Festive Tidings

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and a lot has happened! Christmas, illness, family visits etc….

Last week we trundled down to Exeter to stay with Steve’s family for a Christmas visit. He had wanted to go on the Thursday night once I was back from my office meal out, but I put my foot down and we headed off at 7.30am the next morning. And there was no traffic, the roads were dry, we could see scenery and got to Exeter with a happy Joel in time for lunch. His parents were pleased!! He went down for a nap in his cot there after lunch and we had a nice day!

On the Saturday, we went with them to a farm which puts on live nativity scenes where the children get to dress up and be in it too! Joel (and I) were innkeepers and he had to wear a furry hat and gilet which he wasn’t sure about but didn’t mind in the end. I got to wear a silly hat too. Yay.

It was a lovely little skit, with carols and all the animals were very good!! Except near the end, the sheep were just behind us and tried to eat a shepherds costume which made Joel cry!

After a hot drink and a mince pie it was time to visit Santa and Joel gave him a hi-5, and had a lovely little cow toy. We took a look around the site (as it’s somewhere to visit in the summer) and they have a baby bouncy castle, which he thought was very funny, and diggers in sandpits, and he had a lovely morning.

On Sunday I wasn’t feeling too well, so missed church, but we had Christmas dinner and then opened presents with all Steve’s family. Joel had an aquadoodle from his grandparents, some new clothes, an echoing microphone and some bubbles of the others.

Then on Monday I woke up and felt like death. We managed to get me into the doctors, and I had an upper respitory infection, so onto the anti biotics for me 😦 I did not want to be ill for Christmas Day!! But it seemed inevitable.

We set off for home before lunch and Joel slept all the way home, I couldn’t sleep through feeling bleurgh, and on getting home I crashed out for 4 hours! I didn’t do anything. I’d meant to set up Joel’s brio train track but didn’t bother. I just about managed to stuff his stocking, and we threw the reindeer dust onto the path (porridge and glitter!!) and off to bed I went.

Christmas morning came, and Joel was awake about 6.30. So up we got, and opened his stocking in bed with us. It was really nice. He enjoyed opening his presents! In his stocking he got bubbles, a harmonica (which he can’t blow yet!)! stickers, a notebook, crayons, a DVD, books, and his Charley Bear. Steve got me a Thomas Sabo bracelet, and Joel got me a charm which was nice.

Joel in turn loved his little electric guitar toy and keyboard, and when my parents brought out a cosy coupe car he was ecstatic as he’s loved the one at toddler group, and he spent the rest of the afternoon trying to climb in and out of it whilst holding his guitar and bopping to the music!! My sister thought he was hilarious and very cute. My Mum had got him and Martha matching fleecey onsies, with In the Night Garden’ on them and they looked adorable.

We managed to have a good day, although Steve then came down with some lurgy and neither of us could eat much at all. And the rest of the week has been us off our food, tired and lethargic and just about feeling ready for work on Wednesday! Typical!! I shall plan to not be poorly next year.

And now it’s New Year’s Eve, and we’re staying in to watch a film together and have a bottle of bubbly to open, possibly before midnight!!

And for 2013, we’re hoping for a new house, and a new baby and good health. And although this year hasn’t been terrible, it could have been better! So come on 2013, let’s see what you have to bring.

My Little Busker

I’m not sure where it’s come from, but Joel is a fan of hats suddenly.


He seems to find them all over the place, and he’ll just appear wearing one! He likes the fact he can put them on himself I think.

And I had to laugh when I walked in on him with one foot on the guitar case, wearing a hat and really trying to play and sing! He was so cute, and looked like a little busker!


He really wants to be just like his Daddy. Or ‘Teve’ as he calls him! We hear it a lot in the day. Muh-ma just doesn’t have the same appeal at the moment!

The Official Santa Visit……

Well. I have only two days left of work this week as I’m off on Thursday to pack our suitcases and go out for my office Christmas lunch! Thank you flexible working!! I love you.

So that is exciting. We’re heading down to Exeter for a few days to see Steve’s family and driving back on Christmas Eve (I’m hoping the traffic is kind to us!) in time for carols by Candlelight at Church.

On Friday, after hearing him cough a lot we booked in at the doctors and I was glad I did, as he had a chest infection, so had antibiotics and another inhaler. We had a nice morning on Friday, with some mooching, playing, and Steve and I went for a lunch do, leaving Joel at my parents!! (Oh, and we also went to weigh in and I’d lost 1 1/2 lbs so still not a lot!)

We had a lovely weekend with a visit to the Shugborough Christmas Fayre on Saturday. I have to admit feeling a little disappointed. I was expecting more! The website talked about a walk int he gardens which was nice (and they couldn’t help the rain!), a live nativity scene (two very dodgy dummies, a doll and two smelly sheep!!) show showers (a snow machine blowing out shaving foam), craft activities (balloon man wasn’t there when we went and Joel didn’t want to make a card), and a visit to the Big Man himself (queued for an hour getting hotter and trying to keep Joel happy).

So it wasn’t quite the picture perfect moment I’d hoped for, but that’s life! Joel enjoyed bits of it, and was too hot and bothered to be happy with meeting Santa, especially as Steve filmed it on his iphone (rather than getting a photo grr) and he wanted the phone and screamed when he saw it. He waved bye bye quite happily though and said thankyou for his present.

So we went home for Sausage and mash tea, which he ate all up! Including potato! I don’t know what we did any different to normal, and were trying to not be over excited and make a scene, but he ate potato!!! I was so happy! And two sausages!! He was hungry!

