Still Here!!!

After seeing the consultant yesterday I was really disappointed.

Gone are the imaginings that she’d say I was 3cm dilated already and needed to think about coming onto the ward for delivery!!  I was as closed and unfavourable as could be.  Just like last time.  I don’t know why I just don’t seem able to get babies out on time.  Even after having so much down below pressure for the past couple of weeks it’s had no effect at all.

She wasn’t able to do a sweep as she couldn’t get at my cervix but ouchy, she had a very good feel.  And when she palpated my tummy she wasn’t the most gentle either.  I expect that didn’t help baby want to come out, being prodded like that.

So I’m booked in again next Tuesday to see where we’re at.  I’ll be 41 weeks exactly on Tuesday so lets see whether I make it there or not.

36 Week Scan Booked!!!

I’m quite excited now as I’ve finally managed to get through to the scan and diagnostics department at hospital and have booked in for my 36 week scan before my consultant appointment.

Having not seen baby since 20 weeks it’ll be interesting to see how big he’s got now.  I know photos don’t really come out well at this point due to baby being bigger but at least we’ll see what’s going on in there a bit more.

I had a midwife appointment yesterday as my actual date fell on Christmas Day!!  She says I’m textbook, and measuring perfectly.   Baby is head down with a very firm bottom sticking on my left side and legs kicking me on my right side.

So my next appointment will be 36 weeks and the midwife will come to my house at 37 weeks to discuss birth plans!

I’m not sure there’s any point in a birth plan this time round.  With Joel I spent time writing it all out, printing it, even laminating it!!  The moment I went overdue and was signed up for an induction it went out of the window!!!

The only thing I’ve said I’ll put on it this time is to check with me before allowing visitors in hospital.   With Joel a friend happened to be in the hospital that first morning and just came in which took me by surprise.  And she brought her husband too which was a bit awkward since I wasn’t dressed, I hadn’t slept and was still paralysed waist down!!

Also one day when I was in (I had three nights in due to the emergency c-section) my father in law was very pleased to sneak all his family (Steves brothers) past the reception desk to bring them all in together.  I only felt up to having two visitors at a time so was not best happy to have them all staring at me and squabbling and being loud.   This time I want to have it restricted and I want peace and quiet!!  That will include when we’re home so I’ll make sure everyone knows to come and visit at different times and not for too long until we’re settled.

I have to think about getting Joel used to a baby brother as well, and want him to have some time just the four of us to get used to our new family before everyone else comes to meet him.   A bit of a babymoon I guess!

It’s all starting to feel more real now!!


I’ve never suffered with back pain before.  I can now see how it’s quite a debilitating thing.

Today Steve had a morning breakfast meeting so I had to walk Izzy with Joel to nursery, then walk Izzy back again and come back to work.  And I feel very much done in.

I have to say, I do wonder what pregnancy and labour would be like had Eve not eaten the apple in the Garden of Eden!!!  Would carrying a baby inside have been much easier?  And would they have just floated out painlessly after 9 months?  That would be very appealing at the moment!  I think whether you believe in the creation story or not, at this point in pregnancy, women are all a bit nervous about the baby having to come out, and with how things all went a bit wrong with Joel’s entrance into the world, I’m extra worried as to what will happen this time.

Don’t get me wrong, I know all this pain and discomfort is totally worth it.  But pain does make me feel down.   I get home from work and have to have a cry because I’m so achey.  I’m having to take the lift up to my office rather than the stairs now 😦

I had a 31 week midwife appointment yesterday.  She says she thinks I’m getting SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) which is sort of what I thought anyway, but my it’s painful.  And my back!  Ouchy.

Everything else was fine though.  I measured fine, urine was fine, blood pressure was fine and results from the 28 week blood tests were fine including iron!  Phew!

She has advised me to buy a maternity belt to give more support to my back and try to lift the bump a bit to relieve my pelvis so I’ve found one online to try out.

She asked how long I had left at work, and after this week, it’s just two weeks.  Just 6 days.  It feels a long time although I know it isn’t really.  I hate the fact the toilets are such a walk away.  I commented that a commode at my desk would be helpful, or at least a catheter and she laughed!!  I was only half joking as well!  I quite liked my catheter after my c-section with Joel.  Not having to move was nice!

