Little Holiday

We’ve not had a holiday together as a family of four this year, instead we had a week with my family in May and a week with Steve’s parents.  So when the opportunity came up for a not too expensive break to Sherwood Forest in November we took it!  It was the week after half term and the week before winter wonderland began.

We went on a Monday (after I had done a rather poorly attending Moo Music session) and the weather was lovely.  In fact we had very cold but sunny days for the whole week, it only rained once we had left on the Friday afternoon.

And I’ve heard many differing reviews on the place, from it being an overly expensive Butlins to heaven on earth, and honestly, I was a little bit enchanted with it!!  Yes I can see that it costs a fortune if you let it.  But we were prepared to spend a little bit of money and then save where we could.  I took my slow cooker with us and cooked for most of the evenings and we went out one night for a meal as there was a big fireworks display on the Wednesday night (5th Nov) which was free!

In the days we went swimming, played in the parks, we did pay for crazy golf one morning, and then bowling one afternoon.  It was nice to walk around, Joel had his balance bike and scooted miles on it!  It was great, without it he got tired and wanted to be carried but he went for ages on his bike because that was fun!

Every morning we had a parade of ducks, moorhens, squirrels and such like at the glass doors.  We saved all our crusts and leftover bread and Joel loved feeding them each morning and Josiah loved watching it all.

IMG_6797 IMG_6793 IMG_6788

We had lots of fun in the little parks with different things to do.  On our last morning we treated ourselves to brunch at the pancake house.  It was gorgeous.  I had a New Yorker stack and there was so much bacon!  Yummy!!

IMG_6786 IMG_6783 IMG_6776

We played a bit of air hockey, and took Joel for his first bowling experience.  He beat me, although I didn’t have the buffers up!!

IMG_6773 IMG_6763 IMG_6757 IMG_6754

Josiah found swimming very tiring indeed, and the getting changed meant he could have a nap once dressed!!!  He is a two fingers in his mouth and hold his rabbit sort of sleeper now.

IMG_6750 IMG_6745

This giant swan kept banging on the glass every day!  There were two of them as well sometimes!  Good job the glass was there!  The fireworks were lovely and we had firelogs which I bought cheaply from B&Q and we toasted marshmallows and had a real fire in our lodge every night.

IMG_6743 IMG_6734 IMG_6732 IMG_6726  IMG_6716 IMG_6706 IMG_6701 IMG_6698 IMG_6690 IMG_6683 IMG_6682 IMG_6680

Crazy gold was lots of fun.  Joel enjoyed it for a while, but it was obviously a battle between Steve and myself.  We did two games and Steve won one by two points, then I won the second by four points.  So ha!!!

IMG_6679 IMG_6664 IMG_6656 IMG_6612 IMG_6606

Every day was lovely and we got on well together and enjoyed each other’s company.  We want to go back again!  Maybe we can fit a trip in before Joel starts school and we join the too expensive out of school time brigade.


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