Sweet Dreams Are Not Made Of This!

Oh for a decent night’s sleep!!

This hot weather is not helping one bit! 

The other night, Joel hadn’t been able to last the afternoon and fell asleep till almost 5pm.  The result was one hyper active baby who was up until 10pm!  Steve was working away in Oxford for a couple of days and stayed over, so the responsibility fell solely on my shoulders, and I was tired.  He’s been getting up at 5.30 every morning, and is full of beans.  So to have him toddling round the room like a baby whirlwind was exhausting!  The only thing that kept me going was the thought that he’d have to lie in the next morning, but nope, he was up again at 5.00am!

He woke last night at 1am  as it was a very humid  night and he just wanted a cuddle.  We call it the sleepy dance, and I hold him in my arms, and he rests his head on my shoulder, and we sway and hum until he’s dozy enough to go down again.

Needless to say, I’m rather tired myself today.   

Although the sunshine is nice, there doesn’t seem to be any pleasing us Brits!!

Fun Time Sunshine

We have finally used Joel’s birthday money to buy him some outdoor toys. He is now the proud owner of a paddling pool that we’ve put his playballs in, and a sand and water table.  He’s not so bothered about the sand yet, but he loves the water!

Balls are always a favourite and sitting amongst tons of them seems to be lots of fun!  Especially when we sit in there with him!!

And to show he’s not always a happy, smiley chap……  Look at this for a grumbly face!!  I’d made some chocolate brownies and brought them in for us and Joel wanted one straight away!  And because I wasn’t quite fast enough for his liking he began his yelling!!

Joel saw Mummy’s homemade chocolate brownies!
Hmm, that’s better!
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Sitting On A Sunny Afternoon

Today was hard at work.  I physically ached all day long.  I still feel sad and a bit

But I had my little Joel to cheer me up at the end of the day.

I collected him early from nursery and he was a happy little chappy!  I was told that he’d eaten all his lunch and tea today, he’s been sleeping from 11-2 and missing lunch time, but as he’s eating on his own later, he seems to be less distracted.

We then nipped to Argos and got a paddling pool which I promptly blew up for him and filled with his play balls.  We then spent an hour or so in the garden once I’d mowed the lawn playing with the balls which he loved, then he found the peg basket which provided more entertainment.

After a fun bath time (which was over when he decided to stand up and try to climb out) he got very tired very quickly and after some milk went happily to bed in just his vest as it’s a very hot night again.

He really is so very clever.  He takes his shoes and tries to get them on his feet.  He uses the brush and tries to brush his hair and thinks it’s so funny when he tries to brush my hair.  He loves brushing his teeth with me.  We both stand over the sink and grin at each other whilst cleaning our toothy pegs.

He’s still not quite walking.  He doesn’t have the confidence to step out on his own yet, but he loves toddling around with his walker and pushing his ride on toy thing.  He gets round the furniture very fast and loves exploring.  His one aim in life at home is to get to new places, be it the dining room, up the stairs or the bathroom.  The stairs are too steep and he can’t quite manage them, but he loves trying as long as one of us are there behind him.

Playing is all he really has time for at the moment.  Cuddles are for the morning and sometimes at night time but when he’s ready for bed he lets us know!  In fact, for someone who doesn’t speak, you always know what he means, what he wants and what he’s trying to say!  Mummummummumum is for when he’s upset, wants me, wants me to do something (like when I’m hurridly making him a sandwich because he’s hungry!!).

He likes to try and take my glasses from my face and I tell him ‘no’ and if he does it again, I say ‘no’ again more firmly, and he normally goes for a third try, so I put on the floor and then he’ll cry until I pick him and we make friends again.  (Not that we were ever not friends of course, it’s hard to try to teach him the right thing when I’m giggling inside at him!).  He does try to be good though.  He is just very playful and curious.  He’d developing quite a character.

He loves his blankie, and it’s his comfort, but he’s noticed that a lot of other babies have dummies and he got scratched at nursery for trying to take one from another baby, so I gave him one the other day and he thought it was brilliant.  He didn’t suck it, but he held it, looked at it, and chewed on it before dropping it over the side of his buggy so I’ve bought him another just so he doesn’t feel left out!

There’s so much he’s learning every day and he’s so much fun to be around.  I just hope my working part time dreams come true some time soon.  I know I’m so very lucky to have him in my life.


Today has been what I would possibly call the most sucky day of the year for me.

To begin with, I’ll start with yesterday.

My period was a day late, so I took a test.  It was positive.  I was thrilled to think that Joel would be a big brother next year!  I looked up dates online and it estimated that baby could be due around the 27th January adn that I was 5 weeks pregnant.  I was too excited, and told my sisters and parents.  Steve wanted to tell his parents in person so we didn’t ring them as we’re seeing them next in June, plus it still felt very early to tell too many folk.

Wednesday was a happy day.

Then Thursday came along.  I had my job interview.  I decided against mentioning the test, as it was very early days and I didn’t know what was going to happen.  I thought that if I got the job, I’d mention it at that point, but there was no point in spoiling my chances before then.

