30+4 Bump Pic

The main reason that I’m being a bit rubbish with the bump selfies is that since moving house I don’t have a decent mirror anywhere to take full length pictures of the bump!

We moved over 6 months ago and I’ve not even been to Ikea yet!!  I think the husband would worry that I’d go crazy and to be fair I would.  I just want so many little things as finishing touches, a picture here, a mirror there!!  Our bedroom is terrible, it’s the last room to be done by Christmas (and may not make it to be honest) but until the wallpaper is stripped and we choose colours and get ourselves two matching wardrobes and a chest of drawers I don’t know where a mirror would go anyway.

But i remembered last night that there is a half mirror inside my Grandma’s old wardrobe (which I’ve had for over 10 years now so a new one is overdue!!) so here you go.  The crazy bump at 30 and a half weeks!!

photo 2 (5)

I’m in my maternity jeggings and a tight black top to show it off but will have a tunic top over the top later which is a bit more flowing!

photo 1 (6)


It is really getting heavy now.  I don’t think I could bear to go overdue again this time!!  At least I know the midwives can’t let it happen to the point of being induced again!!   And here’s a couple to compare with……

Looking plump at 16 weeks..

Looking plump at 16 weeks..Stafford-20130830-01924

And here I am looking short and wide!  There was a full length mirror in the ladies at the Eastbourne conference centre!

And here I am looking short and wide! There was a full length mirror in the ladies at the Eastbourne conference centre!

photo 1 (6)

How much more can my tummy stretch!!!!


Nursery Reveal!!!

I cannot describe how exciting it is to post pictures of our nursery now it’s all done.

Well, except a new carpet of course.  I think that may have to be after Christmas now, but the one in is fine and cleans up well.  It’s just that it’s not our carpet. Maybe I’m being fussy.  My Dad thinks I am!!  I’m not sure he’d have changed anything about this house at all from moving in!!

Anyway, I digress, here are pictures of the before and the after:


new house 13


You may recall it had fitted units and a dresser.  The cupboard on the right hand side has the boiler in, and a handy airing cupboard space so we decided to leave that there for now.  Its just easier but we removed the central dresser and cupboard on the left hand side.  The carpet although not to our personal taste is ok, and a quality one so we’ve left that for now.

photo 1 photo 4


These two pictures are with the cupboards removed and the different paper patterns of yesteryear!!  I steamed the paper off myself (it was good to be able to do something!!) and my Dad has hung lining paper, my Mum has helped paint it.  We opted for two B&Q shades, one taupey colour called Lauren and a neutral cream called Soft Almond.

photo 4 (2)

So here is my nursing chair which was a present from Steve’s parents before Joel was born.  It is so very comfy, especially with the footstool.  I can’t wait to be sitting in it again in the wee small hours with baby!!  The blanket over it was a gift from my Aunty who is a brilliant crochet-er (!)  She did it in purple colours as they were our wedding colours!!

photo 3 (4)

The reason it’s taken a little while to get these pictures up is that I felt this wall was a bit bare, and without wanting to cover it with photo frames, I wanted to see what I thought of wall stickers.  I’d had these from Amazon in my basket for a while, and I have to say, I love them!!  I think they help add a bit of woodland gaiety to the room without being overpowering.  I’ve used them all around rather than focusing on one wall, and they’re just really cute!!

photo 2 (3)

This little fellow is sitting over the light switch!!

photo 1 (4)

This is our spare single bed.  It comes in useful in the nursery if one of us needs to sleep in there and if Steve’s Mum pops along for a night like she did at the weekend.  The pictures and cushion are from the Dunelm Sleepy Owl collection.  I bought the duvet and throw to match the bright colours of their range.  At our old house we had painted the walls a very pale aqua colour, called Paradise, and on moving to this new house, used the same paint colour as the curtains etc.. went in Joel’s new bedroom (which is the box room of the house).   Rather than buy a new nursery set we decided to update Joel’s room to a more boyish one, (he now has friendly dinosaurs!!) but it all matches the aqua colour!  So we opted for a more neutral palette in this room which I think works.

photo 5 (1)

I had to draw the curtains to show them here.  They were bought to fit our old house window which was long and narrow, whereas these are short and wide!  A lovely lady at church took them away and did magic things to them to make them fit perfectly!  They have blackout lining which is brilliant as the sun comes right in through the back windows of a morning!  I love that they are bright and cheery, unisex and match anything due to all the colours in it!!

