Time Flies…..

It’s been ages since I posted again!  I don’t know where the days are going at the moment.

I’m writing this today feeling rotten with an upset stomach.  I thought Josiah was suffering with it as well until I found that he’s cut his first tooth!  He has one of his bottom front teeth poking through.  He’s not been drooling or anything, but has had a ton of icky nappies this past couple of days.

What else?

We had Josiah’s dedication ceremony two weeks ago and it was lovely.  All our family gathered together and Josiah coped very well during the ceremony, got a bit grizzly afterwards but managed to shake it off until the end.

IMG_3816 IMG_3825 IMG_3828 IMG_3833

We went on the Gruffalo Hunt at the local Forestry woods and it was lovely.  Joel really enjoyed finding the animals and the Gruffalo sculpture was fab.

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10511270_10152623846998974_6699073703512057522_n 10448805_10152623847523974_5767043858998485990_n


We had a Church weekend away and with Steve working in Birmingham I had to get the train to meet him there.  It was daunting to take two kids on my own, but nice people helped me on and off the train at either end, Josiah fell asleep and Joel had his rein backpack on and didn’t leave my sight.  It was a tad stressful at Newstreet as I couldn’t find where to meet Steve, Josiah had woken up and Joel was dragging his feet.  We got there eventually, after stopping to sort the cars coolant out and it was a sunny weekend.  Joss loved being in a caravan and we had lots of blue skies!!  Steve slept in the room with Joel, Joss was in with me and co-sleeping meant I didn’t get great sleep but it was chilly at night so we kept warm together 🙂

IMG_3962 IMG_3954 IMG_3953 IMG_3949 IMG_3948 IMG_3947

IMG_3946 IMG_3945



The 8 Week Checks…..

On Tuesday Josiah was 9 weeks old, and went along for his 8 week check.

He had developed the worst case of cradle cap I’d ever seen, it was all down his forehead to his eyebrows and he’d also scratched himself right by his eye which looked terrible so I thought how typical it was.  He also still had a gunky and squinty left eye which despite me putting a drop in 4 times a day, was still not quite right.

Anyway, he saw the Dr first and was pronounced healthy with no problems.  He said to keep oiling his head, to keep using the drops and also that he’d not got enough green poop on the last visit for the hospital to test so I have to try again!  I have a little pot to try to get it in 😦  Then I have to rush it along to the hospital within 2 hours.  Fun times ahead!

Then we went along to the nurse and she got the rotavirus drops out first, and he was very resistant, as he’s not known anything except breast milk and didn’t know how to swallow them without sucking so that took ages to get them down.

And then it was his two injections, one per thigh and he howled!!  Proper loud yells, but the moment it was over I latched him on and he fed and was happy enough by the time we left her room.

Finally it was over to the health visitor for weighing.  They took one look at his head and prescribed me some heavy duty ointment which they advised to leave on for 24 hours before washing off and brushing the scales away.  I put it on him yesterday and he was like a vaseline covered gunky creature, but it has done a great job.  I’m sure that he’s feeling itchy with it all as he keeps rubbing his face on shoulders and arms trying to scratch it and making his face very dry looking.

He’s only put 5oz on in the past fortnight (13lbs 7oz), so that means he’s dropped down to the 75th percentile.  I’m sure that it is to do with his green nappies.  They said not to worry and they only get concerned if he drops another ‘channel’ so I’m to get him weighed in another couple of weeks.  I guess I’m worrying that my milk isn’t enough for him.  I love being able to breast feed him.  I love the cuddles and quiet times, the sleepy bed feeds and the fact it’s our private time.  But obviously if we have to go to bottles for him then we would.  It would be a big change though and I’d have to learn the sterilisation methods and be really organised 😦  Breast is so much easier.

Anyway, this is my little man on getting home, so I think he was feeling ok at this point!!


He didn’t sleep well though and went from his regular 6 hours, feed then another 4 hours sleeping time to every two hours again.   Couple that with Joel getting into bed with us at some point as well and none of us had a good night at all.  Then yesterday Josiah was very clingy, and wanted Mummy cuddles all day which was fine by me.  I love cuddling him!  However, Steve’s parents are visiting for Easter and Joel’s birthday, so would have preferred some happy Joss cuddles too, but it wasn’t happening at all.

