Joel’s new question is ‘why’ to everything.

I remember my little sister asking why to everything but at an older age!  I thought I’d have a few more years before having to think of an answer to every question under the sun.

It began on Tuesday morning.

I dropped Joel round to my parents for breakfast as they have him there for the day.  My Dad was transferring marmalade from a jar to a pot.  It’s fathy, but they like having their marmalade pot with a posh spoon!!

Joel observed for a minute then said ‘Grandad, what are you doing?’  Grandad replied ‘I’m putting marmalade in the pot to keep in the cupboard!’  to which Joel held up his hands in that toddler questioning pose and said ‘but why?!’

We all burst out laughing and Joel loves making us laugh and he chuckled too, saying ‘me funny, Joel so funny’!!  I told everyone at work but I guess you had to be there!

This morning’s conversation when along the lines of:

Joel – ‘Mummy, where’s Daddy?’

Me – ‘He’s asleep in bed’.

Joel – ‘But why?’

Me – ‘I’m not sure.  He doesn’t like to get up unless he has a business meeting and prefers to leave me to get everything sorted of a morning’.

Joel- ‘but why?

Me – I suppose because he’s had two morning meetings he can’t cope with the early starts and needs a lie in today.

Joel – ‘but why’

Me – He’s been working a lot of hours so needs a rest today.  He works so we can have this house and food.

Joel – ‘why?’

Me – because that’s the way our civilisation works.  We used to in the olden days exchange cows for eggs and wheat for fish but we now need money to do things like buy houses and food.  So Mummy works three days to earn money and Daddy works crazy hours to earn money.

Joel – but why?

Me – ‘Because the government say so’.

And at that point I was done.  I had nothing else to say and managed to change the subject.  I can see the ‘why’ question getting tedious soon!!!

Me, Myself and I

This is sort of another things Joel says post.

He hasn’t got the hang of ‘I’ yet or talking in the first person, but says ‘Me’ and ‘My’ a lot.

“My do it myself”….  is quite a common one now, which refers to walking downstairs, putting shoes on, zipping up his coat, climbing into his booster seat for meals, getting into the car (he does acknowledge he can’t yet do this and then stops to say ‘help me Mum)’!!

“Me not tired, me awake now” first thing in the morning, right in your face as he’s crept in, on the bed and is sitting between us biding his time!!!

“It’s a bit dark/it’s not dark” dependent on whether it is night or day!!!

“It’s a bit scary” when referring to the afore mentioned dark.  I think Daddy has mentioned about dark possibly being scary and now he’s quite latched onto the idea which I am trying to dispel.   We are taking a torch to collect him from nursery so he can hold that and we point out that if we can see, then it isn’t very dark.  I don’t want him to be afraid of the dark 😦

“Me did it!!!  Sweetie please!  Thank you” when successfully producing a wee or poo in the potty!!    (And on that note, we’ve had three accident free days where he is able to hold it all until sitting on a potty so am feeling chuffed with that!)

“Whats that noise?  Is that me?” when a little windy-pops escapes him!!  This one can leave us in fits of giggles as he seems genuinely perplexed where the trumpy noise came from!!!

“Me funny, Joel funny”  he has developed an ambition to be the class clown, as discussed by his key worker at nursery as well!  He loves making us laugh and being silly (although if we say silly he responds “me not silly, me funny!” as though that makes a difference!)   Where this will lead him in life remains to be seen!

The other night I popped out to a shop and left Steve in charge who was a bit distracted with his work but I had to return something whilst I had the chance and the car available.  When I got back Joel was sat on the potty, where I’d left him and it was past his bedtime, he was watching Aladdin, and I asked why he was still on the potty.  His little voice replied “Daddy no play with Joel, Daddy been talking” and it was true.  Steve had spent nearly an hour on the phone, checking that Joel was seemingly happy in front of the TV whereas I’d expected to have come back to find a bathed and in bed boy.  So his talking can tell us when something is the matter as well as entertain us.  Daddy was suitably admonished and Joel has forgiven him so hopefully, that won’t happen again.

Oh, and our favourite phrase at the moment:

“me need money/Daddy’s phone/sweeties/chocolate/ipad” and our response?   No two year old ‘needs’ any of the above!!!  Not in his world.  It’s sometimes like having a mini teenager to contend with.  But yes, he does make us laugh so much.

