Friday Peace

I love Fridays. End of the week, start of the weekend. A day of fun for Josiah and myself whilst Joel is at school. 

After school gets a little more stressful. Tired boys make mischief and my patience starts to wear thinner. My Mary Poppins hat starts to slip and at 5.30 I’m ready for Hubby to walk through the door.

It’s swimming night for Joel! And the past weeks he’s taken Josiah along to give me a break. 

Before they’d even gone tonight I’d begun running a bath, adding a hefty dose of Champneys bubble heaven. The kettle was on for a cup of tea and there was a bit of Cadbury Fruit and Nut bar in the cupboard!

“Shall I take Josiah along”? He asks as though it’s an option not too! 

“Why wouldn’t you?” I enquired, “you have the past weeks and I really like the quiet hour to myself”. 

“Really?” He asks as though this is odd. But to him it probably is as he is someone who likes company. And don’t worry, I’m not a total hermit but this quiet 90 minutes all to myself at the end of a week is quite heavenly!  I know he won’t understand. Our work demands are so different. He is self employed and works alone a lot so desires company in his free time. I am attached to little people for most of a day, reducing my brain to engage with repetitive chatter, CBeebies, learning colours and reading the same books 145 times! He wouldn’t understand at all why this 90 minutes of nothing I can turn my brain off, jump in a bubble bath, slap on a face mask and just do nothing! No washing up, laundry, cleaning or anything.

Just for 90 minutes! And I’m grateful for it! 

Joel wanted to walk Josiah! He tends to run the opposite way at the moment and I can’t chase him being 39 weeks pregnant so reins it is!! 

Monkeys walking home!

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