The Most Tired I Have Ever Been…..

Josiah has been a bit poorly.  It’s his first ever lurgy bug and could explain why he’s been so unsettled at night, that plus teething, plus weaning.  It’s a tough time for him.  And me.

We had our weekend with the in-laws last weekend.  As much as we enjoy a weekend in Devon I do not enjoy the packing of stuff, the long car journey and the constant traffic jams around Birmingham and Bristol.  Going down took an extra two hours than normal.  Coming back was wretched.  Josiah cried from Exeter to Gloucester.  We stopped three times.  He was not hungry, his nappy was fine, he was objecting loudly to being trapped in his car seat and by Gloucester he had a raging temperature.  I dosed him with Calpol and Steve walked him round the new services station at J11 on the M5.  By the time he was back in the car he was sound asleep within minutes and the final hour of the journey was peaceful and we transferred both boys over to their beds.  I was up then three times in the night with Josiah and at 6am with Joel, whilst Steve headed off at 4.30am to film all day in Oxford.

We are one tired and grouchy family this week.

Anyway, Josiah didn’t seem to be getting better so on Tuesday morning after another bad night where I struggled with his temperature I took him to the Dr’s.  She said he was getting a chest infection and prescribed antibiotics.  The next day he was almost worse and now he had an upset tummy.  After three cot sheet changes due to explosive diarrhoea nappies and his temperature shooting up again I panicked and rushed him back to the doctors.  We saw a different one who said it wasn’t a chest infection so to stop the medicine as it was upsetting him, to keep on with the calpol and as it was just viral, it should peter out in a few days.

That night I settled him and popped next door to drink wine with my neighbour.  She has two boys of similar ages and is having a tough time with their youngest being seriously poorly so whatever I’m going through its ten times worse for her.  When I went home at 10pm I found my youngest sitting next to Daddy, looking seriously awake and waving the remote control around.  He had no temperature and was suddenly feeling much better and wanted to make up for the extra sleepy times he’d had over the past four days.

So we sat up till midnight playing with all his toys.  And he was sitting!!  Although the remote control seems to be his new favourite.  And he always manages to mute the tv somehow.

Since being on maternity I have worked my way through Buffy the Vampire Slayer series 1-7, and The American Office series 1-9 so I feel a bit sad they have ended now.  Steve still wants me to watch Breaking Bad but he’s watched it all three times and watches me watching things which is ever so annoying.  I’ve watched a few episodes of Arrow which I like.  But I guess I have achieved my tv watching goal!  With Joel I watched all of Desperate Housewives.

Anyway, I have now got to do the school run.  Steve is asleep in bed, as is Josiah so I may leave them too it and just walk Joel round.  Life feels like a mad rush at the moment.  I’m hoping it will settle down very soon.


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