Bump Pic and Party

So here are my bump pics from Tuesday:

photo 2 (7)

Feet, feet, where fore art thou feet?!

photo 1 (8)


And on Tuesday Steve asked me whether he had anything suitable to wear to a black tie event.  Apparently he’d had an invite for us to attend a charity function on Friday night!!  I had to laugh.  This is very Steve, all last minute and not a clue about anything.

So I told him that he did not have anything suitable for black tie.  He obviously thought a regular suit with an actual black tie was all that was required.  I don’t know how he can know so little about these sorts of things!!  So after we went to the funeral on Wednesday we headed into town to try and rent him a suit for Friday to be told these things weren’t kept in stock and needed ordering weeks in advance!  But to rent a suit was about £70 and to buy one in their sale was currently £75.  So we bought him a suit, the dress shirt, a bow tie and a new pair of shoes which are considerably smarter than anything else he has ever owned!!  I guess these sort of invites will continue to come in as he’s mixing in these business circles.

What other ‘Steveisms’ can I regale you with?  We had a little dispute when I enquired where his cufflinks might be.  He said he didn’t need them, that he would just fasten the buttons on the sleeves.  I had to explain that dress shirts do not have buttons and cufflinks are required!  Whilst he was determined to use the buttons, (because of course I was wrong on this matter), I borrowed my Dad’s cuff link collection so that when he realised he did need them I had a pair on hand!!

Of course, it’s not just not knowing what to wear for occasions.  He generally gets confused with vocabulary!  The other day he was talking about a ‘tactile email’ from our minister.  I wasn’t quite sure what he meant, so said tactile meant ‘touchy-feely’ and he said I was wrong.  Of course, as he says I’m wrong he’s pulling out his i-phone to check the dictionary definition and after looking up three accepted that I was right and he had been using the word incorrectly.   Better with me than with a client I guess!!

Then he asked if I could hire a dress.  I told him women’s wear didn’t quite work the same as menswear.  But I did get a lovely black lace maternity dress quite cheaply from New Look.  And it seemed to be the right thing to wear as last night pretty much all the ladies were in black lace dresses and all the men were in black tie and it does help you feel more comfortable in a room full of strangers looking as though you ought to be there!

When we got there we were on the VIP table with our local MP and other representatives from the PR company who had invited us.  They were all friendly and we had some nice conversations whilst having a lovely four course meal!  We had soup to start, then roast turkey, Christmas pudding, a cheeseboard and mince pies!  I was very hungry and ate everything and then felt uncomfortably full once we were home!!  Then the highlight of the evening was watching a soul band perform from the 70’s!!  Their promotional photo on the menu made them look quite young so it was really amusing to see these three old men hobble out and then proceed to sing heartily for 45 minutes!  They were called ‘The Real Thing’ and sang ‘You to me are everything’ which was the only song I knew!!

I found a full length mirror in the ladies so this is me in my dress!

photo 3 (7)

I have legs!  I’m sure this time with Joel I had swollen legs and cankles!!


photo 4 (4)

And here we are at our table:



It was a fun evening and Steve appreciated me making the effort to be there with him.  Although he’s great in a business setting with his networking and selling himself, in a social setting he still gets a bit awkward and seems unsure of himself so that’s where I come in!!  I’m happy to chat to anyone about anything and it was nice to meet some folk from his networking group.

I have to say I’m suffering today though.  Having worn heels for the first time in ages I’m really achy and overtired but it was worth it.  I’m very glad we have a quiet Saturday today.  Joel is playing happily with his lego and we’re going round to my parents to put their tree up after lunch.  Maybe we could fit a quick nap in beforehand too!


Good Morning

photo 1 (7)

It’s a lovely morning here with a beautiful sunrise.  This is looking out of our side window over the woods with next door at the forefront.  It’s got colder suddenly at night but when the sun’s out it makes a difference.

I’ve not been sleeping so well at night again.  I think I might be excited about Christmas!!  And baby was swimming about last night and actually pushing along the inside of my tummy which was very weird.  It made me think of shark fins for some reason.   In my groggy 4am state I don’t feel that I’m properly appreciating all this movement.  Joel was coughing a lot so I kept getting up try and prop him up on his pillow to help and dot karvol around his duvet.

