Dry Nights

I am so pleased with Joel.  He has been completely dry at night all week.  And this morning, he got up himself and went for a wee by himself.  He suddenly seems to have grown up loads this past month or so.

He’s turning into a proper boys boy.  He’s always loved his trains and cars, but now he’s starting to rough and tumble.  He wants to climb everything from the sides of the sofas to steep banks by paths on our dog walks.  He tumbled down a bank yesterday and didn’t even cry.  I ran to catch him, but he sat up and laughed!!

He has a frog bubble machine that he likes because he thinks it’s like a gun.  I was one of those ‘my son is not having gun toys’ sort of mothers, and my mother in law told me that they’ll make guns out of anything.  And it’s true.  An older boy at Joel’s nursery is allowed to watch Star Wars and Spiderman and things I feel are a bit older than Joel is (or maybe was now) but he loves running around shooting at us, and shouting that we’re dead.

Yep, the dead word.  I didn’t know whether he knew what it meant or was just saying it as that’s what you say when you shoot something.  But we passed a dead cat on our walk to church this morning and he asked whether it was dead.   My instant response was ‘no no, it’s just having a nap’.  Steve thinks we should be truthful and that he can cope with it.  But I’m not sure I’m ready for my big baby boy to be understanding death and what it means 😦  and I have reported it to the council in case it has a chip.

He is so ready to go to pre-school in September.  It’s going to be a logistical pain having two boys in separate nurseries, but it will still make me feel better.  His last day at nursery is the 31st July, and he is having a graduation on the 22nd July!  I’m sure I’ll be emotional.  They love the things he says over there!!  And always have a report of something funny he’s said such as:

‘I can’t quite do that yet.  It’s too tricky’

‘My wee wee came out too fast, and fell down my knees to my toes’

When asked if finished on the toilet, ‘not quite’!!

As much as I want him to grow up, I still want to keep him my baby.

There was a 5 week old baby at church today and I swear that my ovaries flipped out!!  I’m still breast feeding my second but felt this longing for a third.  Whether that’s for just a baby or an actual child remains to be seen.   I really have got to get my sensible head on and think of all pros and cons.  Major cons ;being that Steve says no, two is it.  And as much as I agree, I can’t shake off this feeling that I’m meant to have three.  Can I do all this pregnancy and baby stuff again?  Goodness knows.

Anyway, it’s getting late and I must go to sleep!!

Josiah Photo Time!!

IMG_3638 IMG_3636

Happy smiley boy!


Loving the Jumparoo!


Sleeping on his side now, and with a sock on to stop him scratching his head!  His excema bothers him 😦

IMG_3621 IMG_3620

Sitting up in his snug seat and loving Sophie La Giraffe!

IMG_3617 IMG_3616

IMG_3611 IMG_3610

Sitting up on the sofa and reading his black and white book!

IMG_3599 IMG_3596

IMG_3593 IMG_3591

In his high chair, not quite ready for weaning yet, but enjoying the view 🙂

IMG_3570 IMG_3565

We had Joss’s hand and footprints taken at 8 weeks to match Joel’s.  Now we need to work out where to hang them both!

IMG_3559 IMG_3556 IMG_3551

Tummy time!

IMG_3547 IMG_3543


Sleeping and cuddly after bath time 🙂

We are having such a lovely time whilst on maternity leave!  He is such a great baby!!

A Lovely Day!!

I wasn’t sure what I’d be doing with my boys this weekend.  It’s meant to rain and rain and Steve is filming wedding after wedding on a Saturday at the moment and I know he worries about money, but I can’t help but feel that he’s missing out on the boys and not really giving me a break at all to help out at a weekend 😦

Anyway, yesterday was Friday and my parents were childminding Martha for the day and offered to take Joel with them saying they’d be back after tea.   Plus, it makes their day a bit more easy as Joel and Martha just entertain each other and play nicely together.

Which meant I had an extra day of just Joss and me!

Our fellow sorting our garden came in the morning and when he’s here I have to stay in the house to supply coffee and biscuits and help with any queries.  I’ve been feeling a bit house bound this past week so when the rain came and he decided to head home I was a bit relieved as it meant I could do as I pleased for a day!

Having fed Josiah I popped him in the car and we headed to town.  Steve wanted me to pay some cash into the bank for him, and I hadn’t exchanged my birthday present from Steve yet (he got me a charm which I already had!!) and I had an M&S voucher from my Aunt I’d not spent yet.

