More Drugs For Me

Well, I have been to the doctor’s this afternoon and I have a throat infection and now I’m back on antibiotics which is likely to antagonise the thrush situation so I have a ton of thrush medication as well!!

Last night was awful, I had such a red raw throat, I kept coughing and waking myself up every ten minutes so I’m tired and grumpy today.  I actually got up at about 1am for three and half hours to eat chocolate ice-cream to try and soothe the throat and watched CSI for a couple of hours before going back to bed before waking up again at about 8am.  After Steve got up I went back to bed and caught a few more zeds.

On a brighter note Steve took me to Pizza Hut for lunch which was nice.  We had some tasty pizza and salad which cheered me up.

This afternoon has been very relaxing too!!  I popped into town after the doctors and got some baskets to put the baby vests into and sort in the wardrobe.  I shall go up shortly and have another play!  Then bed early I think with the hope that I get some decent rest this evening!

My Dad’s ‘Do’

As mentioned, it was my Dad’s retirement party on Wednesday.

I got up at 3.00pm in the afternoon after having wrestled with a temperature all day.  I showered, put on a little black dress and piled on the make-up and managed to not look like a sick zombie for the evening!  It was good to get back into bed later on though!!

Here’s some pics:

Apart from my legs looking chubbier than normal, I don’t look too bad for a 38+3 pregnant lady!!  If a side view had been taken then I’d have looked like a ship, but front, I’m quite pleased!!

Poorly :(

Well, I don’t think it’s fair whatsoever, but I’m totally ill at 38 weeks pregnant.  Sucky.  I’ve had a raging temperature all night, had about two hours of sleep, got a dry tickly cough, sweats, phlegm, sore throat, and I feel rotten.

I’m now terrified that I could go into labour whilst feeling chronic which wouldn’t even give me a starting chance to feel as though I would have any energy!!  And possibly no voice to yell at Steve with!!

I’ve been in bed all day trying to catch up on sleep apart from nipping out at 8.45 and seeing my midwife for my 38 week appointment.  That went fine, baby is all growing, was moving and kicking and is 2/5 engaged if that means anything to anyone.  Not likely to pop out just yet though!

I felt a bit better after sleeping lots on my return home but couldn’t shake off the temperature despite taking as much paracetamol as allowed.

Around 2.00pm I got up to shower as it was Dad’s retirement party in the afternoon and there was no way I could miss that at all illness or no illness.

At least I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow afternoon all booked so I can get my throat checked out.  Grrr.

Expecting Ante-Natal 5

This was our final class and it was life after baby!  The part that you don’t often think too much about during pregnancy – at least I’ve not thought enough about it!!

We were asked to discuss chores and who’d take responsibility for them.  I was quite surprised that Steve had me down for most of it!  Including cooking whereas I’d put him down to at least take on SOME responsibility thinking that he must appreciate I won’t be able to cook every day.  We’re going to buy some ready pastas in and sauces that he can concoct easily but he really doesn’t care for cooking at all 😦 If he’s in charge I guess it’ll be takeaways every night which isn’t good.

We also got to play with bathing dolls, putting nappies on dolls and practising breast feeding positions again which I just find too funny!

We then watched a DVD about the importance of communication with babies and face to face time, reading and playing.  It helped us think about what it would be like to actually be holding our babies in our arms!!

All in all, it’s been a very productive course and I’m glad we did it.  I do recommend that others do it and even Steve seemed to gain lots from it, even if it is some terminology that makes him shudder like ‘merconium’ and other such words!!

Moby Wrap

I’ve been recommended to try a Moby sling to carry baby around in, and am quite keen to give it a go, so having looked on good old Ebay, put in an offer for a new one which I didn’t think would be accepted, but was!!

So this will be on it’s way to me today.  It might be a random purchase, but it it doesn’t work out for us, there’s enough demand on Ebay to sell it on, and it could be a great purchase.  I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with it!  It’ll take a while possibly to work out the different positions I’m sure, and this will be more for me as Steve has a Baby Bjorn  holder for when he wants to walk out with Baby.

A Lurgy? Now? Seriously???

