Gutted…… :(

I had my meeting with work this morning and pretty much, the answer to my flexible working request is a big, fat, resounding ‘no’ and I’m not terribly happy with it.

I cannot imagine going back to work full time.  Joel needs me and I want to be there for him, and my job is far too much full time to do and be a good mum (in my opinion) and the hours will be too much, and lack of holiday flexibility won’t work for us either.

I’m rather gutted, but think I have decided to take my full year of maternity leave after all and have extra time to decide what to do long term and see what comes up within the University over the next weeks.

The other sore point is that the nursery can only take Joel on a Friday so that would leave four days over, which I can’t cover, and don’t want to just assume my parents will sort it, as they’re retired now, and are incredibly busy and I think 4 days a week is too much to ask of them!  Plus my sister is due a baby in March, and with my other sister with twins in Wales, they’re going to be extra busy jetting all over the country to get round all the grandchildren.

Arrrghghhgh.   I’m sure something will turn up for the good, but any prayers would be welcomed.  Something will come of this I’m sure.  As it was said in ‘The Sound of Music’, “when the Lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window”.

Buggy Bits

A lot of what you buy for a baby isn't always that great. There's a lot on the market that is just for gullible folk to take their money (and hands up, that's me!) But I have to say these two buggy bits have been a great buy.

I knew that parasols were pretty and also fathy as you try and deduce which angle the sun will come in at so this sun shield cover has been brilliant! It means Joel doesn't lose visibility of the world passing by but it keeps bright sun out of his eyes! I just wish I'd got this earlier in the summer rather than using a muslin to shield him!

The other useful bit is my buggy tidy which is a hanging hold all to put things in you need readile, like tissues, lip balm, a door key! And it holds two bottles to keep a drink handy!

Other great purchases have been his Lamaze toys, Freddie was the favourite until the Knot arrived! And Sophie La Giraffe is new but he's loving grawing his sore gums on her legs.

Sleeping bags have been ace, he's a wiggling blanket kicker offer so I know he'll stay snug and warm in that, and I have the Gro-thermometer which let's me know at a glance how warm the room is. Granted the red warning colour stresses me but I still think it's great.

There's more but my thumbs are aching from my blackberry!

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Likes and Dislikes

Joel likes:

Eggy Bread
Baby Biscotti
Rice Cakes
Cod and Spinach
Lentils and Tomato
Cod and Butternut Squash
Chicken and Parsnip
Baby Beef Casserole
Water from a cup

Joel is not too sure about:


Joel does not like:


Wee Willie Winkie

You know boys and their toys!

I’m aware all boys *cough *men*cough* have this thing about their privates.  They like to know they’ve not magically disappeared and therefore have to keep checking every so often to ensure they’re right where they left them.

I just didn’t realise it began so early!

Joel is 6 months old and every nappy change has become a battle between who gets to clean the poop up, and getting the new nappy on.  I’ve tried distraction and thrust a toy into his hands to preoccupy him whilst I’m trying to hurridly clean around his bits because sure enough, his little hand comes creeping down to play there and if I’m not quick enough, what should be a simple job gets a lot more complicated!

Nappy off time isn’t so much air the bottom time now as, well you know.  And don’t get me started on bath time.  What is it about boys and their bits?  I guess I’ll never know!