So having queued in the bank for ages I was footloose and fancy free and went to the jewellers.  I exchanged my charm for a Thomas Sabo necklace and charm carrier and got a cute little charm in the sale so I was very chuffed!!I think my bracelet is full enough now, I don’t want it to be a massive bulky thing so have told Steve we need a new plan for presents as he liked knowing he could buy a charm!!  He’s not great at thinking what I’d like (although I have an extensive Amazon wishlist!!)  Anyway, I love my new necklace and the fact I can change the charms over, and can wear it for Josiah’s dedication on Sunday 🙂

Then I went to M&S.  I’ve had this voucher for over a month and didn’t know what to buy with it.  There was nothing really I wanted from our town’s store as it’s all rather aimed at older folk clothes wise.  But my sister had suggested I get some nice food with it and I liked that idea!  Steve was working late yesterday and Joel was sorted so I went and chose a Dine in for £10 offer and picked food I knew I’d like but Steve wouldn’t really!!  I got a Moussaka, little roast potatoes and a delicious blackcurrant and vanilla pudding!  I picked up a free bottle of pink fizz and used the remainder of the voucher on walnut whips and a nice tin of shortbread!!  I was very pleased and looking forward to dinner 🙂   And not to mention that the cashier asked me for ID because of the wine!  I laughed, thinking she was joking, as I don’t carry ID being 35 years old!!  After a lot of blagging and persuading I was allowed to purchase it!!

And having learnt via the great blog ‘A Thrifty Mrs’ that I could find nail varnish bargains in Poundland, I got two Sally Hansen colours which will be perfect for Josiah’s dedication and match my dress as my nails are pathetically weak and require extra strength!!  Yay!!

Then on coming home I popped to Asda for some meals this week and the traffic was building up.  We have a lot of crazy roadworks going on all at the same time so driving anywhere is a pain at the moment.  The road back to my house was queuing very slowly all the way into town as far as our road so I was extra happy to have missed all that by going out early rather than later.

In the afternoon Joss and I took Izzy out for a walk as the sun shone for a brief while and I sat down to enjoy my M&S meal (leaving Steve a plate although he wasn’t enamoured!!).

And to top it all off I’d entered a raffle earlier in the week and got a message last night to say I’d won a new Pacapod changing bag!  How great was that?!

Mum and Dad had got stuck in Nottingham later than planned so didn’t get back until 9pm!  Joel was fast asleep in the car and transferred to bed fine.  And he woke up at 8am this morning and did a huge wee in the toilet and hasn’t wet the bed once since going into pants!  Maybe I’m counting my chickens but I think that’s pretty great of him!!!  That’s a whole week being dry at night at the age of three.  Knowing it took Steve and his brothers years (!) I’m rather pleased that a bit of encouragement and training has worked as well as it seems to have done.

Now, what to do today whilst Steve is at his wedding and the weather is bad?!

Busy bees….

Life has got rather busy of late.  We are having a sudden splurge on house sorting and last weekend on Fathers Day Steve suddenly decided to strip the paper from the hall, stairs and landing.  Not to mention he sorted out getting the garden finished, and found a fellow from church to finish the levelling and lay a patio.  Not to mention he went out and bought a patio, hired a cement mixer and has got everything sorted.  I can’t believe it really, but am very happy that it will be on the way to being finished this month.

In other news England are out of the world cup.  Steve was disappointed as he quite likes the football matches (not that he follows club football at all).  He cannot wait for Joel to be old enough to appreciate it and collect the sticker albums and things.  With it being in Brazil this year the matches are all on rather late for three year olds.  There was one match on at 8pm and it was a Thursday.  I know that Joel is always very tired on a Thursday after two days at nursery and this thursday was no exception, but Steve got him to stay up which ended in tears and a cross Steve that he didn’t have a football buddy yet.  It’s nice that he wants to hang out with Joel but he’s trying to make him grow up too soon!

And I think he’s totally toilet trained now 🙂  He has been dry at night for a while but on waking up, because he had a pull up on, doing a wee first thing rather than going to the toilet.  I bit the bullet last night and put him to bed in pants and ta da!  Knowing he couldn’t do it in a nappy meant he had to go to the toilet!  Hurray!

His chicken pox last month seems to have scarred him which I’m a bit upset about.  He has red marks on his cheeks, over his body and the pock marks around his eyes and forehead.  I hope that they fade.  Josiah has managed to escape it, so I guess there is something in the breast feeding immunity thing.