Yesterday was Joel’s nursery Christmas fayre so we three went along to spend some pennies.  We bought Steve a Christmas present of mini speakers which he said he wanted from a stall and some cakes, sweets, Joel said hello to Father Christmas, went on the Lucky Dip, made a tree decoration and generally ran around and caused chaos with all the other kiddies.  It looked like fun if you were two!!!  His friend Trudy was glad to see him as well and those two seemed to end up everywhere they shouldn’t!!  Pickles the pair of them although I do feel that Joel is a bit of a naughty ring leader and leads others into doing naughty things!



photo 2 (6)

This is our tree this morning.  I’ve put the lights on a timer so they are on when we come down in the morning.  Joel loves it and thinks its the prettiest tree ever!  It’s a 5ft one I’ve had for 10 years and it’s starting to show its age.    We’ve collected different decorations over the past few years so it’s not a ‘designer’ tree by any sense of the word but I think it’s all the more charming for it!

We’ve put our presents around it, (and hidden a lot under the table too) which he’s not really showing any interest in yet.  I finished all my wrapping last night thank goodness and just have cards to write now.  I find it easier to spread everything out on the floor and do it that way but it’s certainly getting harder with a bump in the way and my pelvis feels as though it’s actually falling apart now.   The only issue was that the Wow Playmat I’d ordered from Amazon turned out to be the wrong thing!  I hadn’t opened it, as it’s quite big and bulky but I should have checked I know.  I had ordered it two days before the extended Christmas return period so was a bit stuck with a giant (what I assume was) plastic sticker sheet!  It was meant to be a fleecy carpet rug.  Panicking I rang Amazon directly who were very helpful, refunded me the cost of that and are sending a courier tomorrow to collect it.  I’ve since ordered a new one which should be correct and also arrive tomorrow.  Could have been disastrous.

photo 3 (6)


This is my lovely fireplace.  I love my Willowtree nativity scene.   We bought the garland to sit on it this year and it’s always nice to get Joel’s first Christmas pic out again!    And my scented candles and tealight burners.  We don’t light those when Joel’s around though.  He already seems to have a fascination with fire!!    I just need to work out where to put a nail to hang Joel’s stocking ready for Christmas Eve!!

Oh, and also you remember my messy corner which needed sorting in the dining room?  Well, we took our old freezer to the recycling centre yesterday (it’s been stood in the utility for months getting in the way!!) and noticed that the big charity shop next door was still open so called in to see what they’d got by way of furniture and we found this TV unit which sort of matches my Grandma’s walnut bureau.  It’s not proper wood at all, it’s a veneer, but it was £15 and does the job for now and blends in with our furniture:

photo (8)


So all that is remaining now is to put the wooden floor down.  Steve didn’t like this cabinet to start with.  He has something against old furniture.  I however wouldn’t let him get the silver plywood units that were so popular in the 1990’s as they are hideous!!!  I wanted something that looked classic and blends with the era of the house.  And on getting it home he agreed with me.  I just wish he could accept that if he were left to furnish a house it was be terrible and to go with what I say to start with!  It would save a lot of time and energy.

This store is sort of a recycling centre for second hand furniture and you get some gorgeous antiquey pieces.  I fell in love with a hallway unit with coat hooks, a little drawer suitable for a dogs lead etc… umbrella compartment, it had a mirror and some lovely woodwork but Steve said he didn’t want old things in the house!  Honestly.  I could have replaced the hooks, given it a wax and it was a lot cheaper at £75 than anything I’ve had my eye on.  He just doesn’t see potential in things.  But I’d got my way with the TV unit so left it at that!


I’ve never suffered with back pain before.  I can now see how it’s quite a debilitating thing.

Today Steve had a morning breakfast meeting so I had to walk Izzy with Joel to nursery, then walk Izzy back again and come back to work.  And I feel very much done in.

I have to say, I do wonder what pregnancy and labour would be like had Eve not eaten the apple in the Garden of Eden!!!  Would carrying a baby inside have been much easier?  And would they have just floated out painlessly after 9 months?  That would be very appealing at the moment!  I think whether you believe in the creation story or not, at this point in pregnancy, women are all a bit nervous about the baby having to come out, and with how things all went a bit wrong with Joel’s entrance into the world, I’m extra worried as to what will happen this time.

Don’t get me wrong, I know all this pain and discomfort is totally worth it.  But pain does make me feel down.   I get home from work and have to have a cry because I’m so achey.  I’m having to take the lift up to my office rather than the stairs now 😦

I had a 31 week midwife appointment yesterday.  She says she thinks I’m getting SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) which is sort of what I thought anyway, but my it’s painful.  And my back!  Ouchy.

Everything else was fine though.  I measured fine, urine was fine, blood pressure was fine and results from the 28 week blood tests were fine including iron!  Phew!

She has advised me to buy a maternity belt to give more support to my back and try to lift the bump a bit to relieve my pelvis so I’ve found one online to try out.