More Convo’s from a 2 Year Old

Joel is entertaining us such a lot at the moment.

This evening he has not gone to bed yet, but is sat playing on Daddy’s phone.  Apparently, he ‘needed’ it.  This is his new word.  We’ve progressed from ‘like’ to ‘need’ and it’s funny.  He is suddenly needing juice please, needing milk please, needing a phone please!!  It makes everything sound so much more urgent.  We have to tell him that a two year old does not ‘need’ a phone.

Whilst in Scotland we had a funny conversation.  It began with me having a mild heart attack as he came up to me eating something in the woods.  I asked what he was eating and he replied ‘Joel berries’.  All manner of terrible things ran through my mind all of which ended up with him needing his stomach pumped, but he showed me the bramble bush he’d found a blackberry on.  The previous weekend with Steve’s parents, his mum had shown Joel how to pick them, so of course he’d remembered and I was so glad that he’d not picked something poisonous.  Anyway, the conversation continued with Joel saying ‘they are juicy Mum’ (I don’t know where he learnt that berries are juicy!)’ and then ‘I need more berries please Mum’!!!  It ended with me trying to get him to understand not to put anything in his mouth without checking with me first.

He also has begun calling me Mum rather than Mummy.  I’m not sure why.  And half the time I’m not sure where he’s learning words from, but he is like a little sponge.  He said that my Chilli Con Carne the other day was ‘spicy’.

This evening he was sat next to Steve saying ‘Am I happy Daddy?’  and Steve said ‘I think so, are you happy?’  And he said ‘yes, Joel is happy’!!  Then he checked that Daddy was happy and asked whether Mummy was happy.    He doesn’t say ‘I’ yet, still calls himself ‘Me’ or ‘Joel’ but it makes his sentences very cute.

I still try to remember cute sentences he says but I guess it’s better to live in the moment rather than see it through a lens so to speak.   It’s always a surprise at the moment what he’s coming out with.

Joel’s Quote of the Day

I collected Joel from nursery a bit early, whilst he was having dinner, and sat with them whilst he finished his tuna pittas, tomatoes, banana chips and milk!!

He had a sticker so I asked what it was for, and was very pleased to be told it was because he had used perfect manners all afternoon!!

This evening Steve had come in a bit late so Joel and I had eaten dinner and were sitting in the lounge whilst Daddy  began to fiddle with some phone adaptation he was working on.

Joel said quite loudly, and just of his own accord, ‘I don’t think I like Daddy, but I do like Mummy’!!  I had to laugh, it was so unexpected.  Unfortunately, Daddy also heard, and kept on trying to get Joel to say he did like Daddy all evening, but Joel wasn’t playing.  He did give in for a bedtime cuddle though.  I guess he is a bit of a Mummy’s boy after all for the time being at least!!

Flu Jab

My doctors wrote to me suggesting I get a flu jab this year, due to being pregnant and a bit asthmatic.  So today I went along to a drop in.  It was kind of funny really, as the doctors surgery was teeming with silver haired elderly folk tottering about with walking sticks and zimmer frames.  I felt quite out of place as I joined the queue.  And I know it was terrible of me, but it just made me think of The Simpsons and Grandpa’s nursing home!! It quite gave me the giggles.

Joel also has a flu nasal thing on Monday so we have to go to another drop in for that.  He is of an age where it can be useful so I figured why not.  I’m just grateful that we live in a country where we are given vaccinations for free which can help our health.

Joel has been so funny recently.  He is continually surprising me with words and sentences he comes out with.

We have a set of flash cards which are aimed at pre-schoolers but we go through the alphabet and I say ‘a is for…..’ and he sees the picture of the apple and says ‘apple’.  He recognises most of the pictures and knows that they’re called.  The one he didn’t know was ‘kite’ but on doing it again, he’d remembered the word which impressed me.  Then he wanted to hold the cards so said ‘Mummy, what’s that?’ and held a card up.  I said ‘it’s a house’ and he said ‘yes Mummy, it’s a house, very good’!!!  And congratulated me!  I got the giggles again!

Steve collected him from nursery and was told that everyone thought he was getting so good at speaking!  He certainly impressed Steve by saying ‘Daddy, please could you do my zip’!!  I didn’t know he knew the word zip.  He truly is a little sponge, just soaking it all in at the moment.  And he’s saying a lot of pleases and thankyou’s as well which pleases me.