Last night though after a raised temperature with a little calpol to help out he slept his 6 hours again and then 5 hours.  So he is back to normal in one regard, but has now developed the same cough that Joel has had, so both are going to the Dr again this afternoon so I can get them checked over before the 4 day weekend.  I do not want to be rushing to hospital over Easter thank you very much!!  Hearing a new(ish) baby cough is such a worry.  I just want Joel to stop coughing, (it’s been back for a week now) as he’s been off and on with it over a month.  I want everyone to be fit and well for Joel’s birthday weekend!  Of course, with worrying about the boys I’ve got run down too, and I’ve been feeling full of cold but I will soldier on and take as much paracetamol as I can to get through till next week.  Then it will be a quiet and relaxing week for us with possibly a birthday treat day out for Joel.  Mum and Dad want to take him out to a zoo or animal farm or something.

I am a creature of habit and like things to run to order!!  Everything gets a bit upside down when the inlaws visit, but they love seeing Joel and he loves seeing them.  And my Father in Law is building the climbing frame for us which is brilliant.  It’s for his birthday and lots of family members have contributed towards it which is lovely.  It’s sort of an investment for his playing future!  There isn’t a decent playpark suitable near enough so I figured he could have one in his garden instead!!

10 Reasons Why Three is More Terrible Than Two….


And it’s all very true as well, at least for Joel who isn’t even three yet!  Just under a month to go!

1. At two, they can barely talk. At three, they never shut the hell up.

Joel is a happy little chatter, and I guess he talks with his toys a lot rather than asking me ‘why’ at the moment, although hearing ‘I need a poo’ can send me running into the lounge to see that it’s Thomas the train talking to James about his bowel movements, and not Joel needing the loo after all!!

2. At two, they cry. At three, they throw temper tantrums so epic, you become convinced that they are possessed by the devil.

We’ve been lucky so far.  We had a terrible tantrum at Thomas Land after the soft play time finished and Joel had to leave.  Steve tried putting Joel’s wellies on his feet and the result was the biggest tantrum we’ve had yet!  a- he didn’t want to leave, and b- he wanted to put his own wellies on!!

3. At two, they’re happy to eat anything you present to them. At three, they eat only three foods (usually consisting of a starch and processed cheese.)

Joel is beginning to ask for chicken and chips a lot.  A result of Steve and his McDonalds habit?  Well, I’m just glad that any chicken will do, although he’s still funny about potato and has to be very hungry and distracted to eat it but rice and pasta is still in favour.

4. At two, baths are a ten minute event, the result of which is a clean child. At three, baths take over an hour, and result in a drenched bathroom, sopping wet mommy and 16 used towels.

This is so true!  We can always tempt him upstairs with a bath but he will not get out until he is ready!!  And he has to have ALL his bath toys and he likes to lie down for ‘swimming’.  He managed to poo in the bath last night for the first time ever and was so upset.  He’s never done that before and I think he’s getting to the stage of being so into his play that he ignores the toilet signs.  Steve had to sort it as I was feeding Josiah!!

5. At two, they wear diapers that can be changed on your watch. At three, they’re potty trained and the world revolves around their bladders and bowels.

Hmm, as above!  And forever asking if he needs a wee or a poo.  Our next task is getting him to the toilet rather than the potty.  He’ll go to the toilet at home and Grandmas, but still is going on the potty at nursery at the moment.  Oh, and trialling pull ups at night to get him out of nappies all together.

6. At two, they are distracted by a box of raisins at the grocery store. At three, they want to dictate your entire food list.

For chicken, chips, ham and peas.  Oh, and yoghurt.  Which has to be Thomas yoghurt now since Steve was taken in by a special offer a month ago!

7. At two, they let you dress them, looking innocent and adorable. At three, they insist on picking out their clothes, looking like pint sized versions of mental institution inhabitants.

Joel went through a little phase of deciding not to wear what I was pulling out for him but that seems to have gone for the time being.  I hope it doesn’t come back as it makes mornings a lot more stressy than they need to be.   Although we are currently going through a dressing himself phase and he can do his pants and trousers so far, although trousers sometimes end up on backwards which is ok I guess!

