Joel at School

He is now in his third week at pre-school.

The first two weeks were tough.  He was so very tired.  Considering that he’s had two full days at nursery since before he was one, and he is now having three hours a morning but five days a week I was surprised how tired he was.

His class is 16 children with only 3 or 4 girls!  There are tons of boys!!  And when we go to collect them, the boys all run ahead and excitedly call out to their Mums waiting at the gate.  Except Joel!  Who for two weeks had to be pulled along by one of the teachers.

But this week he has walked along with a new friend called Oliver who is the biggest boy in the class.  He looks about 7!  But Joel hasn’t noticed that.  They talk about books, and Joel tells him the story of Room on the Broom and they both like dragons and dinosaurs.  And they plan play dates and want to visit each other’s houses.  All very cute.

He is not so tired now of an afternoon.  And he is getting a lot out of it.  He is learning to write his name and recognise letters.  He loves to tell me what numbers he can see on the houses as we pass by them although he seems to read right to left, rather than left to right at the moment.

It’s nice being on maternity leave and able to drop off and collect him.  In December he will go back to the big room at nursery one afternoon a week, then in January he will have two afternoons a week there.

He really is growing up so fast.  I have the Timehop app installed and love looking back at my facebook pictures from the last seven years.  In the last year my toddler with chubby cheeks has gone, and I now have a boy!!


And he is so funny and chatty, and clever!  I can’t believe its nearly time to sign him up to proper school!!  Wah!!!


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