The moses basket is resting here until baby comes into our room.  And at the foot of the cot you can see my breastfeeding pillow.  It’s a Flopeeze which I used with Joel.  It was helpful, and we used it as a prop for him when learning to sit as well.

photo 4 (3)

On the far right is a changing unit, although without the changer part attached.  When it was taken down at the old house, the brackets went ‘missing’.  It’s currently housing first size nappies, muslins, maternity pads, breast pads and other bits I’ve had to start collecting.  I will have to visit Ikea to see whether I can get the missing brackets as it was very handy!!

photo 3 (5)

And here’s the cot and baby wardrobe.  The wardrobe still has a lot of Joel’s clothes in it.  We are thinking that he could have a chest of drawers in his little room to free up the wardrobe for baby stuff, but we’ll see.  Joel’s room is very tiny, you can just fit a single bed in there, but with baby needing changing units and me wanting nursing chairs etc… it made more sense to use the larger spare room as the nursery.  They may decide to share the larger room when a bit older though, so we’ll see how things go.  Who knows, maybe Steve will say we can have an extension sooner rather than later and I can have my dream kitchen and another bedroom added onto the house!!

photo 2 (4)

Here’s the cot again, the changer unit, and the box beside it is full of baby toys ready to come out at some point.  That’s the good thing about having another boy.  I haven’t needed to buy a lot this time!  You can see a few more wall stickers I’ve put up there, and a little photo frame collection (Sleepy Owl) which has newborn pics of Joel in.

photo 1 (5)


And the moses basket again with some stickers going along the wall behind it.    Things are a little cramped at the moment.  We haven’t decided that the furniture is going to stay where it is at the moment but with recommendations that cots don’t go against external walls we don’t have a lot of options as to where that goes!!  But for now, I’m just loving going in and sitting in my chair and admiring the hard work which has really paid off.  I’m so glad and happy that its all done now 🙂

Coughs and Husbands

I’ve been asthmatic for a few years now.  It all began when I got really bad bronchitis, was off work for a few weeks and was really poorly.  Since then I just seem to get chest infections and need inhalers when the weather gets cold.  I’m fine during the summer, but need a steroid inhaler to strengthen my lungs and a reliever for when I get too wheezy.

So I do feel justified in being signed off work this week with another chest infection.  I know from experience that going into work and not resting only exacerbates the issues and results in me needing longer off work.

Being married to someone who doesn’t believe in getting ill 95% of the time (and is a terrible patient the other 5%) does get a bit wearing!  Especially at the moment as he has a little cough and keeps saying things like “maybe others have got this illness ‘we’ve’ got”.  I think to myself, he is not a pregnant asthmatic with a chest infection and a pulled stomach muscle.  He cannot count his little tickly cough with my lung wrenching painful stomach cramping cough.  He can’t way ‘We’ as he doesn’t have what I have!  He can’t take away my illness from me!!

I’ve had a lovely couple of days at home though. I’ve had the heating on, snuggled under a fleecy blanket, drunk hot blackcurrant squash, finished watching Nashville season 1 (oh my, it’s engaging!!) and napped every afternoon till about 3pm.  It really is what the doctor ordered.

Today I did a bit of online shopping (hurray for pay day) and have some wall stickers arriving for the nursery tomorrow so hopefully I’ll get them put up and can then show my photos off!!  I’ve also bought a birthing ball.  This baby is still sideways and I want to start sitting and bouncing to encourage him into place.  I did have one for when expecting Joel but Steve seems to think he may have binned it.  Or something.  Goodness knows.

A lady from church put this picture on my facebook page today asking where the other two were hiding:



I am looking rather all out there with the bump at the moment but am not prepared for more than one.  Steve said if there were more than one in there he’d ask for his money back.  I said ‘what money?!  what have you paid for?!’ as it’s not as though you pay the NHS for a scan!!  And we’ve had enough scans to be assured there is only one.  I’m just a short person and the only way is out for this baby.  It would be nice though if there were two and I could send Steve for a vasectomy!!  It’s funny as he always said he wouldn’t have one and I would need my tubes tied.  I’ve always maintained it’s easier for the man to get the snip and I wouldn’t contemplate having it done.  Anyway, I’ve always thought three was a good number.  But suddenly Steve is saying two is the end.  I don’t know.  I will wait to see how I feel in a years time and whether I could even cope with another pregnancy.  It’s harder this time than last I think.  Before we married he wanted four!!

