Two Lime Sodas and a Ginger Ale

I went out on Friday!

It was a work do, and as a designated driver had a car load of colleagues to take out from my office.  We went to a curry house in a nearby town and it was lovely.  Steve did his ‘I’m babysitting’ lark, and had to be told looking after your own child does not constitute babysitting!!

I had a lovely meal, which was in good company, with some very cheap drinks!!  Non alcoholic of course.  And I didn’t get home till after midnight!  I’ve not seen that time on the clock for months and months!!  Plus, on walking back to the car, I found a £10 note which covered my meal costs!

On getting home I fell into bed, Steve sorted the tidying of the kitchen and also said I could lie in the next morning.  Not one to complain I discovered that Steve had kept Joel up extra late in the hope that he’d sleep in for him the next morning!!  Not to be though.   Joel was up extra early at 6am, due to a stuffy nose which meant that when he sucked his thumb to settle again he couldn’t breath and therefore couldn’t settle.  So up and TV it was for him.  And Steve actually did get up with him so I slept in till 8.45 🙂

Saturday was a busy day.  My brother in law was a star, and came around to sort our fencing out so that our garden phase two has happened.  It was also my Mum’s birthday weekend so we had lots of folks around and Joel had a lovely time with his cousins.


Surveying the progress….





Cousins have a rest and watching ‘The Incredibles’.



Grandma’s Birthday picture.



Daddy and Joel had a tough job of moving a lot of a hardcore rubble through from the front to the back!  Joel got his wheelbarrow out with his little spade and like the supermarket quote says ‘every little helps’!!!  Joel loved being helpful and doing what Daddy was doing.


21 Weeks!!

How far along:  21 Weeks 🙂

Total Weight Gained:  Still piling it on methinks.  Without scales I cannot confirm!!

Maternity Clothes:   Yes.  My favourites have to be my maternity pyjamas.  I love wearing them!  And I did buy some new buttons to update my maternity coat so am happy with that.  I do feel that my wardrobe is very limited at the moment though.  And it is.   Despite buying a couple of new tops and a cardigan, I feel like I’m wearing the same things all the time.  I’m going out on Friday and have no clue what to wear either 😦  I’ve not quite got anything goey-outy at the moment.

Stretch Marks: I don’t think there’s any new ones yet.  I’m feeling very tight around the middle.

Sleep:  Argh.  It’s been bad again!  I’ve been waking and finding my brain won’t switch off so I end up thinking for a good couple of hours a night.  Steve is away this week so maybe that’s affecting things.  Joel woke me up Sunday night, but last night, he slept through and I woke myself up!

Best Moment of the Week:  Having the lovely scan on Friday.  We really enjoyed seeing our baby boy kicking and jumping and hopping about in there, especially as I only feel movements if I’m in a sitting down position.

It was lovely putting on Facebook that Joel is getting a little brother and having so many kind responses.  It makes it feel more real somehow.  I had texted my mum and sisters, and Steve had called his parents but left it there!!  I don’t think he’s even rung his grandparents yet.  I think my MIL was worried that folk would see it on facebook before being told in person, but I think if that bothers them, it’s more their issue than ours.  To me, facebook is a means to tell people anyway.  Friends were asking and I wanted people to know.  Names will be kept secret until he’s born but gender is fine to be out there.  Plus, if Steve doesn’t think people are bothered, it’s his families side and his responsibility.  My parents told my Great Aunty and she phoned us to say how pleased she was.  She has leukemia at 93, which is such a shame, and 8 months ago was given 6 months to live.  I’m pleased she knows what we’re having, and do wonder whether she’ll make it to meet him.  I hope so.

Movement:  Yes, lots of little flicky kicks inside.   The midwife noted that I have an anterior placenta so that’s probably why it’s all rather light still.

Food Cravings:   Nothing bizarre.  Which is a good thing.  I ate a tin of grapefruit yesterday.  I do like the citrus.

Gender:  He’s a baby boy!!  Joel will be happy to have a little brother I think!

Belly Button:   Still sort of out but flat.

What I miss:   Sleep.  Good, deep sleep.  I guess I won’t see that again for a few years!

What I’m looking forward to:   I guess Christmas now!  And going on maternity leave!!  I’ve got a flu jab next week which is not something to look forward to, but I guess necessary.  Actually, I am feeling a lot healthier this pregnancy.  With Joel I think i’d already had quite a lot of sickness by this point and needed a lot of anti-biotics.

Milestones: Three weeks to go until V-Day (viable day) and 4 weeks till my next midwife appointment.   And at some point I need to redecorate the back bedroom which will be the nursery, and get sorted with everything I need for baby!

Bogies at Four 0’Clock

With Steve being away for four nights, it’s just me, Joel and Izzy at home this week.  To be honest, I tend to be the one who sorts Joels bedtime and morning routine anyway, so it’s not too different, but still, knowing Steve is around if I need him is preferable!

Last night, Joel woke at 4am and cried for ‘Mummy, Mummy’ so I went in see him.  he didn’t want to settle on his own, so i put in bed wih me on Steve’s side and tried to get back to sleep.  I was woken 30 minutes later with Joel offering me his index finger saying ‘bogey, bogey, bogey’.   He’s begun sticking his finger up his nose but doesn’t like to have a bogey on it.  I’ve tried explaining that if he didn’t put his finger up his nose it wouldn’t happen, but he won’t stop and if I make an issue of it, he thinks its funny and does it more.

Needless to say, telling me about it at that time after having disturbed my sleep isn’t the greatest thing ever!!


Joel can be absolutely lovely!!  Most of the time!!

The minority of the time, he’s very, very good at being two!

