I had three hours sleep last night with Joel up from midnight and not wanting to sleep in his bed and coughing (he always seems to start coughing heavily when it rains, I guess the cold and damp are not good for his chest.  Then Josiah was up at 11pm, some other unearthly hour which I’m not sure of as I was in the spare room at that point and shouting to get up at 7am.

It’s lovely how awake and cheery they can be at 7 after a bad night isn’t it.

I have forgotten how it feels to be awake and cheery.

And tonight I’m meant to be going out for a curry with friends from church.  I think they both knew.  I’ll be asleep in my poppadoms by 7.30 at this rate 😦

Zombie Land

I am a zombie.

Not only is Josiah going through some development phase where he wants cuddles and to co sleep from 4am in the morning, Joel is also waking about 3 times a night and coming to wake me up as well.

This has been going on a couple of weeks now and I’m not sure how much more I can take.

I’m shattered and had a bit of an emotional fit this morning at Steve who continues to sleep and lie in every morning as I’m staggering about in tears trying to dress an uncooperative toddler for school and sort a babies nappy as he’s rolling onto his tummy.

There is no rhyme or reason to it.  Josiah should be sleeping through now, Joel should not be waking and Steve should be trying to be a bit more helpful and supportive in a morning.  Gah.

I’ve given up going to groups as Josiah is falling asleep at 10am and I’m too tired to go and be chatty.  I’m currently sat on the sofa nursing a cup of tea and watching gossip girl.  I should be napping but I’m scared I won’t wake up in time to collect Joel from school.

When will I get some sleep?  It’s not funny any more 😦

Life Rushes On…..

And here we are in October already.  It’s crazy.  I don’t know where the time is going to.  School run doesn’t help.  It’s rush here, have a very short time to do something, then rush back and think of ways to entertain two boys for an afternoon.  It needs to be out and about else Joel wants to watch TV (Jake and the Neverland Pirates is his new thing :/) and fresh air is good with space for running!!  This local common is a great place to let of steam!!


This morning two mums with boys in Joel’s class invited me to Costa for a drink and a chat!  Me!  I was that flummoxed I sort of said I’d love to, but then said I had a lot to sort out at home this morning.  Which was true, but I would much rather be sipping a hot chocolate and talking than sorting out wet bedding (Joel wet the bed this morning in a dozy state where he didn’t realise he wasn’t on the toilet I think!) plus my mother in law is visiting tomorrow so I need to get the house back to the clean and tidy state it was in last weekend for my Mum’s birthday!  I hope that they ask me again so I can have half a brain and say yes please, that would be lovely!  I do feel a bit like I used to at school where I was mainly ignored and therefore if someone talks to me I go all shy.  Which is ridiculous at my age.  And I thought I was more aware of my own self-worth than that!

Joel is loving pre-school.  The only thing he doesn’t like is the fact its half a day.  He wants to stay all day long!  The teachers have commented on his concentration.  Apparently yesterday he helped to unscrew a keyboard (from a computer) and spent ages looking at it, fascinated by the way it was put together and worked.  Maybe I’ve got a little engineer or technologist on my hands!  It’s nice to know that he’s good at school and he saves his naughty self for home, which I know is only when he’s bored or tired.  It’s just such work to keep him stimulated!!!

He’s still funny with things he says.  I’ve started to dread what he says to strangers, ever since he shouted ‘look at that silly man’ very loudly when a perfectly normal man was walking by us.  This morning he told me ‘I love your dress Mummy’ which made me laugh as I was wearing a nightie!  He’s very observant and comes out with some proper corkers!!  Which I can never remember later on to record here, although it’s not the same reading them is it?!

What else?  Well, Josiah has suddenly worked out eating, which is a big relief.  He wasn’t well two weeks ago, and I was meant to get him weighed again with the health visitors but decided against it as they’d only make me feel worse as I’m sure he hadn’t put enough weight on.  He hadn’t fed from me for ages, my supply was worrying me and as he wasn’t eating food he was pretty much having nothing.  But I persevered, and bought some nursing tea (pricey from Amazon but seems to be really helping so worth it) and I have a cup in a morning and my boobs feel fuller and I can feel my let down again now.  Anyway, once he was over his lurgy, his top two teeth popped out and now he enjoys sitting in his high chair and chomping on whatever we’re eating.

Last night we had jacket potatoes, chicken, corn on the cob, carrots and courgette and he loved it all!  He’s happy for me to pop food in his mouth with my fingers and he chomps on it, or he likes picking it up himself to have a go with:

IMG_5953 IMG_5947 IMG_5941

He is still not taking a bottle, and with his teeth breast feeding is a little uncomfortable.  I can feel his top teeth sort of chomping on me.  Not so painful to stop all together yet, but not great.  But until I can get him to accept milk in a different format I’m sort of stuck with it I guess.  He can sit up now, but isn’t crawling yet.  He rolls around the room and is pretty fast at it, and if you leave him at one end, chances are he’s in the corner getting cross at the wall being in the way two minutes later!  So the boys are all good at the moment.

And in other news, I am attempting to set up a business!  I have bought a franchise called Moo Music, and will be running a couple of singing sessions a week.  I don’t know how it will go down really, I’m looking at hiring a church hall for a Monday session at the moment.  I’m sure lots of people will come along to the free tasters, but whether they’ll book for a half term’s worth I’m not sure.  I need at least three paid children to cover the hall cost, and am meant to try to get 20 for a full group.  At £4 per child per session, that’s £64 profit and with four sessions a month just over £250 a month!  But not bad for an hours work (not including preparation of course)!  My aim is to replicate my current take home from the University so after Christmas will be looking to have three groups.  Then I can think about handing my notice in, to concentrate on Moo Music.  It’s something that I’ve always felt I could do, but never thought I could make a career of.  I’m terrified and excited all at once.  If it doesn’t work it’s not the end of the world.  We’ve not invested so much that it’s a problem.  But if it does work, it could be wonderful.

IMG_5846 IMG_5841

Mum’s birthday cakes!!

IMG_5835 IMG_5828

IMG_5821 IMG_5813 IMG_5805 IMG_5796

Below you can see the new dining room floor!  And my lounge looking almost tidy, well it was until the kids tipped the toys out!  But it’s still better than normal!

IMG_5794 IMG_5793

IMG_5769 IMG_5766

And Joel was a good boy at the dentist last week, so I took him for an icecream, and the fellow said he didn’t know how to do a kiddie cone (which is quite small) so he got this!!  Everyone was laughing at Joel trying to eat it without it spilling everywhere and he couldn’t quite manage it all!  He also had his pre-school injections.  One arm was ok, and no tears but when it came to the second injection in the other arm he tried to hide it, saying ‘the lady is going to hurt me’ but on presentation of a Freddo chocolate he allowed her to give him the second injection, and again, no tears.  I was really proud of him.  I also had a flu jab and we all felt a bit rubbish for the rest of the week.