The bump is getting very tight and itchy now.  I’m using Palmers cocoa butter lotion to try to soothe it down but I think this is where the skin’s elasticity goes to the point of no return.  I’m expecting stretch marks to start pinging their way along any time soon 😦



And I saw this today and though how very true.  Steve sleeps through anything.  Comes to bed late after going out to watch TV shows with his friend, gets up late and goes straight to work whilst I’m up in the night seeing to Joel if he wakes, getting him sorted in the morning, dealing with trying to dress a toddler who does not want to take his pyjamas off  (“Mummy, I need my pyjamas on”) and going out in the cold to get him to nursery in time for breakfast.  Whilst I’m meant to be signed off work.    It’s all right for some isn’t it.  And it normally seems to be better for the husbands.  Steve thinks I’m too controlling at times and things have to be done my way.  Maybe he’s right.  I don’t really trust him to do things right when it comes to Joel but that’s because the times he’s been left in charge, he’s not got to nursery in time for breakfast so has gone without until snack time!!

I think he knows that he has to up his game when this baby arrives and he can’t laze in bed and go to his office with 15 minutes to spare.  He will have to get up and dress Joel and sort things for nursery.  He can’t expect me to do night feeds and be up in a morning.  It will be interesting to say the least and I anticipate some blazing rows ahead.  But hopefully we’ll adjust and be a good team again.  Ooh-er 😦

Doctor Doctor

I went to the doctor last week with coughing a lot.    She gave me some cough linctus (which is a bit rubbish) and said to go back if I didn’t feel better.  My side began to feel as though it were splitting when I coughed.  Seriously, as thought I’ve been stabbed in my right side and there was a wound tearing open with every cough, or sneeze.

So after having had a rather sleepless night and been woken by splitting and agonising pains again I rang the doctor this morning and got in to see my favourite GP!!  Handily, Steve’s mum was visiting for a night, and we took Joel to his toddler group as normal, but I dashed off for my appointment leaving them to it.  Happily, he signed me off for a week.  I explained I was coughing a lot and thought I had pulled a stomach muscle.  He was sympathetic and listened to my chest saying I was rattling in my lungs which meant an infection.  I guess it was caught early as I don’t feel poorly from it or temperature at all but he gave me some strong antibiotics and told me to keep taking the paracetamols as pain relief.

I then went back to the toddler group where Joel was having a lovely time with his granny which was ace as I got to sit, drink tea and chat.

After a lunch of oatcakes, beans and bacon Joel was a bit floppy and went for a nap whilst Steve’s mum took our dog for a walk.  I could hear Joel coughing up a storm and kept checking on him but he seemed asleep despite the coughing.  After half an hour Steve’s mum returned, I went to see how Joel was and he was awake and looking at me.  I sat him up for a drink of water and whoosh – muscasy vomiting alert.  It just all came up and out.  All his lunch, breakfast, snack, 😦  I managed to catch most of it in his t-shirt and called for help!!  Joel was very upset (understandably) and still couldn’t seem to stop coughing.

I was getting nightmare flashbacks of our dash to hospital with a severe respiratory infection last year so in a panic managed to get him into the doctors at 5pm.   He coughed all afternoon and was very floppy and I got him all wrapped up and in the car.  We battled the rush hour traffic to get there on time to find things were running behind.  Sitting in the waiting room he began to perk up.  I hoped he’d at least cough in the doctor’s office but no.  When we went in he was happy, chatty, alert and pickley.   The doctor greeted him with a big raspberry, and Joel gleefully blew one back at him.  My heart sank and I felt embarrassed and neurotic.  To be fair, the doctor was very understanding and when I explained his previous history said I’d done the right thing, and it was better to be sure with little children.  I left it too late last time and the outcome was totally different.  So I can’ thelp but worry.

So I’ll just keep an eye on him, but at least he’ll be fit for my parents and nursery this week so I still should get my free days.

