40 Things

I have belatedly realised that in only 4 1/2 years I will be turning 40.  Eek and argh!

So I feel that having some structured goals may help me adjust to that new number in my life and prepare me for the next decade!  So here they are.  I will update this page as and when I complete a task!  All tasks commence from now and the fact that I’ve been to Cardiff and London don’t count (no. 37) and I will have to ensure a visit there again in the next 5 years or so.

I actually feel quite excited!  I’ve picked them from a bucket list website of ideas.  I’m not comfortable with breaking the law or doing anything I know I don’t want to do, but have chosen some to stretch me physically, emotionally and mentally.


1 – Read the Bible in its entirety again.

2 – See the Northern Lights

3 – Sing Karoke

4 – Run a distance for charity (being realistic I’m not putting down a marathon!!)

5 – Write a story

6 – Lose 20lbs

7 – See a film at a drive in.

8 – Stop biting my nails and get them nice – getting started, had a manicure 3.1.15

9 – Learn to dance in a proper fashion

10 – Make homemade preserves

11 – Relearn the violin

12 – Meet someone with my own name!

13 – See all the films on the IMDB Greatest films list

14 – Get a tattoo or piercing

15 – Drink a very expensive wine /champagne

16 – Stay in a 5 star hotel suite

17 – Skinny Dip

18 – Experience weightlessness

19 – Donate blood

20 – See Les Miserables in London

21 – Take a canoeing holiday

22 – Learn photography

23 – Go up in a hot air balloon

24 – Visit Madame Tussauds

25 – Learn to tap dance

26 – Climb the 3 Peaks

27 – Visit the Giants Causeway

28 – Watch a meteor shower

29 – Go whitewater rafting

30 – Sit in a hot tub

31 – Have an Edinburgh Hogmanay

32 – Make my boys a homemade birthday cake every year

33 – Be able to do 50 consecutive sit ups

34 – Gamble in Las Vegas

35 – Visit a volcano

36 – Stand under a waterfall

37 – Visit all the UK country capitals (from now!! Previous visits don’t count)

38 – Make a homemade gingerbread house

39 – Write a song

40 – Plan a party for my 40th birthday!


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