I felt that I’d been quite good this week, with mainly boring diet foods so I was a it bleurgh to find i’d not lost any weight at all this week.  So in two weeks I’ve still only lost 1 pound.  Maybe this dieting lark isn’t for me if I can’t actually lose weight through dieting and eating less.

So Steve’s parents have come up this weekend and we went for an Indian with Joel after seeing the Christmas lights in town.  (well, dieting hasn’t worked so far soi felt i deserved a treat!) He loved sitting with us, eating poppadoms and rice with pasanda sauce.  He had a late night as we didn’t get back till after his bedtime but he coped very well.

He loved the lights and Christmas trees, and he looked so adorable in his winter pramsuit.

Pictures to follow.

Slimming World

I’ve been trying to be good this week with staying on ‘The Plan’.

I can see why I didn’t try dieting before.  I don’t like feeling restricted.  I am suddenly craving food I didn’t use to crave as much as this.  I am looking forward to Christmas and feeling that I will eat what I want for one week, and never mind the consequences.  I’m not someone who overeats for the sake of it at Christmas, but I’m longing for pate, and brie, and mince pies.

This week I’ve eaten about 4 melons.  (that’s right, I said 4!!!)

I’m trying to stuff myself with vegetables, salad and fruit before going onto free food.

After the weekend’s upset with too much fat laden food, I’ve reigned it in, and have been nibbling ryvita, extra light philly and red grapes for lunch (surprisingly tasty and nice and crunchy), salad bits, ham for snacking, fat free potato wedges, poached eggs and baked beans.  Stir fry with noodles, and slow cooker beef stew with mash and fat free fromage frais stirred through for moisture.  Mullerlight yoghurts, and more mullerlight yoghurts.  I will probably make another curry this friday night and pretend it’s a takeaway in my head.  I will probably try the lamb rogan josh recipe this time.  And something with chicken tomorrow.

It’s a bit exhausting thinking about food all the time.  I didn’t used to think about it this much, and it’s hard thinking of what to make night after night.  It’s more expensive as well, as I’m buying a lot more fresh fruit and vegetables and seasonal stuff I find boring!  Apples and oranges.  And melons.  So many melons.   I used to like melons!!

I hope to see more of a difference this week.  Come on 2lb loss!!


This is the first month I’ve been trying ovulation prediction tests.

I bought some cheaply off Amazon, not the smiley face sort, but sticks on which two lines appear when one’s LH hormone levels surge which demonstrates ovulation is about to take place.

I’d given up with them really, having dutifully tested every day from day 10 of my cycle but to no avail.  I began to think that I didn’t have any eggs, my hormones were not around, and things looked a bit hopeless.

Then on day 22 of my cycle I got a postive test!  Two very strong lines meaning ovulation was imminent!  A week later than is normal for a 31 day cycle, but with mine alternating between 31 and 38 days for the last 6 months (weird isn’t it) I guess it’s not too crazy.

So I’m sure you can guess what happened next without me going into too much detail (!) and I’m now in the two week waiting period, which is crazy times where your hopes slowly rise, and your search yourself for symptoms every day until finally, you allow yourself to take a test when you presume you’re 10 days past ovulation.  Obviously, I’m really hoping that Aunt Flo doesn’t show this month.

Lets wait and see.  At least I’m reassured that I do have the relevant hormones, even if they’re a bit like my husband, always late!!!  🙂

What to Blog?

We’ve had a nice weekend despite the rather glumifying weather.  (Is that even a word?!)

We had a quietish Friday once back from the slimming group.  We had some lunch, then Joel napped (I love that quiet two hours to do what I want to!) then we played lots and had a trip to the post office, and then an important visit!  We went to a craft shop and bought some fabric and trims to make an outfit for Joel to wear to our Church nativity morning. 

We got him some purple material, and some gold and red ribbons and sequins.  That makes two sewing projects as I’m still trying to finish his advent calendar. 

We’ve decided to have a real tree this year, but where it will go I have no idea.  We’ll have to rearrange the room utterly to make room.  And I’ve no doubt it’ll get rather decimated by Joel before too long.

Yesterday we went along to Joels’ nursery Christmas Fayre.  I won back some stuff I donated to the tombola.  I bought some cakes that were a bit strange, and we froze on the walk there and back.  But it was nice to dress Joel up in his snow suit.

All the kids there got totally hyper and were all running around a lot yelling for most of the morning!!  Joel loved joining in and racing about.  I got him a little tattoo on his arm which he didn’t like and he cried every time his sleeve was pulled up and he could see it!!  I had one too to see whether that helped but no, he didn’t like seeing me with one either.  He’s so funny!!

We’ve been to church this morning and Steve let him take his ukelele with him.  He wandered about with it strumming and singing, but also in the quiet bits so it was a relief for him to go through to creche!  I was playing keyboard this morning so couldn’t be on hand for him.  He was not willing to share it with anyone else either.  Luckily, Grandad kept him entertained.