I’ve also been panicking about my hurting muscles and have even rung the delivery suite for advice!!  I did make the midwife laugh saying that she was perfectly able to tell me I’m crazy, but she recommended I pop along to a drop in midwife morning nearby tomorrow to have things listened to which I may do.  I just feel with the weird tearing feeling that something worse than a pulled muscle has happened.  Baby is still moving happily about, I’ve had no other signs at all, like bleeding or anything else so I’m sure things are all ok but it would nice to get some reassurance.

My 31 week appointment is on the 4th December so not till next week.

It’s so worrying waiting for this baby to come.  I don’t know how ladies in olden days did it to be honest!!

30 Weeks…

How far along:  30 Weeks

Total Weight Gained:  Still don’t know for sure…..

Maternity Clothes:   Nothing else will fit now.   I have to say, I’m so glad of my maternity coat.  It’s got really chilly here and I couldn’t be without it now.  My waterproof coat is way too tight around the tummy now to zip up.

Stretch Marks:  Still not got any more.

Sleep:   Not good again.  I’ve been coughing something awful and my hips are really achey now during the night.  I’m managing to sleep through with only one toilet visit at the moment but my cough is causing a lot of pain with what I think is a pulled muscle in my right side.  Honestly it feels as though I’m ripping open when I cough.  It’s agony.

Best Moment of the Week:   It’s not great, but I got signed off work for a week today at the doctors.  He listened to me cough and said my lungs were rattley at the bottom and I had an infection.  So I have to rest for a week.   I feel as though I need it.   I could cope with the cough on its own but with the painful muscle I’m a bit useless at the moment.  When I was in with my doctor I got a coughing fit which then made me cry with the pain of it and that was it.  A sick note.  Hurrah.

Movement:  Still fine and lots of them.  I do feel that things are a lot different to when carrying Joel.  I get these breathless moments when my whole tummy goes hard and feels pushy outy as though he’s turning about heavily.

Food Cravings:   I have just eaten a huge tin of grapefruit.  I love it with some sugar on.  And Cadbury’s Brunch bars are my new favourite naughty snack.  Mind you, I’ve been eating terribly these past few days.  I’ve really had the munchies for cakes and sweets and chocolates!!

Gender:  He’s a little man!!

Belly Button:  All out and flat.

What I miss:  Sleep, feeling well, not feeling heavy, not feeling achey, just feeling myself I guess.  I feel a bit as though I can’t control myself or my emotions at the moment.  Steve and I have had some right barney’s this week, mainly because he is working crazy hours, I can’t cope with everything at the moment and he is not being at all sensitive to the fact that I am more emotional and highly charged than normal and trying to be nicer to me.  It’s  a flammable combination.  If I were my normal self I could probably bite my lip more, or cope with the extra pressure more but we’re both really on edge this week.

What I’m looking forward to:  Having a few days to snooze, finish watching Nashville, catch up with Modern Family, not think about work at all.  And some online shopping after pay day.

Milestones:  30 weeks along now.  And 10 weeks to go.   The nursery is done now with the cot assembled, the nursing chair in place.  My hospital bags are packed so I’m pretty much ready in case little dude decides to come early.

Bump Pic:  

Dining Room….

My Mum and Dad have been brilliant the past couple of days and helped to finish painting the nursery and fix the dining room.

I just need to hang the curtains and build the cot up in the nursery which will be later today and then I’ll have some photos to show, but here is the dining room which is pretty much done bar getting a cupboard for the corner to stand a little TV on!!  We hope to fit a chair and a rug in as well, but we’ll see 🙂  Oh, and the carpet will be replaced with wooden flooring but that may have to wait now until after Christmas.

photo 3 (3)

This is a bit dark, but shows our curtains and dining table by the doors into the little conservatory.

photo 2 (2)

This is a photo frame I got from Next with birthday vouchers.  I know it seems rather narcissistic but Steve actually has NO photo’s that I could add to it!!  So I’ve put in some of my family photos I love, my maternal cousins with my Grandma at her birthday (possibly 85th) and my paternal cousins at my Great Aunty Joan’s wedding (her first wedding at 78 years old!!) my sisters and me, Aunty Joan and me at my wedding, my parents and me on my 18th birthday, my Uni friends in a group pic on my 23rd birthday, Joel looking cute and me and Steve on the first morning of our honeymoon.  And one Cranston pic of Steve’s brother’s wedding day.  Steve is terrible at taking photos of family and people anyway, and has nothing like that to show his friends or family through the years!!  I have asked his Mum for some old family pics to put up as all our pics around the house are very me-centric!!  The only pics I have of his family are from our wedding, and a couple I copied from facebook to put in frames so it didn’t look as though I was deliberately cutting them out!!