Apparently, being two means you should have an opinion on what to wear of a morning.  And by that, I don’t mean by choosing one of the two tops offered to him.  He bypasses what is sensible for nursery and opts of a three piece suit with a dickie bow.

Bedtimes can be difficult.  I think he’s getting ready to drop his lunchtime nap all together.  The past couple of days he’s kept going, and gone to sleep at 6.30pm until 7am!!  Then today he just fell asleep at 1.30 and although I tried to wake him after half an hour so he didn’t stay up too late tonight, he lolled around for about two hours and as a result wouldn’t go to sleep this evening until 9.30!!  And that was with sobbing ‘more play time, more play!!!’ with me telling him he could play tomorrow!

His speaking has been coming on a lot.  The other day, Steve made two pieces of toast, one with peanut butter, and one with nutella.  Joel, having already eaten one of Steve’s chocolate toasts went over to sneak some more bites.  Steve offered him the peanut butter, to which Joel said ” I don’t like that one, I like that one”, pointing at the chocolate!  That was his longest sentence yet!!  Of course, a lot of the time he still chatters away, very seriously to which we cannot understand one syllable!  But he puts so much effort into saying what he is trying to say it’s a shame we just have to nod and say ‘hmmm, indeed!!”

His colouring and drawing has progressed a lot.  He likes drawing Daddy, and does a blobby body, a head and four limbs.  He seems to have a good control of his pencil, and seems for the moment to be more on the left handed side than right, which is a swap to how he was doing things not so long ago.  I wonder whether he’ll be a lefty or a righty?!  I’ve heard it can take up to being 3 to decide for permanency.

What else?  I keep thinking and noting all these wonderful little things he does and says, but forgetting to actually note them down!  Every moment is precious and I guess I want to be someone living them as a real thing, rather than through a camera lens.    It’s all going by so fast.



A Fabulous Scan!!!

I had been so very excited about my 20 week scan.

So of course Joel decided to wake up at 1am and be restless and want Mummy cuddles for three hours the night before.  I feel almost silly for thinking otherwise!  Any day I’m looking forward to seems to involve a lot of wakeful hours the night before!!  I did get an extra hour in bed this morning though to try and compensate though.

Anyway, I was a bit cheeky and told Steve that the appointment was at 11am rather than 11.30 to make sure he was at the hospital on time.  As we were there early I went along and handed my notes over, and to my surprise was seen immediately!!  No waiting for us today!

And it got better from there.  As they weren’t busy, the midwife took ages over us.  She talked us through the whole baby and we saw everything.  From the head and brain, the face and eyes, ears and lips, bones, spine, legs, hands and feet.  It was so clear and she took her time too so we could take it all in.  With Joel’s 20 week scan it was all a bit rushed and we weren’t sure what we were looking at as it was all very blurry.

What was weird was seeing this very lively baby pushing, twisting, turning, and pretty much pounding my insides!  Steve asked how I couldn’t feel the legs pushing into me, but the midwife commented that I have an anterior placenta, which means the placenta has grown across the front of my uterus rather than at the back which is more normal.  It’s not a bad thing, it just means that baby is more cushioned so could explain why I wasn’t feeling much movement until this week (and now I’m feeling lots, but more around the sides than the middle).  It can also mean a c-section is more risky due to having to cut the placenta but I guess that will be a discussion with the midwife next time.

After we were done we went out for a lunch date as Steve is heading off to Scotland for 4 days next week.  It was nice to have a little mini date in the week.  And then I headed back to collect Joel who had been at Grandma’s, and we headed straight to Mothercare!!  Where I bought baby some new vests, babygrows and a going home outfit.

I really liked the simple neutral colours in their new range, so opted for unisex!!


How cute is that!!  It’s a long sleeved vest with a cute velour trouser suit to go over it and a matching hat.  They did have a lovely beige cardigan but at £16 I felt that was a big steep so Mum has said she can knit on for me to match!!  Yay Grandma!!


In 20 weeks or so, i should be bringing a new baby home in these clothes.  I can’t actually imagine it just yet, but I’m sure as time gets closer I will be getting more impatient to meet baby.  One thing is for sure already, as placid as Joel was in the womb, this one is a live wire, and is a complete opposite of Joel already!  It will be very interesting to see how different they are!  But I’m sure they’ll be great friends and Joel will be a great big brother to his LITTLE BROTHER!!!!  Yep, we’re having another boy and we’re so happy!!  🙂

Interior Kicking

I’d forgotten how strange I found feeling the first movements.

It’s lovely to say that they’re getting stronger every day, but they aren’t half distracting!!  I was getting some strong little pounding flicky throughout the day whilst sat at my desk, and then got some weird rhythmic hiccupy feeling movements, which could I guess be hiccups!!

It’s nice and reassuring though.

I’m still waiting to feel them on the outside though, so Steve can feel it too.

A Picture Post….

I know I’m biased, but I find Joel very photogenic!!





We start a day with a cup of tea!  Proper for me, and very weak and milky for Joel!!

Stafford-20130917-01993 Stafford-20130917-01991

Grandma enjoys knitting, and her latest project was a minion jumper for Joel!!  Here he is setting off for Grandma’s house for the day 🙂


Visiting a park with Martha in Nottingham last week.  We fed the ducks, and the pigeons swarmed upon us as well!

They had a lovely time on the park climbing frames and slides.


Izzy proved useful in keeping the pigeons at bay, although she did scare the ducks a little too!!  Martha wanted to get in too 🙂





And cousins in the bath!  I remember about 6 of us being sat in side by side when very young!!  Joel loved having company to splash with!