She asked how long I had left at work, and after this week, it’s just two weeks.  Just 6 days.  It feels a long time although I know it isn’t really.  I hate the fact the toilets are such a walk away.  I commented that a commode at my desk would be helpful, or at least a catheter and she laughed!!  I was only half joking as well!  I quite liked my catheter after my c-section with Joel.  Not having to move was nice!

This morning I was tickling Joel as I tried to get him dressed to distract him into getting a vest over his head and had to laugh as he said ‘oh Mummy, you’re too funny’!!  It’s nice to be appreciated!!  I still chuckle over the ‘thinking about horses’ comment the other morning.    He’s just so cute!  I can’t wait for another little boy to arrive!  They will be just adorable together.


Putting our Christmas tree up last weekend…


Joel had a lovely time helping to decorate it!


It took lots of concentration…


At the Chester Winter Wonderland on the fair ground rides with Trudy…




They loved this car ride!


Not so impressed with Father Christmas!!!

Joel was one happy boy!!!




Busy Bees

Work went well this week.  The pressure of double workload has ended due to a colleague returning from her maternity leave and frankly, it’s like a weight has been lifted.   I felt organised and capable for the first time in months!!  It was great 🙂  Of course, I’ll be going on maternity leave myself so it is sort of leaving them in the lurch again as with the current situation we are not able to replace anyone.  But that’s not our fault, we’re just having to get on wtih things.

On Friday we had a visit from the heating engineer after about 3 months of waiting to remove the stupidly placed gas pipe in the dining room.  This has held up us completing the room, so it’s great we should still be on target for Christmas.  He had to hack through concrete, and replace a pipe from the meter which goes up the side of the chimney breast so the whole room had to be cleared of furniture and carpet so it was a little job but with a big lot of work required to get it done!!!

Joel and I left him to it and went to my parents for lunch and did a bit of food shopping for the weekend as Steve’s parents were visiting before going on a canal boat holiday for the week around our town!!  We will be popping out for an afternoon on the boat today after Church.  They did stop by yesterday for lunch on their way by but it was far more stressful than it should have been due to Steve.   He got it into his head that he’d lost a camera footage card from our Scotland trip with interviews he’d not yet backed up.  This was about 1hr before his parents arrived and I’d had a leisurely morning, sorting lunch, making a salad, baking a cake, tidying up, I washed all the cushion covers from the sofa, vaccumed, cleaned, dusted (maybe nesting is beginning!!) and then suddenly, our nice calm morning became horrendous.  When stressed, Steve is worse than a bear with a sore head.  The last time we could remember this card was when it was lying around the lounge and I commented  unless it was put away, it would get lost.   I know, and now I have every right to say those 4 little words and say smug, but at the time I bit my lip, let Steve rant and rave, tried to patient and helpful.  I lost my resolve when he decided to check his office at work, reversed out of the drive and scraped the car on the drive.  He abanded it on the pavement and came into tell me that I’d parked badly!!  I responded to shout back that he was being unreasonable, I had parked it fine, he just couldn’t reverse (quite true) and didn’t use his wing mirrors (again true) and he stomped off saying he’d be a while.  I wish he had been, he came back in 5 minutes!

His parents and brother arrived and the hunt continued but as they had to board their boat at 3, his Dad didn’t want to hang around today so I got them all sat down for lunch as Steve continued to stomp around.  He eventually gave up and sat with us to eat the tiniest morsel and then sat defeated on the sofa whilst Granny played with Joel before having to go.  Minutes before they departed he entered sounding and looking sheepish saying that the card was in his case all along and he’d just missed it before.  He apologised profusely and I think we were just all relieved that the afternoon wouldn’t be so stressful as well.  Honestly.   MEN!!!

Joel was tired at this point and we sat down to watch a Disney film just the three of us.  Steve spent the whole afternoon trying to make up for being an idiot, so offered cups of tea, foot rubs, and was generally nice which was nice.   My pelvis and hips have begun aching quite a bit now.  I think because I’d been so busy and not sitting enough that hasn’t helped.    So we decided to worsen things and take Joel to the town park to play and he wanted his bike so off we went in the car and then walked.  We walked quite a way and it wasn’t long before the sciatica hit.  I get a very sharp sudden twingy pain which makes me catch my breath and takes me off guard, and it’s in my right buttock!!!  Pretty much I wasn’t able to keep up with Steve and Joel so had to hobble back to the car like a rotund crazy lady clutching her buttock.

Steve treated us to a chinese take away which was very welcome, probably not the most sensible since we have very little money left this month but we should cope till payday on Wednesday!!

And today the hour has gone back, so we’re up a bit early on new time, and a bit later on old time so hopefully, Joel will adjust soon if we keep him up later this evening without too much issue.