photo 1 (3)

This is the corner which still needs a new cupboard/shelves or something.  But you can see the fireplace has been fixed and the floral carpet!!!

photo 4 (1)

This is looking across the room from the messy corner, and the two pictures are from my old house but the wall was bare, and I may get a couple of prints to replace the blue tulips.  I do love my door with the glass pane!!  Have I mentioned that I now have four solid doors to go upstairs at some point.  They arrived this morning and are stored in the garage.  I do love a bargain 🙂

photo 3 (2)

I love this corner.  It has my Grandma’s bureau in it.  It’s a lovely walnut piece of furniture and the item I was allowed after she died in 2003.  I think there is a matching sideboard which my sister had and doesn’t use any more, but whether that would be too heavy in the dining room I don’t know.  I could ask for it I guess.

photo 2 (1)

And here is the fireplace all fitted with a mirror and my Mum popped a light tree in the middle just for effect!!  I will have to add something to put in the middle.  The carpet was cut around the old hearth which was ugly which is why it all needs replacing and with toddlers and babies wooden floor will be more practical to clean than carpets which would be ruined with food flung about.

photo 1 (2)


And through the door again!!  I love it 🙂  And here’s a reminder of how it was to start with 6 months ago….

new house 19


Thinking about how much it cost makes it a bit of a bargain.  The curtains were a present from my parents (which my Mum got cheaply in the Dunelm sale anyway), the labour of stripping the wallpaper was done by family and removal of the cupboard units was the same.  We had to pay to have the fire taken out, and then the silly gas pipe taken out which was about £230 in total but you can’t quibble with gas pipes and such.  Then the wallpaper (we used a quality lining paper) was only about £10 and my Dad hung that for us and the paint was under £15.  The door was £10 in a clearance sale, the fireplace was £10 from Ebay, I got the curtain pole for £17 in the B&Q sale and everything else we already had.  I don’t know how much flooring will cost yet, I’ve not done any looking about yet.  So I’m hoping to get a cupboard unit on Monday to complete it all sort out the TV and wires up that corner so discounting the gas costs, the room was done for under £100 (or hopefully will be).

It’s funny to think that next door has been sold and bought by a developer.  They’ve spent 8 weeks doing the property up to rent out.  They’ve had  a lot of work as it needed completely re-wiring which meant plastering.  They’ve knocked down the kitchen/dining room wall to make one big room and opened up doors and blocked up others.  They’ve just got to the decorating stage and it’s all magnolia and put a new kitchen in.  It’s taken us 6 months to do what we’ve done but then they’ve worked every day solidly.  I’d love to be nosy and have a look around it.  We did view it beforehand but there were probate issues which meant they weren’t accepting any offers and I doubt they’d have accepted our offer anyway and the right house came along shortly afterwards for a better price and if we can carry on doing it up as cheaply as we are (although admittedly over a longer period of time) then we’ll have really got a bargain.

Chills and Sniffles

Am I still grumpy?  Not so much today.

Am I still tired?  Yes!   I am still not sleeping with waking up through the night for toilet trips, turning over in bed and now I have a wretched cough which has caused me to pull a stomach muscle so coughing is not only annoying for my throat, but is agony for my side as well.  It’s worrying thinking about baby in there, but I can feel him moving about so he is fine but I feel as though I can only cough clutching my side in an effort to hold things in place to alleviate the stabbing pains 😦

I’m glad I’ve not been at work this week although I’m not sure I will be fit for work next week either at this rate!  I did go to the doctor yesterday who said I had a bit of a temperature and my ears were inflamed but not enough for antibiotics and to go back Monday if I wasn’t feeling better.  She also gave me some syrup for my cough which is ok for pregnancy.  Whether it will help or not I don’t know.