This morning I was tickling Joel as I tried to get him dressed to distract him into getting a vest over his head and had to laugh as he said ‘oh Mummy, you’re too funny’!!  It’s nice to be appreciated!!  I still chuckle over the ‘thinking about horses’ comment the other morning.    He’s just so cute!  I can’t wait for another little boy to arrive!  They will be just adorable together.


Putting our Christmas tree up last weekend…


Joel had a lovely time helping to decorate it!


It took lots of concentration…


At the Chester Winter Wonderland on the fair ground rides with Trudy…




They loved this car ride!


Not so impressed with Father Christmas!!!

Joel was one happy boy!!!




Blood Day :(

I’d almost forgotten that I had to have my bloods checked at my 28 week midwife appointment.

And I’ve had that many procedures this year from the hospital I’ve almost got used to it being done and have been much better than I used to be at having blood taken.

I am not afraid of needles at all, I can cope fine with injections.  I am not wussy about blood, i can deal with it.  I can’t actually explain what it is about having blood taken at all but it freaks me out and gets me stressed and I have a strange emotional reaction involving tears.  At least I used to.  I have been so much better since having canulas and all manner of things earlier this year.

Until this morning that is.

The main part of the appointment was fine.  My urine tested fine, my blood pressure was perfect and the heartbeat was banging away and she measured my bump today which measured fine on their scale for 28 weeks.

Then it was time for the blood tests!  I offered my left arm, looked away as I can’t watch the procedure, straightened my arm, let her tighten the torniquet, and pumped my hand to increase the blood flow.  I did everything I was asked to do.  She found a vein, stabbed at it and then it went!  She tried my right arm, and then my left arm again.  I have said time and time again to various folk that I have difficult veins but not one of them believes me until they’ve tried to get my blood themselves!

So the next phase was calling in a phlobotomist to have a go and she tried four times, twice each arm and was getting cross saying that I seemed to be in shock which made my veins shrink as the needle came near!!

As a last resort I had to lie on the bed and have the blood pressure thing on my arm and tight to push all my veins out.  I’m feeling bleurgh just thinking about it now, but they did get the blood finally.

It was just the same as my 28 week appointment when I was expecting Joel.  Except in the end they did give up and send me to hospital to have it done where it was very quick and painless!!

At least that should be it for now all being well.

A Fabulous Scan!!!

I had been so very excited about my 20 week scan.

So of course Joel decided to wake up at 1am and be restless and want Mummy cuddles for three hours the night before.  I feel almost silly for thinking otherwise!  Any day I’m looking forward to seems to involve a lot of wakeful hours the night before!!  I did get an extra hour in bed this morning though to try and compensate though.

Anyway, I was a bit cheeky and told Steve that the appointment was at 11am rather than 11.30 to make sure he was at the hospital on time.  As we were there early I went along and handed my notes over, and to my surprise was seen immediately!!  No waiting for us today!

And it got better from there.  As they weren’t busy, the midwife took ages over us.  She talked us through the whole baby and we saw everything.  From the head and brain, the face and eyes, ears and lips, bones, spine, legs, hands and feet.  It was so clear and she took her time too so we could take it all in.  With Joel’s 20 week scan it was all a bit rushed and we weren’t sure what we were looking at as it was all very blurry.

What was weird was seeing this very lively baby pushing, twisting, turning, and pretty much pounding my insides!  Steve asked how I couldn’t feel the legs pushing into me, but the midwife commented that I have an anterior placenta, which means the placenta has grown across the front of my uterus rather than at the back which is more normal.  It’s not a bad thing, it just means that baby is more cushioned so could explain why I wasn’t feeling much movement until this week (and now I’m feeling lots, but more around the sides than the middle).  It can also mean a c-section is more risky due to having to cut the placenta but I guess that will be a discussion with the midwife next time.

After we were done we went out for a lunch date as Steve is heading off to Scotland for 4 days next week.  It was nice to have a little mini date in the week.  And then I headed back to collect Joel who had been at Grandma’s, and we headed straight to Mothercare!!  Where I bought baby some new vests, babygrows and a going home outfit.

I really liked the simple neutral colours in their new range, so opted for unisex!!


How cute is that!!  It’s a long sleeved vest with a cute velour trouser suit to go over it and a matching hat.  They did have a lovely beige cardigan but at £16 I felt that was a big steep so Mum has said she can knit on for me to match!!  Yay Grandma!!