We are planning Josiah’s dedication for a couple of weeks time and I have ordered a cake, balloons and sent out invites this time.

Life has got busy and blogging is taking a back seat!



Well, I fell at the last hurdle!

Blog every day in May ended on the 29th for me!  With coming home from holiday and an injured dog and all hte other stuff I just didn’t get around to the last two blogs!  And to be honest, it’s been nice having a long break!!

Anyway, our holiday was nice.  I guess that life carries on as normal on a toddler holiday as it would at home, you’re just elsewhere!  You still have the early starts and disturbed nights and you have to make more of an effort when you’re with parents and siblings!! We have another family holiday now in August but are determined to have a holiday just the four of us next year.  I was hoping to book something for us this year, but Steve can’t take more time off work.   We will have a weekend in July with our church though which should be nice.  And I have a sneaky plan to tempt him to Centreparcs in the Autumn so we’ll have to see!

Anyway, here’s a few holiday pictures:

photo 5 (17) photo 4 (24) photo 3 (32) photo 2 (35) photo 5 (16) photo 4 (23) photo 3 (31) photo 2 (34) photo 1 (34) photo 5 (15) photo 4 (22) photo 3 (30) photo 2 (33) photo 1 (33)

What else is news?  We bought a new car!  A VW Passat Estate.  I collected it on the Friday morning before going on holiday and we packed it up and headed off the next morning 🙂  It drives like a dream and feels like a proper grown up car!  Plus, with the Mazda being taxed and MOT’d for a year we’re keeping it for now whilst I’m on maternity leave so I can use it as a run around.  Which has given me such a feeling of freedom 🙂  I’ve booked Josiah onto a baby sensory class in Stone and we drive there every Wednesday and I’ve got an annual pass for Trentham Gardens using Tesco clubcard vouchers and we’ve been three times already for sunny picnics and fun in the park.  With the summer looming in front of us whilst I’m on maternity leave it feels wonderful to be able to go out and enjoy it.  And even once I’m back at work three days a week I think we’ll keep visiting Trentham on a Friday or Monday as it’s been lovely having quality time with Joel.   We are big picnic fans at the moment!  It’s ironic that on Monday when we had horrendous thunderstorms I got in the car to go to toddler group and the battery was flat!  There was no way I was walking in that so we stayed in instead and jump started the car later on.  It’s been fine since.  Steve thinks I left an internal light on.  Hmm.  We’ll never know.

Josiah has discovered rolling onto his side and delights in wriggling about.  He spent his first two sensory sessions on his side looking at other mums whilst I was trying to sing at him!!  He has also developed a terrible excema rash which we went to the Dr with last week.  It started on his chest and quickly spread all over his torso, back, face, neck and down his legs.  He keeps scratching himself so I’ve had to put mitts on him and we are trialling a weak steroid ointment on him at the moment.   He keeps smiling though but it’s awful when you can’t really do much for them and he’s obviously bothered by it.  The heatwave at the moment doesn’t help either.  Joel had mild excema as well as a baby and has grown out of it so I really hope Josiah’s goes too.

And on the house front Steve has surprised me by organising the garden to be sorted.  There’s a fellow at church who is out of work at the moment but volunteering with the BHF, and he can do patios.  So Steve booked him and he came today to begin levelling the garden for turfing, and he will break up the rubble to set the patio, and sort the front garden out to park two cars out the front so the Mazda can get off the road!  And he has stripped the wallpaper off the hall, stairs and landing!  I don’t quite know where regular, non handy Steve has gone, but this one is pretty useful!

We have picked a patio set from a local place and have just got to measure up and order it.  It should be sorted within a couple of weeks as long as this fellow from church keeps at it!  He’s really helping us out as well and not charging a lot at all.  Which obviously pleases Steve a lot.  So the last projects which are a couple of months behind my original plan are now underway and then we can have a breather before contemplating an extension!

obviously work is also looming in the far distance.  We’ve decided I’ll be off for the year and return on the 26th January.  Next year is a much nicer thing to think and well after Christmas too.  We’ll just have to really tighten our belts and have a homemade Christmas as we’ll have very little spare money.    I should start researching ideas for gifts and things, although I’ve already been picking a few bargains up here and there.  Josiah is sorted and most of Steve’s family.

Right, there is still a very awake three year old and at 20.10 that’s too late, so I’m going to have to sit with him until he falls asleep as Steve is stripping the paper which is distracting him quite a bit.

Tally ho and nighty night!!

So that’s a little summary of life at the moment.