We are beginning to have some truly funny, lovely and charming conversations which I wish I could recall but they go too quickly.  He really is amazing me at the moment.

On the potty training front, last weekend we went out to choose some big boy pants.  He chose George pig (which I belatedly realised cost nearly £5 more than regular blue boys pants 😦 but if it helps I guess it may be worth it?!)  Anyway, we spent Sunday and Monday trying pants on, sitting on the potty, weeing in and around the potty but pooing next to it.  I have a mental image that will never go of Steve sitting on the toilet next to Joel on the potty holding hands and supporting each other!!  I would have taken a photo but that would be inappropriate, but it was so funny.   It seems that Joel will only sit on the potty with Mummy or Daddy nearby to hold his hand as he tries to put something in there.

On Tuesday he went to Grandma’s but go too upset to try it, and being at nursery today and tomorrow we’re not pushing things.  If he’s only comfortable at home for now, then thats fine.  We will just keep trying it from home until we can say goodbye to nappies.  It’s all a complete minefield of different advice and means to potty training, and we’re just doing what we think best for now.  I’m not 100% sure that he’s ready, but he does come and tell us when he wants to wee and poo now, so we might as well take that as a sign that things are progressing.  I just hope that he’s out of nappies by the time this second baby comes along.



Feeling VERY sick…

which can only be a good thing right?!

Work has been crazy busy, the temperature is hot at the moment and I’m feeling so bleurgh through it all I don’t know how I’m getting through the days.

One more day in work for me before having my scan on Friday.  Words can’t really express what I’m feeling at the moment.  I’m a right mess of everything, hope, terror, excitement, nausea, and I don’t want to focus on it too much right now in case things aren’t good on Friday.  

But I have looked back at my old posts from last September 2011 when I was expecting Joel and I seemed to be very sick and nauseous then too.  So things are going the same as that time rather than the last pregnancy which bodes well.

Argh, come on Friday!!

Daddy Steve

When Joel wakes up he tends to lie in bed and sing to himself, or chat to  himself.

It’s very cute to listen to, it’s as though he’s practising some words for the day.

This morning he was saying “goodbye Grandma, goodbye Mummy, goodbye Steve”!!

I do wish he’d say Daddy rather than Steve.  It’s because when he was hearing our names Steve would say ‘Mummy?’ and I’d answer right away, because I hear when he speaks and reply.  I’d say ‘Daddy’ and get no response from Steve, so would say ‘Daddy’ a bit louder, and then in an exasperated tone ‘Steve’ to which he’d go ‘uh’. 

So it isn’t a surprise really that Joel has never learnt to call Steve ‘Daddy’.  He knows that Steve is his Daddy, but he calls him Steve.  I’m sure people must think Steve isn’t his father, just some random man I’ve met since, but maybe he’ll get the hang of calling him Daddy soon?!


I should be cleaning right now.  Life is hectic and manic this weekend with tidying and clearing going on.  I’ve sent Steve to the tip with a load of junk, we have bags set aside for charity shops, I spent yesterday afternoon boxing up things we don’t need for the next couple of weeks and they’ve gone to my parents garage.  I need to scrub the kitchen floor, dust the shelves and wipe the windowsills upstairs, clean the dog nose prints from the window, hide anything that looks out of place and a load of other things, but I’m sitting and playing on facebook and blogs.

We have six people who contacted our letting agent last week on the day our photos went up.  We have three folk wanting to come and view it on Monday.  I’m pretty sure that we will get someone to rent it without needing to pay two mortgages for two months.

But I’m tired, it’s been a long week, and I want to remember things like Joel pointing to a bee in the garden and saying ‘bee-bee-bum’!!  And the way he saw a horse in a field and shouts ‘hoss mama, hoss’!!  His accent is so cute at the moment.

Everything seems to be going so fast and is so busy and it is tiring.  I’ve had my two weeks off work and it’s been ok.  I’m feeling more positive for the future now.  I’ve stopped randomly bursting into tears.  I can accept that this baby was the one which wasn’t meant to be.  I’m terrified in case it happens again but am keen to try again once we’re allowed.