And he didn’t go down for a nap until 1.30 with us getting back late, so whilst he slept, we watched a film together.  It was a nice change to have a quiet time in the day together.   I guess this is our first weekend together at home in about a month!

We’ll have to see what next week brings but there will be a visit from Steve’s family which warrants a good house tidy!!

First Weigh In

Well today I got on the scales again.  I have to say I didn’t know what to expect but hoped to get to under 11 stones.  I even didn’t sleep well last night feeling anxious about it! I never thought I’d worry about it!

Anyway, I lost 1lb.  Not a great start in my mind but still a loss.  I’ve put down to lose 2lbs for next week so am going to have to try to be better.

On the plus side, I tried a pair of size 12 jeans on they fitted!! So that made me happy! I’m almost back to what I was 🙂


This is Joel’s favourite new word.  He says it as he hits us, as though it adds extra hittiness.  Saying that, the hitting levels have dropped a little, and he is starting to look a bit abashed when he does it.    He really doesn’t like not getting his own way at all.  And if we take something away, or say no, we get a ‘bop’.

He’s going into nursery so beautifully at the moment and the staff have commented on it, and put a sticker on the wall for him!  There is a note there saying ‘this morning Joel had his coat off, took off his shoes and put them in the pot, walked back into the baby room, waved goodbye to Mummy and blew her a kiss before sitting himself down for breakfast’!!!

And in the evening on collection, I can tell him to get his slippers or shoes and he brings them back to me to be put on.  Now, that is good, and I’m proud of him!!

His words are coming on.  He says a very nice ‘yes please’ when offered more of something he likes, like egg, or cheerios!!  Other than that, we still get Muh-Ma, and ‘Zeeeee’ (for Izzy) and what is funny is ‘Teve’ for Steve, although when he looks at photos he calls him Dada now.  But if he calls him from a distance, it’s ‘Teve’ every time.  I guess that’s my fault.  I sometimes forget to call Steve Dada around Joel.

He’s very into his colouring and drawing at the moment.  He loves sticking things on paper if I give him a shape and a glue dot.  Books are a firm favourite as well now.  The bedtime story has become a necessity and he knows what he wants to hear.  We got some from the library and he loves one called ‘Counting Dragons’ and he likes it three times.  He’ll push the book he doesn’t want away and point to that one every evening. 

Slimming has gone well this week.  I hope.  I have a weigh in tomorrow morning so will see whether it’s done anything.  I’ve not really felt hungry so can’t really tell whether I’ve lost anything or not.  I will be surprised if I have.  I did eat a wispa yesterday!  I’m not someone to withold food from myself if I want it that badly to the point of binge eating.  I’m not even sure I quite like the group therapy session after weigh in as I’m not really someone who is that way inclined.  But I guess it’s all good in the end.  And all I want to do is lose a few remaining pounds and feel trimmer in time for Christmas.  I looked fat on our family photo last year and would like to feel pretty on this years.  But as for eating issues, I wouldn’t say I have any and am healthy in my approach to it.

And today is my last day of the week at work.  I’m starting to get into the swing of these three day weeks, and I have to say, I recommend them!! 

And that’s my news for today 🙂

First Slimming Meeting

Well, I went along on Friday as planned, and I was glad I did.

I got weighed and it was what I’d expected.  I think I have about a stone and a half to lose to get back to pre-pregnancy weight.

So, we’ve been having slimming world recipes for dinner, and I’m monitoring my breakfast and lunches more closely.

Breakfasts are consisting of a couple of weetabix with milk (which I used to do anyway to be fair).  Lunches have been homemade vegetable soup, or jacket potatoes, and dinners have been quite varied.  We had noodles with beef and broccoli stir fry (tasty), chicken tikka masala (tasty) and carbonara (just ok).

Of course going for a weekend away to a B&B when commencing a diet isn’t a great plan, but I just tried to make good choices.  I opted for poached eggs, rather than fried, with tomatoes and baked beans.  I went for wholemeal toast rather than white.  I had a jacket potato with my steak, instead of chips.

As I’m not really a binger or snacker between meals, I’m not finding it too hard, it’s just changing the way I cook food, and ingredients I use.  The fat elements I used have gone and low fat is the way foward.  So far, I don’t feel that it’s compromised on taste too much.  But I am missing crisps.  They’re a no no now.

I will be interested to see what happens on Friday for my second weigh in!!

Mummy Time

As you may be aware, trying for baby number is taking its time.  Maybe thats a good thing.  It’s not the close age gap I thought I wanted, but we’re taking things easy in the run up to Christmas and I’ve got two new projects on the horizon.

Firstly, I’m signing up to join a Slimming World group.  I don’t think I’m overly huge, and I’ve managed to slim down and lose most of my baby weight, but I’m not someone who weighs herself every day.  In fact, I don’t even own a set of scales!