8. At two, they don’t like to get dirty. At three, they thrive on it.

Again, Joel is a bit different here.   He does not like mess.   He has refused chocolate as it would mean getting melty mess on his fingers.  He prefers a bowl with a spoon to eat it!!  He will come for a wipe to clean his fingers, washes his hands before meals and after the toilet, and doesn’t like being sticky.   Steve and I tell him that its ok for him to get messy but it’s one his quirks.

9. At two, you can do things for them, saving infinite amounts of time. At three, they must do everything by themselves, taking FOREVER.

This one hits home.   Joel is Mr Independent and has been for a while.  I choose my battles at the moment.  Sometimes its quicker to let him do it himself although I could do it faster as if I try to help he stops, tantrums and starts again which takes longer in the long run.  Saying that, if we let him have a go and he realises he needs help, he asks for it and is good about it as well.  He has learnt he can’t yet climb into his car seat himself, but he can climb into his dining chair seat.  He can’t quite cut all his food, but he can cut soft things.  And like I’ve mentioned, he is learning to dress himself and although he can’t zip up his coat, he can unzip it and take it off for hanging up himself!

10. At two, manipulation is the last thing on their minds. At three, they own you. And they know it.

Yep, agree with this one too!  Joel certainly tries a lot more on at home for me than he would at say, nursery!  Although Grandma is getting taken for a bit of a ride as well but she doesn’t seem to mind!  Last week we popped to Mothercare and the next thing I knew Joel had a giant dinosaur toy and a chocolate lolly!  I guess that’s what Grandma’s are for!!  Insert Joel’s face below….!

download (1)

And it makes life a little bit harder for sure, but the little cuddles, and hand holding makes it worth it.  Here’s a sweet picture below….

10157263_10152388859453974_962297594_n 1911886_10152388499198974_853966782_n


Here is Joel chatting with his brother after his day at nursery.  He is a good boy really!  And Josiah with a few more smiles on his playmat yesterday.  Toddlers certainly make babies seem easy, that’s for sure!!  Despite the sleep deprivation from night feeds.  Josiah is having another growth spurt I think, and has fed every two hours at night again the past two nights, rather than the 4-5 hours I’d got used to.

Plus, according to Wonder Weeks he is having his second ‘leap’ this week and is a bit more clingy and wanting more comfort sucking and cuddles.  So it’s probably ironic that we’re going to Exeter to see Steve’s parents this weekend and we’re all tired, grumpy and full of colds!  Hey ho…..



Weekend Wedding

So I finished work last Thursday and was excited to have a very nice weekend ahead with a lovely wedding to go to and a night in a posh hotel in Newbury!!

Friday was a great day.  My old school chum came to visit in the morning and my friend and her daughter came for a play date in the afternoon which made Joel’s day!  “Come on Trudy, come on” he cried, taking her hand and pulling her to his toy room and showing her the garden.  It was very sweet.

Then for some unfathomable reason he woke up at 1.30am and was awake for 4 hours.  The night before the wedding I was looking forward to.  Meaning I would be tired for it all 😦  By about 5am he was getting sleepy and I climbed back into bed for another couple of hours sleep but had to get up, shower, wash and style hair, apply makeup, pack car, walk dog, pack picnic lunch and set off by 9am.  It was hectic.

We made good time driving down though and arrived at the hotel for 11.45.  We couldn’t check in as our rooms weren’t ready but they let us sit down and eat our sandwiches, and Joel ate well, (egg rolls, sausage rolls, grapes and a chocolate cake!)!

We then had to change in the ladies powder room (see, I said it was posh!!) and all I had to do really was pull a dress on (Amy’s lovely French Connection maxi) and reapply lipstick.  Oh, and put my contact lenses in!!  No glasses for me at a wedding!!

Steve’s family arrived as well, and we set off down the high street to the church.  It was a lovely big, ornate Church of England church in the middle of the town.  Probably the sort which cost a lot to book!  Having never had to pay for our church service as we were members it seems odd having to hire it, but it was lovely.  And so full of people.  It was a big wedding.  We had 140 guests to ours, but I reckon they had about 160!! 

It was a nice service, with a good talk, and some modern hymns.   The bridesmaids were all stunning in their coral dresses, and the bride was gorgeous and tiny in her fishtail, diamante gown and veil.  After the service they served drinks and cakes in the church hall whilst the bells rang out and we nibbled and drank before going back to the hotel to check in properly.

