Josiah and Food

It’s taken a while but I think we are getting back on the weaning track with Josiah.

I took him to get weighed on Tuesday and he has dropped on his centile chart again.  One of the HV’s made me feel a bit upset about it, but she was a visiting one, and my normal HV was lovely and said it wasn’t too bad.  He’s cutting a top tooth at the moment so that could have hindered things. and he’s been rolling around like a trooper so burning more energy now. 

Anyway, it’s taken a while and he still won’t eat puree, or breakfast mush.  I try to offer weetabix and he’ll take about 3 spoons then clam up.  He won’t hold cooked vegetables or fruits, but will hold dry finger foods like breads and baby snacks.  However, he will eat mashed ‘proper’ food.  It takes a bit of distraction but I feel I’m getting food into him now.  It’s not really baby led weaning any more as I am feeding him but we have skipped the puree stage.

Today I cooked some ‘eggy crumpets’ (like the bread but with crumpets obviously and fried until cooked through!) and he ate a few chunks of that, then some grapes (peeled and halved) and a couple of slices of nectarines and that was lunch.  I’d put a fruity beef casserole in my slow cooker this morning and made mashed potatoes with cheesy swede puree and we had that for dinner and he ate a good few spoons of mash with beef gravy (baby stock cubes) and swede.  I was really pleased.

He seems to be feeding less from me which I guess is a good sign he’s getting enough from his food now.  But he is still wanting his nighttime feeds and I’m sure I’ll miss our quiet feeding cuddle times when they’re gone so although I’m tired beyond belief at the moment I shall try to enjoy them whilst they are still wanted.

Here is Josiah munching and being messy with blueberry drop scones 🙂  There are lots of ways of hiding fruit and veg into what he will eat 🙂

IMG_5391 IMG_5392 


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