The group I’ve found meet on a Friday morning, and have other mums who take toddlers and babies, so it seems perfect for me.  I’ve had a copy of the Slimming World magazine this month, and have done an online shop to stock up on the basic essentials, such as low fat spread, low fat yoghurts and ingredients for recipes.

Steve has moaned at the prospect of healthy eating and has promised to visit McDonalds every day, but I think he quite liked our noodles and stir fried beef last night.  I’m hoping that tonight’s Chicken Tikka Masala goes down as well.  The chicken is currently marinating in spices and low fat natural yoghurt at the moment and smelt lovely when I put it together last night!

Steve and I are away this weekend so that won’t be a good start as I won’t exactly be sticking to jacket potatoes but I still think being a little bit good in between will be better than not doing anything at all.

My other plan is to take part in the County Chorus Oratorio after Christmas.  I used to be an active member of our local youth choir until I was 18, then on returning from University, there wasn’t really a choir for me to join, but once a year, after Christmas lots of folk get together to perform this Oratorio.  This year, it will be Verdi’s Requiem, so I will enjoy that.  It’s a big committment with rehearsals every Sunday afternoon for three months but Steve has assured me that he will manage with Joel on his own!! 

So slimming and singing will be my two new hobbies, and we’ll just see what happens with babymaking, but I’m not stressing about it this month.  And I will look forward to Christmas as well. 

600 Posts Today!

This is my 600th post and it will be about hitting.

And more to the point, Joel hitting.  He is suddenly into slapping people in the face.  Me, Steve and other children when I take him to a toddler group on a Monday.

I was really taken aback on Monday as he just wandered around the room full of playing children, and would go up a group and just start hitting on faces.  I reacted as I hope is normal, and grabbed him, told him ‘no’ very firmly, and sat him in a quiet corner to sit on his own for a minute.  Which he did.  I then tried to get him to say sorry to the other children, but they weren’t that interested.  And then the sitting down in the time out area didn’t make the least bit of difference.

It’s awful though, as I’d be horrified if Joel were being smacked by others, but to have him as the smackee, is almost worse.  I don’t know if he wanted the toys the others were playing with, but sometimes they didn’t have anything! They were just standing there!

Ironically, he went to toddler group wtih my Mum on Tuesday and didn’t even try hitting anyone.  He was the one being pushed about by a bigger toddler. 

And at nursery, when I told them what he’d been doing, they were shocked as he doesn’t hit at nursery at all.  At least he didn’t.  When I went to collect him he smacked me hard in the face, and the staff were very surprised at it, and I was almost relieved that they could see it, and that it was something reserved for me.  He seems to use it as a tool to get my attention.  At least he’s not taking it out on his nursery friends.

So this is where I come over all Jane Austen and say ‘Dear Reader’, please tell me I’m not too alone in all this, and any ways you might have to encourage him to stop smacking faces!  Is he too little for time out, or naughty step?  What other method do I have to encourage good behaviour? 

My Mum says he may have felt a bit too new and not knowing these other children being new to the group he could be asserting himself. 

I’m a bit lost at the moment, and don’t want to be a horribly strict mum, but want him to learn right from wrong.  Any pointers or suggestions would be gratefully received.

A New Page…..

It’s so nice to think that today is like my Friday.  It’s my last day of the week and tomorrow will be a funday rather than a Friday with Joel!  I feel as though I’m ready for a weekend and it’s only been three days so how I’ve managed full time for six months being so tired I don’t know.

This will be month 10 of trying for baby number two, so I’ve ordered some ovulation tests to see whether I am.  It’ll be interesting at any rate.  I’m also ensuring I take folic acid daily.  I wonder whether I can get Steve to take vitamins?!  Probably not!

I’ve also decided to think about going along to a Slimming World meeting.  If conceiving isn’t working, I need something to take my mind off it, and dieting would be a suitable hobby!!  I’ve contacted a group and will go along on Monday.  I’ve had a look at their website, and since I’m at home 4 days out of 7 now, I feel their menus are more manageable for me.   I don’t feel happy with my appearence at the moment, and I’ve never really tried to diet before.  I know lots of folk who’ve done well on this one, and it appeals more than calorie counting approaches, so I feel it’s more for me.   So I’ll record my progress and food here in case anyone is interested, and apologies if it’s not interesting, please skip the diet focussed updates!

And since being ill last weekend I’ve been put off having take aways so that’s a bonus!!

Oh, and I’ve pretty much done all my Christmas shopping now.   Yay me!!  In fact, all I have to get now is one online shopping voucher for my sister for Emma Bridgewater and we’re done!  Thank you and goodnight!!!

p.s. I’ve ordered myself the Michael Buble Christmas album as a treat, and will listen to it whilst wrapping presents and writing cards with a glass of mulled wine.  Steve will have to be kicked out of course!  He won’t enjoy that as an evening!!  Is mulled wine allowed on slimming world?   I hope so!!!