In 20 weeks or so, i should be bringing a new baby home in these clothes.  I can’t actually imagine it just yet, but I’m sure as time gets closer I will be getting more impatient to meet baby.  One thing is for sure already, as placid as Joel was in the womb, this one is a live wire, and is a complete opposite of Joel already!  It will be very interesting to see how different they are!  But I’m sure they’ll be great friends and Joel will be a great big brother to his LITTLE BROTHER!!!!  Yep, we’re having another boy and we’re so happy!!  🙂


Today began as a stressy day.  The wretched dog escaped again so I ended up walking around the block shouting ‘Izzy, Izzy’ at 8am this morning thinking I shouldn’t be stressing about her and wanting to get in a bath instead.

But I found her trapped in a garden a street away.  Her forlorn face was peering out at me from behind a trellis and I couldn’t see how to get her out without disturbing the people who’s house it was.  I tried the doorbell but there was no answer, and so I then went to the neighbours garden, quietly went up the side path through a little gate and managed to create a hole in the side hedge and hold down some chicken wire so she could lope through, then I thoroughly castigated her, put the lead on her and met my Mum who was coming out to help me look, so she took her back to theirs so I could relax a bit!

Anyway, at 9.30 we dropped Joel at my parents as well and went to the hospital.  In all the chaos I’d forgotten to drink any water so I bought a bottle and began chugging it in the vain hope it would filter through in time.  It didn’t!  We went for the scan, the nurse saw a heartbeat (hurrary!) and estimated that we were just over 6 weeks (we’d thought 6-7) but she couldn’t get a good look as my bladder was too small.  So I was sent away for 20 minutes to drink more and finished the water and got a fried breakfast whist we were at it.  Then on going back my bladder was too full and obstructing things, so I had to do a half wee which was good as I thought I was going to wet myself things had got very uncomfortable to say the least.

Still, the image wasn’t great.  It was very tucked up to one side and not all that visible but I only needed to know that something was there and ok for now.

The staff were very kind and have booked me in for another scan in three weeks.  I’ll worry about that one as well as the last baby died at 8+6, and this scan will be 9 weeks.  But if things are ok, there’s only another 3 weeks until the 12 week scan and then maybe I’ll let myself think about things and feel excited.  It’s not sunk in at all yet and I’m still fearing the worst.

One day at a time though.  That’s all I can do.

No Midwife Today

So the midwife was meant to do a house call on Monday this week but had rescheduled for today. I was disappointed as I want to get the first meeting done, and I don’t work Mondays, so have had to wait in at home today and it’s a bit of a pain, but work are obliging at least.  Things are busy in the office and I have an important meeting at 2.00 which luckily I am all prepared for.

I was told that I’d be the first appointment of the day at around 9.30, and by 10.10 I called in to ask if they had any idea of the time of the appointment.

I was told they’d call me back once they knew, and it’s now 11.30 and they’ve rung to say they won’t make it today and it’s rescheduled again for next Monday now. I’ll be 10 weeks next week!! I’m going off on holiday on the 13th May and really want my scan before I go else I won’t relax.

I am feeling upset and exasperated right now as the midwife appointment is sort of the start of this being real and I have to wait for the weekend again. Grrr. 

I was going to have to come home for lunch at 12 as I have a delivery arriving, so I’m thinking I’ll just wait it out and then go straight up and have the morning off instead as I feel bad having a medical appointment as it hasn’t happened!

I’m sure with Joel they gave a time and came for it rather than open ended any point in the day.  

And I forgot to mention Joel’s dr appointment.  After his long nap and calpol he perked right up, and in the doctors surgery he was running around, still wheezing, but obviously not ill really, (in fact the doctor commented he seemed too well to be there!) but has referred him to a paediatrician for further tests so we will hopefully find out if Izzy fur is exacerbated his asthma or not.  Goodness knows when the referral will come through, but in the meantime, he seems to perking up from his wheeze of last week.

I think he’ll be fit and well for his busy birthday weekend!

MMR Repurcussions

I’ve just had a call from Joel’s nursery to say that he’s got a temperature and isn’t terribly happy, just very quiet and sitting on knees.  They’ve dosed him with calpol and is still warm so may need a sleep.