Anyway, it was the fastest interview I’ve ever known.  Looking back, it felt a bit as though they were just going through the ropes.  They weren’t intested in looking through my portfolio of certificates and other things.  The three panel members asked me three questions each and showed me the door.  I was still hopeful but they rang rather quickly to say it had gone to someone with more ‘reception experience’.  Oh yes, and I was ‘an outstanding applicant’.

I cried as I felt I’d let Joel down, not being able to work part time really sucks.  I thought that I’d be able to go on maternity leave in a few months and spend lots of quality time with Joel that way instead.

Then later that afternoon I went to the loo, and there was blood.  I tried not to worry as I know a little can be normal, and part of the implantation process, but I went to bed with crampy pains, and in the night that was the end of that hope too.

I shall call this experience Eggbert I, and see whether Eggbert II comes along soon.  I hope so.  I shan’t let this put me off trying again!

I don’t really know if I’m meant to do anything or nature is sorting me out.  When it happened to my sister, she saw a Dr who tested to make sure things had cleared, but I’d not even gone to tell a Dr about the positive test yet, that was meant to be today.  Needless to say I’ve not bothered.

I’m very achy, and feel very sad.  No new baby, and no new job.  24th May 2012 was not kind to me.

Breaking News….

Anyone who knows me should know I’m not an exercise sort of girl.  I don’t do gyms.  I’ve never dieted.  I just try to be sensible with what I eat and walk a lot.  And to be fair, that did sort of work for me for many years.  It’s just that since I’ve had Joel, even though I walk a lot (3-4 miles a day) I think I eat a lot too.

I was looking at photographs of when I had Joel, and comparing them with recent pictures.  I realised that I’d not really put on a lot of excess weight with pregnancy and once my bump had reduced I looked almost normal (save the saggy tummy of course!!) but over the winter, somewhere, somehow, the weight had crept back on and possibly more besides.

I know I haven’t been eating that sensibly.  Portion control has gone a bit skewiff with being extra hungry all the time.  Lack of time to cook proper food and think about menus has gone.  Many evenings I resorted to eggy bread, which is fried, but tasty.  Many other evenings if I were too tired to cook, or hadn’t been shopping Steve would go for a take away.

Before you know it, weight is there and parts are chubbier.

But I don’t want to just let myself go and slide into chunky oblivion.  I want to get myself fit and back to my wedding day weight which is about right for me.  I wasn’t thin, I’ve never been (nor ever will be) skinny.  But I want to see photos and think that I don’t look fat on them, where I don’t have extra ‘face’ and double chins, and where I feel good about myself.

So, with that all said I went jogging last night.  I had planned to go last week and bought a sports bra (this should demonstrate how serious I am as they’re not cheap for the larger busted), trainers and jogging trousers.  I didn’t even own any sporty clothes before last week!!

But sickness and diarreah caught me and I was bed and toilet ridden for 36 hours.  Then on Thursday (my next planned day of fitness) it was my birthday and who wants to start a fitness regime on their birthday?!

So this week it was and I dutifully changed into my gear when I got home from work, ate a little meal to keep me going, sorted Joel out with dinner, and got him ready for bed, then left Steve in and took Izzy with me.

And I certainly didn’t break any records.  Nor did I run the whole way.  It was more of a minutes jog, then a walk.  Then a jog, then a walk.  I went up hills as fast as I could and it was fun running with Izzy. She seemed to enjoy it.  I was out for 40 minutes and was a crimson as a beetroot and sweaty to boot, so let myself in through the back door and headed straight for the shower without letting Steve see me.

I feel ok today so the next jogging night is planned to be Thursday.

And I’ve not weighed myself at all yet, but may pop to the pharmacy at the Uni tomorrow for a proper weigh to see where I’ve got to, and where I’ve got to get to to be happy with my figure again.

Sticky Eyes

So this morning I was woken at 5am with Joel crying as his eyes were glued together.  Yuck.  I was prepared and had water and cotton wool handy, so we had a bit of a bathe which he objected to and was settle with a little milk and he went back to sleep.

I woke at 7.15 and Joel was still zonked which is always handy.  I was up and dressed, made my lunch and got his warm milk and some bathing water ready before I went to get him up.

He seemed partially awake.  The conjuctivitis had glued his eyes together again.  It was horrible.  He looked like a panda but the eye patches were gunk.  I guessed that he’d stayed sleeping as it was dark and he’d been ok with that!  I began cleansing his eyes, and he cried a little but then just got used to it.  He sucked his thumb and drank his milk whilst I managed to get the worst of it off and then he opened his eyes.  Still ewwww.  They were red and so puffy poor little chap.

But he was in an excellent mood with it regardless, laughing and chattering.  Wanting cuddles and playtime.

He’s off to the doctors at 11am with my Mum.  It seems to be a serious thing and he looks awful!  I should be taking him, but work is in the way.

Fingers crossed for my job interview on Thursday!!  Then I can take to the doctors whenever he needs of an afternoon.

In the meantime, I hope it clears up soon.  And that Steve and I don’t catch it.