I will certainly attempt to nap today and put Joel down for a sleep.  As it’s Friday he can stay up a bit later if he wants to and hopefully see Steve who hasn’t been getting in till after 10pm every night as he’s working so many hours at the moment.

And I’ll keep sipping my hot water, lemon and honey!!  And taking paracetamol for all the good that it’s not doing 😦  *sigh*

Oh, and in other news, Joel has been dry in the day since one accident on Sunday, and that was after a dry weekend too, so one accident in 8 days is great!!  He’s been taking himself to sit on his potty when he needs to go.  At his toddler group on Tuesday my Mum told me he kept pulling his trousers and pants down where he was playing then waddling like a penguin to where the potty was!!  He doesn’t realise its quicker to run there with trousers up and pull down ready to sit down!!  But at least he’s sensing the signals!!


29 Weeks

How far along:  29 Weeks :)  Despite the smiley face I’m not the most positive person this week.

Total Weight Gained:  Not sure this week.  No scales to stand on.

Maternity Clothes:   Yes indeed.

Stretch Marks:  Nothing new yet.  A lady at work was showing me hers saying which ones were from her first and which were from her second!  I wouldn’t have thought I’d have been able to tell the difference to be honest!!

Sleep:   Awful.  I am so tired and achey today.  I had a terrible night’s sleep.  My hips and pelvis are so painful at the moment and I’m going to have to start sleeping on a duvet I think for extra softness as my maternity pillow is not cutting it any more.  I’m aching, weepy and very emotional this morning.  My Mum walked in and commented on how many pairs of shoes there are in the hall and I’ve spent the last 10 minutes crying about it.  Yes there are a lot but I cannot be bothered to move them.  Half of them are Steve’s giant shoes which take up a lot more space than my shoes anyway.  And part of me feels if he isn’t bothered to do anything to help me, why should I even bother.  He wouldn’t notice.  Everything feels like it’s a tip and things are not progressing as fast as I’d like on the house and my dream of it all being done by Christmas is slowly fading.  I don’t have the energy to tidy everything away and we don’t have homes for everything yet.  I was meant to be starting our bedroom this week but the nursery isn’t finished so I just don’t have the space to move all the furniture about to get at the walls.  I’m too tired to do much anyway and am reliant on others to help which means if they’re busy it just won’t get done.  And I can’t afford to buy the shelves I need to give things a home to make things tidier so they are stacked about in boxes which my Mum comments on ‘needs sorting’.  I agree and if someone wants to give me a big influx of cash, I can sort things.  If not, please don’t comment.  I’m too emotional this week to handle unhelpful comments like that.

Best Moment of the Week:   I’m not sure I have one.  I’m very down this week and not coping with the tiredness.

Movement:  Yes, lots of night time kicking, prodding and squirming at the moment.  Thus the tiredness.

Food Cravings:   I’m starting to struggle with meals.  I can’t physically fit a proper sized meal in without feeling ill, so little and often is the way I think from this point.  I just had beans on toast for tea and a bowl of cereal for supper yesterday.  I can’t face cooking a big meal that Steve will turn his nose up at and mean a whole lot of clearing and washing up for me later.  (Yes, Steve still hasn’t touched any cleaning or clearing from last week).

Gender:  He’s a baby boy!!

Belly Button:  Flat flat flat.  I think my bump is pretty neat and round at the moment.  I began getting weird poking coming out of my side last night so my whole stomach was lurching about.

What I miss:  Feeling normal.  Feeling like I can do things and sort things.  I hate being helpless.  I’ve been quite an independent person since moving into my own house over 10 years ago and having to rely on others to do things for me to get things done is taking it’s toll.  I can’t just get on and do my own decorating and no, it’s not teaching me patience.  It’s making me fed up.  And have to bite my tongue a lot and sound awfully ungrateful.

What I’m looking forward to:  I don’t know.  The thought of 5 more weeks of work is rather wretched.  I feel fit for nothing.

Milestones:  Erm, maybe losing my positivity is a milestone.  I met a girl in the supermarket yesterday who I know from school and she is expecting her second baby a couple of months after me.  She said she had no idea carrying a second baby was so hard when looking after a toddler.  She too is suffering with her back and pelvis, sleep deprivation, she wasn’t holding back and I was so glad to be able to hear that someone else is feeling like me!  I don’t like feeling as though I’m moaning all the time.  I feel bad moaning and grumbling about something I wanted.  But today, I am a moaner.  I am a grumbler.  I apologise for not feeling positive all the time.  I know I ought to.  But this is hard.  And I hurt.  And my energy is sapping away.  And even typing this I’m feeling like crying because I’m fed up.