I can’t believe that the time has come to say goodbye to this house which I’ve had for ten years.  I’ve been here for so long I will be sad to leave it.  Of course moving to a bigger house is wonderful too, and we have such plans ahead for it, but a bit of me will miss it here.  The cosiness, the small garden.  There’s lots I won’t miss too, like the downstairs bathroom and the lack of a drive!!

Well, we head off abroad tomorrow to an apartment with no wi-fi so the chances of me blogging are slim to none!  I shall have to catch up once back in England, although of course then it will be a busy moving and decorating time.  I shall enjoy a before and after post before too long 🙂

Right, I’m off to scrub a kitchen!!!  Tally-ho and bonne voyage!  After a cup of tea first though!!!  😉

This Little Piggy

On Monday, Joel was playing in his toybox upstairs in his bedroom.

He started going through all his soft toys and pulled out a toy guinea-pig which a friend had bought me ages ago and suddenly, he was in love.  He sat it on his knee and stroked it, calling it piggy.


What is sad, is that over Easter, the last of my three guinea-pigs died.  She was 6 years old, and had good innings, and Joel had loved her as well.

What is funny, is that Joel is suddenly very attached to this toy.  I wonder if he thinks its real. It’s a good it is a toy.  It’s had to put up with a lot this past couple of days.  When we went to clean teeth before going out, Piggy had it’s mouth brushed too.  He has tried feeding it shepherds pie, and he came running into get me to see what he’d done, when I went with him ‘Mama, mama, here!!’ he’d put Piggy in Izzy’s bed and covered it up with noonie!  Poor Izzy was looking a bit bereft.


When we went out with Joel in his buggy, Piggy was cuddled to him the whole while.  Poor noonie was not even needed!  When he went down for his nap, and at bedtime, Piggy had to sit on his pillow next to him.


It’s funny how quickly he’s decided this is a toy he wants to keep and suddenly loves to bits!  I hope he’s as affectionate to the new baby.  But we’ve decided that we’ll get more guinea-pigs once we’ve moved house and it’s warmer outside.  It’s good for children to grow up with animals to learn to love them and be kind to them.  And not treat them like a toy guinea pig!

New Phases

All of a sudden Joel has a fascination with nee-naws.  I’m not sure where it came from, or precisely when, but if a police car or ambulance went by whilst we were out, or he heard a siren he’d get really excited and start shouting ‘nee-naw, nee-na’ and once it had gone by look all sad and say ‘more nee-naw mama’.

This confused his grandparents who thought he was upset over losing ‘noo-nie’ (his blankie) as his vocabulary at the moment does all sound very similar!

He also loves to look at planes in the sky and shouts ‘pane, pane’ when he sees something up there.  He’s really into his Brio set at the moment and shouts ‘train, train, more train’ when building the track, and ‘choo choo’ when he’s pushing the engines around it.

And his other new thing is dinosaurs.  Well, I say new.  Steve showed him a cartoon dinosaur film and he was so engrossed he didn’t look away from the tv for an hour.  (yes, I felt that was quite a long time but he was fascinated) and again, he kept shouting ‘more more’ when you couldn’t see a dinosaur on the screen.

He is doing pretty well with his words, and we always know what he means.  He still goes off gabbling and says things like ‘goobly, googly, goggity goo’ and looks at us as though we’re meant to have understood the important point he’s obviously just made, but he seems to have a basic vocabulary which is working for him at the moment.

He amazed us yesterday after church.  We’d stayed for lunch and bearing in mind he’s been pretty poorly, and we’ve been trying to get him to eat as he was before (he’s still not got his little pot belly  back yet) and he lost a bit of weight over the past couple of weeks.  Well, we were given savoury mince, mashed potatoes, peas and sweetcorn.  Very tasty and welcome, although I did grimace a little inside at the thought of Joel attempting to throw the mash on the floor.  How wrong I was.  He was genuinely excited at the prospect of having peas!  And as long as there was a pea on every forkful, he ate it!  He cleared his entire plate in minutes and asked for more!  So he had another plate and cleared that one as well!  I’ve not doubt if we were at home he wouldn’t have done it.  Maybe it was because we were sat round a table with other folks, but Steve and I were so delighted to see him eating so well after so long.  He had a jammy crumpet for afternoon tea, and then a plate of cheesy beans on toast for tea, a pear and a piece of chocolate cake for pudding!  I think I can see his tummy coming back to him now!