Then it was a 30 minute drive to the reception venue which was a lovely place.   A residential place for kids, there was a nice private wedding barn with garden and rooms, a lavender walk and the drinks reception offered pimms and elderflower cordial (just what we had at our wedding as well!!)

After photographs, which were taken on steps in front of the old manor we mingled with our drinks (and yes, I was a little big naughty and had one glass of Pimms) and canapes.  I love a canape!!  Then it was time to sit down (the wedding planner was trying to keep everything on schedule) and we were ushered through to the barn.  There were 16 tables of folk all quite close together, so I was glad to be sat by the open door and in a through breeze.

No one had commented on my thickened middle, as a lot of the bloating which was there two weeks ago has gone down a bit, although to me it was obvious.  One of Steve’s cousins’ wives gave me a double take and a bit of a tummy stare but didn’t say anything.  Maybe the Pimms in my hand made her think otherwise?!!!  So I’m still safe to announce it in the manner and timing I want to after my next scan on 5th August.

And the starters were great.  I had opted for salmon mousse which was so delicious, and Steve had melon with parma ham.  However, there was a spare plate of ham and melon on our table which I was allowed to eat as the orderer was arriving late!  So I got two starters and they were both lovely!!

Steve and I both chose the lamb which was a bit heavy for such a hot day and we wished we’d gone for the chicken option, but all was redeemed with puddings as I had the nicest raspberry eton mess in the entire world ever and Steve was happy with his cheesecake and blueberry coulis!!

The flowers were stunning, and there were so many wall flowers, table flowers, arrangements everywhere, and the barn was somewhere you could really make your mark and personal taste stand out.

The wedding cake was a towering three tier creation of moulded white chocolate and lemon sponge which was very impressive, and looked like something from the Choccywoccydoodah shop (whether it was I’ll never know!!)

And the speeches were all great too!  Father of the bride, groom and best man.  They were amusing, not too long and really came across well.

I kept thinking that if this were on the programme Four Weddings, I’d be giving it a jolly good score!  And what was nice, was that I didn’t feel my wedding was lacking anything that was there on Saturday either!  I loved my wedding just as it was, except for two things.  My best friend was in Australia and so wasn’t able to be bridesmaid, and I forgot the flower corsages for my brothers in law in all the stress beforehand so they didn’t look part of the wedding party!!  Oh well!!

Joel was the handsomest two year old there in the pageboy outfit which Theo and Isaac wore to my wedding.  It’s so nice it got to be worn again.  Look how handsome and cute he is!  Little poser!! 


The next morning we had a very good breakfast, before heading over to a park for Joel to play football, play on the swings and slides for the morning and by midday you could tell he was getting beyond the point of tiredness.  So it was back to the hotel, piling into our cars and all going our seperate ways.  Before we’d even got to the motorway Joel was fast asleep and I was driving, so got to pull over when I wanted to!! 

And when we got home Mum and Dad had been in sorting out the conservatory with some shelves for Joel’s toys and it looked brilliant.

So a lovely weekend was had in the end!!  And we all went to bed early!!

May Day Bank Holiday

I was determined to have a nice day out, and make it something different to regular days of the week.  After all, a Bank Holiday is special and should be treated as such.  We don’t have a lot of money going spare at the moment due to house purchases going through, and potentially having two mortgages running alongside each other pending finding a renter.

So a free day out it would be, and what better than a picnic somewhere scenic?!  We settled on   a nice area in Cannock Chase called Seven Springs.  There is a pool and stream for splashing in, and a big open space by a little car park.  We set off at 11am having made sandwiches, (egg mayonnaise, tuna and pepper and jam and banana), added some sausage rolls, a bag of crisps, some apples and a bottle of squash.  We took our deckchairs, a picnic rug, our picnic was in a nice picnic bag which was a wedding present, and a ball for Joel to kick about.

We weren’t the only ones with the idea of a picnic there either.  The car park was heaving on our arrival.  We drove up seeing nothing but cars but lo an behold, there was one space at the top which had obviously not long been vacated so we took it!

Izzy was very excited and Joel was too, he kept saying ‘nic-nic’ and wondering what it all meant.