And I can’t wait for Christmas! I’ve got him a little Charley Bear toy to go in his stocking, and it’s all ready to put together. He’s had a few presents from various Santa’s he’s met and he’s wanted to open them, so he knows what he’s doing.

We’re stopping at my parents now for Christmas lunch which will be nice. Not that going to my sisters wouldn’t have been nice, but it’s less driving for us! And I shall have a glass (or two) of wine with lunch.

And it’ll soon be a new year, so lets see what it brings!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you have a joyful and festive time, wherever you are, and however you celebrate! 🙂

I realise this sounds as though I’m done posting for Christmas, but I’m sure I’ll get on at some point. It’s still hard being laptopless, (hint hint Santa!!)

Cough Cough

‘Tis the season for colds and coughs and Joel has developed a terrible hacking cough during the night, but at funny times. Last night it was 11pm (for an hour) and again at 6am so not terrible timings but I’m so tired and headachey today from it as it’s been many nights of repetitive wakings.

If it’s like it again tonight, we’ll be off to the doctors tomorrow morning. We haven’t been for a little while so it’s overdue I guess!
It is cold at the moment, and walking to work, I wrap him all up in his snowsuit, hats, scarves and he has his footmuff but he won’t wear gloves and I can’t really wrap his face up. He howled in his buggy this morning for about 10 minutes before we reached nursery and it took a while to calm him down once we got there. Whether it was the cold on his face I’m not sure, but he’s never done that before and I didn’t quite know what to do so I ran with him, which, if it was the cold upsetting him, won’t have helped matters! Poor thing. Daddy is collecting him in the car later as I’m off to the hairdressers after work.

At least he seems to be eating again after his bad tummy. It was very stinky, to say the least, but he ate everything at nursery yesterday (they had a Christmas party with party nibbles for tea!!) and still had a bowl of pasta for tea at home.
At least today is my Friday and I have 4 days off. Time to be cosy indoors I think and think of indoor things to do!! Unless we have to visit the Doctors. We’ll see!

We One King….

I managed to get some lovely bits and bobs from the haberdashery to finish Joel’s king outfit, but I was worried as to whether he’d even wear it, in that the one time I’d tried it on to see whether it fitted, he tried to rip if off, hulk style!!

Anyway, after all the work had gone into it, Steve and I bigged it up, with lots of ‘oooh’s, and ‘so handsome’ to encourage him that it was normal for a little boy to wear a purple dress with a turban!!

And he did!

Joel Plus one

He was terribly tired, we’ve ahd many nights of disrupted sleep this weekend since the poop incident, but he was bribed with a bag of pom bears, and seemed to enjoy himself in the costume once the nativity was over!

Joel 3

He looked so cute! And here is a picture of him from last years nativity:


I wonder what he’ll go as next year!

Cycle 11

So I’m a bit gutted this evening and Steve has gone out to get me wine and chocolates. No BFP for me this month.

But, I shall treat myself to a couple of cocktails at our office Christmas lunch and begin with some extra supplements this month. I have evening primrose oil which is meant to be good, and I may get back on the grapefruit juice again.

And I’ve got my OPK’s to make sure we know when things are happening and I just never thought it would take over 11 months to make a baby and it’s getting harder to put a positive spin on things.

I shall feel blue for the evening then try to be happier by tomorrow.


I was meant to go to weigh in on Friday.  I mean, I fully intended to this week, despite the curry night last week, and the party food on the Saturday, I’d eaten well at lunchtimes so although I didn’t anticipate a loss, I was gearing up to go.

Until that is during breakfast Joel made his poopy strain noise, so I said ‘shall we change your nappy’ and rather than ‘no’ and head shaking, he agreed!  So upstairs we went where I found his nappy to be full of very runny poop.

And he hadn’t finished!  As I went in with a wipe, more came out.  And more.  It was almost funny except it was quite gross.  Every time I thought he’d finished, I’d swiftly pop a fresh nappy underneath and that would be full pretty fast.  We got through 4 nappies in what felt to be as many seconds.  

He wasn’t sure what was going on.  We’ve not had an explosion like it since last Easter, when we were away in Kent and he interrupted our Easter Sunday roast lamb!!

So there I was, up to my elbows in poop and nappies, so felt I couldn’t take him out of the house, and we lazed in our pyjamas till lunch time before going out for a little walk to get some fresh air.  And he had another little explosion later on, but that was it.  The worst was over.

Poor thing has had one thing after another and today it’s a cough to end all coughs.  We’re all tired from no sleep due to his cough.  He just can’t stop.  And there’s not a lot we can do, besides hot drinks and cuddles.

I hope he’s better soon from all these various ailments. 

First Dentist Visit

I forgot to post about this last week. 

I had my 6 month check up on Thursday, so decided it would be a good idea to get Joel used to visiting the dentist as well.  So my Dad came too to watch him whilst I saw the hygienist, and then we both went into the dentist together. 

I had my suspicions that it wouldn’t go terribly well!  The dentist showed Joel the mirror he used to see inside his mouth, which he promptly took hold of.  So the dentist took his second mirror and Joel wanted that one too which he couldn’t have and that upset him.  Then when the dentist tried to feel his gums and look inside his mouth he clamped it firmly shut despite encouragement from me and Grandad!! 

He then began to howl, which did offer an opportunity to get a glimpse and he said he could see the molars and that the next ones would be canines.  The point was to get him used to the dentist so that happened, it just wasn’t simple!!

Then he watched me have my check up (all fine) and we went back to Grandads for lunch and for the afternoon, as I used flexi leave for the half day thinking it would be difficult to take Joel back to nursery, and it was nice to hang out with my Mum as I’ve not seen her for ages except for collecting and dropping off Joel!!