My Baby Is One Year Old!

I cannot believe how fast this past year has gone.

Josiah is so wonderful, and is now a whole one year old!


It seems that he loves presents!  This was a chair he received from Granny and Grandpa!

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He actually had three cakes, one for nursery on the birthday, one at teatime on his birthday at home, and this one yesterday at his little family party at home.  It all went very nicely too, and he loved seeing everyone!

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We had funny glasses to wear, and Josiah having been poorly for the previous week had slept a lot for the past couple of days but woke up on Saturday happy and ready to eat again!  I almost ready to cancel the party on friday after another trip to the doctors but am glad I didn’t.  The inside of the cake was layered chocolate and yellow cake, but I dropped a yellow layer straight from the oven and incinerated the replacement (left it cooking whilst we took Joel to his swimming class, just completely forgot about it!!) so gave up on it in the end!  It still tasted nice at any rate!


This was a birthday poster I had made for Josiah.  He didn’t get the big party with eight baby friends in a hall like Joel did!  He did go to Baby Sensory classes for two terms though which cost about the same as one party so I feel they’re equal in that regard, but this was a nice little thing to have as a memento of him turning one.  I might get Joel one for turning four and then when they come to share a room I may hang them on the wall!