I love this photo above!

We found a nice space, laid out the blanket and chairs and let Izzy chase her tennis ball until she got tired out and Joel kicked his ball with us and ran about in the sunshine until we all got hungry.  Picnic time!  We sat in our chairs (Joel loves having his own deck chair)


There were a few other families sat around in their own spaces too.  Most people park there to then go for a big walk, or go cycling.  We just kicked a ball with Joel



Izzy loves being out of doors with us.  Here she is all content in the sunshine after running about all morning!


Joel and his egg.  He’s gone off egg sandwiches but likes a plain egg!  Although Jam sandwiches are ok:



We didn’t like paddling without shoes on, too brrrr Mummy, so we went back up to play ball some more:


Then it was getting very late for lunchtime naps, and there was no way it would happen in the outdoors!  We’d been out for over two hours, eaten and had fun, so we thought we’d head home again.  Joel went to bed for a sleep, Daddy stayed indoors watching tv shows on his laptop, and I got my sun lounger out of the shed, reclined with a big sunhat on and read some more of my current novel ‘The Sunne In Splendour’ by Sharon Penman, all about the Plantagenants and War of the Roses.  So interesting, I’ve nearly finished (it’s something of a tome) and I will need a new book to read one on our hols next week.

Once Little Dude was awake we played in the garden with his water table, learning to use his scooter, and eating ice-lollies.

Then my parents came over for dinner, and I’d put a leg of lamb in the oven earlier, (Steve got half a lamb to freeze a couple of months ago and we’re still working our way through it all!) added some new potatoes, asparagus, green beans and gravy, with a Christmas pudding for dessert!!  It was a lovely meal, topped off with the bottle of wine we were given at the hotel in Kent which we’d saved.

So we had a wonderful bank holiday on a budget and it was a lovely day as well.

What a Weekend….

It’s been good but tiring with Joel throwing out some unexpected sleeping habits!

On Friday we packed up the car, and once Steve was back from filming in Liverpool, we drove down to Exeter. It was about 4pm and we stopped at 5.30 for a bite to eat and to let Joel stretch his legs. Since Thursday, he’d been a bit ill. Well, not ill persay, I felt that he’d caught a rotten cold and was teething heavily. On Friday he was a bit floppy, needed regular calpol and didn’t want to play with his cousins who were visiting.

So it seemed to fit in with the poorly lurgy every time we see Steve’s family. It seems to alternate between me and Joel and this time, Joel was suffering.

He fell asleep in the car at 7.30 and had 45 minutes (we think. When we pulled off the motorway I glanced at him and he was looking right back at me!!)

And then he seemed to go into hyper drive and wouldn’t settle until about 9.30. He then woke up at 4am and there was not settling him back to sleep. He was boiling hot and totally awake. I guess he knew he was somewhere different and wanted to play and explore. Steve was in his unresponsive mode, so I got up and took Joel downstairs. We put Peppa pig on the ipad and he pottered about watching, and playing with Granny’s toys. I made him some toast, which he only licked the jam off and by 7am he was nodding off to sleep so I took him back up to our room with his cot in.

I went back to bed too, as I was shattered, and the next thing I knew it was 10am! And we’d missed the first plan of the day which was to leave at 9am to take Steve’s younger brother to football and head to the beach.

Steve’s Dad gave Joel a bowl of shreddies for breakfast which Joel looked at, said ‘no, cheerios’ and wouldn’t eat. They’d not got any cheerios in so as I’d forgotten toothbrushes, I nipped to the supermarket and got some bits for Joel to tempt him with, and cheerios, and other essentials. Joel didn’t want them anyway when we got back, but Steve’s dad had made a picnic and we went to Exmouth to meet up with Steve’s mum and brother. It was sunny and lovely when we got there. I wasn’t too tired after the early start as I’d had another 3 hours and Joel ran about on the sand, digging and enjoying the seaside. Izzy loved it. All the dogs were off their leads and they all ran around in giant circles.

Joel enjoyed watching us eat our picnic. He ate a few cheddar biscuits, but wouldn’t touch his sandwich or other snacks although he enjoyed drinking raspberry juice from a bottle as we were! Steve’s mum is trying slimming world too, so we had a salad as we can’t eat white bread rolls, although we did eat chocolate brownies. I guess the salad may have counteracted the brownie badness?!!