Bump Pic:  soon….  but in the meantime this is me today.  Again apologies.  Did I mention I also have a dry tickly cough.  Yep, that’s not helping matters either.


bad day quote purple

Exhausted Is Not the Word!!

Remind me to not sign up for a weekend conference being 7 months pregnant again!  I just found it so tiring and am suffering today!!

We started with a long 5 hour drive with one break down to Eastbourne on Friday and checked into our B&B.  It was pretty basic, but had everything we needed for two nights and was 1 minute from the conference centre which was brilliant as last year we were a mile away!!

We registered at the Mission Worship conference and went along to the first session Friday evening which was 7.30 – 9.30.  It was really good, we had excellent seats, the worship was led by Worship Central (Tim Hughes, Ben Cantelon and Luke Fellingham) and Glenn Packiam was speaking.  I wasn’t too tired although just a bit achey from the long drive down.

On Saturday we had a 9.45 start with a big celebration all together, with worship led by New Life Colarado and Glenn talking again before Martin Smith led worship, then the afternoon was split into three seminar sessions.  I did nip back to the hotel at lunch time for a sit down and a cup of tea in my room as Steve went into the town for McDonalds and then it was suddenly 1.30 and time for the first session and I’d been asleep!!  I just made it in time, so thank goodness for the noisy seagulls who woke me!

I attended two New Songs sessions which I really enjoyed.  I don’t think my brain could have coped with heavy theology to be honest, but it was good to meet some current song writers, learn their new songs and get an understanding as to why they wrote them and the meanings behind them.

Then the others stayed on for a third seminar but I needed a break so wandered into the town as well, getting a drink and having a slow mooch and got a table at the local Wetherspoons for dinner.  After some food we headed back for the evening celebration again and it was back to bed for me.  Steve didn’t go to the late night sessions either.  Just being on the go so much was exhausting.  Lou Fellingham led the first session and Pete James from Spring Harvest led the second session.

And Sunday morning I began to struggle.  We were up earlier as it had an earlier start and I couldn’t stand as much as previous days so had to remain seated for the worship (Chris McClarney and Robin Marks)  It was very good though, as was Glenn’s preaching although I hate to admit I nodded off on Steve’s shoulder as I couldn’t keep my eyes open and we set off for home straight after coming out at 1.30.  We had a long 5 hour drive ahead of us!   And I was uncomfortable.

I am not going anywhere else on a long drive again until after this baby is born.  I just can’t do it at the moment and need to ensure I get enough rest.  Something I’m not sure Steve understands, but I certainly will be looking after myself better from this point forwards.

And I missed Joel so much.  He had two nights at my parents who took him to Wales for the day on Saturday to play with his big boy cousins Theo and Isaac, and he had a wonderful time.  He came running to say hello when we collected him last night and seemed glad to see us although he went straight back to playing with Grandad’s cars which is a good thing I guess!!  It was hard leaving him as he’s more aware of things than he was last year, but I guess it’s good for him in the long run.  Steve and I did this conference last year as well, and although I knew this year would be different I hadn’t prepared for how tired I would be.  I doubt I’ll make it next year with a 9 month old, but Steve and the others are keen to go again.

We’re having a quiet day in today to recover as we are both coughing a lot and feeling weary and its nice making the most of cuddle time whilst we can with just the two of us!!

And there are 36 sleeps until Christmas!!  And when I finish work 🙂  Hurrah!

28 Week Bump

Well, it may be closer to 29 weeks but at least it’s a pic!!

And please excuse the bare tum pic if you’re of a sensitive disposition!!  At least I’m still fitting in my knickers!  For now!!

It's a bit dark, but this was in our B&B room in Eastbourne.

It’s a bit dark, but this was in our B&B room in Eastbourne.

And here I am looking short and wide!  There was a full length mirror in the ladies at the Eastbourne conference centre!

And here I am looking short and wide! There was a full length mirror in the ladies at the Eastbourne conference centre!