I woke up for my 2.00am toilet visit – (like clockwork they are!!) and felt a bit funny in  my throat.  A bit sore and phlegmy (apologies for grossness here) so drank some orange juice to cool it down a bit and went back to bed.

At  my 5.30am toilet visit it was still bothering me, I had to cough and clear my throat and it felt sore and I didn’t like it.  I got back into bed after taking a couple of paracetamols, and Steve was getting up at that time for his breakfast meeting, and he said I’d not been snoring, I’d been quite quiet all night so that’s not the reason.

Surely I can’t catch a bug this late on in pregnancy?  I’ve been back to bed again and woken up feeling refreshed from sleep at 9.00am which is nice, but my glands now feel a bit swollen, and I’m husky!!  Imagine going into labour with no voice.  That would be awful.

I’ve got my last ante-natal class tonight and there’s no way I’m missing it but at least can ask Freya about it (as a mid-wife) and I’ve got my  38 week midwife appointment at the Dr’s tomorrow, and I’ve also got another Dr’s appointment on Thursday afternoon as I had a letter through asking me to go in after a letter they had from the hospital.

This letter did say it wasn’t urgent and not to stress and I’m presuming that it’s due to the thrush they detected (again) when I had the internal done when we went to hospital that time but I have to see a doctor about it.  And guess who wants to see me.  Dr Logan.  Seriously, that man isn’t going to ever recognise my face as much as my down below parts and when he comes to preach at church I get so embarrassed!! 

Oh well, my only plans today are to go to Tesco’s and do a shop and try and clean the carpet up a bit in the nursery (I can’t work my vacuum so Mum is coming round this afternoon!!) and then head to the ante-natal class so lots of time to rest up.

I shall take more paracetamol after 10.00am though to try and soothe this throat, I’m wondering whether I could have picked something up from the swimming pool yesterday?  I don’t know.  My hands feel a bit sore again today, not puffy like Sunday, more like the carpal tunnel syndrome stiff and my fingers are taking a while to work and type.  I shall go and get dressed as that always makes me feel a bit better, getting up and at em, plus I need to sort my hair out!  I had a bath last night and it was damp when I went to sleep and I have peaks and horns this morning to straighten!!  🙂

Swelling Up

Yesterday I felt very bloated and swollen indeed, to the point where my  hands actually  hurt!  I was at Mum and Dad’s for lunch after church, and their door handles are rather stiff and I struggled to open them!  My fingers were puffy and in general, I just ‘hurt’ all over!

This was too much for me, and when I had an ounce of sympathy from Mum, I burst into tears crying that I hurt and my hands were puffy and I couldn’t bear it. 

I’d not slept well, and when I feel sorry for myself I do tend to turn into a bit of a weeper.  I can laugh at myself for it though.  I’m not a continual blubber or moaner.

Anyhow, Mum suggested checking it with a midwife, (swollen hands can mean the dreaded pre-eclampsia after all) but after lunch they’d gone down a bit,  and looking on t’internet I think it’s because I’d had too much salt on Saturday.

I’d munched a big bag of Kettle chips (salted) and when out for dinner at the lovely Mediterranean restaurant appropriately called ‘The Olives’ I’d eaten a lot of olives (had to, no one else liked them and it would have been a shame to waste them).  The article specifically advised against olives 😦 as they’re very salty too!

So I put the swelling down to these factors, and the fact I’d not drunk enough water that day, and indeed, all yesterday I was downing glasses of water and today, they’re not puffy at all.  They still ache of a morning, and i get pins and needles in my right hand after sleeping, but it’s common to get a bit of carpel tunnel syndrome apparently in ones hands near the end of pregnancy.

And I keep reassuring myself that it could be worse, and the end is now in sight.

38 Weeks

How far along:  38 Weeks – oy vay!  Very much feeling it now!!

Total Weight Gained:  Unknown!!

Maternity Clothes:  Most days.  I did wear a large top last night to go out for dinner in that wasn’t maternity though!!

Stretch Marks:  Still haven’t moved higher than last week which is good.  Seem to be calmer this past week which I’m putting down to looser clothing and therefore not so irritated.

Sleep:  Um, honestly, sleep isn’t great at the moment.  I’m very very achey all over, pelvis, hips, and now my hands and fingers and elbows are really bothering me.  My right arm is getting very pins and needley during the night so I’m resting but not necessarily sleeping, but still, it’s not the end of the world as I can nap in the day.