And that is our weekend so far.  And I still have an achey pelvis,  I may have to sit down to play the keyboard at church this morning.  The thought of standing is a bit beyond anything today  😦

A Picture Post….

I know I’m biased, but I find Joel very photogenic!!





We start a day with a cup of tea!  Proper for me, and very weak and milky for Joel!!

Stafford-20130917-01993 Stafford-20130917-01991

Grandma enjoys knitting, and her latest project was a minion jumper for Joel!!  Here he is setting off for Grandma’s house for the day 🙂


Visiting a park with Martha in Nottingham last week.  We fed the ducks, and the pigeons swarmed upon us as well!

They had a lovely time on the park climbing frames and slides.


Izzy proved useful in keeping the pigeons at bay, although she did scare the ducks a little too!!  Martha wanted to get in too 🙂





And cousins in the bath!  I remember about 6 of us being sat in side by side when very young!!  Joel loved having company to splash with!

Up On The Roof

Well, we ended up setting off for Birmingham well over an hour later than we’d intended to!  Steve took the dog out for a walk and was probably making work calls as he does and lost track of time.  He wasn’t back till after 6pm!  We hadn’t got a wedding card, so had to stop to buy one from Asda, and by the time we got to Birmingham (about 7.30) we drove around for ages until I was happy with a space in the close vicinity of The Mailbox.  We wandered over to Brindley Place and found TinTins Cantonese Restaurant.   It looked nice enough, and I didn’t feel up to eating a big heavy Indian curry, so we asked for a table for two!

Even though I was driving home later, I wasn’t sure Steve was feeling all that well with two of his wasp stings having swollen up loads.   I didn’t realise how bad they were until later on as he had a long sleeved shirt on, but his left elbow and right knuckles are horribly red and puffy, and very, very hot.  I will have to show him to a pharmacist today, and get him to the doctors on Monday if they don’t go down as he’s obviously got a bad reaction to them.  Anyway, the point being, neither of us were drinking.  He had coke and I had ginger ale (so yummy!)

Food wise we had a shared platter of starters, with all my favourite nibbles.  Chicken satay, spicy fruity and tender pork ribs, a crispy and tasty spring roll with the most delectable King Prawn sesame toast and a good heap of fried seaweed and a delicious hot and sour dipping sauce.

For mains we decided not to go overboard like normal, so just had a roast duck dish, and a crispy beef with chilli sauce and one rice to share.  It doesn’t sound much and I did feel the vegetable side of things had been neglected, but we were both full by the end of it.

Time was getting on by this point, so we paid up, and made our way to The Cube.   With lots of concierges dotted around we were directed to the lift and pressed the button for the 25th floor.  (There’s always a bit of me which worries about fire regs when you see an entire floor full of people and the panic that would ensue should the worst happen).  We saw people being turned away from Marco Pierre Whites restaurant (I had checked online but they were fully booked until October and our £40 Chinese was probably the cheaper option!!) and made our way to the little bar area roped off for the wedding guests.   We got there just in time, as they were pouring Prosecco for a wedding toast and about to cut the cake!  A circling waitress took our drink orders, Steve on coke again and I ordered a Shirley Temple (essentially ginger ale and a dash of grenadine, very yummy indeed) and brought them back to us (we did have to pay for them!!) and we went out onto the very windy and chilly yet fabulous terrace to see the views over Birmingham central.  The skyline was something, with lots of lit up buildings and it did make me feel that we should go to Birmingham more often and make more effort to go out there.  Having been a bit of a recluse for the past 4 months it felt good to be doing something special with Steve and going on a bit of an adventure.

My Mum kept emailing pictures of Joel’s day which made us smile.  He had fallen asleep in the car in his pyjamas and been successfully transferred to his bed at their house, and judging by the amount of outdoor play and walking he’d done, he’ll sleep most of the morning as well as all night for them!!

So here I am, body clock waking me as normal at 7am despite a lateish night, my feet are throbbing from trying to pretend I can manage to walk in high heels and I’m in desperate of my cup of tea which is just cooling beside me.

Today will be back to normal.  Joel has a birthday party at 2pm, my Dad is coming round to finish papering the dining room, (photos to follow at some point) and I want to get Joel’s room all ready with his new Dinosaur bedding and curtains.   His nursery Sleepy Owl stuff will now be put in the new nursery room ready for new baby!!  (I think I’m feeling some serious nesting coming on now).   I still think the range is lovely and because its so gender neutral we don’t need to buy anything else.

So thats my day today.  Steve is hoping to go paintballing!  I’m not sure he’s well enough for that, but he won’t listen!  Have a good one yourself!!