiff of it, and immediatly wanted some. I ignored it for a while thinking how silly it was to want to lager when pregnant, and the fact I can’t bear it normally.

But last night, Steve bought me some alcohol free lager, so I sat down with a chilled glass of it and drank the lot! I felt very chavvy!! But much better. And I don’t think I want any more now. Is that how cravings work? I don’t recall really having anything like that with Joel at all. It was most odd!

Waiting Days…..

After the scan a week last Friday I felt reassured and ok having seen the wiggler in action.

However, that was 9 days ago and having had a dream the other night that things went bad again, I am now in a state of anxiety again and stressing. I can’t sleep (because our bed is creaking again, I don’t know what Steve did when he built it again but it didn’t do it after my Dad put it together), Steve snores terribly and Izzy has been sleeping on the top step on the other side of the stair gate and buffing in her sleep and woofing and every single noise I hear wakes me at the moment.

I feel like a zombie. A stressed out, anxious zombie which doesn’t help matters does it.

I can’t work out my dates anyway. From our holiday I reckoned I should be 9 weeks, but if you go back to the ERPC as an LMP date then I should be 12 weeks. The next date of my scan is 5th August when I’ll be nearly 14 weeks! Surely this is too late for the NT scan? I might ring up to enquire this morning. Ideally, I’d love to get a scan this Friday so we can tell people this weekend as we’re at a Steve’s family wedding.

Plus, I want to see that things are still ok. My tummy has gone down a bit, so the bloat has passed on (which happened last time with Joel) so I may be able to disguise the bump if we’re not telling people, and I’m not feeling to bad at the moment, just very tired so with having Joel I’ll be able to excuse myself early and take him to bed!! Perfect!

I just need to know that things are ok again this time. It’s amazing how quickly the reassurance of a scan wears off!


Today began as a stressy day.  The wretched dog escaped again so I ended up walking around the block shouting ‘Izzy, Izzy’ at 8am this morning thinking I shouldn’t be stressing about her and wanting to get in a bath instead.

But I found her trapped in a garden a street away.  Her forlorn face was peering out at me from behind a trellis and I couldn’t see how to get her out without disturbing the people who’s house it was.  I tried the doorbell but there was no answer, and so I then went to the neighbours garden, quietly went up the side path through a little gate and managed to create a hole in the side hedge and hold down some chicken wire so she could lope through, then I thoroughly castigated her, put the lead on her and met my Mum who was coming out to help me look, so she took her back to theirs so I could relax a bit!

Anyway, at 9.30 we dropped Joel at my parents as well and went to the hospital.  In all the chaos I’d forgotten to drink any water so I bought a bottle and began chugging it in the vain hope it would filter through in time.  It didn’t!  We went for the scan, the nurse saw a heartbeat (hurrary!) and estimated that we were just over 6 weeks (we’d thought 6-7) but she couldn’t get a good look as my bladder was too small.  So I was sent away for 20 minutes to drink more and finished the water and got a fried breakfast whist we were at it.  Then on going back my bladder was too full and obstructing things, so I had to do a half wee which was good as I thought I was going to wet myself things had got very uncomfortable to say the least.

Still, the image wasn’t great.  It was very tucked up to one side and not all that visible but I only needed to know that something was there and ok for now.

The staff were very kind and have booked me in for another scan in three weeks.  I’ll worry about that one as well as the last baby died at 8+6, and this scan will be 9 weeks.  But if things are ok, there’s only another 3 weeks until the 12 week scan and then maybe I’ll let myself think about things and feel excited.  It’s not sunk in at all yet and I’m still fearing the worst.

One day at a time though.  That’s all I can do.


He loves his funky bandana bibs though (well, ok, maybe he has no preference but I like them!!)

At our ante-natal class reunion. It was a very interesting meet up with 6 very different stories.

Out of the six babies, two had tongue tie, two mums had c-sections, (one being me), four of us were still breast feeding (me again!!), one baby had to spend two weeks in special care, having come 5 weeks early and then become jaundiced, and one baby has been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and will need medication for his whole life.

That’s a lot to take in really, for his parents their lives have taken a turn for the unexpected.
We’re so lucky to have such a healthy baby. Yes I had issues after the labour but I’d rather that than him have any problems.

But we were all glad to have undertaken the classes. And learnt a lot. 

And here we all are below:

It was strange almost having all these babies there instead of the bumps we all had before!!

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