Best Moment of the Week:  This past week has been lovely.  We’ve had beautiful sunshine and I’ve really felt organised and sorted.  I enjoyed my visit to Wales and sorting through baby clothes and I feel as though the nursery is all done now as well!  I’m often found sitting in my glider chair next to the empty cot, just rocking and waiting!!

Movement:   I feel him squirming about lots so that’s reassuring.  I’m hoping he stays in a good position to come out.  I’m trying not to recline too much on the sofa and lean forward but the birthing ball hasn’t really come into it’s own as yet!!

Gender: He’s a baby BOY!!!

Belly Button:  It’s been flat for most of this week but the other day he was kicking out just behind it so it poked out for a couple of hours before going back again!

Milestones:  Two weeks until the due date.  My actual maternity leave commences tomorrow as opposed to annual leave from work (although it’s been lovely to have three extra fully paid weeks off doing nothing!).  He’ll most definitely be here within four weeks.  Hopefully sooner rather than later, I am looking rather puffy now, especially my hands 😦 and I don’t recognise my feet anymore.

Day of Rest

I’ve had such a quiet day today.  It’s ironic that Sundays tend to be the more busy day of the weekend with Church and various duties I undertake there so it’s been nice to keep my feet up today.

This morning I popped to Hobbycraft to get a piece of card (ok, for a Church thing) as I’d been asked to make a collage of our weekend away last year to encourage folk to sign up for this year.  In the week I’d printed out photographs and captions, but wanted to stick them all together so backed each picture onto turquoise pearlescent paper and then arranged them all onto some Kingfisher Blue card.  It all looks rather fab I think!  And it didn’t take too long at all.

I’d gone out at 9.00am to avoid the Saturday town traffic, so got home by 10.00ish and then watched some TV, then had a snooze, and this afternoon have got showered and dolled up for a meal out with girls from work as my boss is getting married in two weeks so we’re having a bit of a hen night.  In all honesty, it’s taking a lot of effort to motivate myself into going out.  I’m tired, despite napping, my body is aching, despite resting all day and I very much doubt I’ll be the life and soul of any party.  I’ll be the quiet one in the corner sipping a lime soda!!  But I want to make the effort to go and support her, and I’m sure once I’m out of this lethargic dullness, I’ll feel more up to it.

Tomorrow it’s two weeks exactly until my due date.  It’s starting to hit home I think that we’ll have a baby soon.  Sleeping next to an empty moses basket last night was good I think!  It’s helping me come to terms with it all!  =D

Cankles and Snoring

After a night being horizontal my ankles used to sort of go back down after a day sitting in an office chair.  I now seem to be at the point of no return where I truly don’t recognise my feet at present 😦  They are puffy looking and go straight down from my calves to my feet without the going in part (of which I used to be proud – that’ll teach me).

In fact my calves look a bit puffy as well.

It does seem all a bit much after you consider the sleepless nights, the aches and pains and the extra weight which is the medicine ball of a bump, the puffy ankles are the cherry on the icing on cake!  Nature sure ensured that women bore the brunt of it all.  I cannot imagine a man enduring this as well as women do.  At all!!

Also, this morning I woke up with a sore throat and a suspicion that I’d snored last night!  I’d had some weird dreams where I was sat around a table with folks from church and struggled to talk as when I tried to engage in conversation, all I could do was to grunt like a pig which made it difficult to be understood!!  I’ve asked Steve and he said yes, I was snoring away last night.  How awful.  I’ve always been quite a quiet sleeper (or so I’ve been told) but the fact I was having bizarre dreams and all, I guess I have to accept it.

I know it’s another weird pregnancy thing, something to do with your nasal passages getting more congested (why or how I have no idea, another random issue) but I think I’m hindering poor Steve’s sleep more often than not now.  Maybe I should tell him to sleep in the spare bed if he wants to.  I like having him around but I guess that’s selfish of me really and it would only be for a couple of weeks.  We’ll see.  If it’s going to be snoring city, and flailing around trying to turn over, and getting up a couple of times a night, I wouldn’t like it the other way around.