After lunch we build sandcastles and Joel knocked them down and we walked down the prom. Again, Joel wouldn’t go to sleep, I guess his extra 3 hours kept him going. He walked a long way and the fresh air helped his cold I’m sure. He was having a real snot issue though and keep swiping his nose with the back of his hand before I can get to him with a tissue, which leaves an nasty snot trail across his face and in his ear and hair! Lovely!

On Sunday he got up at 6am and wouldn’t go back to sleep until 9.30. He was stil too hot and needed more calpol. And with going back to sleep at a funny hour we didn’t make it to church and Steve’s other brothers work at a special needs centre where they have a soft play area, so they let us go there for an hour and Joel had it to himself! We played in the sensory room, got giant toys out and he had a great morning. And again, no afternoon nap! What’s going on?

After a roast dinner we set off at 2pm. I was due to play at church for the evening service (partly why I didn’t mind missing the morning service) and we made it back with 30 minutes to spare! And when I got back at 8pm? He was still up. His routine is so out of whack it’s untrue. That’s what a weekend away does for us. 😦

And last night he was up at 1am, and 3.30am. He has begun coughing a lot again, whether his cold has got on his chest I’m not sure, but Steve hadn’t given him his inhaler. The only silver lining is that he slept in till after 8 this morning but I’ve only just managed to get dressed at 11.00 as I’ve been tired and trying to get dinner in the slow cooker and he’s not in the mood for much today. He did have such a busy weekend and he seems to want to lie on the sofa today. We’ll have to take the dog out for a trot around shortly so maybe that will perk him up.

And work is due to be busy and stressy again tomorrow so I’m not looking forward to that.

I’m just glad I can have a quiet day today and gather myself together ready for the week. We need a big shop doing and we’re out of most things. I can make a cauliflower cheese for lunch with ham, and then our cupboards are bare!

Right, I can see a snot trail attacking Joel’s face so hot flannel here we come. It’s the only thing to clean him up!

Hopeful for 2013

So far this year has been great!

I know it’s not been here for long, but for these first 8 days, well, not too shabby world!!

We’ve found a house we’re interested in. There are issues, such as it going into probate due to the current owner dying, leaving it to his partner in the will, but his son contesting it. How long that sort of thing takes to sort out I don’t know. Whether it will be something we can actually buy I don’t know. But I have a good feeling and we’re not in a position to put an offer in yet anyway. We’re hoping to be able to apply for a mortgage at the end of the month, but are prepared to wait for this house. It’s where we want to live and even has a hot tub in the garden!!! We went to have a viewing on friday and both agree we want it! It would be lovely to think we could have a ‘proper’ house this year!

We had a lovely weekend going to my niece’s Christening on Saturday in Nottingham. It was a lovely day and here we are, all scrubbed up together:


It was a lovely service, with a buffet at a function room afterwards. Joel sat on his own at a kiddy table, and ate all the mini sausages for his lunch!


And we have some nice occasions on the horizon as well with a week in Kent at Easter with Steve’s family, our holiday to Menorca in May and a holiday to Wales in July (must book something up soon!!)

Joel turns two in April. I can’t believe he’s such a grown up boy already! We walked to toddler group yesterday. It’s a two minute walk for me, but a 10 minute toddle for him! And to his credit, he walked and held my hand all the way there, and half the way back! He stopped and put his arms up for a carry on the way home and he was tired as it’s a busy morning of playing, painting, snacking and singing! And it was the first Monday he’s not gone round smacking children! Yay! Its funny the things that make you happy!

He’s decided that Blankie is now called Noo Nee, and yesterday came in and said ‘Peppa’ to me, then found channel 5 on the ipad and promptly put Peppa Pig on to watch! I was amazed! He has got into Peppa Pig through Nursery as all kids there seem to love Peppa.

And I’m going out on Friday to see Les Mis with a friend. I can’t wait. I love Hugh Jackman.

And as for BFP’s this month, I’m not holding my breath. I got ill over the imperative week so would not be surprised to see Aunt Flo turn up in the next week. But I still feel positive on that front for this year. Hoping for a house and a baby in 2013!