He was fine this morning.  A happy chappy, who had a good breakfast with me at 7am and a good drink and some blueberries on the way to nursery.

I just feel like sobbing a little knowing he’s not well and I can’t go to him till the end of the day.  Well, I could, but he’s ok, not ill ill, just not happy and I’d rather he were not happy with me for cuddles.


36 Week Midwife Appointment

Today Tracy the midwife was calling round to my house to have the 36 week appointment where we sit and discuss the birthplan.  Steve happened to be out walking Izzy which was ok as he wasn’t really required for it!

Steve and I had discussed what we think already, so we’ve opted for the midwife led birth and will put ourselves down for a pool birth if it’s available.  If the pool is busy, there’s also a hydrobath thing apparently, and if both are taken, it’s just a calmer environment!

I’m hoping to be as mobile as possible, start off as naturally as possible with gas and air and then just see where we go from there.  Having no idea really as to my pain threshold I’m open to pethidine if necessary, but if we’re in the pool the water will hopefully help.  The only thing I’m resistant to initially is an epidural.  I don’t want an iv in my hand, I don’t want an increased risk of an assisted delivery and therefore an episiotomy.  It’s all a lot to take in really.

I’ve also said that I’d like to deliver the placenta naturally as this can mean although you bleed more directly after the birth, it’s only liquids that need to come out, and you won’t bleed for as long as if you had the injection (more like 2-3 weeks rather than 5-6 weeks).

I have said ok to the vitamin K injection for baby once arrived as well.

Oh, and I’ve also said ‘yes please’ to a student midwife!  I do believe in helping student nurses with their training if possible, and I’ve also been told how helpful they are as they can stay with you to assist with things more than a midwife who may have more than a couple of labouring women to see to!

So all in all, things are well with baby.  All set with the head down (which I can kind of tell from the pressure on my nether regions!!) and the bum has swung round to my right side now with legs tickling my ribs on my left side.

I tried taking Izzy out this afternoon as I was feeling a bit bored and wanted some fresh air, so I put her in the car and went to the castle thinking it would be quiet.  How wrong was I.  There were more dogs there than I’ve ever seen before, and she was so naughty running off to say hello to them all.  I know she’s friendly and just wants to say hello and play, but you never know about other dogs or their owners, or if they have little children she could knock them over and I couldn’t waddle after her fast enough so I decided to bring her home again.  She really needs some harsh training to get her sorted and a bit more obedient.  She does seem to have regressed a little recently, maybe she’s in her teenage rebellious years.

This afternoon I cooked a beef strogonoff for dinner.  Steve sat with it on his lap saying how much he appreciated me cooking for him.  I could see though he wasn’t actually eating it at all.  Honestly, if it’s not junk food he’s not interested.  He then said he wasn’t hungry and put it in the kitchen and came back out having stuffed a doughnut in his mouth whole.  Humpf.  I liked it, and thought it was tasty.  He’s so hard to please with normal food.  Offer him a big mac and he’d be happy.

So…… first day of maternity leave and what do I do?

I fall down the stairs.


8 months of not falling and this morning, whoosh, I just lost my footing on the top step and next thing I knew I was on my back and at the bottom.  At least it was my back and not my front.  My buttocks are pretty well padded so I was more shocked than anything else.

I sat down on the sofa trying not to cry and rang my Mum who said to rest and see how I felt shortly.  I had a drink of cold water and baby was moving away in there, but I just feel achy all over, probably due to the tension in my muscles.

I did ring the midwives for advice, feeling utterly stupid, especially after going to delivery on Friday  night, (they’re going to think I’m a crazy attention seeking hypochondriac) but I said baby was moving and I didn’t feel any pain and there was no bleeding.

They just said to rest up and monitor myself for the day so sofa it is.  I mean, that was my original plan anyway.  I’ve had a nap and just had lunch.  All seems ok, but I’m cross with myself for not being more careful.

Lets see what the afternoon brings…..

EDIT:….  this afternoon has been.  Baby’s movements have been normal, he’s been jiggling around, and I’m not too sore or anything from the tumble so will just keep being wary on it all.  It’s been a nice relaxing day actually, with lying on the sofa, watching ‘The Lord of The Rings FOTR’ and a tasty steak pie for dinner.